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Malhaut ideas? (Uther period)

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Hi all,

I've got 483 coming up – a pretty ho-hum year in the BoUther GPC expansion – but I've also got a knight who coincidentally ended up courting a lady from Malahaut, and is keen (and has Roderick's permission) to go up there and ask her father for her hand (and establish some possibly useful political connections).

I'm looking for ideas to make that a session-filling little adventure. I don't know much about Malahaut at this time, and my ideas haven't gotten much beyond "her father you have to go kill the Un-Nice Local Monster to gain his permission", maybe with a little "local suitor is keen to discourage your suit, with steel!" thrown in, but it all seems a bit flat.

I know Pendragon Fans are a creative lot, and wonder if anyone has better Malahauty ideas?

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Lots of Trolls in them thar marshes, I hear.

Also... 483 would be perfect to set up some of the Saxon trouble that breaks out fully in 484. Have her kidnapped by some Saxon raiders from Nohaut or Deira, and the PK, helped by his friends one hopes, has to rescue her. Makes the Mt. Damen a bit more personal.

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