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Pure grognard gold...


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Could quote an excerpt from that page of 'A Guide to Wargaming' (1980), but it's all pure #grognard gold...


"A newcomer to the world of wargames is the field of fantasy. Wargamers are in two camps as far as fantasy is concerned. Some are definitely in favour, as it affords an outlet for their aggressions and personal fantasies, and an alternative to the standard battles between the British and Germans, etc.) No one objects to hacking an orc to bits (apart from the orc, that is), whereas many people now question the ethics of perpetuating wars long ended, some of which are best forgotten. Others say fantasy games are utter rubbish. They do have their point, in that many of the works on which fantasy games are based are pulp novels, with no real value, i.e. the Conan adventures et al."

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