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Non-Systemic GM Aid: Ultimate Toolbox


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I cannot say enough good things about AEG's Ultimate Toolbox!

It has over 1000 tables for everything, all rolled on 1d20. The only drawback (besides the $50 price tag) is perhaps that the tables are similar to the old DMG tables, alphabetized with a flat probability. There's no way to make a given entry more likely by noting +1 to this table under these conditions in your game prep material.

There is even a table of numbers from one to twenty. Why? I have no idea.

As someone who does very little game prep, I really love this book. There are no system-specific rules tying it to BRP, HERO or DnD. Thus we BRPers will get every bit as much use out of it as anyone else.

The tables have a very heavy fantasy slant, so perhaps they could do a Modern Toolbox or a Future Toolbox at some point.

A strange note: It was written by two gamers named Jeff and Dawn, which are the names of myself and my fiance... I found that a fun little artifact.

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