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Hi, my first post here, and maybe a little unusual. My RPG days are somewhat behind me, and interests are now more into skirmish gaming. I'm buying into the new Glorantha figure Kickstarter here -

with the intention to build an army for games like Saga. Can anyone direct me to any suitable skirmish-type rules or any ranges of figures that would help me ? (I've seen the two KSby teh same people. Thanks

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@Guthroth I too have been building up my collection of Glorantha miniatures, albeit not necessarily for skirmish games, but for Runequest roleplaying. Here's a link to the Glorantha Miniatures thread where we've been adding links to many different collections of minis. Some are not licensed Glorantha miniatures, but they are Bronze Age (Ancient) lines that would work well for Lunar armies. Check out the discussion thread.

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