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About this blog

In this blog I will be posting unedited notes and session reports from my Paladin campaign which used the real Paladin setting, i.e. the Crusades. The players knight were in the retinue of Boemondo of Taranto all the way from Apulia to Antioch (then the campaign took an unexpected turn).

Entries in this blog

Ruggero the Homeless, lord of Castro Minerva

As an example of Grandfather history generation and as background on the Normans...  Roberto d'Altavilla arrived in southern Italy in 1047 seeking fortune, accompanied by only five knights. He hoped his successful brothers would grant him a fief, but they refused. Determined, he sold his sword to the Lombard princes embroiled in their conflicts and began raiding their wealthy lands. Among Roberto's original retinue was Ruggero, known as the "Homeless." Ruggero fought alongs

Grandfather History

Starting glory: 2500 1047 Robert de Hauteville comes to southern Italy with only 5 knights. The PKs’ grandfather is one of them.    1d20 Result Event 1 Died of random cause 2-17 Garrison duty 19-20 Raid (50 glory)


Alexandre in Rules

Character Creation

Character creation is as per the Paladins rulebook unless otherwise noted.  Step One: Personal data Name: Norman name Son number and age: Will depend on the family history and Father’s Class Homeland: Apulia Home: all PK currently live in Taranto, but see Father’s Class for place of origin Culture: Norman Liege Lord: Boemondo of Taranto Step Two: Family The PK all have the same grandfather. Roll each PK’s father’s class. If one of them


Alexandre in Rules

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