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Gloranthan Miniature Skirmish Playtest



I spent yesterday looking at Mad Knight’s new range of Gloranthan figures and playtesting a set of Skirmish Rules to go with them. They are very impressive figures, harking back to the best of the Citadel figures from RuneQuest’s hey-day.

We played using broos and trolls, as they were the painted ranges and swept through a Sun County village with devastating results. The sides seemed fairly evenly matched, with the trolls having more figures, half of which were trollkin. We ended up with one of the troll leaders ably supported by two Great Trolls fighting each of the broo leaders in hand-to-hand and killing both of them twice! Very satisfying, especially as I was playing the trolls :).

The rules worked well. They were fast, easy to use and very, very simple. We even had Gloranthan magic and Divine Intervention for Leaders, which worked very well indeed. Some areas need polishing slightly, which is why it was a playtest, but most of the rules worked well first time.

Hopefully, Mad Knight will be able to run the scenario at Chimeraides at the end of October.

In the meantime, they have a Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/madknight/ if you are interested in what they have done so far.

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I really cannot wait to see these. I knew this stuff was cool as I saw Dario drawing the pictures.

With this new line of minis and Gregory's games, Chimeriades will be a miniature game fest.

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Hey, neat! Am I correct in understanding that in addition to new GLoranthan miniatures, we'll be getting a set of skirmish rules to go along with them?

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Many of the figures will be on sale later this year, by a company called Mad Knight. They are waiting until they go live before publicising their website, but will be taking online orders soon ...

The skirmish rules need a few tweaks and more unit writeups, but could be coming to WFs soon ...

Everything is coming soon, even Merrie England ...

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