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Green Chasch



I've been running a game with some Vancian aliens in it, and thought that I'd post some of my conversions to BRP of the aliens in Planet of Adventure by Jack Vance.

Race: Green Chasch Planet: Unknown. Now resident on Tschai.


Str: 5d6 17 -18

Con: 4d6 14

Siz: 2d6+7 14

Int: 3d6 10 - 11

Pow: 3d6 10 - 11

Dex: 2d6+5 12

App: 3d6 10 -11

Move: 9 Hit Points: 17 -18 Damage Bonus: +1d6 Armour: 5 points of platelike scales.

Powers: Keen Sense: Smell/Taste+20% Mind Shield , Telepathy both at POW X 3. These Psychic Abilities are only used with other Green Chasch. With other races they are at POWX1 to communicate.

Skills: Knowledge: Survival 60% Hunting/Tracking 50% Boadsword 50% Catapult 50% Ride (massive beast) 70%

Spot 50% Knowledge: Tactics 50% Lance 70%

Notes: Green Chasch are seven to eight feet tall, massive and thick limbed Their scales clearly defined and of a glistening metallic green. Their faces are small, brooding, and wickedly ugly under the massive jut of their scalps. They wear crude leather aprons and shoulder harnesses, in which hang huge swords, battle-picks and catapults (use sling stats in the BRP book, page 248). They become torpid at night, and huddle in grunting masses until daybreak.

Green Chasch are a telepathic race. They do not talk, and use coloured flags to announce their moods to outsiders. Yellow and black flags on their lances, signify that they are in a bad mood and are to be avoided.

Lesser Zants are a tribe of Green Chasch with protuberances on each side of their heads. Greater Zants do not have this mutation.


Recommended Comments

"They wear rude leather aprons" Whoops! That should be crude, not rude! I've fixed that little gaffe. :o You might want to give them 2 points of protection for the leather aprons.

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