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More Vancian aliens.



Race: Old Chasch Planet: Zoor


Str: 2d6 7

Con: 2d6 7

Siz: 3d6+4 14 - 15

Int: 3d6 10 - 11

Pow: 3d6 10 - 11

Dex: 2d6+5 12

App: 3d6 10 – 11

Move: 9 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: None Armour: 2 point ivory scaled skin.

Powers: Keen Sense: Smell/Taste + 20% ( minor)

Skills: Insight 60% Etiquette 60% Fast Talk 60% Science: Botany 60% Science: Pharmacy 60% Science: Biology 60% Medicine 60%

Notes: Old Chasch resemble large humanoid silverfish. Their skin is like ivory satin, almost imperceptibly scaled; they seem to be fragile beings, unlike the Blue and Green Chasch. Old Chasch have eyes like small silver pellets, independently swivelling and in constant motion.

Decadent remnant of a once-powerful race, they are fond of playing ‘tricks’ on visitors. These can be mere mischiefs, such as trapping a victim in a maze, or dosing them with and essence that will cause them to exude a nasty odour for weeks. But if they become excited, or feel particularly humorous, the tricks may be cruel or fatal.

The Old Chasch are the race from which the Blue and Green Chasch evolved, when they settled distant colony worlds.

In my scenarios they are distantly related to the Dolf from the Worlds Beyond setting.

Race: Blue Chasch Planet: Godag


Str: 4d6 14

Con: 2d6+5 12

Siz: 3d6+6 16 - 17

Int: 3d6 10 - 11

Pow: 3d6 10 - 11

Dex: 2d6 7

App: 3d6 10 -11

Move: 9 Hit Points: 14 -15 Damage Bonus: +1d4 Armour: 4 points of platelike scales

Powers: Keen Sense: Smell/Taste +40% Pheromones (only active against Blue Chasch and geneered Chaschmen)

Skills: Bargain 50% Blaster Rifle 50% Fast Talk 50% Pilot: Sky Raft 60% ( use stats for the skyskimmer in the BRP book, page 271) Greatsword 60%

Notes: Blue Chasch have short heavy legs and move with a stiff legged strut. They are massive and powerful, scaled like a pangolin with blue pointed plates, the torso is wedge shaped with exoskeletal epaulettes of chitin curving over into a dorsal carapace. The skull rises to a point, and a heavy brow juts over the eye holes. They have glittering metallic eyes and a complicated nasal orifice.

The Blue Chasch smell as accurately as we see, they have noses of astonishing sensitivity. They can smell the food a person has eaten and separate Dirdir from Wankh, marshdwellers from steppe-men, rich from poor. They can smell salt air in a persons’ lungs if he has been near the ocean, they can detect ozone on a man coming down from the heights. They sense if you are hungry, or angry, or afraid; they can define your age, your sex, or the colour of your skin.

Blue Chasch communicate in fluting glottal cries and by emitting pheromones.

They’re as subtle as the Old Chasch, and as savage as the Green Chasch. Blue Chasch love to bargain, though they prefer to cheat. They also have a sense of humour – captives are made to walk on metal rods over a pit full of filth or scorpions. The Chasch heat the rods, or send electricity through. Or they put victims into a glass maze with a tormented Phung.

They wear little metal armour as they possess forcefield generators as personal protection against kinetic weapons( use energy armour from the BRP book but only defends against kinetic attacks, page 259).

Race: Pnume Planet: Tschai


Str: 2d6+8 15

Con: 2d6+4 12

Siz: 2d6+6 10 -11

Int: 2d6+8 15

Pow: 3d6 10 - 11

Dex: 2d6+6 13

App: 3d6 10 -11

Move: 11/ 12 Running on all fours Hit Points: 13 Damage Bonus: +1d4 Armour: 6 point chitinous skin.

Powers: Keen Sense: Hearing +20% (minor) Night Vision and Hardy to cutting weapons (minor)

Skills: Spot 60% Command 50% Climb 60% Knowledge: Tschai History 60% Stealth 60% Research 80% Hide 60%

Notes: Pnume stand about the height of a man and within their black cloaks seem slight, even frail.

Pnume skin is hard and cool and they possess an inhuman strength for their build. A black hat shades their eye-sockets; their heads the cast and colour of a horses skull. Under the lower edge of the face a complicated set of rasping and chewing parts surrounds a near-invisible mouth. The articulation of the Pnume’s legs work in reverse to that of a human. The narrow feet are bare and mottled with dark red and black. The three arched toes on the feet are as articulate as their bony fingers.

Pnume live underground and preserve items taken from the various alien occupations of Tschai over the past millions of years.

These creatures are not fighters and will attempt to flee if encountered on the surface of Tschai. The planet has many hidden entrances to their underground civilization which they will utilize to escape from pursuit.

Remember, space is the place!;D

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