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The Phung



Here are the stats for the most frightening creatures on Tschai, the Phung.

Race: Phung Planet: Tschai


Str: 2d10+15 26

Con: 5d6 17-18

Siz: 2d6+7 14

Int: 2d6+6 13

Pow: 3d6 10-11

Dex: 3d6+6 16-17

App: 3d6 10-11

Move: 12/ 13 jumping Hit Points: 16 Damage Bonus: 1d6 Armour: 8 point carapace

Powers: Keen Sense: Hearing +20% (minor), Night Vision. Hardy towards cutting weapons. These mad beings are also insensitive to pain and do not fall unconscious when their hit points fall below 2.

Skills: Spot 60% Brawling 60% Knowledge: Survival 60% Jump 60% Hide 50 % Grapple 60%

Notes: Mad relatives of the Pnume. Phung are larger than Pnume, and characterised by an insane behaviour which makes them frightening even to the Green Chasch. They appear as gaunt man-shaped figures, seven or eight feet tall. They cover their heads with a soft hat with a drooping brim, and wear long black boots, unlike the Pnume. A cloak hangs from their shoulders and they have gnarled half-human, half-insect features, like a giant grasshopper in magesterial vestments. Arrows won’t harm them, swords rarely cut them, and they are very strong. On a critical Grapple roll the Phung has torn a victim’s limb from their body. They can parry swords with the brachial plates on their forearms.

Even when decapitated a Phung’s head will live for half it’s CON in days, until it dries out.

Despite having some lethal weaponry my players live in fear of the Phung!


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Jumpers are terrifying. In our Glorantha campaign, the trolls with jumping magic where allways feared because they could suddenly appear out of nowhere. Did anyone of your players ever get torn in two?

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One got an arm ripped off. Thank goodness for regeneration technology in high tech settings, but he still had to get back to the spacecraft to get his treatment.

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