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Future Directions

Lord Shag


Trying to come up with catchy titles for this bog is quite demanding but i will keep on trying! Well a brief progress report. I am 99% certain we will be able to release this month if there are no horror scenarios that emerge. Now just a word about the revisions.

Version 1.1 is almost complete which has resulted in some major changes. It will be done this weekend. Rodney (aka threedeesix) has been busy with reviewing and providing suggestions for edit. For a variety of reasons these changes will find themselves in v1.2. For those of you who are confused I was intending on releasing 1.1 but since rod has come on board this will be v1.2 with maybe some additional changes depending on what comes out of additional playtest. Any additional changes are likely to be cosmetic at that point. Anyone who is interested in coming on board as a reviewer or helper is still welcome

Now the next thing I wanted to address is what comes next? I have two things floating around that could be the next release after the players guide. The first is in rough edit at the moment which is a GM's guide and that was going to be next release. The third which is only at concept stage at the moment was to be some kind of sourcebook with ship, vehicle and equipment stats. However after some thought it began to be apparent that the sourcebook may be more useful to people at this stage. Anyone who has an opinion about this drop me a line because i'm leaning more to the sourcebook idea all the time.


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