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BRP PDF and Soft/Hardcover Errata

About This File

All errata I found over the last 4 years are included in this PDF file.

One version you can print out and replace the pages in the PDF, the other one is to show you where the errors are if you have the hardcover book. I also included a comments file you can import with Adobe Acrobat Pro into your PDF to get a corrected version (you should make a backup, though!)

Since I cannot upload .zip files, here's the link to my Dropbox:

BRP Errata Print and PDF

Here's the Forum thread:

BRP Hardcover Errata

And here the Text List from the thread:

Pg. 17, 22, 381: There should not be boxes in front of the Status skill or the blank specialty line below it.

Pg. 17, 22, 381: The First Aid skill starts at 30% or INTx1% (depending on the setting period).

Pg. 24: Next to “Step Nine,” it should probably say “possessions,” not “profession.”

Pg. 26: In the Character SIZ Chart, the entry that reads “205-\” should probably read “205-210.”

Pg. 52: Artillery Specialties should reference pg. 268, “Artillery Weapon Classes.”

Pg. 55: Drive is a physical skill, not a manipulation skill.

Pg. 62: Under “Heavy Weapon, Base Chance,” Weapon Classes are on pg. 257 (not 248).

Pg. 95: The cost per level for Control (in the chart) should probably be 3 (to match the description).

Pg. 95: “Flame” should probably be named “Fire” (to match the description on pg. 97).

Pg. 95: The cost per level for Ward should probably be 3 (to match the description on pg. 102).

Pg. 95: “Wound” should probably be named “Wounding” (to match the description on pg. 102).

Pg. 98: Strike the first two sentences of the last paragraph of the Invisibility spell.

Pg. 147: Defense should probably be 5% per level (to match the description on pg. 151).

Pg. 159: Strike the first two sentences of the last paragraph of the Invisibility power.

Pg. 172, 384: The Skill Results Table rounds fractions up instead of rounding them normally.

Pg. 214: The last sentence of the first paragraph under “Autofire” should be deleted.

Pg. 215: In the first italicized example under “Big and Little Targets,” replace +30% with +15%.

Pg. 224: In the text, the fiery boat or house fire damage should probably be 2D6 (as per the table).

Pg. 255: The skill for Brass Knuckles is Hand, not Brawl (Brawl is still the Base).

Pg. 265: The skills for artillery should be by artillery weapon class (see pg. 268).

Pg. 267: In Note 1, it should probably read “1D6 per range increment” (as per “Explosives” on pg. 222).

Pg. 268: The Shrapnel rules don’t seem to work for modern artillery, which has better damage as is.

Pg. 296: The metric ton weight for every size 72 and up is wrong; shift them each up one step.

Pg. 329 ff.: Several “Creatures” have the Artillery skill; each should indicate one or more artillery classes.

Pg. 360: In the Cyborg powers, it should read “Defense 2” (not 20).

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