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Magic World Character Generator 2.0

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About This File

Check out version 2.0 Below!

This is a Character Generator using the NBOS Character Sheet Designer.

Almost everything in this is automated to make generating a full blown character as easy as possible, with step by step directions.

The included files are ONLY for editing certain aspects to the program such as Races, Occupations, Sorcery Spells, Armor, Weapons, ect...

You will need to follow this link to download the Download actual Magic World Character Sheet:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/kh983za685934j4/New Magic World Sheet.csd?dl=0


You will also need to Download the small NBOS program Character Sheet Designer found here:



I placed all these files in my MyDocuments\NBOS\CharacterSheet and they work well.


This sheet and the DOC files are pretty easy to edit and House Rule/ Homebrew how you like, once you get used to the program.

Feel free to post questions here, if I can help.


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new dropbox link

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


Lots of new changes, fixes, and additions here.

NBOS install file is now in the downloads here or you can download it here: https://www.nbos.com/products/character-sheet/features

Install the small program and Data Files here{TXT & CSV):  C:\Users\Admin\Documents\NBOS Character Sheets\charsheet\CharacterSheet2

Place the Magic World 2.0 sheet here:  C:\Users\Admin\Documents\NBOS Character Sheets

Data Files HAVE to be where I specified or it won't work unless you change the addresses in the Designer,  Document Setup, Data Stores tab (see pics)

Added a printer friendly version. Less ink=less pretty

Made Sorcery Spells and Deep Magic separate pages for more room and excluded/included printing of those pages

Added simple abbreviated descriptions to the spell list drop downs. No more wondering what that spell is 

Rearranged the equipment sheets so their easier to use and read

Weapons and armor autofill their stats from the drop downs. Base score, Damage, HPs

Added feats from my Feats supplement with descriptions in the drop downs (you can erase this sheet if not using)

Added more coins and exchange rates are auto calculated.

NBOS is NOT a simple designer to toy with but the viewer is easy so making a character is a breeze.

You CAN edit the Data Files. Don't like having mithral pieces in your game? Load up the Coins.csv file and delete Mithral

Want to add Toe Nails as currency? Easy add it to same file and add an exchange rate.

Don't want to include Feats or Deep Magic? You can delete those sheets in the designer without messing anything up

Don't want to included spells from Advanced Sorcery or want to exclude other certain spells? Load spells.csv and delete them.

I'll help with any questions you may have. The designer is a learning curve. The character maker (viewer) is easy.

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