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Logans Run basic incomplete 2.0.0

About This File

This is a very basic incomplete write up for Logans Run for BRP.  there is optional rules for character creation. Data in this document is based on the movie, book and tv series when possible, i may include stuff from the comics in the future.  The Mech Eagles and Watchmen stats are my best guess based on limited information in the book. I am hoping the second novel reveals more usable data, however my eyes are straining easily lately due to sinus pressure. Anyways use what you like nothiong is set in stone. if you find a mistake  let me know.  basic stats for civilians, DSA(Deep Sleep Agent) sandman, cubscouts, gypsies, mech eagles, watchmen.  basic sandman weapons, and the gun.  GM's and players have the option to use the version they prefer, be it the book, the movie or the tv series.

Anyways it should get you started, Happy gaming :)


This is a open office file, you will need microsoft word or similar to open it, or you can download open office for free.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


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Great start. Thanks for the upload.

For what its worth, I much prefer the book as it spans the world and the gun is way better. But that's just me, and its awesome that your going to cater to all tastes.


PS - I'm pretty sure the gun of the books is the inspiration for Judge Dredd's Lawgiver.

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Thanks everyone.  I do want to finish it and the other games as well. Right now my eyes get strained easy, i been getting precursors to migraines, usually without pain, although one day i had a low grade migraine. Its not normal for me to get head aches unless i am exposed to chemicals.  I am hoping it calms down soon.
!  The damn yo-yo weather we are having is not helping any! I can't spend much time on computer due to the eye strain. Reading stuff is very difficult.  Hopefuly soon i can get more done.

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Ok i just did some corrections, and added some very basic Devilstick  hover cycle stats for gypsies, also added the gypsie vow that i forgot to add!  It is not much

I don't know  when i will get more done, as i lost some of my file notes!  Also i lost my book pdf , and my backup has failed.  I think i need to find some physical book copies.

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