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  1. clarence

    R'lyeh Reviews - Classic Fantasy

    Good walkthrough of the rules!
  2. clarence

    Adobe Alternatives!

    Any chance it can open InDesign files?
  3. clarence

    Adobe Alternatives!

    That’s nice! I will also give it a try.
  4. clarence

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    Cool. Anything you can share?
  5. clarence

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    I’ve started reading it but got sidetracked. I really liked what I saw. The superpower section seems very versatile.
  6. clarence

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    Cool project. Interesting idea to first run a Kickstarter and then release all illustrations as creative commons.
  7. clarence

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    Simple and elegant way to handle superpowers. I really like the power called Lucky, with some of its effect triggered when the player rolls doubles.
  8. clarence

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    This is an insta-buy for me!
  9. clarence

    Calling All Heroes!

    Cool characters. I’m even more curious about the superpower rules now.
  10. clarence

    What price for Dune?

    I always considered my copy of the Ringworld game expensive. I was obviously wrong.
  11. clarence

    Genetic memory

    Interesting. How does genetic memories differ from other memories/skills? They are obviously shared between all members of an organisation, but so are other Background and Career skills. Perhaps the background Bene Gesserit could include 50 hard wired skill points from genetic memories? If it’s knowledge about the organisation and its secrets, I think a simple Lore/Knowledge skill works fine, like Lore (Bene Gesserit). But someone like Paul Atreides’ sister is more complex. She works more like a futuristic cyber-shell, downloading all knowledge as a fetus from her mother, being born with the mind and powers of an adult.
  12. clarence

    Headlights, roads and road maps in the 1920s

    Sweet. Keep it coming. Soon you’ll have a sourcebook on travel.
  13. clarence

    What price for Dune?

    Cool. I raised Maneuver to 10 and skipped the cargo hold to cram in another maneuvering module.
  14. clarence

    What price for Dune?

    Here’s a quite long discussion on Dune and shields: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/4476-some-help-with-starting-a-dune-campaign/?tab=comments#comment-69450
  15. clarence

    Christmas in July at Old Bones

    Thanks Matt! I’ll check it out.