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  1. Mythic Babylon at the top of DriveThru’s bestseller list now! Well deserved.
  2. Yes, I would also use Athletics for that.
  3. clarence

    Mythras Combat

    As Raleel says, M-SPACE (and Odd Soot) has rules for simplified combat. And they’re generic enough to use with any genre, not just sci-fi. They use 2 Action Points, 11 Special Effects and no Hit Locations. As my players don’t enjoy combat very much, they prefer this downsized version.
  4. (Sorry @Bill the barbarian)
  5. We have three winners in the giveaway! First Prize: Steve Davies, Illinois, wins a print copy of M-SPACE 1.2. Second Prize: Linda Joslyn, Arizona, wins a print copy of M-SPACE Companion. Third Prize: Nathan Stout, California, wins a print copy of M-SPACE Companion. Congratulations, all three! I will send the books and download links as quickly as possible. Download Free Conversion Sheet For everyone else, as a small thank you for joining, here's a little gift for you. I'm offering the Traveller to M-SPACE conversion sheet as a free download. It contains a nifty way to convert Traveller scenarios on the fly to M-SPACE. Which means, the GM can take almost any adventure for Traveller (or Cepheus Engine) and run it with M-SPACE. No extra preparations needed. Download the cheat sheet here: https://bit.ly/2ALktEp One more thing For those of you who are new to M-SPACE, make sure you check out the free scenario The Triton Incident. It's a neat murder mystery set on a space station, written by Mike Larrimore. Here's the link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280146/The-Triton-Incident Thank you for joining the giveaway. Stay healthy, Clarence Redd
  6. The M-SPACE giveaway ends in two hours! https://gleam.io/kp4qr/mspace-giveaway-2021
  7. Just a quick reminder that we’re halfway through the M-SPACE giveaway! You can still join here: https://gleam.io/kp4qr/mspace-giveaway-2021 First Prize: The new hardback version of M-SPACE 1.2. Second and Third Prize: A print copy of this summer's DriveThru bestseller, M-SPACE Companion. Winners are announced on Thursday. Good luck! Clarence Redd
  8. We’re between the second and third covid-19 wave here in Sweden, a short breather before we hunker down again. To help give 2021 a small push in the right direction, I'm running the biggest M-SPACE giveaway ever. First prize is the new hardback version of M-SPACE 1.2 in full glorious colour. Second and third prize is a print copy of this summer's DriveThru bestseller, M-SPACE Companion, with rules for robots, cyborgs and a scenario. All three are sent anywhere in the world for free. You can increase your chances to win if you share the giveaway link with a friend. Just fill in your email address, click if you want to share the link, and you're good to go. The giveaway ends next Wednesday. Here's the signup link: https://gleam.io/kp4qr/mspace-giveaway-2021 Clarence Redd
  9. Thanks Runeblogger! Good coverage of the contents - and the pros and cons.
  10. MERP had some very nice supplements. I was more into Shadow World, using HERO system instead of RoleMaster. With the massive lineup of supplements ICE had back in the 1980s it’s quite strange how they (almost) disappeared. SpaceMaster wasn’t very big at the time. Traveller and Star Wars d6 were the big sci-fi games if I remember correctly. We ran the SM material as a curious combination of 40% Star Wars, 60% James Bond. Action, investigations and nefarious meta-plots all mixed up in a big, boisterous storytelling cake.
  11. I was a player in a SpaceMaster mega-campaign many years ago. And while the rules were a tad complex for my taste, the campaign was great fun. Of course, as a player I can’t be sure if it was thanks to the GM or the ICE material. Good to see that the books are available though!
  12. I usually end up quite close to Star Wars, without using the actual setting. I also know some people run the old SpaceMaster campaigns with M-SPACE.
  13. It sounds very cool! I would have enjoyed a playtest, but my schedule is full at the moment.
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