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  1. BTW, don't forget to write reviews for REFLUX on Lulu and DTRPG! It really helps.
  2. Thanks, signature updated : )
  3. Six pre-generated characters are now available for download on the FrostByte webpage! Easy to use with REFLUX, if you want to get started quickly. Download here (in the Download section): - Power Level: Beginners - Stats for Simplified Combat, to suit new players - Two Passions are provided for each character, with a third to be added by the player - All characters share a common background in the Keren System, not far from Anobe, the starting point in the REFLUX scenario. - Gender-neutral names - 10 portrait images (5 male, 5 female). Mix and match freely with the character sheets
  4. Good review! Congratulations.
  5. (I have updated my view of Combat Styles recently. Using styles for weapon categories (for example Pistols or Rifles as suggested in the rules) work fine but I find the method below to be easier to handle). The way I see it, Combat Styles is a way to simplify weapon skills but also to reflect the way characters have been trained in combat. A scout might have the Combat Style Scout Training (Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Unarmed), reflecting her battle training. A xeno-archeologist, on the other hand, might have Infrequent Self-Defense (Blaster), showcasing a more casual relation to violence. The number of weapons included in a style is up to the player and GM to agree upon. My rule of thumb is to let characters with professional training in combat/security include more weapons (around 4), while non-violent careers will have 1-2. But if a player has good reasons for a journalist to be a multi-weapon equilibrist, that's fine - the cultural packages allow for this. So far, I have not used traits much. But they are really just icing on the cake. A smuggler might have Street Fighter (Blaster, Dagger, Unarmed) with an added From the Hip trait to reflect her constant preparedness.
  6. Nice character sheets and a very fine portrait. The starting point for the campaign sounds perfect. Is the planet (and star system) mostly a clean slate or are there any lifeforms to take into account?
  7. Unfortunately M-SPACE didn't win any of the categories. None of the small publishers stood much of a chance against the international bestsellers. Thanks for all your support! Let's aim for a better success next year : )
  8. Not exactly what you're looking for, but there is a conversion of Star Frontiers in the Downloads section. It's for the BGB if I remember correctly.
  9. This is interesting : )
  10. Yes, that would be interesting. With a 'circuit', do you mean that they visit the same worlds regularly? Like dropping a decently sized city into a star system every four years? This is probably not at all what you had in mind, but there was a cool series of books published in the 1980s by a Norwegian author called Jon Bing. The basic idea was that a massive sublight starship (Alexandria) visited distant human colonies, working as a huge library and the crew ('librarians') working as both problem solvers and at the same time collecting knowledge. This was the only contact between worlds and the sole source of new knowledge. I have very fond memories of the books from my childhood, and they held up surprisingly well when I re-read them a couple of years ago.
  11. Excellent! I hope the postal service is quick : )
  12. I've read parts of the first book but I have very vague memories of it. With such a complex ship, I really can't say much without knowing more. Below are some initial thoughts. The size versus crew size should work out fine as long as there are AIs doing the work. The Size Rating (SR) table would need to be expanded a bit (if 160 000 passengers is a reliable figure): SR 19: 262 144 Modules SR 20: 524 288 Modules SR 21: 1 048 576 Modules That’s a lot of Modules but with the way Capital Ships are constructed, it’s not really a problem. Also, I would probably divide the passenger areas equally between cubicles and open space. Ablative armour is easy to model simply by lowering the armour value with each hit. How well ice will perform depends on the weapons used in the setting though. Wayward AIs and body swapping are not covered in the rules at all. My only recommendation is to run AIs as regular NPCs and give them a few unique ‘powers’ and restrictions.
  13. I tried the sci-fi deck very shortly some time ago. It worked very well, but I found the cards containing a bit too much information. If I didn't like the outcome of one little corner, my eyes started looking for alternatives... It ended with me cheating : ) But that's just me. Good to hear your campaign survived the crash, Opiyel.
  14. Fuel is left open intentionally, to allow the GM to fit it to his campaign. There is a simple system in REFLUX though: the hyperdrive needs recharging, either at a starport or through the efficient meta-material solar panels all ships are equipped with. I'm not very familiar with the Nostalgia for Infinity. Can you tell me more about it?
  15. And here's a version of Mythic that works on a smartphone: Very handy. You must have a working knowledge of the rules to use it though.