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  1. Announcement: Lyonesse

    This is very good news!
  2. Review of Planet Generators

    Drawing maps for your games can be fun, but sometimes it's convenient to use generators to speed up the process. I have recently tried out some of the planet map generators that's available, both free and commercial, to see what they have to offer for RPGs. Planet Map Generator The Planet Map Generator is a simple web-based generator. To get the actual land forms, you rely completely on the random generator to come up with something good, ie. landforms cannot be edited. The only way to alter land outlines is to change the waterline level. It’s still one of my favourites among the free generators, however, mainly because it produces some of the best looking continents. Images of the map can be exported in several different projections and color schemes. With a bit of work in Photoshop or Gimp the end result can turn out very good. I often find the options Bump map on land only, Non-linear altitude scaling and Make more wrinkly maps add a nice touch to the maps. http://topps.diku.dk/torbenm/maps.msp Read the rest of the review on FrostByte's blog: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/#propaganda
  3. Combat Style Packages

    Yes, that's probably the way to do it. Both in the Companion and as a free download.
  4. Combat Style Packages

    Yes, I do try to keep violence at a minimum. But including example Combat Styles in the companion shouldn't be a problem, as most of the other content is not focused on combat. And I almost forgot there are six pre-gens for download on our website. Check the download section, at the bottom of the list.
  5. Combat Style Packages

    No plans yet for a second edition, but the M-SPACE Companion is in the works. I could include a list of example combat styles - would that be useful?
  6. Combat Style Packages

    As M-SPACE is setting free, I didn't include any Combat Styles. But I realize a few examples would have been good. REFLUX has a handful though. Here are some good starting points: Infrequent Self-Defense (Blaster) Street Fighter (Blaster, Dagger, Unarmed) Scout Training (Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Unarmed) Big Game Hunter (Blaster Rifle, Dagger)
  7. Fenix Awards: Vote for Pete Nash & M-SPACE!

    Thanks, we'll need it! The Swedish RPG scene is in the middle of a golden age at the moment. A surprising amount of good gaming material is produced each year.
  8. Both Pete Nash and M-SPACE scenario REFLUX are nominated in Fenix Magazine’s 2018 Fenix Awards. Pete is nominated both as best writer and for best scenario in Fenix. REFLUX is nominated for best scenario/supplement. Help us spread the word about Mythras by voting in the survey. There's a bit of Swedish involved, but not much (you need to provide your email, first name and last name, then you’re good to go). If you have no idea what products you like in a category, just leave it empty. From the organizers: "Fenix Awards coming up! We have now opened our survey, where we ask Fenix’ readers to help us select the best from the Swedish roleplaying scene in 2017, in categories covering everything from different kind of gaming products to game pods and the people designing games. The survey closes on Tuesday March 27th – followed by the Award Show on Good Friday 7 p.m. at the Swedish gaming convention GothCon. You can find the survey at: http://bit.ly/2pxasSx Thanks for participating! Tove & Anders"
  9. Build a Better Monster Contest, Part II

    Thanks! Excellent pulpy beasts.
  10. Using M-Space conflict rules including all PCs at once

    You can deal damage in two ways, either as a team or as an individual. As a team: Let's say the villain rolls 34 (with Ride 35%). A PC rolling 40 (with Ride 60%) wins the opposed roll and only the villain takes damage, ignoring the other PC's rolls. Individually: Again, only the best PC at 40 will cause the villain any damage. But the villain in turn cause damage to every PC rolling worse. So, the villain might be beaten by one PC (and takes damage) but rolls better than the three others (and deals damage to only those three). Who gets there first? Well, either the PC with the most successful rolls or the PC with the highest Conflict Pool when the villain reaches zero. For individual damage, I would use the latter. Otherwise I would keep track of successful rolls, as the PC with the highest Conflict Pool will always get there first if everyone gets the same damage round after round. Did that make any sense?
  11. M-SPACE Giveaway Winner!

    Oh, that's nifty! Thanks for the link.
  12. Using M-Space conflict rules including all PCs at once

    That's an interesting asymmetrical setup. I would probably make damage asymmetrical as well. The villain would deal 1d6 damage to all four pursuers (if rolling a 3 all pursuers take 3 each). But only the fastest PC deals damage to the villain. And I would say the fastest PC is the one who rolls best each round (ie. the highest success). The thinking behind this is that a fast villain will outrun all four pursuers. But the pursuers are only as fast as the best rider.
  13. M-SPACE Giveaway Winner!

    Sounds cool! I haven't heard about Aces & Eights before - what's the Shot Clock?
  14. M-SPACE Giveaway Winner!

    I’m very happy to announce the winner of this week’s M-SPACE giveaway: MARCUS LEJA, Canada Congratulations Marcus! I hope you’ll get many hours of good gaming from it. The book is on its way across the Atlantic. And thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway. As I believe in spreading sci-fi roleplaying to more people there will be new giveaways in the future. I hope to see you again. Clarence Redd
  15. M-SPACE Giveaway!

    Just 10 hours left of the giveaway!