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  1. Thanks Runeblogger! Good coverage of the contents - and the pros and cons.
  2. MERP had some very nice supplements. I was more into Shadow World, using HERO system instead of RoleMaster. With the massive lineup of supplements ICE had back in the 1980s it’s quite strange how they (almost) disappeared. SpaceMaster wasn’t very big at the time. Traveller and Star Wars d6 were the big sci-fi games if I remember correctly. We ran the SM material as a curious combination of 40% Star Wars, 60% James Bond. Action, investigations and nefarious meta-plots all mixed up in a big, boisterous storytelling cake.
  3. I was a player in a SpaceMaster mega-campaign many years ago. And while the rules were a tad complex for my taste, the campaign was great fun. Of course, as a player I can’t be sure if it was thanks to the GM or the ICE material. Good to see that the books are available though!
  4. I usually end up quite close to Star Wars, without using the actual setting. I also know some people run the old SpaceMaster campaigns with M-SPACE.
  5. It sounds very cool! I would have enjoyed a playtest, but my schedule is full at the moment.
  6. For horror, After the Vampire Wars is spot on. And Odd Soot gets pretty close, even though it’s leaning more towards weird.
  7. I don’t know much about Mass Effect, but from the little I’ve seen it should be a good fit for M-SPACE. And don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the rules. I hope the books arrive quickly!
  8. Hi Belisar, I’m happy you’ve heard good things about M-SPACE. You can either use BRP as your base and bring in the sections you need from M-SPACE, or start with M-SPACE and switch any subsystems for corresponding systems in BRP. The rules are similar enough to allow for mix and match. I designed M-SPACE with modularity in mind, so nothing should break down if you combine it with other mechanics. What type of sci-fi are you planning for?
  9. The thread is from mid 2016, when M-SPACE was still a free PDF called BRP Space : )
  10. In M-SPACE 1.2, I’m extending the skill pyramids from Mythras Companion to create simple NPCs at different levels. Along with preset levels for characteristics it works quite well for improvised NPCs. And quick PC generation as well.
  11. Not soon I’m afraid. Reflux is first in line for an update.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up! Link inserted above.
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