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  1. Adobe Alternatives!

    Affinity Publisher or Scribus are my best recommendations, so I'm not much of a help here. Although you might want to check out any of the web based alternatives to InDesign that exist, but they come with a monthly subscription too. Much lower than Adobe's of course, but still.
  2. Makeshift Weapons

    Rod's advice sounds very good. I usually go with 1d4 for most normal stuff like chairs, umbrellas and baseball bats. For sturdier objects made of wood or metal I use 1d6. Anything with a sharp edge might be best to compare with a traditional melee weapon and just downgrade damage a bit.
  3. Space Suit Extravaganza

    The good thing about Mythras is that it's already quite gritty. Changing the sci-fi tone is really not that difficult. Most of the difficulties with running hard sci-fi is the GMs knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics – or lack thereof. M-SPACE will not help much there I'm afraid, but if you can get hold of a book or game to get the basic facts right, the rules are quite adaptable. If you have a reasonable grip on hard sci-fi, A Gift From Shamash is a good start. It covers space walks, radiation and a few other handy rules. Highly recommended. For starship combat, hard sci-fi often turns to long range conflicts of stealth and waiting. And sudden bursts of deadly violence. Unfortunately quite incomprehensible to many players and sometimes outright boring. On the other hand, hard sci-fi works fine without starship combat – it might feel even more realistic without it.
  4. Space Suit Extravaganza

    If you need inspiration for your near-future campaigns, there is a Top 10 list of the best sci-fi space suits in The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/19/16104004/science-fiction-space-suit-worst-best-the-martian-alien-sunshine-gravity For a more historic approach, check out this magnificent poster of all NASA space suits to date: http://spaceref.info/space-suit-typology-3000x1046/ Or if you want the latest fashion in space suit design, take a look at SpaceX's and Boeing's new lightweight suits: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/23/16188658/elon-musk-reveals-first-official-photo-spacex-spacesuit What are your favourite space suits?
  5. Mythras Monthly Scenario: The Arakuline Tribute

  6. Gen Con 2017

    Very nice.
  7. Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

    Yeah, reviews haven't been exactly glowing either.
  8. Pretty sneaky, guys

    Yes, it looks very good : )
  9. Gen Con 2017

    It looks very good! Looking forward to more photos : )
  10. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    Hmm, why does Mars need a denser atmosphere than Earth for protection?
  11. My Old BRP Conversions

    Yes, that would be cool.
  12. Mythras Monthly Scenario July - Tomb of the Mad Wizard

    Creepy Terminator-ish cover : )
  13. My Old BRP Conversions

    Thanks for sharing Rod!
  14. Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

    Here are Laureline's stats finally. Let me know if you have any objections. I will post the final versions on FrostByte's webpage in a few days. Laureline STR 12 CON 13 SIZ 11 DEX 16 INT 17 POW 15 CHA 21 Action Points: 2 Damage Modifier: – Experience Modifier: +2 Healing Rate: 3 Initiative Bonus: 17 Movement Rate: 6 m Hit Points: 12 Power Points: 15 Luck Points: 3 Culture : Rural (Medieval France) Career : Thief & Spatio-Temporal Agent Combat Style: Thief (Medieval Longbow) 90% STS Agent Training (Energy Weapons, Unarmed) 80% Normal skills: Athletics 70%, Drive (Vehicles) 60%, Endurance60%, Evade 70%, First Aid 80%, Influence 100%, Insight 90%, Locale (Arelaune Forest) 90%, Perception 90%, Ride 80%, Stealth 70%, Willpower 90% Professional skills: Astrogation70%, Courtesy 90%, Demolitions 70%, Knowledge (Alien Psychology) 90%, Knowledge (Animal Handling) 100%, Knowledge (Fashion) 80%, Knowledge (Galaxity Law) 60%, Mechanics 70%, Pilot (Spaceship) 70%, Research 90%, Science (Astronomy) 70%, Science (Time Travel) 70%, Seduction 90%, Sensors 70%, Survival (Temperate Forests) 90%, Track 80% Traits: Interspecies Charm. Strangeness penalties do not apply when social skills are used on alien species. Language Mastery. Knows hundreds of languages. Passions: Love (Valerian) 90%, Loyalty (Galaxity) 60%* *= Waning as the comics develops over the years. Equipment: Blaster, Disintegrator Rifle (3d6, Range 30/100/300), Stunner (1d8 stun only, see M-SPACE p 190. Range 5/10/30), Ultra-Light body armour/vaccsuit (AP6), MedPak