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  1. Welcome to the forums Vittoriano! The rules for creating robots - and cyborgs - take a modular approach in the Companion. Similar to starship design, players add various Modules to their characters. Weapons, gadgets and compartments, for example, are easy to install. The Companion is in the final stages of development. I can’t give you a date yet but it’s not far away.
  2. Fantastic work @ORtrail ! I will give it a try as quickly as possible.
  3. Good stuff, Runeblogger and Pentallion!
  4. I lived in Malmö for a few years, visiting Copenhagen regularly. Sadly I always had to ask people to switch to English. Norwegian is easier for us, as long as it’s not in too much dialect. And yes, Expert Nova is a fascinating little game. It’s as if 40 years of BRP has been boiled down to only the most essential pieces. @seneschal The big change in roleplaying is that Swedish RPG companies produce games for the international market these days. And a surprising number of them turn into bestsellers. To explain the reasons behind this boom would require a lengthy reply though.
  5. Since the early 1980s, Basic Roleplaying has dominated the Swedish RPG scene. For me and most other 80s and 90s teens here, it was the first system we ever learned. Dungeons & Dragons never stood a chance. To find out more about that Golden Age, I talk to Anders Blixt, the elder statesman of Swedish BRP, in a new interview. He authored many of the most beloved books of the early years, but also wrote for Traveller and, much later, Mutant: Year Zero. We also talk about his Swedish adaption of Call of Cthulhu - and discuss his first BRP game for many years, Expert Nova, now in English. Read the interview here: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/blog/interview-with-anders-blixt Clarence Redd
  6. Hi Charaina, I’m happy you’re looking forward to it! So am I. There will be a scenario, character backgrounds and rules for computers and hacking. Plus a couple of secrets. Clarence
  7. Good to hear! I’m surprised it’s so easy to do the conversion.
  8. On his RPG blog, Shawn Medero now shares a method for converting planet data from Traveller to M-SPACE. And the process is quite straightforward. Anyone who has flipped through Traveller in the past 20+ years have seen the Universal World Profile codes (like C77A9A9-6) scattered through the text. Very convenient when you know the game, hopeless for everyone else. With Shawn’s guide, UWP codes are easily cracked. You can use it to take Traveller (or Cepheus Engine) scenarios to M-SPACE. Or apply it to the output of the excellent Sector app - the amazing little app that produces entire sectors at the push of a button, with all planetary data set up for you. Shawn’s blog post is here: https://shawn.medero.net/2020/1/traveller-universal-world-profiles-to-m-space-planets Also, make sure you check out Shawn’s solo play example. It’s an entertaining read where he shows his techniques for playing M-SPACE without a Game Master: https://post79.com/observation-deck/m-space
  9. Most people probably associate RPGs with violence rather than compassion. But in a new blog post, Alex Greene explores how you can use empathy as a game mechanic in Odd Soot: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/blog/compassion-in-roleplaying-games
  10. Have you seen Ashen Stars? It’s based on the Gumshoe system and was created for investigative play. I haven’t read it in a while but I think a few scenarios have been published as well. You could also try the Elevation campaign I released for M-SPACE in July. The free intro scenario is a short murder mystery and the follow-up scenarios include quite a bit of investigation.
  11. I’m happy you like it! Sorry that the shipping took so long.
  12. Looking forward to sending my PCs deep into Tantrevalle.
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