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Gods of Sartar 1.0.0

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About This File

A conversion of HQ rune magic and cults to house rules RQ/HQ hybrid. 

WARNING! Contains spicy language, including F-bombs, discussions of sex, and potentially offensive trickster spells. Not suitable for children.

To convert to RQ:

Each +1 to a skill granted by a spell is +5%.

EXAMPLE: Great Blow gives +20 to hit. For RQ that's +100%.

EXAMPLE 2: If a spell gives +5 to chance to overcome resistance, that's a +25% to the POW v POW roll.

EXAMPLE 3: Fight Rapist gives the target a +2 to hit and +2 to damage and +2 to resistance checks vs. a known rapist or Broo. That converts to +10% to hit, +2 damage, and +10% to the caster's chance to hit with an offensive spell and -10% to the hit chance of incoming spells from a broo or rapist.

Spells which enhance crit chance should just double the chance to crit once.

EXAMPLE: Find Weakness adds +2 to Crit Chance. Just double crit chance instead.

Many spells augment skills at APPLICABLE SKILL/5. That should still work pretty well.

EXAMPLE:  Distract With Words (Rune Magic, Self, 1 pt.)  While under the influence of this spell, the Sword Sage adds his Orate or Fast Talk/5 to his Defense as a free action (so long as he can speak).  This counts as an augment (stacks with Shimmer, etc.) So with a 90% Orate, all attacks against the Sword Safe are at -18%. Round normally.

There are probably lots of other confusing things in here. Ask me and I can clarify. Also see my Rune Magic posts on the Runequest forum for my own conversions to make the spells RQ friendly.


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Pretty good! Really expanded the repertoire of cults. I wonder, will that RQ/HQ hybrid ever see the light of day?

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