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  1. Common misunderstanding. Cowfart-Down-Stream is a Balmyr tula on the Stream and Cowfart-Up-the-Creek is a Cinsina tula on the Creek, so they don't actually share a watershed.
  2. Sure... but I'm not sure how much awareness Rathy Bullhead from Cowfart-Up-the-Creek* has of any of those things. I suspect not much aside from "Esrola? Nochet? Black Horse Country? Them all are for'n parts. Maybe people might worship the Betrayer way away in places like that, but they best not show their faces round here." SPIT. *Not to be confused with Cowfart-Down-Stream where people are much more sophisticated. Meaning they spit less.
  3. The way I've GMed it, the various cults of Arkat are secret societies. You don't find them; if you've become illuminated, they find you. They scout you out and either kill you or invite you in. This is an invitation you can't refuse, but then again, they wouldn't invite you unless they were 99% sure you were the right kind of Illuminate. You don't advertise if they bring you in instead of killing you. You stay in your previous cult as a sort of sleeper agent, using Arkat illumination secrets to stay more or less sane, and act on your own to pursue the goals of the secret society unless given a specific mission. I think the average Orlanthi would have no idea that the Arkat cult still existed, especially outside Ralios. A sage might know that the trolls still worship him and he's the source of their sorcery tradition. Were any traditional Theyalan type to find out that one of their own was a member, I suspect they'd be horrified and either kill or exile the Arkati. Arkat is famously treacherous and has no place in good society. "You follow the Betrayer? Then go live with the trolls like he did."
  4. RHW

    Orlanthi Weaponthanes vs Housecarls

    If you want to avoid using real world cultural terms altogether, you could use Orlanth subcults to distinguish the various social classes, or just simpler terms entirely: cottar - Barntaring - fieldman housecarl - Rigsdaling? Elmaling? - steadman weaponthane - Starkvaling - shieldman
  5. RHW

    Orlanthi Weaponthanes vs Housecarls

    FWIW, I'd define housecarl using its most basic meaning: "house freeman," a free man (or woman) who's part of the personal retinue/household of a noble. So that could include his or her personal scribe, healer, rainmaker, as well as the tribal champion, personal bodyguards, a hunter or two, a few full-time troubleshooters, etc. Meanwhile, a weaponthane is a skilled, high-ranking warrior. Essentially a professional soldier. They might live with the noble; they might not. So while some weaponthanes are also housecarls, not all housecarls are weaponthanes. YGMV
  6. RHW

    The 'Tone' of Prostitution in Glorantha

    I figure a Ulerian is to sex as a Sword of Humakt is to war. They're the best, they aspire to a very elevated code of conduct, and if you want them, you pay a lot for their services. Sadly, despite the existence of Humakt, there are still conscripts, slave soldiers, soulless mercenaries, professional soldiers, opportunistic killers, those amateurs in the fyrd who play soldier every Windsday, and everything in between. Some of them may even pray to Humakt from time to time, for all the good it does them. And of course there's one twisted Lunar version that let's you be a lot more flexible with the code of conduct and another that can force you to fight for the Empire whether you want to or not. Same for sex.
  7. RHW

    Argrath and Elusu chat

    Elusu carves a wooden marionette while Argrath watches. ELUSU: Wa, Boss, I’m working on a new puppet show. What’s the funniest way to die? Violence or poison? ARGRATH: Depends. I like the one where Hon-eel chops up Pyjeemsab. But Euglyptus dying is pretty funny, too. All those farts. ELUSU: Can’t go wrong with farts. ARGRATH: Who’s this one about then? ELUSU: It’s the bloody tale of a self-important, morally ambiguous Orlanthi heroquester. ARGRATH (studies the puppet): I thought he looked familiar. Before Elusu can respond, Argrath chops off her head. ARGRATH: Violence is always an option. Elusu’s body fumbles around, finds her head, and puts it back on her neck. ELUSU: Good point. Guess I'll go with poison. Elusu returns to her carving. _________________________________ The middle of the night. Elusu squats astride a sleeping Argrath, wearing an Eurmal mask. She leans over him as he wakes. ELUSU: Wake up, Chief! Guess who’s beneath the mask! Argrath looks up at the mask. ARGRATH: Right now? Me. ELUSU: Wa. Hadn’t thought about it like that. Elusu takes off her mask, revealing Argrath’s own face. ELUSU: But when you're right, you're right.
  8. RHW

    Argrath and Elusu chat

    Argrath and Elusu leave a meeting with fellow rebels in Heortland. ELUSU: Wa. What was the name of that Humakti fellow again? The big one wearing all the skulls? ARGRATH: Sargarath. ELUSU: And the Kitori? ARGRATH: Gar Darkspear. ELUSU: Wa, Gar is a nickname for Argrath too, right? Like that Rath bully and the Arry prick. And Kallyr is called The Argrath and her representative was another Argrath and that Kat girl is really named Arkatha. ARGRATH: Get to the point, Fool. ELUSU: The pointy bit is, seems like we got a surplus of Argraths. After all, there are only four Elusus. Plain old Elusu, Elusu the Liar, Elusu Sit Here, and Elusu the Polite. ARGRATH: Those are all you. And it's four too many if you ask me. ELUSU: Wa. So all them other Argraths are all you, too? ARGRATH: It's not the same thing. ELUSU: Whatever you say, Chief. Argrath thinks about that for a while. ARGRATH: Fuck. ELUSU: Aye. Let's get a beer.
  9. RHW

    Argrath and Elusu chat

    Argrath and Elusu walk through Founders Market. Merchants and customers alike eye Elusu warily. Many of them have been wronged by her before. ELUSU: Wa, Chief. What’s the sound of one hand clapping? ARGRATH: This? Argrath slaps Elusu across the face. ELUSU: No. Bystanders applaud. ELUSU: That.
  10. RHW

    Libraries & Records

    A lot of the military cults would probably have collections of instruction manuals, troop rosters, battle accounts, etc, connected to temples and standing units. Humakti would have all of the above written in Swordspeech. Pelorian and Dara Happan units should have enough literate members to have scribes and secretaries to compile such things and officers who would want to read them. Likewise Chalanan hospitals probably have their own archives on medical treatments, records of major plagues, etc.
  11. RHW

    Sartarite Greetings

    I feel like that's still too formal for friends who see each other every day or husband and wife or close family. I like something along the lines of "Good wind" or "Orlanth bless you" to men and "Ernalda bless you" to women. Could be shortened some way in Sartarite: Or'var: Orlanth bless you. Said to a man or a Vingan. Er'var: Ernalda bless you. Said to a woman or a Nandan. Vor'var: Voriof or Voria bless you. Said to a child not yet initiated. Works as both a greeting and a farewell. During the occupation, when in a trusted setting, could substitute "Free Sartar" or "Come the Hurricane."
  12. RAGI MOVESLIKECAT: Dunno, boss. Couldn’t tell if all them four sides were equal or whatnot, but it definitely had all right angles, if you know what I’m saying. ARGRY HARDBLOW: Good enough for me. Let’s get ‘em, lads! For Orlanth!
  13. Isn’t “both Chaos and Moonson” redundant? Signed, Every Orlanthi
  14. Yep, like I said, my money is on Ralzakark the Monster Emperor fully apotheosizing as Wakboth some time in the late 1600s. But I figure the Devil isn’t officially “born” until he manifests. I don’t think either Nysalor or Arkat was Wakboth at first any more than Rufelza is (or Moonson or even RalzakarK cica 1620).
  15. I guess I like the idea that the cycle repeats as a ticking clock for campaigns set near the close of each age and a way to add truly epic scope to the story. "Tick tick tick. You idiots need to get your shit together soon because... WAKBOTH COMIN'!" CUT TO: Wakboth taking a drag on his cigarette and striding down the street with his shotgun.