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  1. So business as usual for the Lunars?
  2. RHW

    Lunar Turncoats

    Forget naming the horse after a turncoat. Name your horse after a Lunar fanatic to show your mastery over them. Besides, who doesn’t want to ride “Beanpot?”
  3. I’d say a ZZ and a Humakti could be forced to work together in the right circumstances. Same patron, same clan, or same war band. Or if they’re facing some existential threat together (Chaos, the Lunars, etc). There’s lots of great fiction where philosophically opposes characters who otherwise might murder each other come together for the common good. “Normally I would kill you and decorate my armor with your entrails, but today, Sword, the fates smile on you. And we will fight for the same cause.” “Today I swear by Humakt to fight by your side, savage. Tomorrow, if Death does not t
  4. I found this while searching for a map of the Kingdom of Ignorance. I don't know who made it, but accuracy level is high.
  5. Generally if I want the journey to be the adventure, I structure it so that the trip itself is important or unavoidable. So escort the large caravan or guard the dignitary who won't fly or allow himself to be teleported. Scout the route! Find the Questing Beast, herd the herd, that sort of thing. At lower levels, encounter skipping isn't usually a huge issue, since there's not THAT much magic that will let an entire party fly/teleport/run across the world. At higher levels, I always assume the party will skip most of the journey somehow or other, but that's okay. I find journey adventures
  6. One thing worth remembering, until they reach a certain power level (and invest in the proper magic) all characters travel as fast or slow as the GM wants. So even if it takes two week to travel from say, Boldhome to Nochet, the GM can always just jump to the arrival in Nochet. Or you can take a dozen sessions for the journey, whatever floats your boat. Odysseus takes a lot longer to travel from point A to B than anyone should, but that's how the gods wanted it. Likewise Dany's dragons fly as fast as the writers want.
  7. To get the thread back to my intent, what are some fun things we can add to or take away from Kralorela to make it less “Fantasy Cathay” and more weird and Gloranthan? REMOVE/AVOID chopsticks, silk (let Teshnos have that), concubines, queues, mandarins, triads, tongs, bound feet, stereotypical art, Fu Manchu mustaches, long long nails, conical hats, junks, boy I wish we could lose the faux Chinese names. ADD Polynesian elements: Hawaiian hats, feathered caps, outriggers, yams, poi, tabu system Indochinese Elements: Architecture and art based on Cambodia or Thailand or
  8. Here are some Kralorelan warriors in their "dragon" armor, made from leather and decorated with feathers. Also another warrior with a Kralorelan dragon, which frequently have feathers.
  9. I agree. I was just putting it nicely.
  10. All good stuff. Just trying to start the discussion and was going from "Dragon" instead of "China" as an inspiration. Also looking to add some of the anachronisms that characterize the Lunars and the Sartarites and make them more interesting, plus some additional cultural elements (Polynesian dress instead of Chinese).
  11. I like this. Anything but chopsticks and rice.
  12. The tea discussion brought up a lot of points about Kralorela that make it an unsatisfying setting for many Glorantha fans: The over-reliance on China for inspiration seems to be the main sticking point. So I thought I'd create a thread for ideas to make Kralorela less "Fantasy China" and more a uniquely Gloranthan place. A few ideas of my own: Attitude: Kralorelans believe they are all dragon spirits incarnating as humans to further their own spiritual awakening. Devote Kralorelans obsess about enhancing their draconic self, which they call their "Egg." They try to emulate dra
  13. Ummm... Yelmalio gives you crappier spells than Elmal and is fake by certain definitions. The problem is in Glorantha if enough sucker— I mean, worshippers pump POW into something it does usually manifest some kind of result. SEE: Nysalor There’s an argument to be made that the Seven Mothers are fake too. The Moon Goddess/Gbaji is real and all their power is derived from their connections to it. If the Moon dies, poof, no more Lunar pantheon.
  14. I think the answer could also be something along the lines of: "Kill whoever said this with fire."
  15. I suspect the Brithini in question would maintain that non-Brithini aren't people, so nothing that one might do to them counts as a crime or a breaking of taboo. It's not sex or rape. It's just using an object for gratification. No worse than tapping, really. Some might argue Gunda's "father" was wrong about this, but it's all a philosophical discussion at that point. But then, I'm pretty sure the Brithini are one of Glorantha's most effed up cultures. They're the Vadeli with pretense, and in some ways, that's worse.
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