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RQG Multiple Combatants Example 2.0.0

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About This File

This is a write-up of five rounds of combat between Orlmarth and Greydogs, with the first few rounds being mainly missile and spell casting. I've tried to cover a number of different rules, so it may look quite dense. I've included rules page references where I thought this might be useful and also character DEX SRs and main weapon SRs. Feedback appreciated.

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog



I've added a little bit of explanatory detail around SR calculations just to make things obvious.

I've also changed two of Bodran's actions and one of Angtyr's:

Round 1, SR 4 - I've amended Bodran's strike rank actions so he now drops his sword and changes to spell casting, and I've added a note about there being no apparent penalties for changing Statement of Intent in RQG.

Round 2, SR 3 - Bodran's second spell attempt corrected to include his DEX SR, which has a consequence (see below)

Round 2, SR 4 - After moving, Angtyr now moves his sword to his shield hand to cast Protection instead of sheathing it, but still spends 5 SRs switching to spell casting.

Round 2, SR 11 - Bodran now gets impaled by the arrow before his spell would take effect, so it fails.

Round 4, SR 1 - Bodran therefore commits two extra magic points to his Heal Wound spell, so it goes off slightly later in the round. SR calculation also corrected for Rune spell with magic points.


Round 2, SR 3 - I've amended Chadestra's sling attacks from 2 to 1 in this round and added 5 SRs to reflect the need for her to reload.

Round 2, SR 4 - I've amended Angtyr's strike ranks for casting Protection as these were incorrect.

Round 4, SR 5 - Chadestra's spear no longer shatters, as a weapon reduced to 0 HP is not broken, it simply functions at half attack chance.

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