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  1. A Humakti and an Orlanthi thane are traversing the Starfire Ridges when they espy an unnatural, rectangular yellow blob below them. The Orlanthi says, “Hey, climb down there and find out what that’s for”. The Humakti descends to a wide ledge, prods the blob with his scabbard and notes that it appears to be an altar made of some rubbery matter. With a screech, a harpy drops on to the altar and tries to claw the Humakti’s face off. In one movement, he knocks the creature over with his scabbard, draws his sword and severs its wing bone on the altar. The Orlanthi eventually climbs down and, seeing the mess everywhere, says “Well, did you find out what it’s for?” The Humakti cleans his sword and replies, “A pinion is divided on the matter”.
  2. p 418 RQG 'each attempt takes two full seasons'.
  3. One way you could rationalize the cost is that trainers (like most people) belong to a temple (and are probably Rune level) and much of the money is a donation to the temple rather than an individual trainer, since the temple must release the trainer from other duties for two seasons.
  4. @MOBLooks awesome. But I can see an error on the Woods of the Dead map - Valley of the Chack Man instead of Chalk Man.
  5. If a character fails to cast their Rune spell on SR1, can they try again later in the round or can they do nothing else (other than move, or react) that round? On p314 it says 'Casting a Rune magic spell prevents an adventurer from casting any other Rune magic, spirit magic, or sorcery spells that round'. But if an adventurer didn't manage to cast the spell, the implication would be they can still try again to do so. I'd be interested to hear how people are handling this in their games.
  6. I'd say that sailors would also use Shiphandling - it reflects the knowledge needed to sail and navigate a ship, which is the same whether you're giving the orders or tying off sails. A ship's captain needs to know everything that a sailor knows and more besides, so they'd have the skill at a higher percentage than a sailor, having worked their way up to that level of competence as part of a crew.
  7. Are you expecting the heroquesting rules in the forthcoming GM sourcebook to significantly change the way that the game is played (i.e. mechanically) when adventurers are on heroquests? Also, given their fairly rigid structure (e.g. stations) and basis upon a pre-existing story, are heroquests more like likely to railroad players than a regular scenario?
  8. I don't have the Sartar Companion, but I'll check that out, thanks.
  9. I'm creating a Lismelder Kolati Sezing antagonist and need a darkness spirit sub cult for them (and any associated Rune Magic). I can make something up but would be interested to know of any sources I can use or if there is already a write-up somewhere (I've already got some info on the Seven Winds).
  10. My two main issues with TSR are the festival at the end - it's a lot of description of things that NPCs are doing rather than any decision-making by the players. In other words, it's not role-playing. I'm going to have think of ways to make it interactive. The other issue is that I was expecting some detail on the contents of the ruins (i.e. the buildings) themselves, beyond the general layout and descriptions of the curse/burning corpses. I wasn't expecting a dungeon style setting, but certainly some detail on the civilisation that built the place. I get that I, as a GM, can write this stuff, but that's not the point of a ready-to-play scenario. It should be ready-to-play.
  11. Ah, I missed that. But hell, it was a clever move by the players so I'm happy to have rewarded their ingenuity. Plus the ensuing Berserker rage was too entertaining to pass up.
  12. Creating new consecrated ground for a minor temple could require some kind of Heroquest, I suppose.
  13. Last night I GM'd my group on Roll20 for the final battle against the Dragon of the Thunder Hills. Spoilers ahead. One of the party is a Storm Bull, who was equipped with Berevenenos' iron cuirass and silver helm, and feeling invulnerable he ran headlong at Yerezum Storn. She promptly exhaled her toxic breath, overcoming his resistance with her POT 18 systemic poison. The Storm Bull only had 15 hit points, so it looked like curtains for him, but my clever players found a way around this. Even fast-acting systemic poison takes 3 melee rounds to act, so he would not take the damage immediately, but equally they could not apply healing spells (as damage had not yet been done) and none of them had any antidotes. In order to stave off death, the Storm Bull cast Berserk on himself, raising his CON by 7 points and thus his hit points too, so that when the poison took effect at the end of MR3 he would still have 4 HP left. In the meantime, the rest of the party managed to take down the dragon with two solid hits from Chest Breaker and a standard broadsword impale. The obsidian sword was used to behead the beast, but when the dragon's head began talking and tried to bargain with the party, the still-Berserk Uroxi began hacking lumps out of it. All during Orgorvale Summer's divine manifestation and appeals for the party's thane to be the founder of her cult, the Storm Bull was in the background astride the bloody head, smashing out teeth and eyes. The party's Humakti cast Heal Wound on him, so that when the Berserk spell eventually ended, the Storm Bull keeled over off the dragon head, unconscious but still alive.
  14. Usually it's declared if a creature can make more than one attack on the same strike rank, and since its bite, claw and tail attacks all occur on 7, I assumed that it can only make one of those each round. But it can still breathe on 3 and enthrall on 12. Also, the text in the adventure book says that the dragon relies on its breath and bite.
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