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  1. Why argue against Osprey pictures, when lordabdul's post didn't even mention them? And citing specific pieces of archaeology that you don't believe would appear in Glorantha is also by the by. It's great that you've now provided some more examples of artists work though.
  2. This isn't very helpful as a response to someone who is relatively new to RuneQuest and Glorantha - referring them to a bunch of HQ products they don't own, and the GtG which is for seasoned Gloranthaphiles rather than newbies. This is precisely what lordabdul appears to be trying to avoid by asking for a few notes on this forum. Feel free to hate away, but perhaps not as a response to someone new to the game who is making a reasonable request about something they are interested in?
  3. They also said that the GM Sourcebook (or whatever it ends up being called) will include an overview of the Hero Wars campaign so you can see what is coming. But you're right, if you diverge from the background history and have Argrath killed off early, then it might require more work from you to adjust future scenarios that get released. Then again, if you are making big changes to the background history that kind of implies you're writing a lot of your own content anyway, so presumably it won't matter to your campaign? But any Chaosium RQG releases that you don't end up using for your current campaign (because they're perhaps incompatible) you can always use for your next one.
  4. This is why I think written records would be more widespread in Glorantha than in RW Bronze Age societies. The prevalence of magic, and not just sorcery either. Learning and teaching magic takes time, which implies there is a lot involved in memorising it. In addition, a magical world like Glorantha is subject to major catastrophic events, such as the Great Winter, Dragonrise, Dragonkill etc which wipe out large swathes of people, in addition to the various magically assisted battles that take place. The combination of these two factors - the particularity and precision of spirit magic and sorcery, and sudden drops in population - would further encourage, if not necessitate, the recording of magical practices and techniques and the storage of these records in libraries. That's not to say that your average shaman writes down anything, I doubt many would. But plenty of Gloranthans, especially the ruling class and priesthood, would want to ensure the continuity and diversity of magical knowledge within their society and would probably not trust solely to the spoken word for this. In the same way, many ancient societies in the RW recorded their knowledge of astronomy or mathematics in stone or on tablets. Once discovered, such knowledge becomes a communal treasure and needs to be safeguarded.
  5. YGMV. I think it's a major strength of the new version of RuneQuest and marks it out from almost every other fantasy RPG. Reading the RQG book has inspired me to start reading up on Bronze Age societies (and also RW myths that I haven't read for years or had never read).
  6. That large, bold text... Is that where you cast Charisma in order to convince everyone?
  7. Thanks, @Runeblogger I'd forgotten Jeff mentioned that in the Heinz Con video. And since that doesn't seem to fit under any of the existing headings (maybe 'Glorantha' or 'Time'?) that may mean another section heading!
  8. There's a Downloads section at the top of the page, you can submit a file there.
  9. As a Form Rune, Man implies the ability for dextrous manipulation (opposable thumbs and all that), which is handy for thieving and the picking of locks.
  10. When you say it's their main Rune, do you mean it has the highest %? This would mean a low Beast Rune %, so your character would be less bestial, more refined, mannered (and perhaps fastidious or stand-offish) than most Gloranthans: "There goes fussy Ulvik, with his hair braided just so, and not a spot of mud on his kilt". Whether they are more 'civilised' would depend on more than just their Man Rune though, as I'd say that is also about their learning, temperament and morality. The Harmony Rune would cover their gregariousness, ability to compromise, co-operate etc, which are also arguably measures of how civilised they are. Their elemental Runes will determine their temperament and behaviour which are also pertinent.
  11. According to El Runeblogger's website, the section headings are as follows: 1. Introduction, 2. Glorantha, 3. Adventurers, 4. Cults and Gods, 5. Runes and Magic, 6. The environment, 7. Guilds and associations, 8. Goods and services, 9. Time, 10. Combat (personal, skirmishes, mass, naval, sieges, etc.), 11. Directing the game (all kinds of basic and advanced tips), 12. Adventure Design (create campaigns, adventures, encounters, etc.), 13. Heroquesting, 14. Travel, 15. Encounters, 16. Treasures and Rewards, 17. Conversions (more details on how to transfer data from RQ2/3, HeroQuest and other games to RuneQuest Glorantha) I have no idea how accurate this is, or where he got the info from.
  12. If they're coming from a Middle Earth campaign they will probably need convincing upon the Bronze Age setting too, so send them links to a couple of videos: Hector v Achilles: Troy Children of the Hydra: Jason & the Argonauts Oldies but goldies!
  13. Best bet is to do a session with pre-gens and run them through the Broken Tower - this throws them straight into a small part of the world, whilst giving them clear objectives - get the cattle back and bring the murderers to justice. Don't give them any more background than you need to run the scenario, just enough for them to appreciate the clan rivalry and the importance of the herd to the community. The scenario provides lots of opportunities to gradually introduce the rules (skill checks, experience, combat, magic) and aspects of the world (clans, shamanism, spirit world, Dragon Pass, cults) organically. If they enjoy themselves, THEN do a session zero and roll up characters with them, and you can then run them through the GM Screen scenarios. If your players aren't convinced then taking them through hours of chargen is not a good idea until they've tried the game (and Glorantha) on for size.
  14. The other thing to bear in mind is that in Bronze Age societies, cattle = treasure/prestige. The Tain Bo Cualinge is all about wanting to capture prize bulls from another tribe. There are cattle raids in the Mahabharata, and Hermes stole cows from Apollo. The sacrifice of cattle is a way of appeasing the gods - the Greeks would slaughter them by the hecatomb in propitiation. So in many respects farmers/herders are custodians of their clan's physical wealth and spiritual capital. Which is probably why three of the RQG scenarios published to date involve protecting or finding cattle or herders - Broken Tower, Cattle Raid, Dragon of the Thunder Hills (kind of). If players come to understand how important cattle are to their clan they'll be less likely to look down on the idea of playing a farmer or herder. Other occupations seed adventures too - perhaps a fisher catches more in his nets than he bargained for, or is invited to compete in an interclan spear tournament that becomes a hotbed of political skulduggery, or is asked by a shaman to catch an exotic river-creature seen in dreams. Similarly, a hunter will always be the first person summoned to assist in tracking bandits, following the trail of a murderer or figuring out what kind of monsters attacked a massacred caravan.
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