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  1. I'd just repurpose the hippogriff or griffin statistics, but without the bite or claw attacks obviously. I'd say they are definitely Sky Rune creatures. Not having the bestiary in front of me, I can't remember what attacks a hippogriff has, but you could use a horse's attacks. I'd also say that Pegasi are probably intelligent in the same way griffins are, and may have spirit magic. Edit: ah, Jeff beat me to it.
  2. The thing with this, I think, is to ensure that none of that becomes too restrictive or a chore for players, even if it is for the adventurers. Play it up when there is an opportunity for adventure through kith or kin, and play it down when the adventure arises from some external source. In-game, adventurers' clan ties and relations should be a bit like the diminutive size of the hobbits in Peter Jackson's movies - you don't need to show it all the time, just give reminders every now and then.
  3. Game balance be damned, but if anything, I'd say troll vulnerability to iron is something that evens the game up. Taking down a SIZ 25 Zorak Zorani is difficult enough as it is, without them being able to remove their Achilles' Heel as well. As for elves... those tricky, ambushing buggers need taking down a notch anyway.
  4. Sumath


    One of my players has rolled up a female pimp and she's a Vingan - a madam who is very capable of defending those working for her.
  5. There's an illustration in the RQG rulebook (don't remember the page, but it's close to the beginning) that kind of answers this - a crowd of people observe their kin enacting a ritual (possibly a heroquest), and the questors are shown as transforming into the god-form of those they are representing. I'd imagine it would be quite a trippy experience whether you were an observer or a participant, and for a Heroquest that I've written (based on Ernalda Feeds the Tribe as written in KoDP) I've listed a bunch of perceptual changes that occur when one enters the God Time.
  6. The next three products for release contain playable content: The Smoking Ruins (scenarios and sand box), Pegasus Plateau (mini-scenarios/encounters) and the Runequest Starter Set, which will contain a write-up of Jonstown. I'd guess we'll see the first of these as a PDF release in early 2020.
  7. Well, this is exciting! I didn't even know a Jonstown supplement was in the works...
  8. The map of Clearwine in the GM Screen Pack provides a good basis for escape/chase scenes - the Upper City is full of flat roofs to jump between, the Lower City has a mix of flat and pitched roofs (remove some tiles and hide out amongst the beams until the coast is clear), and there are plenty of battlements along which escapees may flee, or lower their knotted sheets from. There is also the Hero's Trail, which originates from a sally port in the North wall and is perfect for getaways by those in the know, and a market place in the Upper City is great for knocking over stalls of fresh fruit during the chase scene. Alternatively, there are vineyards surrounding the city through which games of cat & mouse might be played out by fugitives and their pursuers.
  9. Sumath


    My tuppence' worth: the production standards of the releases so far have been well beyond any previous RuneQuest materials and beyond what I was expecting. After taking my players (80% of whom are new to RuneQuest) through character gen recently, most of them have said they will probably buy a copy of the rulebook, because they can see the potential of the game and think that the book is a thing of beauty. So, in my experience new players are responding positively to the approach Chaosium are taking. Yes, we'd all love to see new product come out quicker, but I'm pretty sure that Jeff and Jason are under no illusions about that and also want to support their product as soon as possible. I suspect releases will become regular next year once the finished manuscripts start to increase and artwork begins to roll in. This has all the makings of being a real purple patch for Chaosium, with regular artists and writers collaborating on some of the best gaming material ever produced by the company, or indeed anybody. As for the amount of material available, personally, I'm now at a point where I'm ready to kick off my campaign (4th December) using the scenarios from the GM Screen Adventures book, The Broken Tower, The Rattling Wind and a few HeroQuest and 13th Age scenarios I've decided to convert. Along with three original scenarios I've written, I've got enough material to last over two years of game time (based on one adventure per season). I've put them in order and figured out a campaign timeline, but if Smoking Ruins and Pegasus Plateau come out in PDF in the next few months I'll rejig my timeline or increase the number of adventures per season. There'll also be the Jonstown Compendium to supplement all this. One final point though @Jeff - the information posted about layout being 1/3 done etc is all great to hear - could there be more frequent updates of this kind? I understand Chaosium's reticence on giving out release dates, given the history of these slipping, but 'percentage done' type statements are the kind of communication that keep people abreast of what's going on, without over-promising.
  10. I'd say their main motivation is their nihilistic hatred of order and life, in so far as most living creatures represent highly ordered and harmonious forms of existence, something that Broo instinctively detest. Even the Broo desire to reproduce reflects this, since it results in a chaos monstrosity that will be similarly opposed to other forms of life. The Thed Rune spell Chaos Spawn fits perfectly with Broo mentality, creating a howling void into which they sacrifice living creatures, and summoning a Chaos monster to aid them in whatever destruction they are undertaking. Causing disease is another expression, since disease is a corruption of life and a breakdown of the order that allows life to continue. Disease, rape, murder, desecration, infection, vandalism, sacrificing to Chaos gods, and undermining foes of Chaos are all expressions of their visceral hatred of humans and the Elder Races. Broo society is simplistic and based around gang mentality, with the most formidable Broo becoming the leader. But they will temporarily participate in more complex hierarchies if it will help them achieve long-term goals. The existence of Broo in the wilds and upon the periphery of human societies means they must be capable of long-term strategies, so I don't think they are always necessarily impulsive. Therefore, I see Broo as being capable of anything that fits with their nihilistic perspective, and this will include forming temporary partnerships with other Chaos creatures, such as harpies, scorpionmen or ogres, that seek to pervert life or nature, or end it entirely. In other words, they will suffer just enough civilised behaviour to destroy civilisation. But then there is the fact that Broo are also living creatures, so they will also foster self-hatred and hatred of other Broo and Chaos creatures. It is simply a matter of them hating non-Chaos creatures even more. So, I don't think they would capture animals they have impregnated - Broo would not much care whether an individual offspring survived or not, they would just seek to create as many abominations as they could. Likewise, I can't see them selective breeding, because a) this would represent an aspiration for a type of ordered life, and b) the chances of Chaos features occurring could render this futile anyway.
  11. Human communities have wyters. What about very large groups of animals or insects - would they have a communal spirit associated with them? One that could be appeased to prevent e.g. a migratory herd leaving the land or a swarm from devastating it? With regards insects, Gorakiki seems to be hands-off in terms of their behaviour, so I'm looking for a way to make insects available for negotiation or influence.
  12. I like this idea. Maybe feathers/wings on the side of a Yelmalion's horse, elaborate swirls and whorls for a Wind Lord's steed, lines of text for a Sage to show off their learning, skulls or blades for a Sword's warhorse.
  13. It could be simpler than that - perhaps just a Moon rune followed by the initials of the phalanx or cavalry section. Although that then begs the question of what New Pelorian initials look like.
  14. There's usually some news coming out of The Kraken convention each year, so hopefully one of the attendees will post any news or indications of when stuff will be released. Anybody going to that this weekend?
  15. Neoteny would raise the potential for a young dark troll, somehow separated from their protectors (perhaps a troll caravan?), and discovered by humans who mistake it for a trollkin. I'm thinking of a similar scenario to the novel Gentleman of the Road by Michael Chabon, where a youth from foreign lands begs to be returned but lacks the language skills to explain their plight. Being the son/daughter of someone important would add the prospect of reward for their safe escort back to their tribe.
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