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  1. I honestly don't know why boxed sets went out of fashion - I can remember buying the Games Workshop RuneQuest boxed set as a teenager. Besides the incredible cover art, I loved the way the deep box lid slid off of the box bottom - it made you feel like you were unboxing a Christmas present every time you opened it, and then to find inside not just that wonderful 2nd edition rulebook, but also the Basic Roleplaying booklet, the FANGS supplement and the Apple Lane scenario book and my first ever set of polyhedral dice (albeit not great quality). It was like a GMs arsenal for creating advent
  2. What do people feel about the location of RQ stats? Chaosium's policy is to place these wherever a character appears in the text. But again, I don't see how this assists in running the scenario. The amount of space taken by RQ stats means they can't just fit in the space of a paragraph, like D&D monster stats do - they need considerable space and IMHO are better off indexed and collected in one place so the GM can photocopy them easily, or can easily refer to them at the back of the book when necessary. This is especially true for when an NPC might appear in more than one part of
  3. This is an attempt to clarify my thoughts on the scenario The Smoking Ruin (TSR), within the publication The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories (TSROS) and as such it is jam-packed with major spoilers. Please do not read any further if you intend to play this scenario, and note that I will not be covering the other scenarios or content in TSROS in this discussion. After an initial read-through of TSR I was enthused by its contents and ideas, yet also confused: threads of the scenario seemed to escape me or remain unclear. After preparing and running it on Roll20 for my three players, I
  4. I’m working on taking my players back to the Smoking Ruin to find the tomb of Korol Kandoros. In order to find its whereabouts, I’m going to have them discover that the Deer Folk, the people of Korol’s great-grandson, Parntor the Swift, were rumoured to know of it, as they became the messengers of the Vingkotling kings and may have retained ancient knowledge of Korolstead through their oral tradition. There is a little (and sometimes contradictory) detail on the Deer Folk/Clan in the Book of Heortling Mythology, but they begin from the union of the Doe Woman and Parntor. There is als
  5. It's more the casting percentage I was thinking of, as he has no POW x 5 to utilize. That's not a bad shout. Thanks.
  6. *Spoilers for Smoking Ruin* Vamargic has a POW of 0. How does he cast Protection 6? Also the dragonewt eye on his necklace has no POW listed - at what percentage does it cast Disruption, and what should be used to overcome target's POW? I'm running the second session of this scenario tomorrow night, so suggestions welcome.
  7. Something I've noticed whilst prepping the Smoking Ruins scenario - Treya has the Switch Places rune spell, but it only seems to be usable in combination with the Illusory Sight spell, which she doesn't have.
  8. The whole thing needs a serious edit from Treya's point of view. It's obvious that the author has a clear idea about what Treya thinks and feels about her grandmother and why she is motivated to go to the Smoking Ruin, but unfortunately this didn't explicitly make it into the text of the scenario.
  9. Humans never had the ability to fly to begin with. Ducks did, so they have lost something.
  10. I'm re-reading The Smoking Ruin and making notes as I go, with the intent to run it in the near future, but I'm struggling with gaps and inconsistencies in the scenario: SPOILERS: On multiple occasions, the scenario instructs the GM to have Treya repeat the story of her grandmother's death at the hands of Tusk Riders, but I cannot find this story anywhere in the text. Indeed, Thinala's description says she died defending Terasarin. Okay, so her death is different to what Treya believes - but what story does Treya believe? Treya sacrifices herself to bring back Thinala from the d
  11. A Humakti and an Orlanthi thane are traversing the Starfire Ridges when they espy an unnatural, rectangular yellow blob below them. The Orlanthi says, “Hey, climb down there and find out what that’s for”. The Humakti descends to a wide ledge, prods the blob with his scabbard and notes that it appears to be an altar made of some rubbery matter. With a screech, a harpy drops on to the altar and tries to claw the Humakti’s face off. In one movement, he knocks the creature over with his scabbard, draws his sword and severs its wing bone on the altar. The Orlanthi eventually climbs down and, s
  12. p 418 RQG 'each attempt takes two full seasons'.
  13. One way you could rationalize the cost is that trainers (like most people) belong to a temple (and are probably Rune level) and much of the money is a donation to the temple rather than an individual trainer, since the temple must release the trainer from other duties for two seasons.
  14. @MOBLooks awesome. But I can see an error on the Woods of the Dead map - Valley of the Chack Man instead of Chalk Man.
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