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  1. Some killer talent on the TOC, including several of the best genre writers working today. Will definitely pick this up.
  2. Locked behind yog-sothoth! I've been waiting months for my membership to be approved. All the rest of your tips sound solid. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I know it's near-blasphemy to even consider, but I'm also interested to hear if anyone has suggestions for a "shorter" or "abbreviated" approach to Masks. I completely understand the open-ended nature and epic length are the beating heart of the campaign for many people, but I'd still love to give my players a taste of this classic.
  4. What I'd love to see are shorter campaigns. Something we can run in say 6-12 sessions, or 20-40 hours instead of 90+. For a lot of groups, I suspect this may be more achievable then some of the awesome-looking but difficult-to-actually-run mega-campaigns.
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