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  1. Version 1.0.0


    It occurred to me that someone might want these without numbers.
  2. Boy. Good luck to Chaosium keeping up with those expectations. We do veraciously devour this stuff. I think if they produced a book a week, we would still be saying 'yeah, but where are the rules for .....' Still, better to have that level of enthusiasm and engagement than not. As for Heroquesting rules, they've been on the list for forty years or so. I suspect Jeff will have to do a Heroquest to retrieve this mythic guide. It's probably hidden in some magical form of the British library in the Gods Time.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These are Glorantha counters I use for my game. They are 25mm sq. (or larger) on an A4 sheet. Print them. Glue them to an A4 piece of card. Cut them out. Use a scalpel and a metal ruler for the best (and safer) results. This is just a selection. Let me know if you want anything in particular. Lawrence
  4. As an aside. For my RQ game , I have produced a set of battlemap counters. These are essentially small, very simple colour illustrations, 25mm x 25mm. (larger for bigger creatures) Print them. Mount them on card and cut them out. I thought I might put a couple of sheets (A4 high res) up for people to use if they wish. Where's the best place?
  5. Indeed. It's nice to mix and match the runes in this way to shape the character. It's almost like an advanced form of D&D alignments (did I say that out loud).
  6. So throwing in a little more disorder (to sit alongside the Man rune) seems to be the correct chemistry. Thanks. I know YGMV. But it's still nice to be guided by the confines as detailed in the game.
  7. My other runes are pretty set at this point (being Fire and Darkness). The game is heading towards a 'Thieves World' type of game. The other character is a Lanbril worshipper. So Harmony, whilst well presented by Shiningbrow, would probably put my character at such odds with the other character (90% Disorder) as to be unplayable. It's a meta thing, I know, but we also have to play together. I suppose why i'm asking is define any criminal tendency in light of his Man rune. If Man has a deep relationship with the notions of civilisation and crime is something that can potentially undermine social cohesion. Is it incompatible?
  8. Are you saying that what I've described insofar as society is concerned, is best exemplified by Harmony and not Man?
  9. I'm playing a character whose main Rune is Man. Through a series of events too long to recount here, he is without a cult (except lay membership with Yinkin, having failed to become an initiate as his Beast Rune is greatly lessened). Originally born in Pavis, but forced to grow up in Sartar, he is now returning to Pavis. The obvious route is to become a Pavis Initiate (a distinct possibility). Although there is also Daka Fal and Flesh Man. My sense is that the Man rune, among other things, is about civilisation. That natural propensity of man to bind together and build societies. Not only that, but an acceptance of all that society is, including it's underbelly.
  10. I'm sure this has already been covered. Can someone point me at a thread?
  11. I'm a little late to this, and to be honest, I haven't read every post. What struck me was the use of 'vs'. I don't think they can be pitted one against the other. Apples and oranges. Both seek to tell stories in different ways, both of which have merit. After that it's it's purely subjective.
  12. Tigerwomble


    Does anyone know what the plans are generally to update older publications such as Sartar and Sartar Companion, to the new start dates, apart from the Gazetteer in Roleplaying in Glorantha. Not that i'm in any hurry. I just wondered.
  13. Indeed. Spill away, I say.
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