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    I began playing RQ2 in a very, very large campaign out of a game shop while in high school. I pretty much immediately started a Boldhome-based campaign for my high school friends, which ran for several years. I started another Boldhome-based campaign in college that ran well passed graduation. I moved away from my players in 1999 and lost touch with Runequest until after Greg Stafford's passing, when I started looking into how it had changed. During the pandemic my college gaming group started chatting online and it was a short leap from that to a new campaign. I have spent a good part of the last 3 months catching up on all the great Glorantha stuff I've missed!
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    I have a fledgling RQG campaign with 7 players. They are all Hiording clanspeople trying to make sense of the chaos that is post-Dragonrise Sartar. I previously played many, many RPGs of the 80s and 90s, but Runequest was always my favorite. Other favorites included Paranoia, Pendragon, Bushido, Ars Magica, and Superworld.
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    Central NY
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    I am an archivist and administrator by trade, both of which help me as an RQ fan and GM.

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  1. This is the kind of guidance that I was looking for when I started this thread, a somewhat objective limitation on the spell.
  2. I'm only seeing a handful of non-Dwarf mines and no quarries. Nothing in Dragon Pass, for instance.
  3. Is mining and quarrying the exclusive province of the dwarves? I've looked through my pdfs and can find almost no mentions of it, though obviously the many metals, gems, and stone needed for all sorts of things must come from somewhere. But I don't remember seeing mines or quarries on maps, or reading that mining or quarrying was part of a clan or tribe's economy. Is it a sacred process that only dwarves are allowed to do (i.e. Mostal is to mining what Dormal is to seafaring)? I would assume at the least that elves mine copper and trolls mine lead, since they aren't getting that from dwarves!
  4. In the absence of guidance on this important area, several authors in the Jonstown Compendium have put ideas and even mechanics forward. Someone mentioned Secrets of HeroQuesting. 6 Seasons in Sartar had some interesting insights and examples, though I don't believe mechanics. In a Merry Green Vale, which is generally much more about backstory than mechanics, does lead you through a long and complex heroquest with mechanics.
  5. No, I didn't see that as having a negative effect on farmers or farmland in my clan (Hiording). I could see some reasons why it could: The clan is adjacent to Boldhome. The clan had more than a few losses in the Dragonrise, disrupting the harvest. The clan is north of Dangerford where Lunar troops would be living off the land, as it were. The clan had a large lunar troop contingent that wasn't killed in the Dragonrise and that cleared out their storehouses before fleeing north. You want it to. And I ignored the premise in the book that the omens for 1625 were
  6. This isn't the 1623 migration, is it?
  7. The biggest issue that 1 adventure (not session) per season has caused for me is that time passes very fast. If you start a campaign in 1625 and you want your players to be involved in the high level stuff going on as far as the Lunars, Kallyr, Argrath, etc. then you don't end up with time to develop much in the way of other storylines. I've gotten around that by having the whole Lunar to Argrath transition occur over a much longer period, but having more adventures per season might also be in our future.
  8. After a cave-in, my players want to get back into a cavern. They have no mining experience or knowledge and their first thought was using an Earth Elemental, since one of their number had recently been buried by one. If they only need to get in and out, could a medium or large elemental basically escort one of them forward, temporarily carving out space for them as they go? Probably would need to bring a small air elemental with them to breathe? If they want to actually build a narrow passageway, it seems like a large elemental could open up a 1m wide x 2m tall x 5m long tunnel which
  9. No need for apologies! I just realized that I needed to get an IMO in there! This is the point I was trying to make. People whose personalities had significant changes might be seen as needing a cure of some sort, but those born with it are just how they are supposed to be. Though individuals might see it differently. A good Uleria priestess can cure what ails ya!
  10. Where are the Major and Great Temples to Orlanth in Sartar? The RQG book lists the Clearwine temple as a Major one. Would all the tribal capitals have Major Temples? Would all the cities have Great Temples? What size would the temples at the holy sites be (Kero Fin, Old Wind, Hill of Orlanth Victorious, etc.)?
  11. One of my players has asked the clan shaman if she can contact his Uncle, who is missing and he is afraid is dead. Summon Ancestor only works on the caster's ancestors, so that isn't helpful. The character and his two siblings are the closest living relatives that they know of and they haven't seen the Uncle in over 10 years. How difficult would this be? What would the shaman need from the character? What would they charge the character?
  12. Good point, and these are all just my opinions! More conservative people, which I think many Orlanthi would be, would believe that unusual=wrong. Most Orlanthi non-shaman parents would wonder what curse was on them that THEIR kid was born to be a *gasp* shaman! Similar to a family with a rich warrior tradition that ends up with a Chalana Arroy or Nandan son. One of my players is a son of a noble Orlanth-worshipping family who ended up with the Water instead of the Air rune dominating him. He is not an outcast by any means, but there is no question that the rest of the family feels that there i
  13. A concept such as mental illness would only be applied if there was a change in someone. If someone has a significant, long-term change in their personality then it would be attributed to magical causes such as being cursed, infected by chaos, relife sickness (post-resurrection syndrome), possessed by a spirit, etc. Shamans and divinations to the character's deity would probably be part of the diagnosis process. For someone that was born with or developed something like schizophrenia from a young age, it would be considered how they were supposed to be. It could be attributed to a curse o
  14. In my game they are theoretically administratively separate, but in reality they are heavily dependent upon each other politically. You can see that in the Colymar/Earth Temple relationship in the GA. The Orleving conquered the Greenstone Temple area from the Varmandi in days of yore and you can bet they made sure that their own people were the next generation of leadership.
  15. To kill it, mainly. Reduce it to 0 magic points and it is unconscious. Big animal, huge fangs, big claws, tough skin. Choice of trying to take it down with a group of warriors and take your losses or sending a mediocre spirit to take care of it pretty easily. Giant birds, cliff toads, dinosaurs, mounts, sakkars, shadowcats, tuskers, enemy clans' cattle, giant spiders, giant beetles, sky bulls, sea creatures, some chaos creatures. All of them can very easily be taken down by a discorporate player or summoned ancestor, with hardly any risk.
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