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    I began playing RQ2 in a very, very large campaign out of a game shop while in high school. I pretty much immediately started a Boldhome-based campaign for my high school friends, which ran for several years. I started another Boldhome-based campaign in college that ran well passed graduation. I moved away from my players in 1999 and lost touch with Runequest until after Greg Stafford's passing, when I started looking into how it had changed. During the pandemic my college gaming group started chatting online and it was a short leap from that to a new campaign. I have spent a good part of the last 3 months catching up on all the great Glorantha stuff I've missed!
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    I have a fledgling RQG campaign with 7 players. They are all Hiording clanspeople trying to make sense of the chaos that is post-Dragonrise Sartar. I previously played many, many RPGs of the 80s and 90s, but Runequest was always my favorite. Other favorites included Paranoia, Pendragon, Bushido, Ars Magica, and Superworld.
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    I am an archivist and administrator by trade, both of which help me as an RQ fan and GM.

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  1. An interesting turn: the two have decided to marry (one year bed marriage, at least for now). They will tie the (non-Gordian) knot at the Ulerian Temple in Apple Lane and I'm figuring that their spiritual connection with each other through their vows and their connection to the location will give them a place they can more easily find and rendezvous. Did I mention the bride is Telmori? Your reference to the full moon is apt, @David Scott. I shall most definitely read that source!
  2. A shaman assistant PC in my game has struck up a relationship with a shaman from a distant tribe and culture. How easy/difficult would it be for the two of them to meet up on the spirit plane? I am contemplating the two of them having a spirit baby. Or perhaps "twins" with one of them birthed on the material plane and the other on the spirit plane.
  3. Scorus

    Apple lanes roads

    Honestly, I didn't understand that map at all. It showed a lay-out of a village that was completely different from Apple Lane and laid out 5 tenant farms when the book clearly indicated that there were 25. It is a good map, useful for a village, but I couldn't understand how it related to the official maps, pictures, and descriptions of Apple Lane.
  4. Scorus

    Apple lanes roads

    I use the road that goes off to the north as the road to Swanton and Runegate and the road leading west as a herding trail that runs down to Black Spear and Clearwine. Or either could just lead to more of the orchard tenant farms to the north and west.
  5. Was the wyter present when your players arrived or is it something they put in place? I'd be interested in any details that you can provide on it. I've been considering how my players might find a wyter for Apple Lane, since in my game there isn't one there yet.
  6. My players are enjoying the opportunity to restore Apple Lane to its former glory!
  7. In another thread, Richard clarifies from the upcoming cults book that Babeester Gor initiates cannot marry but are not required to be celibate, as they can have children (which they give away). What other cults DO require initiates or priests to not marry? Which ones require celibacy? The only ones I see in RQG are Maran Gor G-T must not marry and Priestesses must be celibate (not including geases and restrictions on who one can marry). But over the years I've seen interpretations that include some kinds of marriage or sex restrictions for several cults including Chalana Arroy, Huma
  8. And what does Samastina owe Cragspider for this great service?
  9. Huh, I hadn't noticed that. Interesting! I'm sure it is an RP thing, she obviously has some deception in her! Probably her Taraling upbringing, the bastards! 🙂
  10. I meant Orgorvale the Goddess and not Orgorvale the Queen would be a contemporary of Tarndisi. Her apotheosis would be pre-Tarndisi but she was worshipped in the area until suppressed by the EWF. The relatively frequent mentions of Ulanin in various sources compared to the mentions of Orgorvale were telling. I see her as taking the Ernalda role to Ulanin's Orlanth, while he was out being the hero she was at home ruling her realm. I reworked her from what is in GA to make her more of an Earth goddess than a purely ancestor god and gave her new cult Summon Household Guardian and the Manage
  11. Yes, I considered doing 2 adventures/season but I didn't like what that would do with training time, travel, etc. But I can certainly see how it would work well. I only allow rune point regains on seasonal holy days and Sacred Time. Allowing it to happen on associated cult days seemed like it would cause too many problems.
  12. When I said Sacred time 1627, I meant between 1627 and 1628. I consider Sacred Time to be the last two weeks of the year as it has always appeared at the end of calendars that I've seen.
  13. I don't think they would be obliged, but they might do it. It is tough to keep a secret, especially when it is only known to a couple of thousand people! So you could expect to see lots of interesting cult lore in a large library (and information on secret clan and tribal rituals, etc.). That said, it would all be at least second hand and coming from lesser cult figures, so I wouldn't expect any of it to be 100% accurate. There would be clues, contradictory information, inferences, and just plain wrong guesses! So there wouldn't be enough information to duplicate an important heroque
  14. So I've gotten this mostly figured out. Most of the ghosts are servants, handmaids, and guards. There are a couple of priestesses and one later ruler. There are also 3 "Other" whose remains were put in the place by someone later for who knows what reason. I want at least one of the three to be a likely enemy, one to be a potential ally, and then perhaps one that is completely out of left field. Ideas in addition to these much appreciated: An Orlanth Dragon Priest that was put in there during the EWF/Yerezum Storn's time. A chaotic, snuck in there while both the dragon and Orgorv
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