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    I began playing RQ2 in a very, very large campaign out of a game shop while in high school. I pretty much immediately started a Boldhome-based campaign for my high school friends, which ran for several years. I started another Boldhome-based campaign in college that ran well passed graduation. I moved away from my players in 1999 and lost touch with Runequest until after Greg Stafford's passing, when I started looking into how it had changed. During the pandemic my college gaming group started chatting online and it was a short leap from that to a new campaign. I have spent a good part of the last 3 months catching up on all the great Glorantha stuff I've missed!
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    I have a fledgling RQG campaign with 7 players. They are all Hiording clanspeople trying to make sense of the chaos that is post-Dragonrise Sartar. I previously played many, many RPGs of the 80s and 90s, but Runequest was always my favorite. Other favorites included Paranoia, Pendragon, Bushido, Ars Magica, and Superworld.
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    Central NY
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    I am an archivist and administrator by trade, both of which help me as an RQ fan and GM.

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  1. An Ernaldan summons an earth elemental and successfully uses Control Cult Spirit to control it. Could an enemy Ernaldan use Control Cult Spirit to wrest control away?
  2. My Eurmal player (Issaries as far as all but a few know) wants to establish a shrine and become a Priest. What would be involved in establishing an Eurmal shrine? To a certain extent anything goes, I guess, but what parameters/process/rituals would be involved? Also, are there any precedents for a mobile shrine? I seem to remember that certain military banners or Humakt swords are mobile shrines? Could a Mostakos make their chariot into a shrine, for instance?
  3. 10% (counting God-Talkers) sounds about right. I ended up with 9 for my 800 strong Hiording clan. Every Sartar clan will have at least one Orlanth and Ernalda, and most every clan has a shaman, so that is 3 right there. It is probably the rare clan that doesn't have an Issaries. After that it will depend on the terrain, surroundings, and sheer luck. If there is a holy place for a cult in the clan territory, then probably 2 there. If a holy place in an adjacent clan then there is likely one from there, unless the other clan is a rival. If the river is a big factor for the clan, perhaps an Engizi. If they have good lands then perhaps a Barntar/Uralda/Eiritha. Etc.
  4. "Any defensive spirit or Rune magic spell that the caster casts on the target has its effects extended to last one full day or until the effects of Bless Champion end" under this spell. Assuming it is cast by an Ernaldan, the only spells that I see that definitely would be able to be extended by this are Absorption and Protection/Shimmer/Countermagic (unless they had a second cult with access to other spells). Vigor seems a bit of a stretch, but I could see it. Earth Shield targets the shield and not the character, so wouldn't work. Earthpower is self only. What other spells would qualify under this that an Ernaldan is likely to have (neither BG or MG have the spell)? Given that Absorption is incompatible with Shield, it seems like this would only result in an extended Protection spell (which ain't nothin', of course!).
  5. Could a Triaty have its own wyter? In addition to the wyter of the individual clans and the tribe they are a part of?
  6. Is there any precedent for a group of clans to be organized into some kind of sub-tribe (or super-clan) with a leader inside a larger tribe? I don't just mean a marriage triarchy, but an actual organized group of clans, each of which has their own chief, with a leader and a wyter of their own who are also part of a tribe like Colymar, Malani, Cinsina, etc.?
  7. Of course I allow those spells/skills! They specifically detect the intent to trap, harm, or assassinate (Life is spiritual and neither intent nor substance). I would not allow someone to have use enemy or trap as a Find (substance) target because they are not, in fact, substances. Find (Quicksand) would work fine. Find (Poison Ivy) or Find (Hemloch) would work fine, they are both substances. But, as I've said, if you do define Find (Poison) as anything that will poison the user, casting it will successfully detect water, all metals, most all plants, and most substances since they can all poison you if they enter your body in the correct way and the correct volume.
  8. Everything is poisonous to the caster (unless you are a troll). Water is poisonous, if you drink enough (google it). Every metal is poisonous in sufficient quantities. If you drink ink, it will poison you. Eat tree bark, it will poison you. Get most substances into your blood stream through a nasty cut (common in RQ), you are poisoned. Detecting poison will register almost everything as poisonous.
  9. Yeah, Detect/Find Poison doesn't work for me. For me a "substance" has to be objective. Things that are poisonous to you might not be poisonous to another person (e.g. poison ivy) or to another type of creature (dog, elf, etc.). Almost nothing is poisonous to a troll. Any oil would be poisonous to either swallow or get into your bloodstream, so every lamp is gonna show. Heck, every metal is poisonous if you eat/drink enough it or get it into your bloodstream. In fact, water is poisonous if you drink enough of it, every few years you hear of someone dying from it (usually as a result of hazing).
  10. Is there a version of the calendar that this works on? There are no layers on the one that came with the box set/GM screen.
  11. I'm curious what substances GMs and players have used for the Detect and Find (Substance) spells. Iron, gold, and water are the most obvious to me. But copper, silver, aluminum, and lead might be popular. Hazia, perhaps. Something like truffles, ginger, or other hard to find commodity. Specific rare and valuable gemstones. Truestone, perhaps? Crystals? I assume that this could not find specific creatures, such as a wolf or a broo. Find blood or fur might work, but would get many creatures great and small in the area (just as I assume wood would detect an elf but not differentiate them from all the trees almost always around them). Nor could poison work since that assumes a function and particular target(s).
  12. A question from one of my players as we prepare for their first heroquest: How does time work in the Before Time plane that they will be adventuring in? He is specifically interested in spell durations and how Extension would work, or if the spell is even possible.
  13. Scorus


    The Boranini River stretches off the Creek into the Arfritha Vale. Would Boranini likely be a naiad child of Engizi, similar to Nymie?
  14. I think Glorantha is easy to play in but hard to GM, like EPT (I really miss playing in Tekumel!). For someone completely new to RQ, the GM boxed set that includes the main book, Bestiary, and GM Adventures and Six Seasons in Sartar from the Jonstown Compendium would give you what you need to get started! And to start the addiction that will make you buy more stuff! 🙂
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