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  1. Love it. Welcome to the bunnymen, Eoin. Hope you survive the experience.
  2. It's a good question + interesting insight into their symbolic ecology. Weighing the documents, I suspect the parallel evolution hypothesis is the way to go. The GW team had easy access to the folkloric Dökkálfar / Ljósálfar split (and local versions echoed in Moorcock, Garner, Katharine Mary Briggs, etc.) and published information about the Brithini was scarce when the first Eldar units came out around 1988. The Vadelites as we know them were practically unknown even after the Genertela Box in 1990, evolving mostly on the mailing lists. There's a chance the GW team was consulted on the
  3. Thank you as always. Yes, I was gonna say, keep it stupid here, people. The other threads welcome normal conclusions.
  4. IMG there is one and it gets brought out a little at their weddings but few of the day-to-day beards really know much about it or like to talk about it. I'll let one of them decide if they want to share. (Their weddings are great. If you ever get an invite, take it.) Not many in Dragon Pass right now because it isn't good marketing from a political perspective. They might acknowledge the functional identity but don't emphasize it. Probably in Temertain's "philosophical" era the Knowledge Synthesists were jockeying for the ear of the king with grand unification theories but have since s
  5. This is the moral of the story of the sword: the foundation of "ur" is "hu." There's probably a metallurgical mystery here as well. No dwarves on Brithos. EDIT and even humble "hu" is scary when you're the Dawn Age civilization who built its native munitions technology around "lo/sa" instead. While "lo/sa" can be hardened beyond conventional "ur" in intense alchemical environments normally you're going to get crushed.
  6. The stars definitely start going out as long as the math is right. For all I know the nested exponential expression (7^7)^7 in the IO is really just 777 plus a lot of false positives. The problem is that a lot of the relic counts are off, with six collarbones over here and then nothing attested for the next several dozen pages. There must be at least "one" (myriad) St Timinit in the system!!
  7. They cross-indexed the list in progress with the Irrippi Ontor "regional homeland" population projections and determined that there were at least 4900 more names on the list than people who have statistically existed S.T. This created its share of obvious theological challenges (can a wholly fictional person Ascend? and is our math off somewhere?) but the monks kept working . . . this was about 20 years ago I guess? So far, so good. Interestingly the overwhelming majority of the extra names rolled "other" for some reason.
  8. All these lists are great. Imagine a desperate but determined band of scholar-monks like the Bollandists called to scavenge the lozenge collecting the deeds and golden legend of all the littlest saints, Sri Bob of the Perfect Canape attested to by "an old woman of the village of Khent, which I am told is in Ralios, or was." Probably Castle Coast people. I don't really know where else this counterreformation impulse is currently in vogue. Either way, their work probably ends right about the same time as the world, whereby hangs some kind of allegory. The "core list" I've seen reproduced i
  9. It does look like Greg's long cursive "m" there, although Dumb Theoreticians can productively leap to a suppressed connection between imperial Arkat's family cults and the garbled tale of the zaranistangi. I think David is interpreting from the pages you have. I like it because to me the important thing here is the answer to the riddle of the rock and what that means for Law as a rune.
  10. I think these options converge in an Ancient West Thread. We can think of Arkat as a kind of unplanned Damol (DML for those keeping track). There were undoubtedly others in the early colony cities like Neleswal (triolini facing) and the north (Ygg's homeland and maybe HMKT's as well) where records are especially fragmentary. It's interesting about these particular runic encounters because "the ancestral Malkion" is codified as the burta of water and cold wind, which someone could read as a unifying symbol or collective representation of a synthetic confederation of once-separate tribes d
  11. I like what you're doing with this. He might have been given the name HLR when he married into the caste system to reflect the way as an obvious jock he was best suited to do HRL work. The original HRL people then suffer the tribulations suggested in the sagas and so need to be replenished via adoption, marriage or even conquest . . . in Arkat's day the "gwymir" classifier seems to have been prevalent at least among the grunts so this is a site of lexical tension / sorcerous innovation. Letting it decant in recent years I still believe all the genealogies are by definition "magical" diagr
  12. Well, yeah. See, that's the thing about the blue man. His people lie all the time or at least are under no geas to reveal inconvenient Truth. Whether this is our normative Third Age "born of man and woman through Fertility" paternity is a trickier question similar to the question of who Arkat's father "really" was. I suspect his mother told him a lot of stories in that enchanted forest full of enigmas (proto-riddles) and they didn't always line up smoothly with one another. She had things she needed to figure out too. But the experience taught him what he needed to get the sword and go on
  13. Having a hard time finding that file to confirm but it's just as well. The Nargan plot is basically confirmed in the Guide now (tribal broo are alien to Pamaltela, setting up a Southern Hero Wars thread one of these days) and interestingly p. 731 suggests that we should start dating the trouble in Karia from the fall of Whitewall . . . if so, the "Western Hero Wars Status Quo" for the East Wilds is already disrupted.
  14. Maybe something from the "master plot" (thinking of the tentacles in particular) can be salvaged for Karia by casting the Hezel Darong movement as independent "chaos synthesists" trying to collect and recombine all the known strains into some horrible project with the same universal scope of the original tentacle plot but with a workable regional impact. Moboti Baru's shamanic orientation could be exotic by Central Genertelan standards, teaching us something about how chaos expresses in distant lands. For that matter, there's nothing that says Hezel Darong comes out of the Pelorian elites
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