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  1. Lokarnos was a sun once in his native land reasonably well equipped to contend for the crown of heaven. He was a chariot god before they broke him. There were others.
  2. If it helps, retranslate the "rightness" of these answers as "historically successful, conventional," much as anyone with the right paperbacks can respond to the question of a dog's buddha nature with "mu" without triggering the illumination mechanics or attracting the riddler's attention. We know that in such and such a time, so and so said a thing and was illuminated. People tell the story and feel spooky. Maybe with the right meditation and lucky rolls even the story can provoke a transformation in consciousness. More likely, nothing changes. Esoterically there is only one "right" answ
  3. IMG it serves MGF. Any reasonably alert riddler should realize that a response has "provoked the great doubt" or relief from certainty that triggers the illumination mechanics. The linguistic content (if any) of the response is secondary to the riddler. You're just looking for the existential release. However, in the absence of broader experience, the respondent will often fixate on his or her personal "answer" as the key to the epiphany and so can miss the signs when they present in someone else. As noted across this thread, narcissism or at least solipsism is a common byproduct of the
  4. "It's always the '90s somewhere in Glorantha fandom. It's just unevenly distributed." Your original question was very helpful to me personally in terms of figuring out how Orlanth works in the southern corner, so far from Dara Happan chauvinism and the suns northerners know. When they think of an Evil Emperor, they think of someone different. Thanks.
  5. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have cracked the puzzle of Why Desert Trackers Persist.
  6. This is great and probably worth a FAQ. It's not them. It's you. The best initiators can cheerfully give it their best shot but the rite just won't take.
  7. A lot of wonderful things here but this is the distinction I like best. As scrutiny of the lozenge expands, we'll discover a lot of "water" populations with original triolini descent (usually maternal, a nymph replacing an earth ancestress) but boating is not necessarily part of that birthright. If anything, as the first person in historical times to circumnavigate Iceland by kayak told me once, the whole point of boats is to avoid contact with water. If sailors loved swimming they wouldn't be sailors, and if the air wanted to cross water he would fly. [digression on "wareran" peoples an
  8. Ashara is one of my favorite of the silly things in this world, so thanks for that. Tilt the Talking God and suddenly a lot of hidden etymological insight shakes loose. I'm told there are still around 3,000 "Āsōrī" in Armenia today.
  9. The prodigal returns! IMG Arstola is special because it participated directly in IFWW and so has a history of cooperation with all the standard races and cultures of the Dragon Pass region. It looks to the east and understands Unity. They're the pure Weberian type, as it were, the stereotype against which Central Genertelans measure all other forests. From what I can figure out, Tarin's survival covenant seems to have been a bit less generous and more introverted. Their achievement was getting different elf communities to work together with a few liminal outsiders but that's reall
  10. One pragmatic methodology would be to work in the "short realm" the acceleration to 1625 has given us and concoct snapshots of the region in 1616-24. This would allow space for exploration without forcing any assumptions about the state of play in the publishing present, effectively feeding Jonstown Compendium effort that might or might not persist into the Hero Wars. This is important because (a) the aeolians provide a wonderful transition experience from pure storm polytheism into the westernized complex as our view of the lozenge expands (b) I suspect the rise and fall of Malkonwal was
  11. This cultural rhyme deserves continued investigation.
  12. For all I know they started it and the big E is the convert. </dumbtheory>
  13. I like the pagan direction kings receiving the male -ela, in which case there's a lot more to Enjor than meets the eye. Maybe this is a vestige of the world the Pendalites [retaining my eccentric demonyms here for emphasis] knew before the colonists came and insisted that the land was female. Either way, Jonatela preserves it in the north/west.
  14. Got to shout this out as one of your crowning career achievements. And there’s a reasonable number circulating.
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