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  1. Even split by gender that feels like a hard ceiling on the number of initiates the 1% godi can actively monitor through the process, especially for the boys who all come in together in a single annual clump. Perversely the baby booms are more dangerous because with attention divided across more tweens you get more chances to flub a worship or spirit sense roll and end up inadvertently making a flawed human or botching the entire batch.
  2. scott-martin

    A sample Elmali stead in Sartar

    Nice. Yeah, the hard part is keeping good sky boys in line but peer review goes a long way there too. "Dual initiation" might happen when your friend in the other element lets you in on a few of the mysteries (everyone always blabs, at least a little, but it's OK) and so you can access enough of their perspective to Convince The Examiners if anyone asks. I really like the complexity of the relationships you have here. The Initiation of Orlanth story is hard with these guys because the lessons Orlanth learns revolve around how to be a successful little brother in a culture of thugs, which brings him closer to the core Elmal values. I don't think these people have the full Hill of Gold but their rite might emphasize toughness and self sacrifice in ways we don't see in the storm version. Organized teamwork and discipline may be important in ways that don't really matter in the more independent Orlanth version. (I wouldn't be surprised if they initiate as many boys as they can at once for efficiency's sake and also to maintain bonds across widely separated steads.) Maybe they play a form of Shield Push and learn something about winning, losing and their cousins. Maybe the game is fixed. For all I know they invented Star Heart. They should have IFWW so that's a great call.
  3. scott-martin

    A sample Elmali stead in Sartar

    Where do the storm boys get their tutelage? Is there always a friendly neighbor willing to foster sons who just don't have the right rune set to follow the way of their father? (And vice versa, sending, for example, sky sons down to the spear steads for a year or two so they can figure out who they really are.)
  4. scott-martin

    Orlanth the Abuser

    All out of reacts. This is also sound advice among our non-Vikings: when you meet that guy who uses myth as justification for treating his wife this way, steer clear. If he keeps going in this direction, he isn't going to be worshipping god much longer, and you don't want him to be around if that trajectory goes all the way to chaos. His wife, on the other hand, is always worth helping out. Odds are good she's got a plan. That said, the persistence of these stories always creates a role model (heroquest path) for guys susceptible in that dickish direction. In another thread I suspect that Harmast . . . high priest of gigolos, he knows how girls think and what they want . . . reviewed the initiation and the marriage speeches to soften the abuser model considerably by the time it reaches modern Orlanthite society. But he didn't see the need to eliminate it entirely. "There will always be jerks," Ernalda says. "My boys are idiots," replied Allfather.
  5. scott-martin

    About slavery

    That bit of our understanding is probably a work in progress. I think their urban lot is not great but as long as they're considered Sons of the Low Brother they retain ancient rights. The Orians, on the other hand, may not. For years I thought the Gerrans built their own complex but now I see a history where it was built for them. Not quite the right thread to explore this but I always got the feeling "hen pecking" was the mildest of the punishments for Esrolian men in the era when the grandmothers cooperated with Dorastor to ban Orlanth initiation. Granted, the gender reversal doesn't really balance what happens to women elsewhere in the lozenge despite their defensive magic from Greg, but it's worth noting in the abuser context. Harmast is depicted in the novel as that rarest and luckiest of dawn age Orlanth mutations, a man who learned how to "love women" as free individuals and not objects. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the first person who rectified a lot of the wooing myths and cleaned up god's character. As far as the bird kings go, that's a real Chariots Or The Ducks scenario for prehistoric Rinliddi, my friend, I like it a lot.
  6. scott-martin

    About slavery

    The redemptive ordeals of Danfive Xaron undoubtedly conceal a tradition that few writers have cared to explore. They have their own red-headed liberator of women and other suffering creatures. Who may or may not enjoy reciprocal initiation with Vinga but I'm not aware of anyone who's tried to test the hypothesis. Probably in the hero wars someone will . . . maybe in the other direction. For urban Peloria I tend to favor the language of the classical mystery religions: servitude is nearly universal (echoes of the other chaos nest halfway around the world) and the longing for manumission -- at least an esoteric or posthumous salvation -- is fierce. This is one of the consolations the goddess provides that the gods of the city do not.
  7. scott-martin

    Orlanth the Abuser

    There are what we can call "raw" or rough moments lurking in a lot of the myths, keeping in mind that the forms that come down to us have almost certainly been smoothed in the telling to suit the sentiments of the people who pass them on. Sometimes this process may even extend to incidents being reassigned from revered characters to someone else in the narrative, or even whole characters appropriated or invented in order to avoid confusing the audience. (Especially volatile Storm Bull types.) For what it's worth Greg has written about his own internal conflicts around these issues in places like his friend John Matthews' Choirs of the God: Revisioning Masculinity. I think the rough edges around Orlanth in particular reflect an admirable effort to resolve them, which is one of the things mythology gives us. (Not being defensive here but simply circumventing that particular debate before it starts.) Archaic Orlanth does a lot of dumb things, sometimes to women. Orlanth saves the world not by running from those things but by acknowledging them and trying to repair the damage. For better or worse, that's apparently why Ernalda loves him. Sometimes when she stops, it's because he's changed or she has. It's hard but it happens.
  8. scott-martin

    Distinction between Sartarite Carls and Cottars?

    Great thread, guys. This last bit starts to look a lot like "Orlanthite ancestor worship" to this casual observer. In that particular clan, the genetic bond itself is the collective representation from which authority derives. For other clans at other times, it depends on the circumstances and your talent pool.
  9. scott-martin

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    The only reference to "Lodrilela" in the Guide, incidentally, is in the provenance of Ironbreaker.
  10. scott-martin

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    Who the heck was Mostal's dead brother Stone and why is there a Stability Rune anyway?
  11. scott-martin

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    This is extraordinary because Sky River Titan and Hard Earth are in love and Hard Earth gets a male pronoun. Also the volcanic glass.
  12. scott-martin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Shine on, guys!
  13. scott-martin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I wouldn't be surprised if Elmal changed . . . a lot . . . when Orlanth was dead and the old bonds were tested. And he hasn't finished changing yet. The story of those upheavals will finally give the solar brothers the epic they've always deserved. Who keeps the faith, who discovers new Truths, who throws it all away. Great WF article for someone or the right team!
  14. scott-martin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The most successful questers will enforce their vision on the way the cult is expressed in the world. Love an Elmal, fight for that Elmal. Love a Yelmalio or some other little sun, fight for that god. MGF. Delve into his mysteries and promote a compelling argument. This cult in particular gives us plenty of examples of how willpower, courage, luck and insight can change history and maybe even canon here in the Hero Wars Era. While you're at it, go ahead and win him back his Fire, how miraculous and wonderful would that be?
  15. scott-martin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    There's our Pelorian Lodril, his mountain drowned! I guess either they remember that in Dara Happa or his children carried the lesson into town.