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  1. scott-martin

    Deaths at the Dragonrise

    Good question.
  2. scott-martin

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    This might be the richest angle on Gloranthan alchemy in years. Their metallurgy (what little we've learned about it) would naturally aspire toward gold or a "sun." As for suspect stories, I never trust a bright god's Truth . . . always too brittle to take an edge.
  3. scott-martin

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    Side note here, the earliest grunt of "Shargash" I can find in print or the surviving fan chatter is full-formed in GROY, which Greg was effectively finished with by summer 1993. That's really quick on the heels of the Elmal revelation in KOS so he was either moving fast or (less likely) integrating a significant backlog of unpublished material. After all, as you point out, before that we were still in the world of Gods Of Fire & Light and the nebulously complementary tripolitan city gods of the Box. What's interesting is that reading the Shargash / Buserian view alongside the Lodril / Dayzatar layer indicates that while Yelm might have brought his brothers with him or adopted them when he got to Dara Happa, Lodril and Dayzatar do not seem to interact with Shargash and Buserian. The cross-identifications don't stretch that far. I forget whether "suns" coexist in drowsy Teshnos or just fires.
  4. scott-martin

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    He is definitely a bright god. Which is the kind of thing that Breaks Councils when you think about it.
  5. scott-martin

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    We just don't say such things where drinking bulls and unilluminated swords may overhear!
  6. scott-martin

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    Maybe I'm stupid but would this be the sun "Orlanth" killed at the end of his contests . . . but doesn't seem to have brought back?
  7. scott-martin

    Prax Ostrich Combat Jockets = Terrible IRL

    QFT Average Viet Cong guerrilla was SIZ 9. Gringos at the time were maybe SIZ 13.
  8. scott-martin

    Too Far?

    If the stock comedy / bathos types hadn't been created some motivated dramaturge would have needed to invent them.
  9. Someone more optimistic than me might say "battlefield sorcery is the continuation of witchcraft by other means" and that zzabur only fights Orlanth when intermarriage / conversion has failed.
  10. The distinction is welcome. If the Talking God's "writing system" is based on the tattoo needle and not the pen there's room for a more shamanic approach to the lands beyond as well as the beard's relatively sorcerous or "logical" understanding. As far as planning to fail against an army of flying Leroy Jenkins, it's an interesting point. Blue sorcery works best when it sublimates the messiness of reality into a relatively neat, predictable, rules-based and stereotyped set of behaviors. We can control our own behaviors but the important thing here is forcing the enemy into a categorical box that our plans can then manipulate to most efficient effect. "Demonization" seems to be an exception that proves the general rule: if your categories fail, the last resort is to ascribe "chaos" and aim your sorceries accordingly. But day to day this may work opposite to "experimental" heroquesting: instead of opening up new pathways, your tactical objective is to close off unknowns in order to banish more effectively. Much formal blue sorcery probably revolves around banishing. Once you know the runes your opponent draws on, you know the classical responses and their demonstrated effectiveness.
  11. scott-martin

    A little about Kralorea and China

    I think he'll be overjoyed. He was always proud of the way his first wife's family exposed him to real Chinese culture beyond the broad strokes of '70s kung fu.
  12. scott-martin

    A little about Kralorea and China

    Tell me o sages of "Kralorelan Lodril," earth king viewed from the east of dead Genert.
  13. scott-martin

    Physical Deformity in Glorantha

    The source for this is the birth of Obduran, which sparked a brief talmudic flurry over what exactly his left-handedness signified, do the Orlanthites do that with all unusual babies, how could someone even tell that a newborn even favors one hand over the other. The practice was extant before EWF and either survives into the 1580s when Orlaront (weird name, wonder if it runs a long time in that family) is born or is conflated with his biography later. Like a lot of things I suspect the line between monsters to cull and gods to worship is blurry at birth and is largely at the discretion of the godis, which is how Obduran survives in the first place. Sometimes you want to bank a special child for emergencies. Other times you screw up. History decides.
  14. scott-martin

    RQ Sorcery

    If everybody weren't tempted to Tap there wouldn't be nearly as much effort delineating loopholes. Things might've been different when live crystals were readily available but not in these grim times. The spells to subvert the independent judiciary won because the independent sorcerers were the ones casting them and the judges cast on were talars. Q.E.D. For me the interesting thing is that the logical construction of the "nodes" whether they're expressed as sacred geometry, pathworking, an alphabetically-mediated experience or whatever. The trace of consciousness required to execute an effect. In book communities they love their books. In communities where literacy is prohibited or simply prohibitive, draw a shape on the floor in flour and get moving. Intersections between Western and Eastern sorcery.