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  1. Care to name a few? I'm honestly curious because while the proto-SCA (for example) had a little overlap with Rusty Sporer's Knights of Baphomet, that was a Canadian thing. Grady's crew was remarkably insular in his final days, largely due to the Motta Affair and Bill's benign gatekeeping. This is not the scene my informants report. People like Llee Heflin who wanted access to De Arte went to London and came back with the goods they weren't getting at home. Eventually the PR changes but if someone else was blabbing IX material, I need to know who! If a rogue Solar Lodge manuscript got o
  2. Thanks all. Yeah, very pleased to see this page hiding in plain sight after months of asking people where they encountered the technique back in the day and getting a lot of puzzled shrugs. Those who came up after the Eighties can forget how scarce and mysterious some of these texts were back then, which is why this makes a great sort of trial run on something larger. All who coveted MMM as children can of course now get sets at reasonable prices while they last, or simply avail themselves of the electronic versions. Cavendish and fellow popularizers are due their share of data minin
  3. So we all know the Uleria spell reflects a divinatory technique promoted under that name by Aleister Crowley. Greg was in touch with a lot of deep cats, read widely and Chaosium publications have always been packed with in-jokes, so the nod and the wink make sense, right? But there's a problem. Unlike the public "Energised Enthusiasm" available to all, Crowley never published the technique or any description of it in his lifetime. It's still officially a secret teaching. The details only appear in manuscript instructions for very high level initiates (maybe 20 people worldwide in 1985 if
  4. Oho! Happy to know you all are still in it. Sorry to misremember . . . long couple of years. It sounds like you are discovering amazing things. Look how happy we all are to hear them! The middle question is easiest. From a pure experiential perspective, this is not a part of the world where sun worship emerges or thrives organically. It gets cold and cloudy. While the sun is a source of light and heat, for much of the year that can feel like a tentative proposition. The sun might not formally "die" every winter, but sometimes it's hard to be sure. We don't trust the sun as much as we d
  5. How exciting! Please keep us posted as the campaign rolls on. The factional structure in particular sounds interesting. Thank you for prompting me to look here. The deep history of solar religion in Fronela turns out to be quite illuminating. In terms of your question, Cold Sun worshippers can always challenge the authority of Imperial Sun on theological grounds. Maybe the entity they worship in Southbank after the Ban isn't the same as the one they started with . . . or the one the people in the Dome recognize as their mythic overlord. In that scenario, the Dome can simply defer
  6. I believe the concept was introduced (in commercial print at least) in the Moorgaki cult writeup, Troll Gods 1988.
  7. If not the actual Bouncer they're probably related. Esoteric mysteries of the tavern masters, provisioners of the Feast sacred & profane . . .
  8. Accidental mutation damaged the egg. The nature of the damage may be a combination of ambition and impatience, depending on neck to tail ratio. I consider this not quite on thread because it is veering esoteric into other technologies of consciousness, but what the hell, we can get it back . . . . . . penitent parasaurolophus ultimately grow wings and become something like birds, in which form they are considered aspirational in some forms of Pelorian mysticism (but never Kralorela). When the Bright Empire with its fixation on "highness" came in, they took to the sky and were never
  9. Say more. I'm trying to collate that stuff with the Burning Man dinosaur camp materials.
  10. Handra's wide open and would be in my top priority handful for JC treatment as it "drains" an eclectic but under explored slice of ecosystem. Fay Jee is of course another but they're older and weirder. Maybe the way in is to do a survey of major river deity quests. As we know the watersheds in this part of the world have seen their share of engineering and shocks. Figuring them out is going to be somebody's mission.
  11. Oh yeah. And it's 30,000 years old (cool!) with an uninterrupted written record of occupation to prove it. Local government runs similar to Chicago only with a centaur (cool!) for a mayor [sic]. Everyone on this thread knows Glorantha can be a challenge because it supports deep data-driven modeling as well as these flights of dream logic. Sometimes the dream confounds the data and forces us to do a little creative adjustment, but it's complicated. The best way to experience the place with authority is to go there in some sense, and then the dream logic tends to take over. I love the wa
  12. Top thread! Who knows where the day takes us but just want to star one of the lines: IMG this is worth reinforcing. "Sartar" is not a conventional country so much as a novel exploit of location and global relationships. It's a lens for higher-order economic math built out of local accidents of language and social structure. This naturally allows for statistical extremes that may not apply anywhere else in our fantasy bronze age: more coinage, bigger towns, more spells, more scrolls. More important people (runes), greater monster density. Maximum fantasy. Among other things, Boldhome
  13. I always liked the "throwaway" reference on the Trollpak skull spread where a diversity of exotic darkness creatures including nightstalkers (hoons, nightriders, frights) emerge after the midget slasher lost its man rune back in the terminal green age. Looking at it again, the specific absence of "bearded" troll skulls in the temples of the "beard" god is ominous, especially because their closest surviving relatives are the chaos-tinged cave trolls. We don't know a lot about the romal races but then again, we don't know a lot about the secret history of the Lhan/Than (Atyar) complex eithe
  14. Anything you'd like to recognize. New mapping, new lego dioramas, new art. Could even be podcasts!
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