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  1. Hi Curtis -- Good to have you here. The Internet Archive has that one HERE -- of course if you encounter a copy of the original Shadows on the Borderland where it appeared in print, it's worth grabbing.
  2. While this thread focuses on Gloranthan "physics," I love the alchemy this suggests: two water metals, one light and leaping, the other liquid and leaden. The relation between them is a secret.
  3. The ladies translate my "gravity" as "love" and say, of course there is love in Glorantha. Otherwise nothing would cohere and we would all drift alone. As usual I have no idea what they mean.
  4. This is fertile ground since we know Falamal is a secret god of Hrelar Amali, maybe the central cult. Aeelra Aldryama, Jorestl’s daughter, ever lovely, shining white in her forest dance when the world was young, unmarried, and the prey of Basmalt. She is the mother of Pendal. - Song of the Children of Basmalt Of course that's Jorestl. Kanthor apparently preferred to remain aloof from Pendali territory and there's also Dontri back on Brithos, but those aldryami backed Faralz against the "Vadeli" and may no longer be extant. (I would love it if they were the forest that relocated to Jrustela.) Early chronologies indicate "burning of Kanthor's Forest" in 59 ST at the end of a two-year war between Damolsten and the Aldryami, by the way, so that particular forest seems to have gotten a whole lot worse before it got better.
  5. Used up my likes. I strongly believe that the board game simulations mad visionaries like @KeithN and others have run over the years are the accelerated way to fill the gaps on regions where the notes at Chaosium are no longer extant or may have only been fragmentary anyway. If you reading this happen to be someone who has been involved with these, please let me know if you have records.
  6. Love it. My sense of the barefoot womanizer is that he -- deliberately or otherwise -- practically (re)invented what we now call Orlanth worship from the scraps Loko hadn't managed to eradicate. This process undoubtedly took time and a lot of work we would call "heroquesting" before he had enough of the LBQ to try it. When Varmast initiated Barefoot he initiated a genius. Thank God.
  7. !! They have a weird call-and-response to that one they love shouting at me: what is cloth but time you can see? Without the knots we'd all go naked. I have no idea what they get up to after I go to bed. More swan knighting later when I digest.
  8. Wow, those ladies can drink. The really wild performances seem to happen around the big fleece fairs later in the season when the girls are tired and looking for one last hurrah. Not as familiar with the linen parties but they seem a little more settled.
  9. No expert but my emergent take on the Goose Girl / Swan Woman complex is that she reflects the female equivalent of King of Dragon Pass aggregate mastery of the realm down there, possibly as an undocumented survival of something like the archaic "stork mother" they have in the northern lowlands or some local beast/hsunchen culture now lost. We know the durulz venerate a transcendental goddess of "nature" at the Wild Temple. Maybe Imarja initiates recognize that goddess as their goddess too. In this scenario, I always assumed an orgiastic edge to stork mother (why SurEnslib gets such bad press at home) so this may look like chaos to establishment-minded people. Of course cults change so we would need to look at when people pivot into Imarja when the conventional Ernalda complex doesn't give them what they need and when they pivot away. Maybe chaos gets in there at various points but I think her nature has defeated that so far. Also while I like the idea of the Goose Girl (Die Gänsemagd) being autochthonous she might have come from afar . . . perhaps from the east riding an oracular horse named something like Falada. If and when the Feathered Horse Queen ever saw the mysteries in that temple I suspect she'd understand. The problem of chaotic earth is interesting. If I were them down there I'd look toward the Print and then back to the greatest city in the world and start pondering who krarsht really was once.
  10. Great catch. I wonder if the quest forks early enough that someone could succeed with either a beard or a talker, but not necessarily both.
  11. All these are good options for debate. Technically the extinct hreekeen (whale people) occupy an ambivalent position in post-HW canon much like the puma people. The waertagi may well have taken a leading role in their slaughter and then taken the conveniently open place.
  12. I like the Masks of Gbaji Hypothesis but formally Ghani has been with us since Wyrms Footprints 4 . . . when Kana Poor was still known as "Kara-polor," before his name was amended for the Redline History.
  13. (Out of likes.) For me this is always the horror and the comfort of their civilization. At the end of the day, a whole bunch of dwarves -- maybe a majority, maybe leadership in one or more colonies, maybe everyone -- may turn out to be harboring some secret heresy in their fluid exchange units, hidden from the others. Would love to run a dwarf game some day on a Paranoia model. Everyone starts with a hobby, a heresy and for all I know a mutant power that they can never reveal for fear of extreme correction.
  14. How extraordinary it would be if this were an original document of the archaic celestial Yuthuban pantheon revealing divergences from the Raiba-centric system of the Wall. This may be the moment when relatively isolated "planets" were forced together above while down below their shadows ("cities") did likewise. (All out of likes for the day.)
  15. All out of likes for the day again but yeah, the Man teaches that if you push the moment of incarnation -- this particular die roll, the rose of mysterious union, luck or death -- with enough conviction anyone can win all the money and give it back simultaneously. The awed silence in Casino Town. Real talars get it.