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  1. Now that you mention it, the persistence of apparently sprawling "traditionalist reservations" within the larger uh fabric of the Middle Sea Empire is something Samastina enthusiasts might beneficially face head on, at least amongst themselves before presenting a version of what "Ernalda" did in the second age that's fit for public consumption. Heritage breeds. Of course all our cults based in Nochet have an understanding not to really talk about it.
  2. Love it. I was indeed thinking about them with the whole business of luring the volcano into town. The Adjustment may not have been so much an invasion as "bait" like in a Mad Max movie but that's really up to the Samastina enthusiasts to proclaim or not. Thinking again of the "nonbinary" refusal of Water to play these role games in the modern monomyth. In theory members of an isolated Helerite community would simply love one another and the cycle of love would ensure generational continuity. Heler is Helera. Sshorg is Sshorga. Merlin is indeed mother and father of the baby now and coinci
  3. Love it! When do they want it? How soon is "now?" I've been waiting for Samastina enthusiasts to start weaving these exciting theological threads into something useful like a hat, a brooch, a fabric pterodactyl. If anyone knows anyone like that please point me their way. Until they step up with their revelations, here's my hot take on warm earth. Start by standing in the place where you live: Rhigos is important as the real center of Esrolian "earth power" (insanely rich soil, land routes) and so is probably a better example of the Ernalda complex in isolation than cosmopolitan Noche
  4. That's why it blows its stacks! Literally. But there's still a lot we don't know about Caladra inner doctrine, how they relate to the Plateau in particular, etc. For that matter I'm reminded that I now need to make an open call for Heler enthusiasts to get a better sense of how the hero wars play out in western Maniria. Still a lot we don't know or have forgotten about those tribes too.
  5. If I were pursuing it today I'd have some guys in there working with a pro-Solar imperial faction, the Assiday I guess, to restore Sky to what they think is its rightful role at the center of the universe, refine away this weird and annoying lunar crud, get the many little suns lined up. For fun let's say a bunch of recalcitrant (Y)ehilmaloids get the news this is their new promised land and head down to work out their oedipal issues over there. Unfortunately for them IMG this would be part of a larger rotation among the fires and so between a revitalized and truly vibrant Lodril Unchain
  6. A few hints and rumors in old post-Belintar campaign logs that they're actively working with Warm Earth to destabilize Esrolia, either as a counterpoint to the Lunar effort or just a parallel power grab. They seem to be aggressive enough to drive the rump unity faction into cooperation with Red Earth, but that might just be a phase in the struggle. Either way, they're definitely a player in the Earth Sixth and so their politics at home haven't really been explored yet. My guess is they came out of the MOLAD disaster in a relatively united and uh inflamed position, eager to project influence on
  7. Shadowlands might well have operated that way in various phases of the Tribute. Old-school Battlestar Galactica fans will recall the cannibal casino planet of the Ovions, a kind of lotus eater island where the "flowers" have sharp appetites. I don't know how to boot a theory back out of the dumb zone but it's starting to sound like this one is reaching for breakout fan canon status. Well played, @Eff! Evidently Kerofinela = Kalifornee after all. Let the MOLAD games begin and reenact the myths!
  8. That's super hot stuff. Going to look for a lost figure behind Spol now, YarGan YarGar, once the wellspring of "a large pocket of worship in Peloria" and ultimately Fronela. First he lost his Truth and then he lost his realm (a kind of northern holy country), becoming one of those lost gods who vanished at Castle Blue. The Xentha / Xemela linguistic link is close to a simple coincidence.
  9. Carmanian Sorcery has got to look extremely strange from a modern Rokar-centered perspective. Awful unreconstructed influences. Strange gods. The works. This then of course becomes one of the matrices of Lunar Sorcery, whereupon hangs at least one joke.
  10. It's a good question. A local sect or secret society called the Dragon Emissaries claimed to have been around in the region since the late 600s, when the Spolite philosophy was dominant and orthodox yelmists don't like to talk about it. These people or entities then get mixed up in the emerging Golden Dragon movement by 800, but historical records of this era are fragmentary and often seem to have been successively purged by careful editors. After Dara Happa Rises there was a radically anti-EWF dragonslayer movement incorporating Carmanian / Western insights. The important people in this
  11. I don't know about these ladies but driving any fertile woman, especially an active and ornery priestess, into the crone zone is a good way to invite serious curse reprisals from all parties. It infuriates the mother and distracts the crones, which amounts to the same thing in the end. Of course it happens even in Glorantha because ambitious people rarely think through all the implications of what they're doing. In my general experience everything looks like Ernalda when you're in the prime of life. Aging is how you are initiated into the knowledge that the mother is only the queen of the w
  12. Love it. Strange fragment that seems to support this narrative: The third deity which stirred to make a mountain was Chalana Arroy, who we know now as a Goddess of Harmony. She sat upon a slope of the Spike, and reached out her right hand and invoked the power of Innocence. As a result of her desire, her mountain was inverted, and made instead a deep hole whose volume, say philosophers, exactly equalled the volume raised by the mountains that were made before. Later on this huge pit was filled by water and became known as the Pool of Serenity. In this model the Pool might well be one o
  13. Love it. Yeah, there's a component of simulacrum or "anywhere out of this world" to the MOLAD experience. And yeah, what has me wound up is the deep textual evidence that for centuries the original cold war symbolic conflict wasn't Sartar / Peloria or Red Moon / Sheng or even EWF / God Learner but Holy Country / Red Moon. These were the magico-cultural superpowers and one of them implodes first, leaving the emergent Sartar current behind as the next front.
  14. This is a great meditation for all surviving MOLAD enthusiasts and even OOO loyalists to pursue. Lately I lean toward saying that every Country was Holy if you go back far enough . . . but the peoples around the Choralinthor remembered that dream a little better when they woke up. Their Holiness remained closer to the surface at the Dawn and survived within Time. Call it historical accident or magico-political agenda, luck or fate. Maybe OOO represented a somewhat different organic confederation of nations, a different "country." (There's always another country.) Maybe some of these countr
  15. A doubloon to the person or heroquest team who gets this into the Jonstown Compendium. Essential to a Lunar Hero Wars.
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