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  1. scott-martin

    Donandar. Comments appreciated.

    I ran out of reacts for the day before we got to Joerg's "Cabaret" reference but just wanted to say this stuff is really cooking up fine. And wherever Donandar comes from in historical times (dull professional guild, syncretic placeholder, generic bard cult, whatever), the Hero Wars can flip the script. Tylenea never died, she just went backstage awhile.
  2. scott-martin

    Donandar. Comments appreciated.

    The unasked question here is where the language equivalencies on Puppeteer Cant bend. Is it completely alien to local exoteric languages, aligned closer to some than to others, universally familiar like a form of Trade, a virus from outer space . . . ? EDIT oh of course the Theyalan was hidden in plain site in the original post. There you have it!
  3. scott-martin

    Donandar. Comments appreciated.

    Suggest keeping Issaries, who has few divine relatives this close and whose people are friendly with puppeteers. Maybe make the associated boon more cultural in most cases . . . a minor obligation to Create Market when asked to sanctify the performance ring, etc. I like it a lot.
  4. scott-martin

    Lhankor Mhy marriage patterns and other cult whimsies

    On further reflection "sage" is one of those non-binary Orlanthite genders like "nandan" or "vinga," all beards are equally notional in the library.
  5. scott-martin

    Lhankor Mhy marriage patterns and other cult whimsies

    Great thread. I was surprised myself recently to see that the roots of this go all the way back to Cults of Prax: C. LOVE AND MARRIAGE Members of Lhankor Mhy, of whatever station, may only marry within the cult, or marry those who can join the cult. This, again, is marrying Truth with Knowledge. I suspect this is a vestige of the era when LKM lived among his own people away from the Ernalda complex. Of course the Talking God can intermarry as needed, one of that cult's strengths.
  6. scott-martin

    On illumination and real world enlightenment

    We know that attainment uncovers different and often contradictory insights because in Glorantha illuminates can and frequently do come into violent conflict. Fewer gentle monks, more Castanedan warriors gesturing at one another across history.
  7. scott-martin

    Orlanth and Ernalda in the Great Winter

    Yikes! And in that moment I and a lot of my colleagues were, uh, "illuminated." We can display the Etyries shingle or make the sign of Holy Ashar and go about our business like always but you can't trade back the experience. ("Praxian bargain.") God/dess help the hapless beards though.
  8. scott-martin

    On illumination and real world enlightenment

    Love it. Not "occlusion" in a conventional Gloranthan sense but 疑, “Great Doubt, Great Awakening; small doubt, small awakening; no doubt, no awakening.” The illuminate apprehends that the "great trusts" that hold the everyday cosmos together are in some way arbitrary and negotiable. Anyway, very excited to hear that you will be talking about these things for the good people of Ropecon.
  9. scott-martin

    On illumination and real world enlightenment

    Nice. Shimozakurasama, I might be sure to discuss Nysalor Riddles in the context of the koan as agent of the "great doubt."
  10. scott-martin

    Side activity for a merchant character in Garhound, Sun County

    They have Storm Apples there. Any negotiated access would be a tremendous feather in her commercial career.
  11. scott-martin

    Goddess Switch

    The Kings List entry for Brailach backs up your recollection: the Switch was seemingly successful "at first" so there was a period when they celebrated it as a triumph. Odds are good the "old ways Esrolians" weren't initiated into their new goddess and so reported ritual failures right away. They probably spent a few years escalating the known atonement / forgiveness / Sacred Time renewal quests until reaching the end of the line (probably a rare human sacrifice) and finding the system still broken. At that point longer-term impacts would be obvious even to people who had converted to the Westernized ways. I in turn misremember which goddesses are currently thought to have been Switched. Wasn't Slonta herself one of them? In that scenario she might've gone to Esrolia and failed to sustain the "old ways" crops. Esrola, on the other hand, could have easily wrecked conventional Western household structures in her new land . . . a plague of viragos and better, what the Slontans might interpret before the end as something like maenads.
  12. scott-martin

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Everyman's draconic encounters (i.e. the survivable kind, for most of us) may be at the root of the dream / True taxonomy that's rarely investigated. It's not hard to imagine scenarios where some dragons were subjected (or submitted themselves) to a version of modern Malkionite demonization and became nothing more than "dreams." This may even be central to Pelorian dragonslayer cults. It's worth thinking about. After all, the West seems to have eliminated overt dragon Truth roughly as well as the North, pockets like Ormsland notwithstanding. With the right charms and mental preparation today, even a Barntar can screw his eyes shut and do what needs to be done. The West never seems to have learned Fear Dragon, as it happens. They weren't there in the Dream or, to say it slightly differently, their doom was elsewhere. On the other hand dream dragons may be ubiquitous in the East where they pay attention to dreams and dragons almost interchangeably. "No blame."
  13. scott-martin

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    Genius. "They have nudged . . . that which was unnudgable." Good moment to bring back all the chaos vectors from Shadows on the Borderland and other scenarios who survive previous player character intervention. Muriah and her gang, the ogres, Thanatar cultists, the vampire of the Sun Dome, maybe even those awful undead lurking in the Krarsht complex. The greatest hits of depravity: if they can run, slither or flop to help free their master they're on their way.
  14. scott-martin

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    As it happens the Ramalians still hate and fear the ocean, close to 600 years after the death of Slontos. IMG the Kill would have had a more crippling cultural impact on the northern nations if their sudden shock demilitarization hadn't opened them up to opportunistic conquest from neighbors who didn't participate and so never learned to Fear Dragons . . . arguably they learned to Hate Bull instead.
  15. scott-martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    As one of the few lingering terms Glorantha still shares (even peripherally) with Chainmail and early D&D it's probably best to let the term go. At one point people pondered whether receiving a personal star is the test of [superhero] status, so that would be a place to test proposed dividing lines as well as source possible nomenclature. Ethilrist is the most prominent proponent of the uh hero system in the texts we have so I wonder what he would say about what separates heroes from what follows. It would be quite the labor for an aspirant to separate his practical insight from his tendencies toward confabulation and blasphemy.