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  1. scott-martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    As one of the few lingering terms Glorantha still shares (even peripherally) with Chainmail and early D&D it's probably best to let the term go. At one point people pondered whether receiving a personal star is the test of [superhero] status, so that would be a place to test proposed dividing lines as well as source possible nomenclature. Ethilrist is the most prominent proponent of the uh hero system in the texts we have so I wonder what he would say about what separates heroes from what follows. It would be quite the labor for an aspirant to separate his practical insight from his tendencies toward confabulation and blasphemy.
  2. scott-martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    A lot we don't know about what Errinoru did in the sky, "infinity and beyond" indeed.
  3. scott-martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    It's his cloak. (Joerg beats me to it.) Who do we know with the Infinity rune that didn't come up via Mastery? Is Mastery the signifier of "Hero?"
  4. scott-martin

    Aldryami Zombies

    This raises the heretofore unasked question of whether obligate vegetarian Morokanth enjoy elf.
  5. scott-martin

    27 Tribes of Prax, I think.......

    The Anaxial's Roster compiler also claims the donkey originated in Pent before donkey people "populated Peloria," so there are mysteries waiting to be explored there -- possibly an archaic migration that left few traces in the record because it was generally peaceful. (No donkey god appears on the Wall except possibly as the figure now called "Rakenveg," another long-eared trickster.) The Pent origin suggests to me that breeding mules is original to the garzeens who were geographically situated to bring donkey back from the northern steppe and may be the closest thing we get now to a specialized "donkey tribe." This in itself points to the theology around mules in esoteric Issaries circles: the hybrid is the ultimate reward for novel transaction and also the Issaries priest him/herself living among non-initiates. It is also the soul. Unbelievers, of course, smear the cult donkey as a perverse animal, but let them say what they like. Mockery is free until they get the bill.
  6. scott-martin

    Other Runes

    Hi Jolt -- the key to the ones in the Glorantha Core Font is here: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/glorantha-core-rune-font/ The Hero Wars Runes uppercase characters are more esoteric. I see the variant "new" Beast (B), "Malign" Earth (E), Inner World / Mortal World (G), Animism (H), Theism (I), Vithela (L), Solar Pantheon (M), "Kralorela" (N), Rokar (T), Lotus Society (X) and will report back on the others here if nobody beats us to it.
  7. scott-martin

    Altinae and/or Tilntae - a brief mention

    We might have to do a little spell trading. Blurring the line between Tilnta and Altina is brilliant and opens a lot of doors. Ifttala is a daughter of Seshna and so is usually given the epithet "Likita" except for one reference where "Tilnta" is crossed out. By the time she's born they're probably more conventional earth goddesses so you can probably deal with them on that side. Pendal is king of the lion people, her son in some sources, the father of her children in others. (Yet another reason the children of Malkion hated them, and incidentally a kludge for the mysterious MoFo who appears in Lords of Terror.)
  8. scott-martin

    Altinae and/or Tilntae - a brief mention

    Early on there was confusion in the texts between Tilntae and Likitae, so you may find in your researches that the two kindreds converge. Ifttala, mother of Pendal, for example, was once thought to be a Tilnta. I've always thought there was some appreciable difference between them, even if only in terms of religious politics or a primeval distinction between Fertility in itself (Grower) and the Earth cultures that tend to preserve and transmit its mysteries. "Malkion begat upon his wife sixteen sons and fourteen daughters and these were the first of the race. They married each other, or other inhabitants of Ontal’s Forest, and soon the race was large. But it was at this time that Phil(i)a disappeared, and Malkion left his children to find her." I am intrigued at a source that makes Eleria a Tilnta, but then again, the entire Snodal narrative is weird enough that it gets my wheels turning at heretical speeds. What if Snodal's "uttermost north" was also the heroquest past, I wonder.
  9. scott-martin

    Triolini - a list of known entities

    The archaic genealogies of the Malkioni have a simpler take on Wartain (only "Nelos" as a father) from the one told about the ouori in Anaxial's Roster. Could be two Wartains or Wartain in two distinct forms as the people split into wet and dry kindreds. There's a "Triolina Wakala" who seduces the eponymous founder of Orphalsland during the Pendalite era. Her father is specified as the River God Ailor. King Orphals, I hear, Was the mightiest of kings. Eldest son of Pendal, he ruled in might, Untouched, save by Wakala Triolina, Who dragged him to his watery doom. Of course the "untouched" part is mysterious because he managed to leave Hostar and other "sons" behind before finally succumbing to the siren call below.
  10. scott-martin

    Runequest 1978

    The embedded setting looks better spelled "Glorantha" and not "Glorontha," which answers both questions. Also print runs were small so when the first one was gone they got a chance to fine-tune armor and protective magic, kill the ambush system, etc. And while you're already doing that, might as well insert nicer maps!
  11. scott-martin

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    On earth the most famous "royal stools" belong to the highly urban Ashanti, who even put one on their flag. Maybe if Pamaltela runs backward the Pamalt chieftain is sitting on an ancient and irreplaceable heirloom salvaged from the days we tried living under the roofs of houses.
  12. scott-martin

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Love it. Now we just need to figure out which armor configurations support that range of motion.
  13. scott-martin

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    I do think the basic magical engineering is shockingly ancient in the West. When and whether it was ever cleared for mass horal (or talar) deployment is another story. We may have a new reason why the "knight" or "caballero / cheval / cavallist" is depicted on horseback in some Hrestolite sects who would logically be open to Galanini crossover. The question of who broke the Hippogriff and other divine horses is probably a sensitive one.
  14. scott-martin

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Yikes double post. Hang on, I'll come up with some content. OK. Looking for the origins of the Malkionite equestrian tradition (where stirrups come from) I see that Sandy has already explored some of this in his Glorantha, which is cool. IMG advanced tack is of sorcerous origin, designed to humiliate and ultimately enslave the Galanini. As such it comes out of "magic." Traditionalist nomads understandably distrust it. OH and there were centaurs once. They are known for their archery and can presumably fire over their shoulder in as wide an angle as the torso can twist. Pure Horse lives in close proximity to a surviving centaur culture (even if only Remade) so has probably copied whatever FHQ deems usable.
  15. scott-martin

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Bringing the horns into it suggests differences in the way each tribe will (or can) apply such tactics, which IMG is MGF. Llamas and Impala are fast and the mount has no natural forward-facing weaponry (Impala in particular only kick backward) so there's more incentive to develop retreating shots. As they are fantasy animals I wouldn't be surprised if God simply adjusted our seat and their back for a "natural" fit. In this scenario Praxians have several different ways of "walking funny" that we don't talk about because they are violent people who hate being laughed at. It also sheds light on why riding another tribe's mount is never preferable and possibly why the horse is so alien. Of course I haven't been on a saddle in decades and just realized I know nothing of how the Apache, for example, adopted European tack shortly after digesting the possibilities of mounted warfare. What I really wonder is who in Glorantha can do an "Eskimo roll" and whether their boats have foot braces to make it happen.