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  1. I'm not even convinced they historically acknowledge Earth or any elemental power beyond the children of Aether. No sovereign Earth, no Earth Queen position. I do wonder when they forgot or suppressed that Dendara's forced "happy face" is actually an alternative D rune. The smile is later desperate apologetics.
  2. This is one of the great points of this thread. Storm guys marry the land to bring rain to crops. There's a tradition of fire guys marrying the river . . . even Zola Fel has this. There are also the persistent rumors of Ernalda's original husband the water god who may or may not be Flamal to the West of modern Esrola. However by that point the elemental genders are so primitive that easy classifications break down, ironically opening up "sub rune" special cases. "Storm" may really only be an especially successful sub rune of Sky or even a subtle reinvention of Water . . . Umath as Blue Sky, as it were. Every "Kolate" in the archaic sources is male. While Greg plays around with (and often bends) the latinate suffixes, only the early Likitae and generic Tilntae reliably take the final "-a." This is important to people who want to create space between Earth (Likita), Fertility (Tilnta) and the female condition. There were at least two types of mothers at the beginning and if not all of them were earths, maybe not all earths are necessarily born to be wives. Uleria herself is a blue goddess, right? Mother or bride of Umath? Both? Remember when "Lodril" was one of the great gods of Pamaltela? The Men And A Half apparently remember something like that but who knows how their religion has developed in the north. I'd flip this a tiny bit: only differentiations that matter to devotees are anything but academic and hypothetical. When it becomes important to say which strands of solar culture Yelm "is not," then people do the analytic work and isolate as many unessential accretions to the Yelm complex that need their own names and functions so we can focus on the one god at the center of the sky. Otherwise, we don't sweat it so much and the same force animates falcons and horses, healers and archers alike. It's true of all the gods. Every Gloranthan god either has devotees here or not. The Celestial Court is always subject to negotiation. The live ones are receptive to a kind of conversation . . . they talk back.
  3. I like it. The astounding thing there is the analogue to the invention of yajna . . . Genner as last corner of the earth square = first sparks of Heat Rune = the erection of the vertical axis. Then as the fumes rise the priest feeds something like an exterior sun. (Traces of this survive in Pamaltela.) RM says only "Genner devised the practice of sacrifice and tricked humans into sacrificing to him, thereby making him the first pagan being." But of course the blue man often lies. Come to think of it, I wonder how intimately the tale of "Genner" (as opposed to our Lodril) is a Bright Empire program. By the time it gets to the West, the riddlers with their new sun already control the narrative.
  4. The good news is any SAN loss experienced is from elsewhere in that post. Revealed Mythologies says Genner taught the mortals of the northern corner the "do ut des" sacrificial economy. I don't believe the text hints at him as sacrificer as well as recipient, but then again, he is the dying god so his self-sacrifice (utuma) is an interesting angle to conjure with.
  5. Love it. Looking back Moori's people have always had an oddly euphemistic relationship to the Spear. I might even try to find them the apparently paradoxical Heat (Fire Minus Light) and Shade (Dark Minus Cold). While I don't want to embarrass more conventional uz perspectives by stepping on their mysteries, I've always suspected this is Very Important in the search for Pamalt and why the southern corner really diverges. Also anything with troll boats is excellent.
  6. Oh yeah, you were mining that seam in the [mumble] decade. I knew there had to be prior art. Loved it then, worth taking another swing now. But in terms of where Heat (Without Light) Rune comes from, that would be the place. In terms of the theogony Heat would naturally be where Sky starts to divide from the endless Earths before it. Ga-Lo may be the place.
  7. "That's about the size, where you put your eyes." Anything that explains why the oldest Brithini are so little works for me.
  8. The world was smaller before so many mountains and oceans! Away from the deep sources right now but Lodrilela has been in the air for at least a quarter century now. Here's the trickster a couple decades back.
  9. Don't blame me or Greg's vagaries, blame Slontos. And also the Guide.
  10. Slontan context, Slontan forms: Lodrilela, Ernaldela. But given present company, it's also worth noting that some texts hint at what to us would have been impossible cultural transmission across "north and south" Lodril/Oria zones before the mountains made it complicated.
  11. I'd like to lobby anew for primordial Jrustela as the historical Spike. When self-identified Ernaldists from Slontos came to that land, mythically it was like they were coming home. Or if a little more finesse is required, it was like they were closing the gap created when mythic Ernaldela drowned, leaving us with a people in search of a land and a land devoid of human people. I didn't notice any drag on coherence but the scheduling did seem oddly "stone age sleep cycle" for you. Hope all is well. In general I think elemental sub runes are artifacts of the initial isolation of each elemental process. When a community was composed of fire people, fine distinctions (the "narcissism of small differences") were how we could tell each other apart: one person was bright but cold, another hot but dim, a third in the happy sweet spot at the center of our society blessed with both qualities in abundance. Then as people get pushed to the margins or come in, we encounter true difference and develop a sense of other elements, at which point the sub runes fade from prominence. This is especially important within time as "pantheons" are constructed from historically separated components. I was just looking at how the ouori (and by implication, the waertagi) don't start out acknowledging Magasta (Water Of Water) but instead have a Valind analogue (maybe Cold of Air depending on how you split the hair) in that role. But as the pieces are introduced back to one another we get these irregularities where people insist on statements like "Yelmalio is not a Fire god" or "Argan Argar is not a Dark god, totally different thing." In childhood I thought that since Sea is always doubled (two wavy lines) it contains its own segmentation. Water is its own cycle. However this is a little esoteric. I forget, do people break down Ca-ladra as Ca-lodra? The prefix may be some kind of honorific or other qualifier as we approach primordial Lodrilela, which may not have been in the north at all, really.
  12. Does Pamaltelan astronomy tell us anything crucial about the Dendara? That stuff is fairly opaque but also provides a non-Yelmic perspective on her planetary personage and maybe other aspects.
  13. Cutting through the process of how we discovered some of the Deep Sources that inform the Lunar Way, I think many observers would conclude that absorbing the imperial system was a wrong turn for what would otherwise could have become a liberation movement with truly cosmic potential. Some anti-imperial currents can still be found and may be among the ultimate winners of the Hero Wars. We just don't see them yet because the sun is literally in the way. But it couldn't really have gone otherwise. For one thing, while the imperial system reflects a kind of insanity grafted onto the spiritual system . . . madness is inherent to the moon ("cold hearted orb / that rules the night") and within Time we have to accept the waning phases with the wax. And realistically, Pink Floyd was huge when Greg was noodling around with proto-Peloria, so the sun must, after all, be eclipsed by (conjunct) the moon, at least for a little while. Like I said up thread, exciting to ponder how to end the dialogue between the sun and the moon. I am not a fan of the solar complex myself so have a strong bias. I like what you do here. When Storm was forced to choose between Night and Day, all the parts that weren't Loko chose the Kingdom of Night and ultimately we have the world we have. I don't think any Light Storm or Sky Storm people survive but the Hero Wars are full of surprises. Maybe whatever is going on in Pent contains some elements of High Storm survival / reborn. It would be cool.
  14. I have my thoughts but they don't matter. Your quest is what will count with her. I will say though that rain in Peloria and rain where she comes from may follow very different dynamics, for what that might be worth. Where she is from might not even have the same elements that rule modern Central Genertela, to follow your Six Gender Structure.
  15. Who else better to find out who she really is? Put it all together and she rises.
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