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  1. scott-martin

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    Suddenly Rinliddi got even weirder!
  2. scott-martin

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Waha has a cult monopoly on "the intoxicating mushroom drink," which IMG has a similar effect.
  3. scott-martin

    Orlanth pet in Umathela

    "Orlanth never lost as much time as when he submitted to learn from Mongoose." Ahem. It would be cool to have even bigger hunting cats, panthers and such, making bonds with local stepbrothers. Some could be sabertooth like, which would give Pelorians the kind of nightmares we like. This might also be where "dog Orlanthi" were shipped en masse so if they survive anywhere (except ritual enclaves in places like Imther) this is where they are. I like pig brothers but probably at least a tribe or two would ride them instead of hunting side by side.
  4. scott-martin

    Mining Your God

    Bulk mining might be another reason dwarves are such cosmic assholes. God diggers down there worming through the graveyards of the world, a little like krarsht. (Hey, can someone remind me what iron is, really? Which gods died there?)
  5. scott-martin

    Masks of the goddess

    Yara(ch)Na Haranis, great and terrible spider woman hear our prayer. One of my favorite paragraphs ever on this site. The female origin of the knowing god in this part of the world is deeply satisfying, I wonder if that's where the women in Lhankor got their beards. It's also a little heartbreaking to position Dayzatar's self-exile beyond the Sky Dome as a lunar mystery. We know one moon that lives outside the sky and occasionally drops in a flash. Maybe Upper Brother gets "his" revenge after all when the Bat comes home.
  6. scott-martin

    Etymology of Tarsh?

    I haven't seen any documents but since Arim's regime revolved around a restored earth rite I'd love it if the formal name of the country was actually "Torshi" on the model of the Tadashi Tumulus. Mountain of Tada = Tadashi. Mountain of Sorana Tor = Torshi. Then a few centuries of exposure to New Pelorian shave off that last vowel and raise the one in the middle, giving us the modern "Tarsh(e)". And then there's the once and future Baro Shi, Forang Faro Shi, etc.
  7. scott-martin

    Quarries in Kethaela and Dragon Pass

    I like the crystal nuances here so close to "hard earth" and his death (poor old Stone) . . . I wonder whether Whitewall might've originally been "white" with newly cut lime and the name stuck even though the walls have weathered. While Belintar might've been reluctant to restore the defenses of a particularly recalcitrant Sixth he probably did have elemental magic to regrow the carbonate (!) if motivated. "Behold thy city, white in wall in fact as well as in name! Thus is my promise kept!"
  8. scott-martin

    When is "Trade Time"?

    I think this is our first shot at the winter shear and any local handicrafts people have completed over the indoor season. There's probably also a Issaries Mystery related to the lambing but timing depends on who owns the Peaceful Cut around here.
  9. scott-martin

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    Love it. It's an emergent property and not something that exists in the world separate from the god. If you have Communication you're at least a reciprocal associate of Issaries (the god will find you) and if you're in Issaries you have Communication. Probably at exactly the same rating as your Worship. This is different from most "conditions" that rarely have personified divine sponsors. Of course the western brethren alienated Communication from the god and pursued pure exchange on its own like it was some other condition rune, but they're generally dead now.
  10. scott-martin

    Nochet - pronunciation

    God, what if they ask me the Duck question and I give the Cook answer, where does the illumination go? (spoilers: this itself is the Fast Talk riddle.)
  11. scott-martin

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    In before the riddlers. This is an interesting statement because we know both Lokamayadon and ultimately Shepelkirt fail to assimilate the great contrarian. Does this mean illumination in your view always reaches a limit? Maybe that limit is Time.
  12. scott-martin

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    "All of the Gloranthan Council appeared to be giants whenever they came out of the mountain." Mountains are children of Larnste. Issaries is a child of Larnste. Is Issaries a giant? We know Issaries is the god of a few giants and that his geas is to put the hyenas back together. If one of those giants is another piece of Genert, what is Issaries?
  13. scott-martin

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    I'm an idiot. M A L K I O N L A N K O (R) M I
  14. scott-martin

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    The Blue Moon resurrection mystery in Arcane Lore points to a plant that can propagate from discarded buds, allowing it to be consumed and then miraculously restore itself in the grave without benefit of normal fertility rites. A rhizome would do just as well. If this "devil's parsnip" happens to have psychoactive parts, bonus. They say it came from the moon and grew in its wreckage. It probably doesn't grow well elsewhere without substantial investment. Actual "potato" content in Teelo Norri bread [die Brösel-Botschaft] may only be symbolic at this point, in remembrance of the meal Jakaleel prepared for them before things got intense. But someone who collects enough of the real thing and cooks it right can work wonders.
  15. scott-martin

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    It's in the "Mortal Lords" playtest compendium . . . obviously paracanonical at best now but I'll put the relevant bits together, buzz me if you don't hear back relatively soon.