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  1. BRP Ghostbusting Proton pack Weapon: Proton Pack; Skill: Proton Pack; Base: 05%; Dmg: 3d12; Attk: 1; Special: Impale; Rng: 20; Hands: 2H; HP: 20; Parry: No; STR/DEX: 9/7; Mal: 97-00; Value: Exspensive; SIZ/Enc: 8 Emit wiggely proton beam that affect ghosts. Has two settings, Attack and Containment. It takes 5 DEX ranks to switch. Attack with successful hit will remove d5 power points from ghost. Miss will damage surroundings. Ghost at 0 power points may be contained by containment beams, and by two or more of these beams guided to a ghost trap on a successfull cooperarive STR roll op
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