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  1. Atgxtg

    Battle magic

    Probably becuase Battle Magic was kept very simple in RQ, deliberately.
  2. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    It might be because Moorcock borrowed a lot of Germanic elements for Elric. Even the name, Elric, is Germanic in origin.
  3. Atgxtg

    Allegiance vs. Passion

    If you want something functionally different for Allegiance to Law, try Ki Skills form RQ3's Land of the Ninja. The way Ki skills work is that once a character masters a skill (90%+), the critical chance is treated like a skill (ki) and can be improved, which greatly increase the chance of getting a critical. IMO it would not only fit for Agents of Law, but mechanically it is one of the few things that could really offset the advantages the magic gives to followers of Chaos.
  4. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Thanks for the quote, it's been decades since I last read that book. Ironically, it was the first Elric story that I read.
  5. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Try reading the The War Hound and the World's Pain. Lucifer claims to be the Black Sword. Not exactly a reliable witness, but it is a link. There are also some references in the EC saga that equate demons with Creatures of Chaos and.or supernatural entities. Does anyone have the ending of Stormbringer (the novella) handy? Just how was the Black Sword's humanoid form described?
  6. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I think the problem is that in game terms, summoning costs next to nothing (either materially or spiritually)but gives a very powerful servant or item. I suspect that Ken St. Andre is probably the culprit. Stormbringer 1E looks a bit like T&T in some respects.
  7. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Yes there is- Strombringer! The Lords of Chaos are also considered to be demons, so there is some overlap. There were also a couple of throwaway lines in the stories that could go either way. This was still in the Conan mold, where magic/sorcery was bad.
  8. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I didn't mind the random characters and deadly combat, it was just that sorcery in Stormbringer 1E was so powerful that there wasn't much you could do about it if you didn't have access to it. And the feel of it wasn't quite right for the setting either. If you were going to go into sorcery in the game you really should go deep and get all the demon items you can. That's very different from the Elric stories where most characters who had demon items ususally had one. In game terms there is no reason why Elric would not have demon armor.
  9. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    The major problems I had with 1st edition were the Tunnels & Trolls-esque one-sidedness to it. If somebody knew sorcery, he'd pretty much completely outclassed anybody else. 1E Demon items were sooooo overpowered. Even a middling sorcery could produce a demon weapon with a +4D6 or better damage bonus, and demon armor was all but impregnable to normal weapons.
  10. Atgxtg

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    It's probably a combination of things. First off, as we all know, it's based on Moorcock's Elric/Eternal Champion series, so it going to get something of a following just for that. Secondly, it is also the game that had gotten the third best support from Chaosium. There might also be something in the fact that, according to Moorcock, there are certain sexual overtones to the series, and RPGs, especially in the 80 were played mostly by adolescent and college age males.
  11. Atgxtg

    Question on the utility of skills

    Uh, yeah. Didn't 1st edition CoC use CHA? But let me try to condense all this: STR, CON, SIZ and POW: Are all pretty much useless against most Mythos nasties, since most Mythos nasties outclass humans in these stats.☚ī¸ APP: Is pretty much useless since it isn't used for anything (credit rating?)😡. INT and EDU: Are important for determining the ratings in various skills, most of which aren't of much use. 😖 DEX: Is important as it determines the initiative order, which could allow an investigator to run away before he gets eaten by some nasty, or at the least, outrun the other investigators so that they get eaten instead.😱 It can't be that bad, can it?
  12. Atgxtg

    Question on the utility of skills

    It can also vary a bit based upon the GM and what sort of adventures he tends to write. If he wants to use other skills or not. If the GM has the PC exploring the deserts of Egypt, or scuba diving in the Caribbean, then skills like Riding and Diving become more important then they would be in New England. This topic is very similar to something written for the James Bond RPG years ago. One of the authors made a list of a half dozen of so skills that every character needed, noting that the importance of the other varied based upon the GM and adventures ran.
  13. Atgxtg

    Question on the utility of skills

    Fast Talk for one. Maybe a combat skill when facing off against cultists and the weaker Mythos creatures. But I think I get your point. Because of the focus of the game and the nature of the Mythos beings (way above the PCs ability to deal with head on) most of the PCs abilities and skills are moot. It's only when a GM expands things beyond the typical "Investigation of some Unspeakable Horror" that other abilities get called into play. Attributes are probably even less useful than skills in CoC. STR, CON, and SIZ don't mean all that much when dealing with nasties that are many times as strong as a man, that inflict multiple dice damage with one attack. Ditto POW, since most Mythos nasties have humans outclassed in that department. So really only INT (because it nets you all those skills), DEX (so you can run away before it eats you), and CHA (To help when dealing with normal folk-at least in theory, in reality it pretty much a dump stat) have much value.
  14. Cool. That might just smooth over the whole Yelmalio/Emal thing.
  15. Yea to the long form writeups! Iwonder if there is going to be any info on regional variants? I recall that quite a few cults exist in multiple areas but in slightly different form depending on the region and culture. .