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  1. Atgxtg

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    Sure, and you're quite correct.
  2. Atgxtg

    BRP Amber?

    I was thinking the same thing, and it was one of the reasons why I've considered upping the AP for the weapons used by Amberites. BRTC's Timerlords system had a rule for this. If I recall it correctly, a weapon had to have enough armor to take an average damage roll. If not the weapon would take damage whenever it's armor rating was exceeded. Normally this wasn't a problem as most weapons are strong enough to withstand most characters. But a really strong character could run into problems and start damaging his weapons. If we ported that over to BRP, then a broadsword with an average damage score of 5.5 and 10 AP could easily be used by someone with up to a +1D6 db (average damage 5.5+3.5db= 9) without any problems. This would mean most of the population. But if someone with a 2D6 bd used it, they'd be doing 12.5 points on average, which exceeds what the sword can withstand, and so they'd damage their sword every time they did more than 10 points with it. So such a person would need a sword with 13AP, and someone with a +3D6 db would need one with 16AP. That might be one of the enhacements a weapon like Grayswandir has- it's tough enough that Corwin can use it without breaking it. The problem with such an application in BRP terms is that stronger weapons become better at parrying and so everyone will want them. Likewise stronger shields. Also, there are special hits in RQ that do more damage, and spells, so it would mean opening a can of worms.
  3. Atgxtg

    Active Fireblade?

    More like does that mean the rules need to unchange. Fireblade worked fine as a active spell in RQ2, and as a passive spell in RQ3. It's just doesn't work as written now.
  4. Atgxtg

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    It can be. It depends on how "high profile" it is. If there are signs about such and such Brook, then yeah, there is probably a country club, historical site, or resort area nearby. If it's just a stream a few yards long that doesn't come up to your ankles, and that you could easily have missed, it could be the other type of New England brook. They are actually one and the same. It's just that most people don't know or care about the names of the old brooks in out of the way places,or that have been covered over. When somebody decides to redevelop an area they find the name of the brook and (over)use it's name for recognition. Some times they do it without any redevelopment. And it's not just for brooks. That's how Water Street, Worcester, suddenly became the "Blackstone Canal District" despite the fact that there is no canal, and the Blackstone (River) was covered over years ago, and can't be seen in that area.
  5. Yeah, I've been seriously considering reworking the weapon damage and/or damage bonuse along those lines. d2/d4/d6/d8/d10. Maybe a shift for every 4 points of STR+SIZ. Then everything else could be handled with die shifts. Sorry, my bad, I didn't explain what I was thinking. I meant that is the bonus for a mounted javelin throw as good, in game terms as the alt-alt was in RQ3, where it gave +10m to range, +20m to max range, and +1D6 damage. Again sorry, I should have clarified that.
  6. Lol! Don't forget poleing rafts and gondolas.
  7. So how much of a bonus do you think that's worth? Break even, slight damage bonus? I could see a range bonus due to height. Is a charging horse as good as, say an alt-alt ? That would be a an easy solution.
  8. Atgxtg

    BRP Amber?

    Yes. That is to say either. Ideally I want something for Amber proper (I'm using the Visual Guide to Castle Amber for that, unless I can find something better), and something that is similar, but not identical to Abalus. My goal is that when the PCs finally get to Amber, the castle, city and terrain will be eerily similar, but not identical. I'd love to adapt a real castle for Abalus, if I can find something suitable.Blackrock Castle and Mont St. Michel, Lichtenstein Castle, but so far I think the Fortress of Guaita in San Marino might be the best. I know about the Visual Guide to Castle Amberthat the only offical illustrated stuff I'm aware of. , and found a map that Roger Zelazny drew and that Liz Danforth touched up, but that's the only official stuff I'm aware of. I've seen a few people's Amber campaign stuff on the net.I'll check out Dyson Logos.
  9. Yeah. Plus with javelins most of the force impated in the throw comes from body motion when the thrower puts their front foot down, which they won't be able to do on horseback. Kinda like a baseball pitcher's windup. So the thrower would gain the speed of the horse but loose his "windup". I don't know if he comes out ahead in the deal or not.
  10. Yeah, it's a "where do we draw the line" sort of thing. I once saw an RPG that just boiled the characters down to one ability score. Whenever they tried to do anything they would roll against that one ability. I can't even remember if that RPG had any modifiers, either. Yes, it's very simple, but I think most of use prefer something a little more detailed and, dare I say it "realistic".
  11. Atgxtg

    BRP Amber?

    Anyone got any suggestions for a Manor House or Castle to use for Shadow Abalus' answer of Castle Amber?
  12. Yeah, and some decent reach, too, although not as much as when thrusting. There is "half swording" when you grip the sword somewhere along the blade and can strike with the ends. It's more practical with greatswords than with other blades due to the greater length, and the fact that greatswords weren't necessarily sharp. They didn't need to be. But, yeah they are different weapons.
  13. Atgxtg

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Ramirez's blade did not cut deeply enough. That's a wonderfully awful idea. Yes. I was just keeping in simple. Basically they are "in tune" with all living things, but only have limited control over the experience. For a Rune Lord? Why not. For an immortal it would be a different story. Their life force has moved on to another. Yes. Although I would expect it to be the most dominant traits.So if the immortal you behead how a low DEX, you're DEX isn't going to go up. POW should almost always go up, unless you already outclass the other immortal by a significant margin. I'd probably go with the SIZ progression for POW gain, bur probably cut the amount in half.
  14. Atgxtg

    BRP Amber?

    LOL! One memorable d6 Star War game I had a Wookie with 6D6 STR (your stats are a dice code that you roll whenever you use them), and I got caught on the fringes of a grenade (2D6 or 3D6, I forgot which). In that RPG you comapre the damage to your STR roll and if you win you take NO damage (a typical PC has a 3D STR and most attacks do 4D or 5D). But I rolled bad (ended up with a 4 on 6 dice), the GM rolled great damage, and I was mortally wounded and spent the rest of the adventure healing up in a bacta tank. I think your 'dice cancel out" on a parry should handle it nicely. You can used fixed armor without hit locations. Just go with the normal protection for that tpe. Padding stops 1, leather stops 2, etc. So you could just make you 5.5 armor 6 points. Yeah that does make armor much more useful in HERO. But then HERO is a much more forgiving system. It's not normally an issue for me, but Amber will will require that I have to deal with some things that don't crop often enough to become an issue in a typical BRP campaign. I just ant to try to be ready for anything that could derail the campaign. Me either, but under normal circumstances it's rare enough that it's not worth the trouble to houserule it. But, in Amber the dbs should be a bit higher-especially if somebody gets some magic). Simular end result, different application. I don't like MA for weapon because I just don't think it's necessary. Besides, I think Ki skills handle that better for weapons any. Definitely. I'm more focused on adapting the system to the needs of the setting. If I were going to run a different style of campaign, I'd have fewer issues. Some variation of the fetch might work. That is something that the player can slowly improve that ups his POW a point at time. You could do that with a wizard's staff or familiar and it could start off weak and grow as the player devotes more POW to it. Another option might be not to raise POW at all but simply raise the refresh rate. A wizard could have an ability or skill tat let's them recharge their power at a faster rate, maybe twice as fast? Say the tap a ley line for POW and their recharge rate is tied to their success level.
  15. Atgxtg

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Maybe not even that hard. A Rune Lords gets DI, an Allied Spirit, "iron" weapon and armor, a bunch of spirit and divine spells, some POW storing crystals, and a bunch of cult member to back them up. The Rune Lord get a chance to come back even if he is beheaded! An immortal only gets his immortality, a great CON and POW, and a few "Quickening" perks that seem to function like a few points of Battle Magic (including a very specialized "Detect Enemies") that seem to trigger automatically. Still, the Rune Lord's in trouble if he runs into someone who's been around long enough to get his combat skills up over 400%!