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  1. Atgxtg

    About slavery

    Yeah. Best case scenario for most slaves is that even if they do use magic and escape, their problems are just beginning. They will be have limited resources, and somehow have to not only survive but also evade capture, and make their way to where they either have allies who can back them up, or where they won't be seriously hunted. I think that if some one is, for whatever reason, so powerful that they can't be held or coerced effectively, then they shouldn't, and probably won't, be enslaved.
  2. Atgxtg

    Subsequent parries RQG

    I'm more concerned about the extra 2 Strike Ranks. I think that would end up adding another attack for quite a few weapons. You might reach a point where the bigger, heavier weapons become obsolete.
  3. Atgxtg

    Countermagic complications

    Yup, and it's a big pain in the gluteus maximimus. Ironically this isn't a debate! For one, we're not really arguing about how a rule should work, but are are scrambling to try and figure out how a rule has been working for the last 4 decades. I think we're all on the same side here. No one really likes the idea that a sufficiently boosted Detect Enemies spell could potentially blow down a dozen Countermagic spells and work like a a faster, cheaper, multispelled, Dispel. I suspect that in actual play this probably won't be as much of a problem as it appears, due to the fact that this will only work on Countermagic cast on those considered Enemies by the Detect spell, and that Countermagic is incompatible with other spells like Protection. That would mean rolling Detection Blank into Countermagic. But then Xenohealing isn't in RQG, is it? I was happier about this back when I was working under the mistaken impression that Countermagic didn't apply because the Enemies weren't the targets of the spell.
  4. Atgxtg

    About slavery

    I'd figure that most people/most slaves just don't have enough "worrisome" magic for it to be a bother. I don't think anyone minds if their slave knows a couple of points of Healing, Repair, or a point of Bladesharp. Even something like Disruption isn't any worse than their carrying a knife-something that most slaves probably do. Even if they know Mobility 10 and make a run for it, they can still be hunted down. The magic doesn't make that much of a difference. Those who know a lot of magic or the big stuff, get the slave collars, if necessary, but I'd think that anyone with that much magic is probably more valuable doing something other than manual labor. It would make much more sense to either ransom them off or make some sort of deal with them, since anyone with that much magic probably has a cult and powerful friends that will come looking for them. Putting a slave collar on a Rune Priest is probably more of a spite move than an efficient one. You do it to show him, and everyone else, who's boss, not because you need an extra farmhand.
  5. Atgxtg

    Countermagic complications

    It's primary use is what it always has been, a way to spot ambushes and hiding foes. Really, if intentions weren't part of the spell description (and they are) then you'd end up with situations where it always detected someone even if they have no particular interest in harming you. Should all Lunars automatically be considered enemies of Orlanthi, even the ones who have have nothing against them?
  6. Atgxtg

    Countermagic complications

    No, it doesn't. You see the way Detect Enemies works, you target someone and those beings who intend to harm them glow. The "enemies" aren't targets but simply caught in the area of effect. It was the actual intent, and is noted as such under Detection Blank. Basically, the idea is that if your Detect Enemies spell gets, blocked, you know it. What you don;t know is how many more undetected enemies you have. That was the advantage of Detection Blank, as PhilHibbs pointed out. Well you're wrong, simple as that. Just reread my post: So the nearest someone isn't currently intendeding to harm the specficed target, he gets skipped. Under those specific circumstances, there is no "enemy" to Detect. And yes it is possible. But I think your disagreement is as to if someone could intend to harm multiple characters at the same time, which it is, but I didn't claim that it wasn't possible. For ambush certainly. In melee, possibly.. You probabl ynot going to be spending much time thinking about what you are going to do later on, to some guy 30 feet away, while the guy in front of you is trying to lop off your head. It's like "intending" on doing the laundry when you get home. It might be your intention, but it's probably not on your mind at that moment. Now under the right circumstances someone could be thinking of harming more than one person at a time, but probably not so much while engaged in melee. Is very unlikely. You don't have the time to divert your attention on that when you're trying to prevent that sucker from dropping you. It's not like daydreaming at the office. Your mind mind wander for a moment or two, but if you don't keep focused on the guy your fighting you probably won't trip a Detect Life spell for much longer. Think of any sort of game or competition you been involved in. Now, while you might intend to kick everybody's butt at, say, Monopoly, you don't keep thinking about it constantly. You too busy with what's happening at the time. It's not what they wish, it's what they intend to do. As far as Detect Enemies goes, they're not. It's not like they Lunars are sitting there thinking, "Two hours from now I'm gonna kill George, then an hour later, kill Sam, then, after lunch, I'll kill Thomas, oh, and Joe too. etc. etc." And they certainly can't be thinking that while focusing on casting. Likewise, if a Lunar Kill Sqaud Leader has Detect Enemies up, and one of the other Lunar Soldier wishes that his squad leader was fed to the Crimson Bat, he doesn't Detect as an Enemy because the solider doesn't actually intend to harm him.
  7. Atgxtg

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    No so much. The sorcerer gets the weapon or armor. Stolen items aren't much of a thing, simply because whoever graps them has to go POW vs POW with the demon, and most characters don't have a 16+ POW, making that much more risky. LOL! Yeah, it is much more toned down with Magic World. Also, MW adds things to the game that old SB lacked, that help to balance things out a bit. That's where binding demons actually works in the sorcerers favor as far as POW gain. Since 17 POW scores are more common than 18, let alone 20 or 25, it is in the sorcerer's best interest to to bind demons and keep his POW on the low side, so he can get more chances to improve. That in turn gives him more POW to spend to bind more demons, and so on and so on. Pretty much every Stormbringer campaign I've ever ran on played in, to some degree. First edition was the worst in this regard. Sorcerers were very powerful in SB1, as were the demons. A weapon with a +7D6 damage bonus is virtually unstoppable in this sort of game system, and the old demon armor made a character practically invulnerable to normal weapons. Agents of Law were simply outclassed, too. It actually is a problem when trying to account for Elric himself. By the RAW, he "should" be wearing demon armor. It doesn't make sensor for him not to. It's kinda like a high level fighter in D&D not having magical armor. It's a bit of a disconnect between setting and game mechanics. Later versions toned this down , and from Elric! on it becomes less of a problem. Sorcerors and demons are still overwhelmingly powerful, a weapon with a +1D8 damage bonus is still going to chop through armor and inflict a major wound most of the time, but it's not quite an autokill anymore. And the magical spells help to level the playing field for those characters who don't have demon items. A normal weapon that does an extra 4 points of magical damage can offset that +1D8 weapon, and the spell can be cast on multiple weapons. Toss in things like special successes and demon items aren't the only "deciding factor" anymore. Swipe Ki skills for Land of the Ninja for Agents of Law, and things can actually get challenging.
  8. Atgxtg

    Countermagic complications

    The target is the spell is the character it's cast upon (or the caster), not the ones who want to hurt him. So there is only one target. That's also why Detect Enemies works even when you are unaware of the presence of person intending to harm you, like when you suspect an ambush. No, because none of those 10 guys are "targeted" by the spell. Detect Enemies is very clear about who the target of the spell is. It's who you cast if for, or the caster himself- not the "enemies". You don't actually check to see if that mean looking guy lurking in the alleyway is an "enemy", you cast the spell on yourself (the target) and the spell Detects anyone in range who intends to harm you. If your friend has Countermagic up. Now, according to RQ3 (the only version that tells us the sequencing of the spell) the Detect spell will "ping" enemies closest to farthest away, and interact with Countermagic spells sequentially.
  9. Atgxtg

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    Minor concern. It just means you only get items one at a time over time. Depends on what version of SB your are playing. In early versions no, the demon armor will make the character virtually invulnerable. In later editions demon armor isn't as powerful. No all that risky. in all version of SB, there are POW rolls when dealing with demons. While any dealings with demons are dangerous, as the sorcerer gets to build the demons he summons, he can minimize the risks. He can summon something with a high POW that isn't otherwise all that formidable. And he can prepare for it ahead of time and have items, spells and even other characters ready in case something goes wrong. In later editions of SB, all you really have to do is to try and cast a spell on an unwilling target in battle. This is basically the same as tossing a disrupt in RQ for a POW gain roll. Yeah, it's technically dangerous (it's combat) but not all that dangerous, or uncommon in an RPG.
  10. Atgxtg

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    It's also fairly cheap. For a couple of points of POW you get a nasty item. The only real concern is keeping your POW above 16. On top of that, it only takes a couple of items (weapon, sword) to make the character overpowering. Not so much. POW gain rolls aren't all that hard or risky. Especially if you have the bound items to back you up.
  11. Atgxtg

    Countermagic complications

    Somewhat. The way Detect Enemies is worded the beings detected have to be intending harm on the target of the spell (or the cast if he doesn't pick another target). So if the nearest Countermagic on on someone who isn't currently intending to harm the specified target, it gets skipped. With a group of adventures, it's possible that no one is currently intending to harm the target of the spell because they are all busy intending to harm someone else. So if the caster target's (or is) a Chalana Arroy healer most people won't detect as an enemy, and no one's Countermagic would go down.
  12. Atgxtg

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    I think this might be one issue where everybody agrees. But, based on previous wordings, especially RQ3 where they went out of their way to spell it out, it appears that it's supposed to. I guess, once you get used to it, that it could just be considered another tactic. In play, only a few opponents would trigger Detect Enemies under normal circumstances. A character won't really clear a room unless he is the only one that the opposition is aware of. How would those work with a Countermagic? Is there some sort of precedent we can latch onto? I think the worst part about this is that it permeates all editions of RQ, so it's not something that can be fixed or avoided by playing a different edition.
  13. Atgxtg

    How Many Attacks in a Round?

    I guess you just posted the Declaration of Interdependence!
  14. Atgxtg

    How Many Attacks in a Round?

    That would be great if not for all the plain sense contradictions within the RQG RAW itself. By RAW, I don't believe people can even use Fireblade anymore. Apparently, in RQG, fighting with the weapon blows the concentration required to maintain an active spell. Then there are things like opposed rolls, which last I've read here, can officially be resolved, yet. And how about two weapon use? Nobody was able to work that out by just a "plain-sense reading of the RQG RAW"- we had to get clarification from Jason, and then needed to get the clarification clarified. More than once. So plain sense readings of the RAW aren't solving much. At least going back to the older books gives us something to work with.
  15. Atgxtg

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    Sounds good to me. Might as well close one can of worms why we still can. My ignorant bronze age hat says that if the spell basically asks the spirits to find the enemies then the spell isn't an incoming one and doesn't interact with the Countermagic. So much for my ignorant hat. I'll ask my raincoat what it thinks, it's a lot smarter than my hat-it usually knows enough to come in out of the rain. However it isn't as chatty as my hat. In the meantime, checked RQ3, where Detect Enemies specifically is noted as checking for Enemies in sequence, closest first, and specifically notes that "if the spell is still in effect". So it does appear that Steve Perrin did intent for a high power Detect to be able to blow down a bunch of low power Countermagic spells in sequence. That kinda blows the whole idea that is wasn't intended to work that way. Oh wait, the raincoat just called me an idiot (nothing new there) and then said that as Steve Perrin is writing something for RQG couldn't somebody at Chasoium ask him about it? It's even more prosperous that someone can cast a moderately powered Detect Enemies spell and knock down multiple Countermagic spell. I think this is really the only spell in the game that can end up affecting multiple characters, without some sort multispell.