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  1. I recall reading that eventually they were supposed to migrate over here. I don't know if that was an offical plan or just something I read somewhere, though.
  2. Atgxtg

    Higher then heiress....

    I'm not bothered so much by as a case by case, but am by how KAP has kept Paganism yet it doesn;t work in the increasinly Chrisitain setting. Mine too. There susally is. But it doesn't change the rules. Which flies right in the face of thier Relgious beliefs. If the setting was that close to the Middle Ages then the Pagans wouldn't exist-at least not openly. And everyboy who had a high worldy score would have the Chruch cracking down on them. No problem there. I didn't claim that the bastards would have and rights under a feudal system- just that there shouldn't be the same sor tof scoial stigma in a Pagan Culture as in a Medieval Christian one. Yes, but in order for the two to coexist people have to be able to follow those beliefs. I'm not saying that illigetimate children would have any special rights. Just that I don';t see how they can be good pagans and not be lustful. As I mentioned eariler, this is mostly a case of Pendragon moving further away from the Celtic sources to more Christian ones. Even Merlin has changed from a Pagan Archdruid to Christian over the editions.
  3. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Ah another new rule. But in RQ some of the damage could slip past the parry. And the Broos could always throw the spears as javelins, backed up with a little speedart. It just doesn't strike me as the overwhelming ability that some claim. It seems like it can let a PC wreak havoc a couple of times before somebody takes the Humakti down with numbers or ranged attacks. While I admit I'm not thrilled with some of RQG's rules, which seems to have compounded each other in cases like this, I wouldn't say Sword Trance is broken.
  4. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    What can't a bunch of Broos just stab that the guy with spears? I don't recall getting unlimited parries.
  5. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Page 60 under COMBAT BENEFITS for becoming a Rune Lord: 2. An opponent’s parry is also reduced against a 100%+ attack. Thus a character with a normal parry of 75%, fighting a Rune Lord with a 120% attack, has only a 55% chance of parrying the Rune Lord (120-100 = 20,75-20 = 55).
  6. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    It's slang for the effect that a high attack skill has in reducing opposing parry skills in RQ2 and RQG.
  7. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Yeah, that's pretty much my take on it. IMO RQ3 is generally better. There are some features of RQ2 that I prefer, such as 12 SR instead of 10 (but now how the SR and run in RQ2), but overall I think RQ3 is an improvement. Probably because RQ3 was a deliberate attempt by the author(s) of RQ2 to fix the bugs in RQ2 and improve it. If I were to run Gloratha, I might buy RQG to port over the new stuff, and maybe shift the focus to and pace of the game, maybe use rune point pools, but I'd almost certainly use RQ3 for the core rules. In fact the "anti-parry" stuff from RQ2 seems to be the biggest objection to Sword Trance in RQG, so RQ3 rules would "fix" the issue. But then I think "anti-parry" was deliberately dropped from all of Chasoium's post RQ2 RPGs for a reason.
  8. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Only 190 MP? That's a lot more magic points than I've seen in a RQ game. Certainly a lot more than I've sen for characters at the 100% level. Woundn't there be a better use for 190 magic points than beating a dead horse with 1000% skill? And couldn't somebody with 190 MPs points take this guy down with missile attack and spells? Or just come back on the next day? THe whole, Sword Trance is too powerful argument seems to hinge entirely upon everybody allowing the character to use the tactic against them, or being unable to prevent it. Which seems highly unlikely. Sure a PC could run rampart with the tactic for a bit, but eventually the word should get out and someone is going to set the character up for a huge fall. Then what does he do? What does he have to fall back on if Plan A fails? Does he even get enough time to react to that?
  9. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Sorry, but I kinda have to back up Tywyll here. Since RQG is based odd of and is partially backwards compatible with RQ2, then something that actually 'breaks' RQ2 rules would be of significance to those who play RQG. The critical point here is "something that actually 'breaks' RQ2 rules", which I do not believe has been established. I might just be the last RQ3holdout on these forums too, and even I can't justify claims of RQG being 'broken'.
  10. Atgxtg

    Lady Knights and Romance

    Yes, definitely. The results could be all over the place, depending on circumstances, the people involved, who tells the story, and so on.
  11. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    True, but not all player characters count as intelligent opponents.
  12. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    It did, but mostly as far as balancing the adventure tot he partly. specially the relationship between character level, dungeon level and monster hit dice. Balance between characters started to come about when thieves started to pass fighters on the combat matrix. It started to figure more prominently in D&D 3E in part as a tool to simplify the job of DMing. It got out of hand, though and Challenge Ratings were used in place of judgment.
  13. Atgxtg

    Higher then heiress....

    Oh, okay. I got Jagent from The Book of the Warlord, page 19 37 Sir Sulien, Count Bedegraine, and Baron of the Field of Doves (Bedegraine), Castle on the Shining Stream C (Jagent). Sulien is a northern lord, newly defeated, now loyal to his conqueror Uther. And Book of Knights & Ladies made Jagent Pict/Pagan Not even considering the armor. But even if it were ture, the rest of Pendragon draws quite heavily from Celtic sources. The problem I see is that a sizable proportion of people, including nobles and noblewomen are not Christian. Pagan Noblewomen will have Lusftul as a religious virtual and social custom. I can't see holding them to the Christian values. This all stems from the fact the over the years Pendragon has drawn more and more from Mallory and later romances and less from Celtic sources. In KAP1 Gawain was Pagan (in part due to his Celtic Orgins as Gwalchmei), now he's Chrsitian. Same with Merlin. I think if Pagans are going to have as much of a influence over things as they do in Pendragon, then we need to allow for differences in culture.
  14. Atgxtg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Yeah. I can see the need not to continually throw players into impossible (or near impossible) situations, both to maintain interest and to promote some sort of sense of a campaign, but the modern belief that everything is a game has to be "balanced" with everything else is not only wrong, but not even actually possible. So much depends on the capabilities of the players that what one person might considered balanced another wouldn't, and vice versa. I can see disagreeing with RAW at times, or thinking that something is too powerful, could disrupt a campaign, and taking steps to deal with it. But a lot of "broken" rules aren't. For instance, I'm not fond of high attack skills reducing the opponent's parry chance and consider that rule to be unnecessary, but I wouldn't call it broken.
  15. Atgxtg

    Higher then heiress....

    Since Sulien was a Northern lord recently defeated by Uther, and that he rules Jagent, which is populated by Pict Pagans, the fact that the could be Pagan is a distinct possibility. As could be the Baroness. And considering that we are talking Uther reign we are hardly at at the high middle ages yet in the game. So how solid can that worldview be? Pendragon does have Pagans roaming all over the place with Lustful as one of their religious traits. By solid high medieval worldview all those pagans would have been converted or killed. Everyone in High Medieval Britain would have had to have been Christian or face severe consequences. Yet Pendragon has the Ladies of the Lake and other Pagans practicing freely. The problem here is really the fact that high Medieval feudalism was an entirely Christian institution, but the lands of Pendragon are far from being entirely Christian. Neither did anyone else who wasn't spamming a porn site, sadly. It's a shame what happened to the site. I only hope that whatever custodians exist manage to sift through and save posts from before the deluge of spam. There is some useful stuff on the site, buried under all that trash.