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  1. I think if the big problem with the damage taken by the attacking weapon thing is that most metal weapons shouldn't get "whittled down" so quickly. They should have some sort of inherent armor, maybe not RQ3 ish Armor Points/Hit Points, but say some measure of APs based on their construction. As it stands in RQ2, it's just as easy to damage a sword as it is to damage a wooden spear or even a bare hand. And the bare hand could get armor protection! If wooden weapons had a couple points of armor, metal ones 6 ish. I think it would keep weapon damage/breakage common enough, but still allow most weapons to last for more that a couple of parries.
  2. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    It's not too bad for melee, and there used to be modifiers to hit location when dealing with large SIZ opponents.
  3. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Yeah, I suspect for us ol' timers we can and will take the bits that we want and attach them to whatever version of the RQ game engine we prefer. Probably 80% or more of the various rules are compatible and/or interchangeable. They can't miss what they never had. In order to miss it they would have to be aware of it in the first place. What I suspect they will do is raise the same sorts of questions and complaints people raised in the RQ2 era. Yup, but neither of those game are RQ, especially not RQ set in Glorantha. Personally I suspect that there is far too much that I prefer about RQ3 to want to revert back entirely to RQ2 rules.
  4. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Yes I could, and would. I did and will. Considering how many of my RQ players lost characters from impaling arrow hits, I think most of them will miss it too.
  5. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I'm with you here. In melee it makes sense that chest hits are rare, since it is one of the areas that will be best defended, and because arms are almost always in the path of any blows. With missle attacks, its different since the chest is such a large area of the body. By throwing out the changes to the game mechanics Steve Perrin made in RQ3, they also threw out all the improvements and bug fixes that came with it.
  6. "The Pepsi of RPG franchises"

    Pepsi? Pathfinder or World of Darkness is Pepsi- they got the sales . CoC is more like RC Cola.
  7. And the new RQ seems to have thrown a lot of the "solidness" out the window and reverted back to RQ2. Weapon breakage was a real problem back in the old days, with anything other than a shield breaking after a few parries. Now, with characters doing more damage and weapons having fewer hit points we'll be lucking if a weapon can parry twice.
  8. QuickStart/RQG - Strike Rank questions

    Yeah, but you missed my point. The problem with that approach is that aimed blows were entirnely due to SR, not to skill.
  9. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    Yes, does the table flatted out (like RQ3 and most BRP games) or continue doubling (per Superworld).
  10. QuickStart/RQG - Strike Rank questions

    Can save Jason the virtual ink here. Yes, they can attack the following SR. Generally speaking SR game mechanics won't ever prevent someone from attacking outright, unless thier attack would take place after SR12, meaning it would be the next melee round.
  11. QuickStart/RQG - Strike Rank questions

    Yeah, but the drawback is that it is all about SR, and not about skill. So a big character, with a long weapon, and a good DEX is able to really shift his location around, while a master who doesn't have a good SR is limited. Yup. Personally, I think neither version is all that great. It would be nice to see a method that factors in for skill and SR. Maybe something like 1 hit location per SR, or 2 per SR if you take a penalty.
  12. Friends, Romans, countrymen....

    It would be easier to make suggestions if we know what sort of games do interest you. There is/was a lot more to Rome than just intrigue. A few ideas that I've had for a Roman campaign: 1) Roman Army: The PC are members of the Roman Legions. Probably as new recruits so they can learn the ropes. I was thinking of putting them on the border somewhere an deal with the problemsthat come with the territory. One possible variant of this idea would be to run thier outfit as a sort of Roman take on the Phil Silvers Show. 2) Young Gaius: This idea was for the PCs to meet and befriend a young Roman, Gaius. Over time, they would watch him get into debt, and finagle a governorship out of Rome to escape creditors. While away he goes on a series of conquests, expanding the Empire (and helping raise the wealth to deal with his creditors), and making quite a name for himself. Part of the fun with this is that, knowing my players, I doubt any of them would recognize Gaius Julius Ceasar as that Julius Ceasar until big things really start to play out. 3) King Arthur: Historical Arthur, if he existed, was probably a Romanized Celt, and a group of men trained in Roman methods of warfare, could have held off the Saxon invaders. A campaign with a group of Romans, or Romanized Celts, cut off from Rome, trying to hold the British Isles could make for an excellent campaign. In some ways you can run just about any Medieval type of adventure, and quite a few Renaissance adventures as well. The Romans had a lot of social, governmental, and financial institutions an opportunities that didn't exist for the next thousand years or so. Even a few "modern" story ideas can work well in a Roman setting.
  13. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Yeah. I for one am not a fan of the changes made to the system in Mythras, etc. So I'm glad Chaosium didn't go that way with it. I do think the game probably would have benefited more using RQ3 as the base instead of RQ2 (Steve Perrin did address/fix some of the flaws on RQ2 in RQ3), but I think going MRQ2/RQ6/Mthras with the game would probably have killed it in the eyes of a lot of RQ fans. Besides, why take the RQ name away from RQ6 just to make another RQ6?
  14. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Yeah, but that can be said of RQers, too. Is supect we have a higher percentage of houserulers than the norm because, since we have basically been running an "ophan" RPG for years, we are used to wrting up a lot of our own stuff. Even the BRP "Big Gold Book" is more of a tinkering kit than a RPG. Yes. The average gamer seems to play stuff as written, and also tends to play pre-written adventures. Speaking of which, I hope we get to see some RQ2 style campaign packs again.
  15. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I think he had it right the first time. While old RQers like us can and will houserule things, the people who are new to RQ are probably not going to houserule things much at all. And yeah the whole "living game system" is important as far as new blood goes - not to mention Chaosium's sales figures. It doesn't do them a heck of a lot of good if people are hunting down and buying for 30 year old editions of RQ off of eBay or some such.