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  1. Ouch! You sank my battleship! Good Luck and Best Wishes.
  2. Which is precisely why I prefer the RQ to BRP, where weapons/shields have AP and lost AP only when they take/block more damage than their AP score. For example if a sword (10 AP) parried an 11 point axe hit the sword would lose 1 AP, and only be able to stop 9 points from then on. Yeah, short of a giant or dragon, or other maga damage situations, such a weapon (or shield) would be indestructible. Of course it would take a lot of money time, effort, skill, and permanent POW points to create such an item in the first place. Sorry, I have to decline the award. I pretty much parap
  3. Statstically yes, but in actual practice I don't think there would be too much fuss over !d8+1 vs 1d8. It's not like going with 3d6 or some such. Keep in mind that he is going iwith SIZ+CON for hit points (double that of BRP) so increased damage would have been a possibility. I'm not so sure. It's been a few incarnations since I looked at Mythras hit point and damage rules (i.e. back when it was Mongoose RuneQuest) but characters used to be able to soak a lot more damage, especially if they had a high resilience skill, than their BRP counterparts.
  4. That's another reason why I prefer RQ3 Armor points. Damage below the weapon's armor points got soaked up by the armor and ignored. Thus, an echanted sword with 40 AP was not only very hard to break (you'd have to do about 80 points to deliberately break it at one go, or exceed 40 points multiple times), but can also stop a lot more with a parry. Well for the crystal sure. I'd think that for an enchanted blade, the enchantment would be in the blade. Basically whatever the magic is effecting if probably what's magical. Of coruse the thing is with magical items is that as we don't seem
  5. It depends on how it breaks. It if it just the tip or the tang it is possible to file down the broken section, make a new hilt to hold the shorter tang, etc. The Seax was often made from the remains of a broken sword. But if you want something comperable to what it was before it broke then reforging is the way to go. In some legends reforged weapons are considered superior and/or magical. Sigurd for instance. In fact, that's probably something Tolkein draw from for the Lord of the Rings. For magic it's a tough call. Most RPGs tend to assume that when a magical item is bro
  6. Yes, it was the first of the infamous Dungeons of Doctor Demento. Originally it was done as a one off for the gaming group, before Massconfusion turned it into a series of convention adventures.
  7. It is, because it straddles the line between fun and tedium. On the one hand, we don't want to be bothered with such minutia. On the other hand, if we ignore it, some players will tend to abuse the situation. Way back, a friend of mind wrote a silly adventure full of such rules exploits. For instance, in one room was a ship. The story behind it was that an adventurer used to carry it around, until the encumbrance rules came out, and then he couldn't carry it anymore, so he had to leave in in the room. Yeah, the general idea is to let the players know that they should behave reasonabl
  8. That only matters if the characters are going to do it. I think that you'll probably need some form of subdual damage, non-lethal combat to make that work. Otherwise, people will use weapons instead. Especially if they have high tech weapons that can knock an opponent out. Yeah, look at RQ2-3. Both systems have rules where items stuck into shields affect their use. In a nutshell. Weapons of ENC 2+ or which are still held by the opponent prevent the shield from being used. Weapons on ENC1-2 reduce the ability to use the shield by half until removed. Weapons of less tha
  9. What if you factored in for fatigue? IN real life altheltes tend to wear the least amont of clothing required for the job, as anything more is an impediment. You could require characters to make a CONx5% roil at various times to avoid fatigue, and you could subtract ENC from the CONx5% value. So if your PC is carting around 20 ENC worth of gear, it would be CONx5-20%. Yeah, damages seems pretty close to BRP standard.
  10. Give credit to Greg Stafford. In Pendragon, whenever you take more damage than your SIZ you have to make a DEX roll or be knocked down.
  11. It looks interesting. I'd consider addingin some sort od DEX or Balance roll for those who get knockedback (if a dragon's tail sends a guy flying back 5m he might not be on his feet). We probably need to see the weapon and armor tables to really see how it will play out. Are damaged standard BRP or something else?
  12. Sometimes. I'd say the damage bonus is significantly different but most weapon damages are the same or similar. How much of obstacle that is is another matter. For the most part an experienced GM can look over the weapon tables, compare similar weapons, and get a rough idea of what the approximate damage would be in Elric! Even if a GM just ported over the weapon stats directly the values wouldn't be too far off, as BRP and Mythas use similar hit points and armor values. I think most weapons are within a point or two, on average.
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