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  1. What does AP mean in hit locations?

    The significant bit here is that once you use hit locations not all the locations will necessarily be equally armored.
  2. Bronze Chainmail

    Becuase they had iron to use. Historically, it's not so much that bronze mail isn't possible but that by the time a culture had the metallurgical skills to manufacture mail, they had discovered how to work iron. Bronze mail is quite possible in RW, but as iron is generally lighter and stronger than bronze (and often less expensive), it's preferable to make armor our of iron. In Glorantha, runic Iron (not really the same as terrestrial iron), is a rare, somewhat divine substance, and armorers are forced to work with Glorantha Bronze (again, not really the same as the terrestrial metal) due to the relative scarcity of Iron.
  3. Charge Attacks, Multiple Attacks, Grappling

    Oh the shot could head off in a lot of different ways; into you, your opponent, a friend, the controls, handy bundle of dynamite, recently recovered master tape of lost Doctor Who episodes, signed copy of RQ3 rules. The possibilities are endless. I'd probably just say if you pull the trigger make a luck roll or roll on the fumble table. But now try imagining any of that happening with a bow.
  4. Charge Attacks, Multiple Attacks, Grappling

    They could probably pull the trigger. It might not be pointed at anyone, but...
  5. History Question about Characteristics

    Virtual are nice but not on the same level. For example a virtuous greatsword would always do 156 damage, but a fairly minor demon greatsword might have a +3d6 damage bonus. One idea that I liked was to add Ki skills (for Land of the Ninja) for the followers of Law, especially agents. Basically Ki skills represent doing an action perfectly (which fits in well with the Lords of Law ), and in game terms lets a character raise his critical chance in a mastered skill (90%+) as if it were a separate skill. It would do a lot to make Agents of Law a viable threat.
  6. Super Power Questions

    If you can find the Superworld Boxed Set (from 1983) I think it would solve most of the problems you are having with BRP. For example in Superworld, Flight was 600m/MR (straightline) or 120m/MR (combat movement). Additional levels increased the speed. SIZ only factored into the Hero Point cost to buy the power or Energy cost to use it (both 1/2 SIZ per level).
  7. Hi Folks, Just a heads up to let people know that Amazon is giving away H.P. Lovecraft the Complete Fiction kindle edition for free right now. Great way to get all those Mythos stories.
  8. I could see bonus dice used to reflect they way some Gloranthan magic is supposed to work. Rather than a Bladesharp spell, per say, the character gets a bonus dice. Quite a few spells could be dropped for some sort of Runic association use to get bonus dice. Kinda like bring Heroquest's magic to RQ without being so abstract.
  9. Aldryami vs uz

    I wansn't aware of that.
  10. Aldryami vs uz

    I believe so, it was just that there wasn't much room in the core rules for such info. Yeah, and I think that is a major reason why the elder races looked the way they did. It was more a case of artistic license and interpretation rather than a true representation of how such beings were supposed to look. It was probably something along the lines of getting an elf drawing for the book. Plus I doubt Greg really had how the looks locked down. He might have planned for elves to be plant people, but there are lots of ways for that to look.
  11. Aldryami vs uz

    I agree. I think pretty much every fantasy or FRPG idea that Greg and his group liked and wanted to try out got incorporated into Glorantha/Dragon Pass. They just kept adding new things "down the road" a few miles, and then, eventually altered and adjusted things to make them fell more like a natural part of Glorantha and less like a transplant. I think it helped to give the cultures greater depth, as there was something of a layered approach to the cultures. First the original transplant, then adapting the it to RQ game mechanics, then "Gloanthizing" it, then finetuing things to better fit the area it wound up in, and finally letting it grow organically into something that "belonged" there.
  12. Yup, and that can result in their doing things that cost them money. Back when the whole Palladium thing went down, there were quite a few people who were ticked off with Kevin Siembieda over his actions and stopped buying Palladium products. So by going after some people who were playing his games without buying a given supplment or two, he ended up with fewer people playing and buying his games overall. He probably would have been better off to leave things alone. Besides, one of the reasons why people were sending each other game stats was that the stats were ususally the only thing you needed from a supplement. Yup. I once got a bit of a slap on the wrist thing from a company because of such lawyers and idiots. I downloaded a fan-made alternate DVD jacket cover for a Doctor Who DVD (from a link on the BBC Doctor Who website) and some lawyer from some movie company contacted my ISP claiming that that downloaded some movie called "The Jacket". I had never heard of the movie, but my defense to my ISP was that if I had figured out a way to compress a feature film down to a 3MB file, I'd be so fantastically rich that could buy the movie studio and fire the idiots who sent me and my ISP the email. That gave the guy from my ISP a good laugh. The end result of the whole thing was that I ended up boycotting that stuido's DVDs for about 5 years. Cost them money, made me feel better.
  13. Aldryami vs uz

    So that's why they call them Army Ants. They're not just for picnics anymore!
  14. Aldryami vs uz

    But what percentage of Uz are trollkin? Troll forces are made up with a few tough tanks, supported by lots of second rate skirmishers.
  15. Aldryami vs uz

    It's pretty much a walk over for the elves, as long as the fight starts at range and the elves have the chance to keep their distance (basically skimish). Arrows are extremely effective since they can impale and a character can usually fire two shot a round. Plus there is a lot of good battlemagic, such as speedart, multimissile, and mobility, that all plays well into this. Trolls might be good with slings but they're just not in the same league. Now, in an enclosed space, where the trolls can get into melee, it quickly shifts into their favor. Most of the trolls advantages kick in then.