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  1. This is mostly just writing out my thoughts to see if they look sensible, but there is a genuine question at the end. In preparation for a Rogue Mistress playthrough, I am looking at the Stormbringer summoning mini-game 1st vs 4th editions (borrowing Background Events and Passions from MRQ II). Rogue Mistress was written for 4th edition as far as I can tell. For those who don't have the secret knowledge of the Eldest Edition, many players at that time had great fun using the Summoning mini-game to prepare for play. First you had your sorcerer. Generally the game premise was "Eve
  2. The updated PDF is out on DTRPG Legend: The Spider God's Bride - Mongoose | Legend | DriveThruRPG.com Fixed: NPCs, this includes restoring description, tactics and possessions. Fixed: Monsters in adventures. Fixed: Monster appendix. Fixed: Chapter on gods, cults and demons with Legend style Sorcery as the basis for the cults themselves. Fixed: Adventures (minor text) with additions and clarifications. New: Magic items. New: Magic chapter. New: Poison appendix
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