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    Played D&D on a homebrewed system, played Cthulhu, Traveller, the awful Bushido and am now forming my own group, using the BRP system.
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    None yet, but have some home made games that will use BRP due to new players.
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    Sarcastic/cynical/twisted/silly sense of humour, piercings and ink, long hair, part time insomniac snd all round oddball.
  1. You HAVE to share this! I need to know how it's even possible. Please tell me you remember!
  2. Rob

    Mythos Debate

    Oh, HELL no! N ot doing that a second time!
  3. Rob

    Mythos Debate

    I've read here and there that Cthulhu was some kind of priest. What the hell did HE pray to? Scary thought!
  4. Rob

    Mythos Debate

    Aye, the star one is very common. I like both and think that if used together (ie. both drawn in the same location), you're pretty much going to be safe from a lot of things. Except outer gods. And **** that!
  5. Not really game-related, but a big part of the source material, so it's still valid. I've seen two different versions of the elder sign and I know there is/was a debate about it amid fans. So where do you stand, personally? What do you believe it to be and which do you prefer? Both answers may be different after all. I can see the one reminscent of a twig being the official or "proper" one, but design-wise, I like the star/eye combo better. They both have good points, but the star is my preference.
  6. Very gracious of you. What makes it really bad is that on that same night, I had to look up spot rules But now that I know how to go about it, all is well again
  7. The same big gold BRP book that I have... well, this is embarrassing! Thanks man, I was thinking that.
  8. Hey guys, got another question for you. The group are currently fighting two guards. The guards are wearing chain mail with an AR of 4, meaning not many points of damage go through when shot with a medium pistol (D8 DAM). I think the armour should be less resistant to bullets since they weren't a concern when that armour was made in real life. How should I go about it? A separate rating?
  9. That is really unlucky. But funny
  10. That is nuts. Another bout of insanity at the table for us tonight. The group continues from saving one scout last time and tonight, they got into a town, where they are stared at as everyone (except the party) has grey skin. They managed to befriend a stall vendor and god chatting, telling of what they had encountered; the large, hawk-like creatures that wouldn't die (They were essentially KO'd). The NPC looks impressed that they "killed" these things, having been told they know nothing of this realm. NPC: How did you know to crush the beak? M: What now? M gets very drunk one one bee
  11. Poor Bob. Even the players are fed up, hmm? Personally, I'd have stopped at attempt 5. By the way, my new game works well. It's fun, the players are utterly insane and I can stay on them. Though if I can stay on pacewith insane players, does that say more of their madness or mine? I'm scared
  12. I think we have a winner. He doesn't do it to derail, it's just to have fun with the character.
  13. This one is just silly. My first game with the group I'm heading. We play my home made game using BRP. They cross over into the other world and rescue one of the scouts they are meant to find. The army dr patches him up. The hitman decides to help get him to his feet, for the purposes of pickpocketing- and gets caught. I got to the toilet and when I get back, everyone is laughing hysterically and I hear mention of chloroform! It turns out that to help the P.I and the hitman search thispoor bastard, the chemist (played by my fiancee) wanted to chloroform him! I give her a luck roll and she fail
  14. But isn't that down to the GM, to decide when it is and isn't appropriate?
  15. If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. But if you **** it up nine times in a row, give it a rest. Who can forget that old adage, eh? Sounds like an interesting comic, by the way
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