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    Started playing the original FASA star trek game and have moved on to other games inn the last 20 years to writing my own rpg material.
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    From the cold north where snow and ice hail.

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  1. Unfortunately the website has been taken down. Hard to justify something that wasn't making any revenue. The books are still available so if you want them just let me know.
  2. And knock off with the insults and mockery. Grow up.
  3. Forget it. No one has any right to ask someone to stop something that is legal and not violating copyright. NO ONE not me, not you and especially Chaosium. They should never have asked him to do that with the influence they have on these forums. It's nice to know you experience with the company has been wonderful, mine hasn't. Many others haven't either.
  4. So if I have a commercial interest we will all move to accomodate me? Of course not! I'm the one guy standing up saying this is wrong? Big Brother wins again I suppose.
  5. This is unconvincing. If it was Product Identification they simply could have asked for the name to be changed but they didn't. Also the biggest rpg company in the world never asked for OSRIC to be taken down even though it was a close clone of 1e D&D. Same with Basic Fantasy. Instead Chaosium has decided to ask for a srd to be taken down that is completely legal. There's absolutely no reason for it Thankfully Vile gave a better insight into his half of the decision but it doesn't explain Chaosium's tactic in doing this.
  6. Just seems like company strong-arming when there's no legal backing behind it. I continue to lose respect for the new reformed company when they pull stunts like this.
  7. If it's legal why is Chaosium asking for it to be taken down?
  8. Basically there's a supreme self-existing God that brought forth everything and there are minor "gods" who are more like overseers of the various realms.
  9. Interesting. Might conflict with the metaphysics I was going to lay out in the future but is still fascinating what you'rw doing.
  10. Makes sense. One of the points to mulitudes of realms was to make different types of magic unique to each realm available. Neat that you cracked into that.
  11. It's interesting. I'd be interested in seeing more.
  12. There's always plans for ER just getting over a bit of a hiccup at the moment.
  13. Need Deus Vult inspiration? Get it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1520296738
  14. This was kind of my point. Any game really can be any of these depending on the GM. Although I don't touch mature sexual topics (ie. The Book of Erotic Fantasy type stuff) I prefer visualizations of the violence medieval melee combat will cause.
  15. In a sense yes, but it can vary greatly between hit locations.
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