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  1. This blog is about settings. And immersion, and getting a sense of belonging. And rejection of the hack'n'slash mentality of gaming. It is also about hypnosis, and hypnotic language, and high weirdness, and the ocarina. Everybody here got into gaming for their own reasons. Give me five minutes, and I bet I could draw out your reason for playing d100 games, or for playing tabletop games at all. What do you get out of your favourite d100 game / setting? What's the payoff for you, that brings you back to this specific game, world, or setting, or even makes this your go-to plac
  2. Well, that was really easy. I just sped up all the stat blocking of the supporting characters, antagonists, and special guest stars of the adventure Scandalous Liaisons by using OpenOffice Calc. Generated them all at once. Physical combat stats and social conflict stats, too.
  3. Sure thing. Take your time on your projects. I'm a lot closer now to finishing Scandalous Liaisons than I have been in months. Just stat blocking and a bit of preliminary proofing to do.
  4. 56 cow heights (withers height) or 32 cow lengths (nose to tail). 827 hands.
  5. Giotto's Campanile in this world is about 84 metres tall, so I imagine that in my Fioracitta there would be architects who would create towers that high or higher, up to the limits of stone and wood. So imagine an architect who discovers that some glassblower is making sheet glass plates metres across, and some other guy is using Rhonaran concrete for walls and buildings (unlike our world, they never lost the secret of making sturdy concrete when their Empire fell), and who decides to build a tower of glass reaching more than a hundred metres, with experts in material sciences from Prosoc
  6. I just had someone ask me about the really flexible history of Fioracitta, and the new historical events table which allows you to write in a chunk of history or a single event that isn't in the listed histories. I told them what I'm saying here - this includes players. If they want to create an ancestor so they have an ancestor spirit to conjure up, that's what the tables are there for. As long as you and the GM write down the details, once written, so they can be brought up again later in the same campaign. And if you finish your Fioracitta campaign, and come back later to start af
  7. Okay, well in this case I'll definitely have to bring in something about how big the interiors and exteriors of Fiorese civic and other buildings are expected to be. I'm definitely inclined to come up with a Fioracitta Companion, in that case, as one of the items on top of my to-do list after Scandals.
  8. The real world Tower of Arnolfo in Florence is 95 metres high. Civic engineering in the Renaissance created some buildings which were imposing back then, but which would seem to be lacking in ambition compared to the skyscrapers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Large buildings, and large interiors, were a thing for the real world Renaissance, as architects created new ways of reinforcing structures against gravity, and this is reflected in the fictional setting of Fioracitta - in its temples, the Tamaggian temples, in particular. I think the words "as high" should have gone in there s
  9. I'm going to open this here and just let you know that if and when anyone has any questions or comments about Fioracitta, let me know here (and if this thread is more than a week old, open a new thread and tag me in the opening post - I don't like thread necromancy much either). Current topics:- - comments about problems you may have in receiving the hardcopies (the covid crisis is still upon us, and some post may be delayed still) - whatever you might find about the book that grabs your interest - hopefully, deeper questions for anyone who's had a good look through it.
  10. Again, that's what Scandalous Liaisons will do - allow players to explore Fioracitta and make use of plenty of references within the book. Oh, and there are some useful references to Mythras Companion, if you have that book and want to put those rules into action, along with rules for players and GMs who do not have access to that book.
  11. I hope you took advantage of the free PDF option for softcover and hardcover purchases.
  12. I think everyone who's worked on Fioracitta is hugely gratified by its reception this weekend, and hope to see the title really taking off in time to come. I know I am hugely pleased, and grateful. Depending on sales of Fioracitta and the adventure I'm still writing, which I'm calling Scandalous Liaisons, this weekend I've seriously been contemplating further products to support the Fioracitta line. If Fioracitta takes off, at least I know I'll be happy to create further works for this supplement and setting. I've spoken to people, and there's some good feedback for this idea. So, I'
  13. Soph Conner, one of the incredibly talented editors at TDM, in a comment posted on Facebook. The last in a line of editors of Fioracitta, who worked with Dean Kotz and myself to turn that book into something truly impressive. If and when someone makes a review of Fioracitta, I'll post the links here.
  14. I'll be here tomorrow to answer more questions. This has been a great day. Soph even described Fioracitta as "something superb, which deserves to be up there with the great cities of fantasy gaming." Thank you, everyone.
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