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  1. Oh, that's awful news. Sorry to hear that your universe died.
  2. Have the Powers That Be considered retooling something like Mythras Imperative into a solo game system? A future project to consider.
  3. Brilliant ongoing work.
  4. Looking forward to tomorrow's releases. When you update M-Space, will this come through automatically on DriveThru?
  5. Or we could just learn Spanish ...
  6. The thing I love about a roleplaying game is the ability to tell stories in it. Some systems are explicitly built around storytelling: the Chronicles of Darkness and its satellite settings are billed as "The Storytelling System." I am finding Mythras better suited to general storytelling than an awful lot of contemporary roleplaying systems. I found myself wondering why this is so. I can think of a few things that stand out. Character Generation: Your characters are not constrained by class. Some farm boy could grow up to be a sorcerer, sure: or he might find a calling as a physician, alchemist or entertainer, and seek out adventure according to his skills and gifts. Connections: Your character is not alone. Unlike, say, Traveller, where your Travellers can leave all your Allies and Contacts behind with the next Jump out of the system, your connections are never far away in Mythras, because what is implied is that your Adventurers have to come back to their locus of operations if they are to advance with their people. Speaking of people ... Cults and Brotherhoods: Your characters really are not alone. There are Cult and Brotherhood memberships, as well as duties and responsibilities, to take care of. It looks as if half the time, the Adventurers are doing the classic dungeon crawling, and the rest of the time they're learning, reaching, advancing or deposing scheming Rivals, or warring against rival Brotherhoods out for the same goal as the Adventurers' faction. Those are the three that stand out. How about you? What makes Mythras outstanding for you?
  7. Yeah, there is a font size adjusting option. Did you cut and paste the odd text?
  8. I love Roman Antique for headings and captions. Main body text, not so much. Garamond's a bit small - smaller than Times New Roman characters at the same font size. I use Gentium, when I'm not using Times New Roman. If I'm writing a document that someone else will be editing, plain Times New Roman all the way, nothing else. As for displaying numbers, when I'm working on mathematical and numerical displays, would you believe SimSun does the most mathematical-looking number displays? It's for Chinese characters, but it really works for numbers.
  9. Done and bought. Very nice it is, too. Chances are, I'll find a way of including a few Tasks in future supplements, including:- - Group Climb (Athletics-based Task); - Follow The Money (Bureaucracy); - Who's Foolin' Who? (Deceit); - Summoning Something (Or Sending It Back) (Invocation).
  10. Use it for pure retro pleasure. Grab the RQ6 Games Masters' Pack from the Design Mechanism site, right where Loz pointed. Print out the tables from that, glue them to the inside of the screen, and enjoy playing a modern game with a retro look.
  11. Any chance to add Passions to the page?
  12. "Okay, Fred, it'd be a Herculean task for everybody else, but the Force is strong in you, so it's Very Easy. Just roll the dice, will ya? Any roll but 00 is a success. 00 is a fumble." *rolls 00* "The Force must be taking a holiday today, Fred ... WATCH THAT WA - oh, never mind."
  13. The discussions on here are just as fun as they are on any Traveller board. Suddenly, I feel right at home here.
  14. You can add Chaotic Features, too, as "random genetic mutations caused by radiation."
  15. Use the Mythras Mysticism rules, specifically the Invoke Trait rules. You'll find that they're easy to implement. If they're genetic mods, add them not as Talents that have some sort of cost, but more like Gifts (again, see Mythras Core Rulebook for Gifts) Also, see the Creatures section of that Core Rulebook. Where the power is something like "sense magic," replace "magic" with the word "psionics," and you could be on to a winner.