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  1. That assessment isn't really accurate (well maybe for 3rd and 4th edition). Yes, AD&D characters get more HP's as they level (until level 10 where they start getting a flat 1-3 with no bonuses), but monster and spell damage for similar level creatures usually outpaced what PC's gained (meaning that, at best they cancelled out). More importantly, the assumptions of what HP's mean are different for each game. HP's in D&D have never been wound points. They represent the PC's ability to parry blows. In AD&D, if a hit doesn't drop you to negatives, it didn't really hit. It was parried, or failed to pierce your armor. Over time however, the onslaught would wear you down. You'd get tired (hence, lower hit points). Now, in BRP this is handled by two systems, hit points (actual wounds) and defense rolls. So both of these systems have to be taken together to really analyse them against AD&D HP's. In my opinion, the ability to negate attacks (based on a skill that raises with time) completely makes up for the lower actual HP's. So BRP characters and AD&D characters are mostly equal in squishiness.
  2. Yeah, I've looked at that and it's giving me a huge head start in the conversion of the setting. I'm mostly just wondering if there are any systems, either in a book or homebrew, for converting the stats for say, a monster or trap that appears in a specific adventure module, to BRP. Since I plan on running a few classic modules.
  3. Hi, I'm working on dusting off some of my old AD&D 2nd edition adventure modules (specifically the more memorable Ravenloft adventures) to run them again. I came to the conclusion that it would be easier and more cost effective to try converting them to a system I know and use than to try to relearn a game system I haven't played in 15 years. I was wondering if there was a quick and easy rule for converting AD&D adventures to BRP? Especially in the area of bonuses/penalties to rolls (IE, a +1 bonus translates to +X%) and monster stat writeups. I know that Classic Fantasy is essentially a book for playing AD&D 1st edition with BRP, but does it cover these things as well? Thanks, in advance for any advice. P.S. On the topic of Classic Fantasy, I've flipped through it and noticed that it uses the 1st edition system of having a Magic User class and an Illusionist class. Is there an update or online alteration for the second edition specialist wizard system?
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