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  1. I feel like zola fel will be left to the prax book. The twin fishers are at most spirit cults, and the same goes for iphara. The one you missed is Murthdrya, who apperantly has a write up
  2. gods can have different runes depending of the way they are worshiped, for example malia only has a chaos rune when worshiped b chaos creatures, when propiated she's just I don't know wether the Engizi variant and the Lorion variant of the cult have different spells, but they're the same god
  3. I normally don't like to theorise about what the god learners changed, but that spell seems a bit too overpowered for them not have had a hand in creating it
  4. I meant specifically gods of seas, that's why I mentioned Banthe and Sshorg, I knew about Wachaza but i was trying to find more water warrior god. thinking about it, Drospoly and varachulanga might also be worshiped by merman warriors(thought drospoly might be a ty kora tek type god, hopefuly we get more on him in the water book). Manthi provides shield so he might be a warrior too. I assume that has to do with them being a naval empire.
  5. Could any of the sea dieties be war gods? Seeing that they invaded the earth cube during the storm age, and were relatively successfull seeing that most of glorantha is water, I imagine some have that role. Looking at the god chart maybe Sshorg and Banthe? Sshorg has myths about invading the earth, and Banthe seems to be her equivbalent so I guess they could do that.
  6. I remember reading something on the wall about how they eat grass made to look like steak, so I think the fact that they're tapirs means that they can't digest meat too well so they only eat it when it's required.
  7. I meant to say ZZ but I was thinkin of tolat and annilla so I wrote tolat by mistake lol
  8. that was probably on this forum, 50% chance on the dumb theory thread lol(not to call it dumb, but that's probably where it was discussed) Now I don't think Shargash and tolat aren't the same even if they are "equivalents". They do fight eachother in myth, and personally I can't really reconcile shargash's association with Annilla with him being ZZ, like wouldn't ZZ be associated with her too then seeing that they're both darkness gods? Another kind of similar case is Moorgarki losing her cold like Yelmalio lost his heat, but I admit that's a loose association(and you could also bring up that Sandy's idea that Pamaltela is reverse Genertela).
  9. Well the irripi ontor description in the lunar way says that celestial gods have equivalents in the underwolrd and on the surface, so Shargash being equivalent to ZZ is intentional, but I don't think they're the same.
  10. He's minor by virtue of not having a important cosmological role, he's mentined by name as a minor god
  11. I would say that you have to be a narcissist to try and become a god but I imagine the people who achieve this don't really realize what happened.
  12. So I was looking over mythology and I found something interesting in the copper plates; Entekos existed before Umath. Now I know that there's a whole book about her so I can probably find some answers there, but it made me wonder, what other obscure gods have interesting mythologies? The other that comes to mind is Heler, mostly because I read some comments by someone on this forum, that said that Heler apperantly was the king of gods before Orlanth freed him from Aroka(who I asume was just Heler in draconic form). Shargash also has a more important role in blue moon mythology, as Annilla's brother(twin?). Does anybody else have any other examples?
  13. Gaining a hero soul means you start to be mythically identified as yourself insted of as your god
  14. ? Even if you could maybe say magic exists in real life, spirit magic and sorcery don't exist, if that's what you're getting at
  15. I guess after the gods died the world was remade without magic, or maybe contact between the middleworld and the other world was cut off, idk
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