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  1. On 29/09/2016 at 0:49 AM, SDLeary said:

    What caught my eye was actually widely differing game damage for two "similar" cartridges. 8mm Mannlicher (I'm assuming 8x50R) and 8mm Mauser. While the Mauser was the more capable cartridge, 1d4+1 seems a little low for a rifle cartridge, especially a round nose cartridge like this. Mauser is 1d8. 

    By comparison, both seem underpowered as a No. 1 Marlin Baby 22 (what we would today call .22 Short) gets 1d4.

    The amount of work that you've put into this though, damn! How long for just the entry??


    Yes... I had noticed the disappointing damages for some of the modern weapons. So I went back and added a new variable :) Now the spreadsheet has a modifier for black powder, an 'intermediary' smokeless and a 'modern' cordite. Looks much more appropriate to me now... but I'm not ready to show it to you lot yet, apologies!

    How much work? Lets have a look... hmm, the earliest version of the spreadsheet I have is dated March 2012! I should probably get round to attempting to finish this project!!!

    I suppose I slowed down on doing this when Chaosium went through their 'hiccup', and when BRP stopped being a thing I could contribute to...

    The original plan was to combine this spreadsheet with a brief description of every firearm in the table to produce a (fairly) conclusive firearms bible. It wouldn't just give you the stats for every gun, it would give you some background to all of those weapons too. The combined document is 140 pages so far...

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  2. I have an excel spreadsheet that uses the Taylor Knockout (TKO) Formula that relies on as much hard data that I can find, supplemented by some hand waving :) Calibre, muzzle loading, black powder, percussion caps and cartridge weapons all have a modifier that affects the TKO impact velocity, which is then looked up on a table of dice+mods.

    It's not perfect, and it never will be, but it gets all of the firearms into (approximately) the right levels of carnage. Most importantly, all of the weapons are built off of the same data. I feel that it works pretty well in the black powder area, not so well when you get to modern(ish) cartridges...

  3. In some cases you do have to be a bit flexible with the rules :) I would probably let a wolf charge in and bite later in the combat round because if it doesn't get to bite this round it would probably get blown away before it becomes a threat! I always treat rules as guidelines, and frequently bend them to fit my expectations.

    But it does look to me like you have SR and movement right.

    As for additional resources, there's loads of stuff on the internet...

    I found this a bit useful..


    And Joe R Lansdale has written a number of excellent western books, top of my list would be Deadmans Road, or try to get hold of his Jonah Hex comics, also very excellent!

    Chaosium have a good weird western book too http://www.chaosium.com/edge-of-sundown/

    There are some pretty good movies to watch out for too. I really like The Long Riders, a non mythical flick about the James Younger gang http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081071/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1. I did a write up of them on my website... http://www.aceshighrpg.co.uk/download/AH_Extraordinary People_James-Younger.pdf

    Purgatory is pretty interesting too http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0158131/

    There's a big long list of inspirational stuff in the back of the AH and the AH:NM books.

    I hadn't heard of Shadows of Brimstone, might have to check it out. Thanks!

  4. I would have the Wolf begin to move on 16 and get its next action, a bite?, on 8.

    Depending on how far the wolf moved determines whether it has to move again, or whether it is in bite range, or whether it can get into bite range in 5m.

    If the wolf is gnawing on John, then John has a normal chance to hit (easy because of range, difficult because of being engaged in combat).

    If Bob wants to shoot into the combat, then it gets funny. If he goes for the wolf he has a -20% chance to hit and has to do the 50/50 or Luck thing to see what he actually hits. If Bob is a bit of a sadist and isn't bothered what he hits he gets a +5%  to hit and still has to do the 50/50 or Luck thing to see what he has hit.

    Looks like you've got the gist of it though. Apart from, you can't normally dodge bullets!

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  5. On 18/07/2016 at 5:00 PM, saintricardo said:

    I bought the Aces High supplement to run a wild west campaign and am a little confused in how combat works.  Also, in the Aces High supplement weapons do not have an attack rating only a Strike Rank which leads me to believe they want you to use the Strike rank optional rules. 

    Aces High was written with the assumption of using Strike Ranks. But if you assume Derringers are Light Revolvers (Attk 2) then Pistols are Medium and Heavy (both Attk 1).


    Thanks for buying my Mono! Hope you enjoy it :)

  6. On 11/07/2016 at 2:52 PM, Mysterioso said:

    Any chance this can be cleaned up?  It looks quite good.

    What a mess! Looks like the html has gone kooky... Which one of you numpty hackers wrote that then?

    Oh, wait..



    This beast stands like a man, yet is half again the height and strength of most men. They are covered with a coat of thick white fur.

    They are omnivores with a strong love of warm flesh in their diet. They are able to live off of berries, plants and meat with meat usually being the primary source of sustenance. They are not averse to taking advantage of carrion in hard times.

    Yeti can be intelligent but are more renowned for their cunning. They use a Beast Speech form of communication, made of whistles, hoots, growls, barks and other softer noises. Most communication, face to face, is achieved with posture and facial expression. Bearing of their impressive fangs can be interpreted as either a hostile action or a sign of friendship, like a smile.

    Normally solitary creatures, the Yeti come together in spring to take part in a bloody mating ritual. Only the strongest or most intelligent earn the opportunity to breed with the most desirable females, thus ensuring that the species continues to prosper. Once the females have been successfully impregnated the Yeti normally go back to their separate lives, occasionally the male will accompany the prime female for the next few seasons to ensure their prosperity and safety. Females will usually retreat to high altitude caves to give birth, not leaving this sanctuary until the child is strong enough to survive the harsh environment.

    The child Yeti matures quickly by human standards with them becoming completely independent by the age of 10. In these early years the Yeti rarely interact with anyone, instead the stay hidden and are driven towards avoidance. In their middle age, 20 to 30 years old, they start to seek the females of their species with the hope of earning the right to produce their own offspring. Failure to gain a mate can drive the males out of their mountains and into the low lands to lick their wounds and to take their frustrations out on travelers. A frustrated, mature Yeti is something to be wary of for any traveler.

    Yeti that reach old age, 30 to 40 years, lose interest in procreation and once again become isolationist loners, avoiding all contact with other intelligent beings. Near the point of death Yeti will attempt to find a quiet cave to lay down and pass on peacefully.

    Intelligent Yeti have rarely managed to overcome their innate shyness and joined a religion. However, when the opportunity is presented they are drawn towards hunter aspect religions such as Foundchild and even Odayla on occasion. At other times storm, mountain or ice gods might attract special individuals. They will almost never rise above Initiate status though, their nature prevents them from making good leaders.

    Yeti do not usually make or use tools, few tools would suite their massively clawed hands, but their intelligence does not prohibit their understanding of such things. Use of sticks to poke at potentially dangerous things is not unknown and their tactical use of rocks to disrupt caravans and cause avalanches is well known among mountain dwellers.


    Young 10+1d10

    Middle Aged 20+1d10

    Old Aged 30+2d10

    STATISTICS     Range              Dice                 Average           Derived           Average

    STR                  09-24               3d6+6             16-17               Move                 4

    CON                 16-36               4d6+12            26                   HP                       23

    SIZ                   13-28               3d6+10            20-21               FAT                    43

    INT                   02-12               2d6                  07                    MP                     11

    POW                03-18               3d6                  10-11               DEX SR               3

    DEX                  08-23               3d6+5              15-16               SIZ SR                0

    APP                  01-06               1d6                  03-04               DAM Bonus      +1d6


                    Melee   Missile  HP  

    R Leg      01-04   01-03   .33

    L Leg       05-08   04-06   .33

    Abdmn      09-11  07-10   .33

    Chest        12        11-15   .40

    R Arm      13-15   16-17   .25

    L Arm      16-18   18-19   .25

    Head       19-20    20       .25

    WEAPON        SR        Atack %           Dam    P%       Ap        ENC Effective Range Max range

    Bite                  3          25+Age x 1      1d6      --          --          --          --                      --

    Claw                2          25+Age x 3      1d6      25+Age --        --          --                      --

    Rend                3          15+Age x 2      2d8      --          --          --          --                      --

    Rock                1          15+Age x 2      **        --          --          --          20                    40

    ** See ROCKS below


    2 to 8 point fur hide

    Based on Season, see FUR TYPE below.


    Climb 40+Age*2

    Dodge 05+Age*2

    Hide 10+Age*3

    Scan 25+Age*2

    Search 25+Age*1

    Sneak 10+Age*3


    Fur. The Yetis fur grows and molts throughout the year. In the summer seasons the fur starts light and short as the season progresses through to winter the fur becomes longer and denser. At the end of winter the long fur has become matted and tangled with detritus, twigs, ice and even stone chips, making it especially thick and heavy. Then in spring the fur starts to fall out as the Yeti molts until by Mid-Summer it has a short, cropped appearance again.

    Attacks. The Yeti can attack twice with its Claws on the same combat SR. If both attacks are a success the Yeti can follow this attack 3 SR later with a Bite attack or a Rend attack at +20% to hit. Bite attack rolls 1d10+10 for location. The Rend attack represents the Yeti attempting to pull away large chunks of flesh for feeding. The claws drag across the body of the target in tandem, hooking and gouging clumps of flesh from the body.

    Rocks. The Yeti may scoop up rocks from the ground to use as missile weapons. The size of the rocks varies from attack to attack. Roll 1d6, 1-3 = 1d4, 4-5 = 1d6, 6 = 1d8.

    Tactics. Normal tactics are to hide in the mountains above their targets and hurl rocks down on them before moving in to finish off the target once they are wounded and disoriented.

    Maturity. The Yeti matures early and can be considered approaching adult status by 10 years of age making Older Yetis (age 25+) a considerable foe. By middle age (20-30) the Yeti has normally become an expert at hiding, sneaking, and climbing among the mountains that it lives in. Finding a Yeti foot print is almost common but following their tracks becomes almost impossible because of their method of travel. They have a long step and frequently climb, trees, and steep cliff walls with ease. They rarely follow established paths or roads opting to take a more direct route to their destination, even if it means climbing a mountain rather than going around if it is possible.

    Immune to cold damage

    +25% to Hide in Snowy conditions

    Infravision 50ft

    Long reach reduces claw SR to 2

    May make 2 claw attacks followed 3 SR later with a Rend OR Bite attack

    Vulnerable to Fire - all fire damage is doubled and transferred to the adjacent location(s) on the following combat round


    Gloranthan     Earth Equiv.   Fur Type         AP

    Sea                   Early Spring     Molting Fur     6

    Fire                   Spring              Molting Fur     3  

    Earth                Summer          Short Fur         2

    Dark                 Autumn           Shaggy Fur      4

    Storm               Winter             Heavy Fur        6

    Sacred             Late Winter     Tangled Fur     8

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  7. Lot of banter going on here, clearly the RQ (number) thing is not terribly popular. So I suggest calling it BRP:RQ Glorantha 47, or BRPRQG47 is a nice acronym that slips across the keyboard. That should annoy just about everybody :)

    So long as it says 'RuneQuest', has a woman fighting a lizard thing on the cover and extols the virtues of intelligent ducks within its pages... I'll be happy...

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  8. I'm not sure fanning a pistol is especially intimidating when being shot at by anything is intimidating in itself. Will you be having intimidation rules for shotgun, Gatling gun, canon as well?

    I offered a very simple interpretation of fanning in Aces High. Weapon speed is 1 better than standard and to hit is reduced by 20%. Very quick, very easy to deal with.

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  9. I ran a slower than light tech sci-fi game many years ago sort of along the lines of Silent Running. I had the bulk of the meat frozen on long term cryo-storage and the players were the tech crew that got woken up by the ships AI whenever something unexpected happened, tech problem, interesting event, planet, course corrections etc. During the players down time the robots took care of the regular maintenance of the ship.

    I had floorplans for the main ship, cargo transporter, shuttle and ground vehicle, but I have no idea where they are now...

  10. ... (For instance, I strongly suspect that Aces High could be redone with a tweaking of Renaissance. All the Aces High material already published re-edited for Renaissance and pulled together into a core book and a scenario book would be welcome at least by me.)    

    Ah, um, sorry. That probably wont happen.

    I originally wrote AH as a home brew mixture of CoC and RQ3 many years before I even knew what BRP was and it probably wouldn't have gotten any further until I stumbled across Chaosium calling for BRP monographs. I submitted it because I really like their system and have always played it, not because they paid me for it (!) or even because I thought someone else might like it.

    I submitted it purely because it was Chaosium.

    While this recent 'kickstarter issue' did/does bother me somewhat (understatement) I would need some serious convincing and soul searching before I even started to consider defecting to another company or d100 derivative. I have a lot of time and money invested in Aces HIgh but nowhere near as much as I have invested in Chaosium over the years. If BRP dies, or, (unknowable horror!) Chaosium dies it is entirely likely that Aces HIgh will die with it in a funk of the deepest darkest depression. :) Anything I have that I think might be worthy may end up here, probably at the same quality level that I submitted the first two AH books.

    That said, I am human, and all things are open to negotiation...

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  11. Optimistically, directors and authors attempt to inform, or maybe warn, the masses in the hope that they wont let it happen for real.

    However, we are already living in a dystopian future, the films just dress it up in neon and lens flare.


    I work in local government and one of the most disturbing things that happened a few years ago was that they started referring to people as resources! When they talk about redistributing resources, they aren't talking about moving tables and chairs and computers, they are talking about people as though they are tables and chairs and computers.


    When they restructure these 'resources' they seem to be surprised to find that they don't always fit into their expected boxes. Which usually prompts another restructure...


    Still, I love dystopia! Almost as much as apathetic nihilism and armchair anarchy :)

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