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  1. What a mess! Looks like the html has gone kooky... Which one of you numpty hackers wrote that then? Oh, wait.. Yeti This beast stands like a man, yet is half again the height and strength of most men. They are covered with a coat of thick white fur. They are omnivores with a strong love of warm flesh in their diet. They are able to live off of berries, plants and meat with meat usually being the primary source of sustenance. They are not averse to taking advantage of carrion in hard times. Yeti can be intelligent but are more renowned for their cunning. They use
  2. MrJealousy

    Aces High

    Pictures from my AH book.
  3. So much work! When we come back to my RQ campaign I may well have to delve into this. Much appreciated.
  4. 149 downloads

    The King of Dykene, Skilfil Heartpiercer, has been informed that some of his people from the Blue Dog tribe in the Northern extremes of his land have gone missing. The normal scouting parties of the Blue Dog tribe have not been able to discover anything useful and the King has decided to hire some adventurers to discover what has happened... Return to Griffin Mountain can be played as a standalone moduleā€¦ However, to make the Games Masters job much easier you should also have the Gloranthan Classics Volume III - Griffin Mountain source book, available from Moon Design. This adventure ha
  5. There are about 370+ American tribes that are officially recognised by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. The list includes confederations, subsets, other divisions and some 'tribes' represent less than 30 people! Wikipedia has a list of them all here with links to a bit of knowledge on each. I am willing to bet there are omissions. Certainly you would have to look at Canadian and South American tribes as well. If you wrote it as an RPG book, included some general information, special abilities, magic, favourite method of warfare (or some thing) and at least one significant even
  6. My two Aces High monographs devote a lot of space to the Natives. The AH mono itself deals with them in a fairly generic way but does draw attention to things like language, religious powers, and a supernatural difference between the tribes. The AH:New Mexico book is almost half filled with Hopi religion, with a little bit on Apache too. Both my AH monos are written from the point of a 'pale face' but I have tried to offer depth for the Native tribes with the intention that someone could use the information to run a game with Indians. That said, there are literally hundreds of tribes an
  7. I'd be inclined to make it a Manipulation skill. Physical skills seem to be more about the whole body, manipulation is more about fingers and hand stuff. Not that my cowboys do any of that nambypamby stuff! Pull a gun, shoot someone. That's what i say It's poetry...
  8. Yeah, over the years I have begun to really dislike the needless killing of natural creatures in my games. If my players stumble across a bear in my RQ campaign, for example, and they kill it. They then discover that it was only defending its cub, or it was stalking something really dangerous and might have been helpful, or something just NASTY happens to then in return. So when I'm creating new critters I'm not thinking 'this will make a good combat opportunity' I'm thinking 'why is it here, what is it doing, what does it want'. Most of the time the critter is essentially unaware of other
  9. Ok, I'm sure someone has done this before, but here's my attempt anyway... Yeti ... updated later in this thread...
  10. I played the original too! This new one seems to be quite similar to it, more so than other offerings in the franchise... sounds familiar. and that sounds like the Chryssalid. They're difficult to deal with and they don't even shoot at you!
  11. So I've been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown (got it for christmas) and these buggers just wiped out my whole team... CHRYSSALID - Xenomorph Chryssalids are fast melee units. Their Implant attack is particularly dangerous. Their corpses can be used to make Chitin Vests. Groups (or herds) of Chryssalids are dropped into heavily populated areas with the intention of implanting their eggs in as many people as possible as quickly as possible. They have four spear like legs and two clawed hands giving them a formidibale selection of weapons to utilise in hand to hand combat. Their j
  12. Awesome! I might put killer tomatoes in my RQ campaign now...
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