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  1. I'm doing full size for now but I may make different stat blocks for the young as I progress. I'm actually doing Velociraptor, deinonychus, and Utah raptors (in retrospect I may need more herbavore diversity). Being from McCurtain county in Oklahoma, I statted out the Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis (it was very nostalgic for me as I attended the First Acrofest when our small museum opened). sorry bout the really late reply, I've been busy here lately.
  2. I haven't really thought of that, probably fairly deadly though as I'm statting the dinos myself using a weight to SIZ table and a lot of them are a good deal larger than in other games.
  3. It is present times, though I was considering a futuristic setting at one time. I did look up compies and actual velociraptors, but I have noticed my list so far is a bit on the deadly side. Jurassic World is what made me finally decide to do this, I wanted to run an adventure based on it and wasn't too sure what game to use, so I decided to take another whirl at using an SRD to develop a game of my own. I actually plan to have a genetic mutation list that can be used to slightly modify dinosaurs. Thanks for the advice, Legend is one of the things I haven't really gotten a look at yet.
  4. Due to my love of the Jurassic Park books and movies, I've decided to create a Dinosaur Theme park RPG (primarily for my own enjoyment) using the OpenQuest 2 SRD as the base. So far I've only been making changes to the rules, such as chucking out magic, and gathering information on dinosaurs. Sorry bout the brevity of the post, I tend to be a person of few words and there's not much else to say since my project is in its infancy. I'm just hoping I don't let this one die on me. Due to my horrible internet plan, it may be a while before I see and answer replies (if there are any).
  5. Sorry I've been away so long, I've been helping my uncle lay linoleum and revisiting some of my own RPG related projects. It's nice to see others working on this too. Sadly, I need to redo a lot of stuff before my roads, and fluff are ready to post. Namely my roads look more like a mesh network topography.
  6. I know it's been two months but I thought I'd share what I've done on Project sandbox after getting the official map from Nakana, I've been busy with helping remodel my mother's house so I haven't done much. I used the Sketchy Cartography Brushes from Deviant art for the mountains and forests. I'm hoping to finish my cities towns and over abundant roads soonish.
  7. From the album: Dave's Project Stuff

    the mountains and trees are from a set of photoshop brushes. Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sketchy-Cartography-Brushes-198264358

    © Nakana

  8. Dave the DM

    Dave's Project Stuff

    An album of images from my projects and/or my parts of other people's collaborative Projects
  9. Here's a copy of a small map I made until I got the official ones. I think I may need to remove the provinces though. As you can see I love my ridiculous names.
  10. From the album: Dave's Project Stuff

    A placeholder logo for the Dinosaur Theme Park RPG that I'm designing for the fun of it.

    © Dave the DM

  11. From the album: Dave's Project Stuff

    A rough cut map of my nation for project sandbox, for preplanning till I get the official map file.

    © Nakana

  12. I would but thanks to a distinct lack of money my monthly bandwidth is severely limited.
  13. I play in person sporadically, I spend most of my time wishing I could get my group together more often. I use physical books when I can, pencils, paper (lots of paper when running Paranoia), pdfs (occasionally), and my brain. I don't use grids or minis, however I do sometimes draw crude maps. I've never run a campaign from a book and rarely use printed adventures. I run everything on the fly with minimal planning, though I'm working on developing good pre-planning skills.
  14. Thanks. Making a world, or in this case a nation, is the most fun part of Game Mastering for me so I'm relatively sure I'll enjoy it.
  15. Sounds interesting, I don't know if my meager data plan will hold out but If I'm able I'd like to help. If it turns out I'm unable to help, I'll let you know. I didn't realize my first post would have me signing up for something like this. I got 23 random rolling BTW.
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