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  1. I would love to see a complete PDF library of Call of Cthulhu releases. The classics are classics for a reason. :-)
  2. "Edge of Darkness" is one of my very favourite Call of Cthulhu scenarios, and it sounds as though you (a) made it your own, and (b) ran a great game with your players. There's no higher achievement as a Keeper.
  3. I dropped the "NPC skill adjusts PC skill" rule almost immediately; it's one of only two rules that I discarded for my table*. In its place, I just use opposed skill rolls for everything (as per Mike M's comment above), and couldn't be happier with that approach. * The other is "ties go to the higher ability". Instead, I have "ties go to the contestant with the best (lowest) roll".
  4. For Horror on the Orient Express, my biggest map issue was that the “Routes of the Orient Express” handout map shows red "campaign-relevant" stops for all of the campaign chapters, including several which are not mentioned in the clues the investigators find to trigger the train journey. I coloured these over with regular black city/town markings so I could hand it to my (clever and very suspicious) players without them saying, "Oh, so what happens when we get to <city>?" Why forewarn them? 🙂
  5. I had some of the same map issues (different keys for Keeper's and Players' versions of the same map, plot points needlessly signalled through inclusion on maps) when running Horror on the Orient Express. Like you, I ended up modifying the maps myself in order to run the game without "leaking" information and short-circuiting elements of the mystery.
  6. Volume I, back cover: There should be no comma after "Here" in "Here shall you know the terrors of the void, the nightmare bringers, and the creeping unspeakable lurkers." Volume II, back cover: There should be no hyphen in "painstaking", since it's a compound word; if it does need hyphenation at a line break, it's pains·tak·ing, not pain·stak·ing. (Taking pains, not staking pain.)
  7. Thank you for the clarification, Mike; I was assuming that MM was to be a complete bestiary. Looking forward to that Dreamlands book now… 🙂
  8. Love, love, love this book. Beautiful art; I'm very much looking forward to the hardcover edition. Thanks to all of the fine folks who revised this and put it together. I do have one question; what's become of the gugs? As Lovecraft's own creations, they surely should have a place in the complete Mythos bestiary. And based on my initial glance, I'll offer two suggested corrections to the back-cover copy which I hope can be made before going to print, posted here since the errata thread doesn't exist yet: Volume I: There should be no comma after "Here" in "Here shall you know th
  9. I live just outside of Boston, and we play at my girlfriend's house on the North Shore, just about where Arkham lies on the Lovecraft Country map from CoC7e. The Danvers Asylum (from one of the Doors to Darkness scenarios) is on a hill right near a grocery store she shops at. So the East Coast is both my hometown region and Lovecraft's New England. 🙂
  10. I second these, having just run the scenario last night and run into some of these issues, and will add two more: While the scenario itself provides no dates beyond "the 1920s", the guestbook-page handout suggests that it takes place in mid-to-late January. It would be good to add this information to the introduction so that Keepers aren't caught out by this, as I was. Further to the above, it doesn't seem credible to me or my players—playing in Beverly, Massachusetts, right about where Arkham is supposed to be—that anyone would have come to northern Massachusetts with the intentio
  11. In the version of "Edge of Darkness" included in the Call of Cthulhu edition 5.6 rulebook (the oldest version I have access to at the moment), the date of Marion Allen's death is given as August 1883 (no specific day) in both the journal and the newspaper-article handout.
  12. Or correct the text to "Creation of a Gate requires the permanent expenditure of POW in a sacrifice equal to the log to base 10 of the distance the Gate connects in miles, minus one (to a minimum of one), multiplied by five." This keeps the table intact.
  13. I have a list of mentioned-as-upcoming CoC releases in the wiki on RPGGeek: https://rpggeek.com/wiki/page/Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_edition_upcoming_releases And the RPGGeek database should include entries for all extant releases: see the "Linked Items" section on this page: https://rpggeek.com/rpg/23113/call-cthulhu-7th-edition
  14. I would be tempted to use the "Becoming a Believer" rules (Keeper Rulebook, p. 179) for this scenario; people might be able to put off the psychological impact by telling themselves it's just a costume, but the bill will fall due at some point or other.
  15. p. 66, Dappled Light statblock, Language section: "Tradetalk" should be split between lines as "Trade-talk" rather than as "Tra-detalk".
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