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  1. trystero

    Terror Australis Corrections Thread

    p. 2, Credits section, Interior Art: Pat Loboyko's last name is misspelled as "Laboyko". Back cover, second column, ¶ 1: In the second sentence, "a perfect for setting for Call of Cthulhu" should be "a perfect setting for Call of Cthulhu", minus the superfluous "for".
  2. trystero

    Incendiary Rounds?

    Investigator Weapons Volume 1: The 1920s and 1930s talks about tracer rounds, which do a small amount of burn damage in addition to their normal kinetic damage, on p. 103. The same approach seems to be used in Investigator Weapons Volume 2: Modern Day, though the burn damage is higher for some of these newer ammo types. See, for instance, the .50-inch APEI round described on p. 97. (And I'm specifically not giving exact details because these are great books and you should buy them.) 🙂
  3. trystero

    Secrets of Los Angeles - Missing map

    It'd be great to see these uploaded for posterity. I wonder how many people are still playing the d20 version of Call of Cthulhu these days.
  4. Not very important, but or my nit-picking heart's sake please change the NPC Character Sheet's title to either Non-Player Character Sheet or NPC Sheet. (Insert your own "ATM machine", "PIN number" joke here.) 🙂
  5. p. 53, second column, Homeland Characteristic Modifiers table: There is no entry for the Pol-Joni; I assume they have no characteristic modifiers, but they should still appear in the table. p. 53, second column, Homeland Characteristic Modifiers table: The Old Tarsh and Lunar Tarsh entries are reversed (Lunar Tarsh appears first everywhere else in the book). p. 62, second column, High Llama Rider Cultural Weapons: Change "2H Dagger-Axe" to "2H Dagger-axe" (lowercase "a" in "axe") for consistency with predominant usage. p. 91, first column, Vishi Dunn Attacks table: Change "Dagger-Axe (2H)" to "Dagger-axe (2H)" (lowercase "a" in "axe") for consistency with predominant usage. p. 199, Attack & Parry Results table's Critical attack vs. Normal Parry entry: The text says, "Defender's parrying weapon HP reduced by the damage rolled", but the Parrying a Critical Hit section on p. 200 says that the parrying weapon takes twice normal damage or no damage, depending on the type of the attacking weapon. p. 199, Attack & Parry Results table's Special attack vs. Special Parry entry: Change "1HP damage" to "1 HP damage" for consistency with predominant usage. p. 199, Attack & Parry Results table's Normal attack vs. Normal Parry entry: Change "1HP damage" to "1 HP damage" for consistency with predominant usage. p. 200, first column, Subsequent Parries section's first and second paragraphs: "Any subsequent parry is at a cumulative –20% penalty for each additional parry" and "Subsequent parries are at a cumulative –20% penalty" are superfluous. Suggest dropping the second paragraph and recasting this portion of the first paragraph as "Each subsequent parry suffers a cumulative –20% penalty", omitting the redundant "for each additional parry". p. 415, second column, Making an Experience Roll section's third paragraph: Text "A modified roll over 100 is always a success" indicates that a roll of exactly 100 on an experience roll is a failure, but p. 416, first column, Exceeding 100% in an Ability section's first paragraph says that "A result of 100 or higher is always successful." Suggest changing "A modified roll over 100…" on p. 415 to "A modified roll of 100 or more…". p. 418, first column, Increasing POW Through Spell Use or Spirit Combat section's second paragraph: "If an adventurer obtains a success either attacking or parrying during spirit combat, POW can be increased or wth successful POW vs. POW resistance roll" is garbled and nonsensical; suggest changing to "An adventurer who obtains a success either attacking or parrying in spirit combat, or who makes a successful POW vs. POW resistance roll, receives a POW gain roll." Index (passim): Not all page-number entries are hyperlinked. In the Melee Weapon entry on p. 442, for instance, the references to pp. 61, 65, 300, 302, and 305 are not hyperlinked (but the other page references listed in the same entry are hyperlinked). Back cover, second column, fifth bullet point: There seems to be a word missing before "sorcery": "A guide to the Runes and other types of magic, from spirit magic, sorcery, to incredible Rune magic…". Suggest changing to "A guide to the Runes and other types of magic, from spirit magic, to sorcery, to incredible Rune magic…". (I also think it's a little weird to say "Runes and other types of magic" and then mention "Rune magic", but that's not an error per se.)
  6. p. 64, second column, Assistant Shaman occupation's Note entry: "see pages 73" should be either "see page 73" or "see pages 73–79". p. 65, second column, Crafter occupation's Homeland entry: This says "All (except Prax)", but we're told on p. 118 that Praxians "learned to use [their herd creatures'] flesh, bone, skin, and sinew efficiently that their beasts might not die unnecessarily", which suggests that they might at least have tanners and leatherworkers, if not other kinds of crafter. p. 66, first column, Entertainer occupation's Base Income entry: Add comma after "(instrument)" in "for Dance or Play (instrument) 80 L base income". p. 70, first column, Philosopher occupation's Favored Passions entry: Add period after "Love (Wisdom)". p. 71, first column, Thief occupation's Equipment entry: "secret thieves mark" should be "secret thieves' mark" (with possessive apostrophe). p. 73, second column, Cult section's second paragraph: "The player should select the cult of a deity that the adventurer has at least one Rune with a rating of at least 50% in common with the deity" is fragmentary and awkward ("at least…at least…with…with"). Suggest changing to "Choose the cult of a deity with at least one Rune in which your adventurer has an affinity rating of 50% or better." p. 79, first column, Personal Skill Bonuses section's first paragraph: "Adventurers have personal interests beyond that demanded by their occupation, cult, and culture." Change "that" to "those" to match plural "interests". p. 81, first column, Handedness section: "All adventurers are assumed to be right-handed unless the player choses for them to be left-handed." Change "choses" to "chooses". p. 83, Family Heirlooms table entry #18: The effects listed are only for iron, but the entry says, "An ingot of iron or some other pure Rune metal" (emphasis added). Perhaps provide a pointer to the appropriate section in the Gamemaster Screen Pack or Gamemaster Sourcebook?
  7. trystero

    Maximum POW

    Or for those of us who're holding off on print in hopes of getting a corrected second printing (which is very RQ2, I have to say).
  8. trystero

    Print Friendly Quick Start

    Okay, I think I see what's going on. The free PDF file that's available from Chaosium.com has been updated to include borders and grey page backgrounds. My copy of the PDF is the file available from DriveThruRPG.com, which has no page backgrounds or borders (and is also free, though you still have to put it in your cart and check out). Try grabbing the DTRPG version? It seems print-friendlier. I'm not aware of any rules/content differences between the two versions.
  9. trystero

    Print Friendly Quick Start

    Which quickstart version did you download? The Seventh Edition Quick-Start Rules PDF (blue-and-white cover, with people in an ice-covered cavern inspecting an Elder Thing) doesn't have much of a page background, except in a few sidebars and handouts. (But it doesn't have layers, so there's no way to turn off those sidebar/handout backgrounds.) You can also purchase a print edition of the booklet for $9.95 from Chaosium or Lulu if you prefer.
  10. trystero

    Facing and Positioning in RQG Combat

    Can't speak for soltakss, but for my group, it's simple numbers; if you're fighting an opponent one-on-one, they're going to be able to face you, but two-on-one means one of the two attackers gets a flank (side) attack bonus and three-on-one means one attacker gets a flank-attack bonus and one a rear-attack bonus. I use this house rule in any game that doesn't include facing and have been happy with it. (And we do ignore it for cases where the defender is in a narrow tunnel or opening, preventing the attackers from spreading out all around them.)
  11. I'm not aware of any such rule.
  12. trystero

    RQG Birthday Tables

    Get a D600 and divide the result by two. 🙂 Actual answer (or the way I'd do it, at least): roll 1D100 and 1D6. If the D6 result is 1–2, read the D100 result as-is; if it's 3–4, add 100 to the D100 result; if it's 5–6, add 200 to the D100 result. This gives you a perfectly flat 1–300 distribution. This was one of the ways for generating a 1–20 number back in the very early days of the hobby, when D20s were still numbered 0–9. You rolled a D20 and a D6 (or a Danything, really) and added 10 to the D20 result if the Danything result was in the upper half of its range.
  13. trystero

    RQ vs D&D

    http://www.jonathantweet.com/jotgamerunequest.html is the link in case anyone wants to read Tweet's own words on the subject.
  14. trystero

    RQG Birthday Tables

    I like it, but it's a lot of tables. For my old campaigns, I just had players roll 1D1000, divided by 1000, and multiplied by 294 to determine which day of the year their adventurers were born on. (This was before we had Elemental Rune affinity ratings, so I'll need to figure out how to modify that approach for RQ:G.)
  15. trystero

    Masks of Nyarlathotep - Errors Thread

    I've found a few sources online claiming that this is the abbreviation for Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, but that's bunk; the proper abbreviation for that honour would be KBE. So I'm guessing that it's a garbled mix of KCB (Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, as you've noted) and GCB (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath). I agree that removing the "G" is the easiest fix.