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  1. Can I play? Here are my colour and black-and-white versions, re-created in the spirit of the original but with some customizations (check box for tracking POW gains, lots of new skills, coin types/values/weights and hit-location HP fractions). Human Adventurer Sheet (2).pdf Human Adventurer Sheet (old, greyscale).pdf
  2. Honestly, that hadn't even occurred to me; I'm assuming all copies of BIG RUBBLE and RINGWORLD have the same logo orientation. I just wondered whether there was a story behind these two reversed-logo releases.
  3. I've just noticed, glancing up at my shelf of RQ2 and other Chaosium "big box" releases, that while the Chaosium dragon logo typically faces to the left, BIG RUBBLE and RINGWORLD both have it facing to the right instead. Wondering whether this was intended to mean something or whether it's just a random production glitch or oddity.
  4. RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    My first reaction to the cover art is that it's a lovely piece which would be great on a HeroQuest book. Its tone doesn't really match the tone of most of my RuneQuest games; it's larger-than-life and heroic and doesn't provide much focus on the gritty details which are (IMO) so important in RQ. But I'm trying to keep an open mind and will see whether the art grows on me.
  5. Arkham Gazette #2 now available in PDF

    I've been waiting to complete my collection and snapped this up yesterday as soon as I saw it was available. It's lovely. (BTW, is it correct that both issues 1 and 2 were originally from November 2013, as noted on their revised editions' title pages?)
  6. https://rpggeek.com/wiki/page/Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_edition_upcoming_releases has everything that I know about. No mention of Malleus Monstrorum, though.
  7. Petersen's Abominations - Errors Thread

    pp. 62, 63: The description of Siren on the sheets for Jason Kernicky and Isaac Klein should say that her star is "in the ascendant" rather than "in the ascendance". (Same for pp. 8 and 9 in the separate Pre Generated Investigators PDF.) pp. 82, 191: In the first sentence of Handout: Panacea 1, "wellbeing" should probably be "well-being" if the company is located in the US. In the last sentence, "state of the art" should be "state-of-the-art" since it's a compound adjective. (Same on p. 7 of the separate Handouts and Maps PDF.) pp. 108: Paragraph 2, line 4: both words of "Rolot gas" should be quoted, rather than just "Rolot". (The pregenerated investigator backgrounds correctly quote both words.) pp. 142–147: Remove the colon from the sentence starting "You and a team of experts have been sent…"; it's not necessary. (Same for pp. 20–25 in the Pre Generated Investigators PDF.) Also, the title of the Pre Generated Investigators book should be Pre-Generated Investigators or Pregenerated Investigators.
  8. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    I think AH's high price for RQ3 was part of the reason that edition wasn't as big a hit as it deserved to be. (RQ3 certainly didn't really take off in the UK until the publication of Games Workshop's licensed — and much cheaper — hardback edition.)
  9. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    That's more indicative of how terrible a measure of health BMI is than of a problem with the SIZ table. BMI doesn't account for bone and muscle mass being denser than fat, squares height instead of cubing it for no explicable reason, and is basically junk science; see, for instance, this NPR article which points out, among other things, that BMI inventor Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet explicitly stated that his formula “could not and should not be used to indicate the level of fatness in an individual”. (There's also this article pointing out that the average Denver Broncos player is obese according to the BMI, and that many athletes rate as overweight or obese.)
  10. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    In their January 1985 catalogue, Avalon Hill sold the RQ3 Deluxe Edition box for US$38, which works out to about US$90 today. (They also sold the Players Box for US$20 and the Gamemasters Box for US$25.) I seem to recall the Deluxe Edition box originally being US$40, but don't have a source for that. I do know from firsthand experience that it was £40 in the UK in 1984, which works out to £117.99 today, which in turn converts to US$154.28 today. Eye-wateringly expensive, that import.
  11. Occupation Rollcall in your CoC Games

    After years of play, no-one wants to risk a TPK cutting things short. Having a backup NPC to restart the game is vital IMO.
  12. Occupation Rollcall in your CoC Games

    Erm... Wealthy English minor nobleman Wealthy nobleman's Scottish valet-cum-ghillie Wealthy American occultist Wealthy occultist's English valet-cum-factotum (deceased, quite violently) French/Algerian occult-bookstore owner (institutionalised after committing a bloody murder and eating part of the body) French mechanical-engineering professor (left the group to try to get decent treatment for the bookstore-owner) Russian noble-born gentleman detective (institutionalised after dropping precipitously to 1 SAN) Bulgarian "antiquarian"/burglar Plus the even-wealthier wife of the wealthy nobleman, who's back in London as the person who'll hire the next bunch of investigators whenif the remainder of this bunch all die or go mad at once, aka the TPK Campaign Rescue Option™.
  13. Clarification: Penalty dice for Auto-Fire

    As I read the rules, yes, you add penalty dice (or remove bonus dice, or raise the difficulty level) for each new attack roll, not just for each new volley. Hence the "First attack roll" and "Second and further attack rolls" headings in the "Rolling to hit with automatic fire" section starting on p. 114 of the Keeper's Rulebook.
  14. Dreamlands For 7th edition

    I don't know, but I can hope...
  15. Half the shots in the burst hit not because of cover or making three attacks in a round or the Hard success; it's just a general rule that half the shots in a successful automatic-fire burst hit. See the first bullet entry under "Resolving each attack roll:" at the bottom left of p.116; I hope that helps.