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  1. Both the 5th-edition Stormbringer rulebook and Dragon Lords of Melniboné include this note on their respective copyright pages: I take this as a sign of good intentions on Chaosium's part; they'd hardly ask artists to reach out if they were knowingly involved in unlicensed usage of their work.
  2. There's a forum thread over at RPGGeek called "The Dark Side of Chaosium", in which a friend of the Finnish artist Petri Hiltunen reports that Chaosium's previous management used Hiltunen's art without permission in the 2001 fifth edition of Stormbringer. (I don't know whether the accusation also extends to the use of his art in Dragon Lords of Melniboné or not.) I haven't any information either way except what's been offered up in that thread, but thought it worth linking here in hopes that someone from Chaosium management can contact Hiltunen to investigate and resolve the issue. (Obviously there's no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of the current management, but I do hope they're interested in addressing this concern.)
  3. Welcome to the club! I was very resistant to the idea of the 7th-edition rules changes based on the early reports I'd heard, but am very glad that I checked out the ruleset anyway; it's ended up being my favourite iteration of the system, with some great new ideas that I wish were rolled out to other BRP games. My group and I are very happy with this edition.
  4. Round 4: Per the rule on p. 314 of the rulebook, "Rune magic spells always take effect at strike rank 1." I don't see any rule which suggests that using MP as part of a Rune spell casting affects the SR, so I believe Bodran's Heal Wound spell should take effect on SR 1, not SR 7. I'm also in the camp of "make the roll for the spell when you've completed its casting time, rather than when you start it."
  5. I read it as making the Dodge skill roll before the attack, since the Dodge result determines whether the attacker suffers a penalty die on their Firearms roll or not. I'd apply the penalty die (if achieved) to all attackers with firearms for the round, but that's purely a personal judgement and not anything supported by the rules.
  6. I use the Major Wound rules for humans (cultists, etc.) and other real-world creatures, and tend to ignore them for otherworldly horrors.
  7. trystero


    Hard "g", "ener" as in "energy", "tela" like "tailor" without the final "r". Gehn-uhr-TAY-luh.
  8. trystero


    "Orlanthi": last syllable rhymes with "bee". "Pavis": first syllable rhymes with "pay", though it doesn't sound wrong if that syllable instead rhymes with "bah".
  9. trystero


    WĪ-tər (homophone for English adjective "whiter", rhymes with "brighter" and "lighter") TARSH-īte (rhymes with "marsh-bite") SAR-tər-īte (rhymes with "tar-fur-bite") I'm American and rhotic, and so pronounce all four of the "r" letters, where non-rhotic English speakers would, I believe, only pronounce the second "r" in "Sartarite".
  10. I agree. Once the investigator enters play their skill levels are set and no longer tied to their characteristic scores.
  11. Some suggestions: Terms, fourth bullet: "dur" -> "due" Limbs, point A: "cumulated" -> "accumulated" or "cumulative" (?) Limbs, point B: should "cannot exceed the LHP" be "cannot exceed twice the LHP"? Limbs, point 😧 this might be better placed as the first point in this section to make the order of operations clearer. First you check to see whether the damage meets the 3×LHP threshold for maiming or severing, then you cap damage at the 2×LHP threshold before applying it to LHP and THP. Example 3, point 1: "will reduce it to below –4 LHP" -> "will not reduce it to below –4 LHP" (?) Example 5: the numbering of the points should start at 1.
  12. I do wish that RQG was a bit more like 7th-edition CoC, myself. I'd love to see "fight back" as a third defense option (in addition to "dodge" and "parry"), and would similarly love to have percentile characteristics that can be directly opposed to each other or to skills, ditching the Resistance Table. That said, they're not so different; you can definitely blend the bits you like in each game. It's just a bit more work.
  13. …and, in my CoC experience, because you can carry two of them, sawn-off and loaded with slugs, and use them to apply a simple test when any sort of Thing menaces you: Step 1. Empty all four shotgun barrels into the Thing, preferably at point-blank range. Step 2. If it's still moving, you can't kill it; run away.
  14. It's so cute! Lovely that we finally got cthulhu into something's scientific nomenclature.
  15. Stokes wrote Lover in the Ice, which I encountered in its Delta Green adaptation. It's inventive and brilliant and quite uncomfortable to read (if sexual assault is a trigger for you, steer well clear). It's one of those "I want to run this for my group… but also, I don't want to run this for my group" scenarios. I may have to check out No Security based on that and your recommendation. Odd that there's no PDF option for the full book. For those who don't want to search, the five individual PWYW scenarios that Jakob mentions are: Bryson Springs The Fall Without End The Red Tower Revelations The Wives of March
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