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  1. trystero

    Masks of Nyarlathotep - Errors Thread

    I've found a few sources online claiming that this is the abbreviation for Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, but that's bunk; the proper abbreviation for that honour would be KBE. So I'm guessing that it's a garbled mix of KCB (Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, as you've noted) and GCB (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath). I agree that removing the "G" is the easiest fix.
  2. trystero

    Rulebook final update?

    This makes me sad. I'm actually considering holding off on getting the print edition of the core rulebook because so many of the errata weren't caught in time. I appreciate the benefits to Chaosium of having a print book to sell at Gen Con, but as a player I'm not keen on getting a rulebook that (just to pick examples from other threads on this forum ) has two different answers for what happens when a critical attack meets a normal parry, or includes a Fireblade spell that can't be used in combat by the caster.
  3. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    One last not-truly-an-error-but-please-consider-anyway point before I head to bed: the cover art is much darker on the PDF than in the no-graphics preview image that was made available to pre-release list subscribers, making it harder to pick out details on the beautifully-drawn creatures. Any chance the art layer could be brightened a little? (Compare the RQ:G core rulebook cover, which has excellent contrast between background and figures.)
  4. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    p. 3, Contents section: the word spacing for some entries is quite tight, making "The Elder Races", "Chaos Monsters", and "Giant Arthropods" look like "TheElderRaces", "ChaosMonsters", and "GiantArthropods", respectively. There's plenty of room to open up the spacing in these entries. p. 8, first column, paragraph 3: the quoted phrase “incomplete creature” is misaligned, with the quotation mark hanging off into the left margin. (It looks as though the text has optical margin alignment enabled, which is great for paragraphs that start with a quotation mark but which looks ugly to my eyes when quoted material appears in mid-paragraph, as in this example. YMMV.)
  5. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    p. 167, Animal Spirits section: in the spells-by-spirit-type list, Arthropod, Other is the only arthropod listing. Perhaps change to just Arthropod? p. 168, same list, continued: again, Invertebrate, Other and Reptile, Other Carnivorous should just be Invertebrate and Reptile, Carnivorous, respectively; the "Other" entries don't seem to serve any purpose. p. 169, Healing Spirits section: no characteristics are given. If these are meant to have the same characteristics as the Disease Spirits, above, the entry should say so. p. 169, Nyctalopes section: the text uses "nyctalop" (no "e") as the singular form, but the tables at the bottom of this page and the top of the next use "nyctalope" (with an "e"). p. 169, Nyctalopes section, first paragraph: "a nyctalop would be described of having a SIZ of 3 cubic meters" should be "a nyctalop would be described as having a SIZ of 3 cubic meters". p. 169, Nyctalopes section, stat block: Under Attack, "Nyctalopes Attack % is 10% per meter³" should be "Nyctalopes' Attack % is 10% per meter³" (with possessive apostrophe). p. 172, Sprul-pa section, first paragraph: the quoted phrase “conjured thing” is misaligned, hanging out into the left margin. p. 177, Air Elementals (Umbroli) section, first paragraph: not an error per se, but please consider changing "Air elementals (commonly called umbroli)" to "Air elementals (commonly called umbroli or sylphs)" for consistency with the other elemental entries, which all include the common names from older editions (shades, gnomes, salamanders, lunes, selenes, and undines).
  6. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    p. 104, Scorpion Men entry: should there be a reference to the limb-loss rules from the Giant Arthropods section (p. 130) for the scorpion legs? p. 164, Disembodied Spirits section, second paragraph: "In contact with another entity, spirits can sense exact POW, INT, and CHA, of that entity" should be "In contact with another entity, spirits can sense the exact POW, INT, and CHA of that entity" (add "the", remove comma after "CHA").
  7. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    True Dragons entry, p. 117: in the second column's second paragraph, the quoted phrase “mind child” hangs out into the margin (aligning on the letter m instead of the quotation mark). There should also be whitespace before the sentence "The best-known Kralorelan True Dragons are:" to separate it from the bullet entry for The Brown Dragon immediately above. And I concur with the earlier poster who suggested changing the entry name (to Dragons or perhaps Dragons, True) so that it alphabetises properly.
  8. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    Triceratops entry, p. 115: "liveta in herds" should be "live in herds".
  9. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    Creating a Great Troll Adventurer sidebar, p. 76: "Base Skills:" should be boldfaced.
  10. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    I assume the conscious creature can orient itself to maximise air resistance, as skydivers do, while unconscious ones just fall as a lump. I'm not sure how much faster the unconscious ones should fall, but this does actually make some sense to me.
  11. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    On the credits page, there's a PROJECT ASSISTANCE: credit heading with no names listed.
  12. trystero

    RQG Glorantha Bestiary Corrections Thread

    The ISBN shown on the copyright page is 9781568825021, which is the ISBN for the core rulebook. Looks as though this should be updated to 978-1-56882-503-8 to match the back cover.
  13. You do have access to all the preview files posted, but there's information in the e-mail messages themselves (like the Bestiary release date that Furry Fella was asking about) that isn't included in any preview file.
  14. trystero

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    Interesting to see that the hit-location die is oversized, and that Q-Workshop, like me, had trouble fitting "Abdomen" onto a face at a readable size. 🙂 The D12 has "SR" printed on each face: are we expecting to see effects that occur on a random SR?