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  1. Given that the Grazers flipflop on alliances, the problem wasn't with the rulers but those that were skeptical of the Lunar Alliance. Perhaps the rulers decide to launch a wave of repression using tarshite soldiers pretending to be bandits. Their targets sought the aid of Ironhoof which ended the threat.
  2. Much of the problem comes from a differing expectations of sorcery, stemming back way back to Cults of Terror There one could read of the Knights who were mortal enemies of the Wizards, and so reason that they must have access to sorcery that would make them awesome in combat. From there, it was easy to postulate a low sorcery that every Malkioni used and a pure sorcery that Sorcerers excelled in. Impeccable reasoning with one tiny flaw - Greg never thought it was the case. The evidence was right there when he wrote about the God Learners supporting the cult of Diros or having Wachaz
  3. The spell was a success but the patient died.
  4. Really this discussion would be better off in the glorantha group. Identify only works on Active Magics. See Rune Magic is about looking into the type of Rune Magic a person has, i.e. the contents of his divine bank account so-to-speak stored with some distant god on the other side. So what may look like to you to be a small step is actually quite a massive one.. Arguments based on utility are neither here or there.
  5. If it wasn't sect-exclusive then it would be in the general sorcery rules methinks. I doubt that Rokari and other people actually know the spell because the Arkati are infamous for worshipping the Gods in place of Henosis with the Invisible God that other Malkioni do. As such it reflects their special insight into the relationship between man and the gods. They are also a school of illumination and the Black Arkati do not teach sorcery to non-illuminates. So IMO unless a Rokari Horal casts a known rune spell in font of a Zzaburi or a Talar or a snitch, he's probably safe
  6. They probably don't regard themselves as hsunchen and may be rather quite unhsunchen but I think that the Talars and the Zzaburi will habitually think of them as hsunchen.
  7. I think most fisherfolk in Dragon Pass and Prax would be river-based rather than sea based (save for the Mirrorsea). Only the Vadeli would would brave the open seas to fish.
  8. Presumably magic-points-by-numbers sorcery spells would still be limited by one's read/write. This would mean that only the lettered are expected to be taught and cast such spells
  9. I suspect Treetop Mountain is probably related to the location of the Great Tree of Eston (Guide p709) and would be at the junction of the Bwerrow and the Bilini River (making it a mountain in name only)
  10. Oh no, the test has upper and lower case letters, punctuation, consistent text direction and spacing! My bronze age immersion experience is utterly *ruined*!! Still looks awesome.
  11. There is an ACM in the Jonstown Library (distinct from the Catalog Wheel). Likewise for Pavis
  12. Strictly, it's Lhankoring's access to foreign (ie Malkioni and God Learner) sorcery. Lhankhor Mhy has his own Sorcery which is fine by comparison. I think the Alien Combination Machine to be still around but mainly confined to the Holy Country (where there are Lhankorings and Malkioni). It could be used against Lunar Sorcery but there's the stigma of chaos there. I think from the nature of its construction, it was actually invented by the Machine City and looted after Steelfall. I've made a suggestion before that the Kralori have a similar device which Godunya supposedly invented w
  13. Or to use a more recent example between Victoria and New South Wales at Albury Station https://www.smh.com.au/national/a-track-to-the-future-20040110-gdi4qj.html
  14. metcalph


    Okay. 1581 - the Lunar Empire attacks Sartar for the first time. Wot's Belintar's problem with them that he feels the need to support Sartar?
  15. metcalph


    There is the slight matter of the fleet to Teshnos which then gets sunk by the Kralori after which Belintar renounces foreign conquest. I always felt that was a bit strange. During the invasion of Sartar, two armies were sent from the Holy Country. One could be passed of as being from the Volsaxi and so not Belintar's responsibility but I doubt that the Volsaxi had the capacity to send two armies. I also see that in 1591 ST, Belintar secretly aided Sartar against a Lunar Invasion (Guide p240) which is quyite strange. Why be secret about it? The Lunar Empire can hardly complain
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