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  1. From the RuneQuest Bestiary, it's said that "Since Vampires have no POW, they cannot cast spirit magic or sacrifice for new Rune points except with Vivamort". (RGB p106). How a Vampire acquires Vivamort Rune points is not described but I imagine it involves sacrificing victims.
  2. The Son of Light Awakens will be in the forthcoming Rough Guide to Glamour, I think.
  3. Aeolian priests are not sorcerers but ordinary Orlanth priests. Aeolian Sorcerers are not found in the villages but in the big cities. So Aeolian villages have wyters.
  4. Annilla definitely has them. Jakaleel probably has access to them as she has connections to the Blue Moon. Artmal may have access to them.
  5. metcalph

    Yellow Bear?

    A Yellow Bear is mentioned in the Guide p228.
  6. For Egyptian style art and statuary in Glorantha, I always think of the mysterious Artmal Empire.
  7. Either Pavis: Threshold to Danger or Pavis: Gateway to Adventure has the details in the section about Dorasar.
  8. Please do not quote ancient messages to pick holes in them. It is annoying.
  9. The Fonritans are not slaves because of their masters. They have cruel masters and worship cruel gods because the universe is a cruel place and slavery the best way to live. That's why previous attempts to free Fonrit (the God Learners had a good try) did not last very long. The Fonritans are well aware of the concept of freedom and associate it with the deranged murderers of Jotoku.
  10. Try as I like, I can't ever imagine perfume making and falcon taming to be sources of political power and I don't think it productive to rehabilitate subpar material. More importantly, I note that the Guide cuts the supposed influence of these gods down significantly.
  11. But those specialized deities are not central to their worshippers existence. It's like saying that Minlister is one of the lightbringers.
  12. Comments: You should really list the source by each name or at least provide a list of references. I wouldn't say Ompalam was a God Learner variant. He has been worshipped in Fonrit since the Storm Age. A Vadeli variant might be more accurate. I had serious reservations about the Fonritan material in Revealed Mythologies and portraying the Glorious Ones as a supernumerated Necklace of Pamalt, the whole thing just falls down. For example, since when are perfume making and falcon training core parts of Fonritan civilization that requires a specialized deity to represent? Likewise many of the names are just too long. God's names should be snappy two or three syllable names rather than four or five syllable names than convey little more than one's commitment to linguistic verisimilitude. Some of the material you have is simply duplicating each other. If you are using Varama, you shouldn't also list Fidai'is as both are meant to be the Fonritan Sun God (Teneorpasas is the hero who was chosen to incarnate Solar powers, while Ehilm is another name for the Sun as per Guide p553). Yelm (under whatever name) is not worshipped in Fonrit, only Yelmalio is. The distinction between Gods and Spirits should be junked as it was largely a product of the Hero Wars RPG. The Fonritans worship Gods who provide Rune Magic. Some Gods may provide spirits instead (like Telmor or Kolat) but they are still Gods. Why are Annilla and Serartamal listed as separate gods? Why is the Siwal sisterhood so big on birth control magic? Can't women aspire to something more?
  13. The Glorantha Sourcebook is merely repeating something that Greg's written about the Jrusteli for quite some time. Something that's important to understand is that the average Malkioni doesn't believe in the Invisible God - they believe the Wizards. The wizards practice sorcery but what the others practice is dependent on what the Wizards permit. Thus the Seshnelan warriors worship thinly disguised Hsunchen cults and so forth. So long as the Wizards practice the right sorcery and subscribe to the right ideas, all is well in the world. Thus the Jrusteli were quite happy with the worship of Wachaza among their warriors and Diros among their sailors. It is only when the Arkati combined sorcery with the active worship of big gods that the Jrusteli really became upset.
  14. There's two options 1) Play the Reds as being a normal human race but with a fighting bent. 2) Play the Reds as a race of demigods, (like a mistress race troll) who have honed their skills all the time they've been missing (since the Great Darkness). Personally I think the Reds are mostly of tyoe 2 but there are new reds (type 1) who have been born since the Opening. Basic magic would be spirit magic and they might have the opportunity of using their affinities for rune magic (they wouldn't worship Gods unless it were to debase them in secret rites). They would also know sorcery but this will manifest on the equipment they use (ie their Boon of Kargan Tor is how much?!?). They will not cast sorcery directly in combat as this goes against their caste.
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