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  1. He appears similarly in the Guide although his skin there is said to be bronze.
  2. Naveria is the region around Carantes, which is also known as the Red City and Hamados. The original Naverians were a Golden Age people similar to the Dara Happans who had become influenced by Naveria and taken up old Wendarian customs to such an extent that they became less patriarchal. What Plentonius calls the Naverians are actually the Lenshi, a horse-riding tribe lording it over the Darsenite and Naverian Cities. They were originally your usual Kargzant worshippers but then after loosing a battle to the Lendarshi, they came to identify themselves as Naverians.
  3. Basic glorantha information. You have just listed *one* adventure. How one of the characters yas obtained the spell is an interesting question but may just be an oversight. The other does not have sleep. The ghosts are insane victims and thus irrelevant.
  4. Still has to get the taboo to learn the spell.
  5. It works fine as a Chalana Arroy spirit magic. As far back as Cults of Prax, it was noted as being unique to Chalana Arroy and the idea that a Shaman can acquire it easily seems to me absurd. Even if a Shaman could acquire it, he would have to adopt a Chalanan taboo (what, you think that a Chalanan ancestor is going to give it out, no questions asked?), which would remove the problem that the munchkins are prepared to die on a hill for. Cult-specific spirit magics still exist, despite your denial.
  6. I assume that Narnarra was an EWF Dragon because that's the only other power big enough to take on the Arkati and the God Learners. He probably was from Lankst since the people there have a mysterious affinity with Dragons (Firebreathing, Aringor Kochalongson turns into a Dragon in the Hero Wars etc). The date is perhaps before the fall of Paslac in 740 ST.
  7. Well, to be honest, an old one really well done.... So I was watching Hamilton last night and I thought the Red Emperor could easily sing a song like this in response to the loss of Sartar. Sadly the above clip is sound only. You'll have to go to DIsney+ to get the full wide-eyed spitting performance of the song.
  8. Given that 10% of a Phalanx has 90% cult weapons and another 30% have a slight advantage, the Sun Dome Templars are always going to be better than most competitors around, regardless of how shitty their rune magic is.
  9. I think (based on past discussions in these forums about Chalanan ethics) that it's largely a matter of choice. When made a Healer of Arroin, the rune magic is still htere, it's just not supposed to be used. Some Arroinites might decide to take the next step by using up their rune magic uselessly and not bothering to get it re-used. Others decided to forget their spirit magic and so forth. There's no hard and fast rule about what a Healer of Arroin can't do - their is only a Magicless Ideal which they take various steps over the years to become closer to (or remain at an low level of magicality depending on their life choices).
  10. Yes, we are. My statement is true even for the Loskalmi and the Seshnelans. Things have changed somewhat since HQ1.0. The Churches and broad Malkioni worship of the Invisible God with access to sorcerous magic no longer exists - sorcery is in the hands of the 1%, the sorcerers (to be fair to Greg, he was writing stuff that implied it as far back as Hero Wars: RIG but I and othersdidn't actually quite understand). Everybody else uses spirit magic and rune magic (they don't worship the Big Gods but they can obtain rune magic from entities such as ancestors which don't make their wizards twitch). Speaking on the subject of the Healer of Arroin learning sorceror, I doubt there are schools of such healers, simply for the primary reason that healers are rare (>1%) and healers of Arroin even rarer (1% of 1%). so we are talking about one healer of Arroin in the whole of Sartar etc. An Aeolian Healer could learn sorcery as could a Heortling one - all they have to do is ask their Lhankor Mhy associates for instruction. I don't think much of the argument that they could see sorcery as another form of skill as they wouldn't be very good sorcerors if they did. But it is something that a healer of Arroin could believe and so I have no problem with a Healer of Arroin deciding that sorcery is not god magic and so permissable - he just wouldn't be that great a healer.
  11. The Malkioni, for the most part, do not use Sorcery.
  12. Ah, in that case, the reconstructers of the tribe have free reign to reinterpret the tribal constitution so-to-speak. Doburdon was overpromoted as a cult in the hero wars period, and it's not mentioned in connection with Kangharl in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. He is king because the tribe has acclaimed him as such. Now his avoidance of traditional magics has caused some unrest and dissent within the tribe (cf Anmangarn Clan) but he still governs because he has the might of the Red Moon behind him.
  13. Not necessarily. Leika for instance is a Vingan who rules in the name of Orlanth Rex (cf Gamemaster Screen Pack p22), Since the Malani are warlike, they would not be ruled by Ernaldan Queens. Leika won against her rivals because her quest was the most spectacular.
  14. metcalph


    Questions about Talor: THE THREE WEAPONS. Rather than three magical weapons, I've interpreted them allegorically. The flail is obviously the commoners of Loskalm, the Sword is the Orlanthi and the Axe might either be the Elves or the Dwarves. TALOR"S HUMOR FAILURES: Talor's sense of humour failed him twice. One was probably the sight of Dorastor in its last days from Kartolin. I thought the other could be a atrocity which impels Talor on his heroic journey. Or it could have been the Gate of Banir. TALOR"S FIRST DEATH: I think Talor closed the Gate of Banir by going through it and closing it from the other side. This however leaves him in a chaotic place rather than the Undeworld. THE SECOND LIGHTBRINGERS QUEST: There's a couple of mysteries about this. One is its persistence description as not working so well or a partial success. Was Talor incomplete? Did he have to wear a strait-jacket and hockey mask after being freed? Or was Talor simply not just as powerful as Arkat? Another issue is that Jeff recently indicated that Talor and Harmast fell out. What was all that about?
  15. I would have connected it to the Free Philosophers but I see in the Glorantha Sourcebook that the Philosophers are connected to the Free Sages who are an even stronger candidate. Unfortunately there isn't much said about them. Sartar Companion p10 describes the Free Sages as being the alternative name for those initiated into the cult of Lhankor Mhy at Jonstown so perhaps the worship of Lhankor Mhy at Jonstown was founded by Sages from Vizel? If it is connected with Jelenkev, I think the Free means the Sages at Vizel revolted against the stuffy traditions of Jelenkev with its emphasis on fidel copies and founded a rival tradition. Thus they aren't reacting against Orlanthi society, they are reacting against Lhankor Mhy traditions!
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