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  1. No, it isn't. Seven Mothers is explicitly a cult of the borderlands. The description of the Seven Mothers cult as a superficiality is quite a burn.
  2. Just because the Hrestoli use rune magics for the most part does not make them weaker or magically powerful. If you want to snarl and rant, go elsewhere. The Hrestoli aren't a church but a philosophical school. There's nothing morally wrong on cheating on other people's heroquests.
  3. Doesn't say sorcerously powerful, does it? What I said is compatible with traditional descriptions of Loskalm. Jeff's comments here on this site. Nothing has been published.
  4. Hrestoli warriors while being of a philosophical frame of mind do not use sorcery for battle. They use instead what has been called "practical god-learning", using heroquests to gain access to rune magic. They cheat on these heroquests by having sorcerors buff them up beforehand. Black Horse warriors are simple worshippers of Hrestol as a God/Hero rather than philosophers. Ethilrist is different but too arrogant to explain himself. The Vadeli would come the closest in using sorcery for most purposes but they have never been strong and only prosper where others are weak or misled.
  5. More like Istes and Yothenara/Majadan and Erdires. They represent the original twins and their much faded stasus (on the Gods Wall they aren't even stars!) is a sign of how far the world has become removed from creation.
  6. I kinda doubt this. The Flintnail cult is one of stonemasons, not ironworking. The other suggested blacksmith placings I have no problem with.
  7. metcalph


    I think that what Hrestol became a Saint Master for and the Rune Magics that one can obtain from him are different things. This really riffs upon what Jeff said about practical God-Learning (for the Loskalmi). Instead of worshipping the Gods, the Brithini would have rune paths in which they acquire Rune Magic to be better fighters. But there were some places they couldn't go without losing their way (and dying of old age). Hrestol with his contact with the Invisible God on the other hand was able to go down Darker Paths and get stronger magics. So while the truths that he teaches is
  8. The Praxians use knot-writing, cf Tales of the Reaching Moon #15 (or may be it was #14?)
  9. metcalph


    Ethilrist with Darksword
  10. All the Eurmali in Sartar who know the Lie spell emphatically and convincingly deny the existence of this alleged shrine.
  11. Could we, like, move on from archaeological discussion about the Iron Age?
  12. I imagine the Andins are a mixture of conventional elder wilds races (Dwarves, Trolls, Gargogyles etc) with their mythologies transformed into being the servants of Keltari.. The Dwarves for example are most numerous in Jakamath which they share uneasily with trolls but pockets of them can be found on the surface world. They are less mechanically inclined than their western brethern being focused instead on metallurgy and the making of stone slaves.. The trolls occupy numerous islands which they shad with shadows and only go forward to raid other islands under the cover of darkness. chaoti
  13. The actual quote is: Not that they were never interested in getting involved in human affairs before 1625 but that the Dragonrise marked a new phase of their involvement in human affairs. The human hunts happen when the Dragonewts feel a need for human flesh AFAIK.
  14. The outside steps of the Temple of New Pavis look like a likely place for old people to trip and fall. Just saying...
  15. The actual text of Cults of Terror is this: Being a chaotic <> being an illuminate.
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