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  1. metcalph


    My own opinion is that they were Pure Horse People who ended up among the Hendriki in the Imperial Age. Seeking ancestors to make themselves acceptable to their new neighbours, they took up the worship of Beren and al. Thus at the start of the human resettlement, they were thoroughly accultured Orlanthi with a funny history. Other interpretations are possible and routes are possible, mind you.
  2. Draconic Sorcery - First off learn the Dragonewt (or Dragonpower) Rune as per other runic knowledges. For the unilluminated, this can't be used for direct magic in the manner of other runes. What the sroceror does instead is to cast several rituals that resmble meditations on specific hexagrams of the I Ching. Successful completion of these rituals increases the chance of illumination. Now I don't think Draconic Sorcery can be used to cast big spells as standard sorcery already does this and there's little point in drawing up special spells that only have the same effect as standard spells. So I feel they must be manipulations of the True Dragons for some effect.
  3. For Draconic Magic with humans, I'd say first become Draconic Illuminated. Then sacrifice for Draconic Powers using Rune Points. If draconists are shamanically inclined then they could have draconic powers has shamanic gifts. I'm still wondering how it would work with sorcery. Dragonewts don't obey these rules because they are intrinsically weird.
  4. He was rude and I fail to see how my first response was "not helpful" even going so far as to quote the relevant section of the RQ Companion that you suggested he look at. But when someone asks to explain the Ignorants after previously talking about Herespur, one gets the feeling of being jerked around for amusement.
  5. What references have you read? Where are you getting the Blood Sun name from? What I said was fairly basic information in the Guide but you haven't read that.
  6. I'm not sure I see what your problem is. I get an Aztec vibe. Greg intended an Aztec vibe (ToTRM #7 letters). As for the Cryptic Verses of the Yellow Calender, I assume the mention of the Blood Sun therein are actually references of the Red Moon and the Lunar Empire. Shargash is related to the Solar Storm IMO (or to be more technical, both are seen as Gods of the same planet).
  7. metcalph


    Yelmalio is not an associate of the cult of Yelm in the core rules.
  8. metcalph


    Yelmalions think the Hill of Gold was a good thing for the same reason that Christians think the Crucifixion was a good thing. Yelmalio isn't going to change to please the likes of people who think he should have good magic.
  9. metcalph


    That's what the gifts and geases for. Edit: Yelmalio's magics sucks compared to others because he lost the good magics when he lost his heat.
  10. metcalph


    Even since Cults of Prax the Cults have been unequal for PCs. Waha is only allowed one point of healing which hampers his worshippers in a fight (which was worse in RQ2 since they didn't have easy access to Heal Wound). Cults are intentionally unequal and that they are unsuitable for PCs is not a problem..
  11. metcalph


    He is however an excellent soldier cult (and has been described as such since Cults of Prax) that does wicked phalanxes. That a hoplite does not do well fighting by himself makes Yelmalio an inferior cult for PCs but it does not make him a useless cult for gloranthans. After all a hoplite fighting in a phalanx will have a longer life expectancy than most PCs.
  12. metcalph


    You want a competitive Elmali? Go to the Penyans and ask to worship Jolaty. It will hurt but then you can kick arse from Pelorian to Vormain.
  13. The Hyalorings of Nivorah are horse-riders (cf Fortunate Succession p85 where Vuranostum is listed as a Horse Emperor). The Chariot Emperors come from what is now the Elf Sea, up the Arcos River and into Dara Happa from the north (Jenarong and his offspring are depicted as chariot riders).
  14. There's nothing to stop ex-PHP from worshipping Beren as an Ancestor *after* they have settled among the Hendriki.
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