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  1. Try thinking of the Durulz as being one tribe among many in the Seabird's army and many of your problems will disappear. And birds have been known to drop turtles onto rocks (and greek playwrights) from a great height to shatter the shell to get at the juicy flesh within.
  2. The picture is based on Anzuû_(mythology)#/media/File:Chaos_Monster_and_Sun_God.png The same figure (I dunno if this is intentional) is used for the Dragon Sun on the Fortunate Succession p36 And yes, Anzu is similar to a griffin. It could be Lhankor Mhy. But I don't know where Issaries and the others are. Guide p251 - Grandmother's costume. My guess is an Esrolian Queen (Guide p251) Diros more likely. Chalana Arroy?
  3. p111 - Interesting titles of Time. The "Backbone of Kana Poor" and the "Weapon of Ghani" p112 - Do think it's a shame that we weren't given the Vithelan Year Count (which is currently something like 2600) or even the Kralori year count.
  4. I had an epiphany about the origins of the Durulz. It's been speculated in the past that they were prisoners of slaves of Sshorg after the drowning of Duruvan and made their way from there to Genertela and the west (where they get boiled alive by Zzabur). It's occurred to me that this hypothetical army is none other than the Seabird Army which Orlanth fought (King of Sartar p65)
  5. I don't believe it to be an error given that he was known to the EWF too.
  6. From a description of Argrath's companions. This is... unexpected.
  7. Tanian has the Dragonewt Rune? The God Learners sure kept that a secret!
  9. It was an invention of Erik Sieurin about Mostali who practice their tools for the purpose of better performance in service of the World Machine. Other mostali consider them vile degenerates. Erik originally called them Eroticists. I suggested Closehandists for now obvious reasons.
  10. p99 - Surprised at the Dark Troll population in the Palarkri Mountains. Although it probably stems from the Annilla cult writeup in Troll Gods which talks about 16 rock-eater trolls beneath the Palarkri. P102 - The name Koromandol has always been a bit familiar to me because there is a Peninsula here called Coromandel. It's actually named after the Indian coast and it probably makes its way in Glorantha through Lear.
  11. p81 - the feather on the cap indicates that the Dwarf is probably from Dalamdring. p87 - list of heresies. Weeps bitter tears that Closedhandists never made it into Canon. p90 - Bit of a confusion here. The Nidan Decamony is run by the Council of Nine?
  12. AFAIK the Dwarf Earthsense is actually a sensation of motion (as they are tied to the stasis rune). Likewise the Uz IMO do not actually use sound for their darksense but use the darkness (the means their darksense is stuffed in extremely bright light).
  13. I don't accept the notion that the Reaching Moon temples as they exist now are the ones built in the Seleran Wars. Looking at the King of Sartar, We are told: The Guide mentions the temple being completed in 1496 (p330) for starters. Since the Tarshite History in the King of Sartar is a corrupt source with many statements in the wrong place, the best we can say is that the temple was started when Phoronestes was an infant which was probably in 1491 but could have been in 1490. Likewise the New Lunar Temple. According to the Sartar Companion p80, it was started in 1612. Construction began in earnest in 1618 and it was being completed in 1625. In both these cases, the temple construction takes many years at a time when the Lunar Empire does not have a serious opponent in the field. Hence I do not believe the classic Reaching Moon Temples could have been constructed until after Sheng Seleris was defeated in 1460 ST. Assuming seven temples and five to seven years per temple gives us 42 years of construction when Magnificus ruled for 46 years. The First Temple would have been in Torang as there would have still been a problem with nomads (or even the Jenet Aror). The second may have been in Carmania as the White Bear Empire would have been a threat. The southern path would have been next with the temples of Jillaro and Mirin's Cross. Mirin's Cross would have to have been completed before 1490 as it makes little sense for the Lunars to dedicate a temple in Tarsh when the nearest one wasn't complete yet. The temple in Karasal is based in Graclodont. According to the map on page 297, it isn't connected to the Good Shore. Since the Great Sister resides there and has done so since 1496 or so, it is possible that the Glowline there is not through the Temple of the Reaching Moon but the innate light of the Great Sister. The Orayan temple would have been extant by the time of the Nights of Horrors as the Lunars lost two armies by then yet the nomads didn't overrun the place before the final army was bought to bear. It could have been completed before or after the temple in Tarsh. My thinking is on the later.
  14. The Forest is also known as the Tallgreen Forest (Guide p698) and which is referred to in the pages that are the subect of this thread.
  15. Elves did fight against humans in the wars of the World Council against the Horse Emperors of Peloria (Glorious ReAscent and Fortunate Succession). They also did send some troops to fight for Dorastor at the Battle of Night and Day but they were eaten by trolls before they got anywhere (History of the Heortling Peoples and Wyrms Footnotes #15)