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  1. If you're going to redefine terms into meaningnessless so that you can pretend your original statement was not in error, don't bother responding to others. Just take it as given that they will agree with your definition and everybody will be happier. Argan Argar is depicted as a Dark Troll, which is not the same thing as being a Dark Troll. Being a God means that his children would be Mistress Race IMO.
  2. Nope. Tis Argan Argar who's depicted as such; Nothing about Heroquesters.
  3. Elder Secrets Book p33 Baranwolf, a Lhankor Mhy scholar, proved that the amount of precious metal in the world indicated the fatality rate of the various tribes of gods in olden times. Baranwolf was executed by Frithorf the Magnificent, an astonishingly superstitous king who could not accept the resultant conclusion: that the storm gods died the most. Baranwolf's student, who continued his papers (and began using Baranwolf's name) subsequently proved that bronze is also the product of mixed sky and earth, showing where Orlanth's parents once loved eached other before the illutsrious son was born, preparing the way by making places where future weapons would be sown to glorify Orlanth.
  4. So they can be cast with no problem in meetings, no? But that's a stupid use of a lie spell because the effect wears off in 15 minutes. What you need to do is to tell a lie that is plausible and crafted in such a way that makes it difficult to check up on. Saying that X got into trouble for studying atyari magics in his apprenticeship therefore he shouldn't be trusted with positions of responsibility is a good use of the Lie spell if used outside X's hearing. It can also be sealed with the statement that you should avoid mentioning this to X because it might trigger a relapse. Why would I want to hide the fact that I'm casting a Charisma spell to affect people? I'm drawning upon the power of the goddess to show her strength in my arguments, no?
  5. Look at how the spell operates. Lie, Clever Tongue and Charisma do not require overcoming magic points or POW to work. Dominate does. A clear bright line that you for some reason don't use. Why would it be appropriate? They're are not going to be too happy about it if their mind or emotions were influenced by fast talk or bargain. "Eh, I bought these beans that Gold-gotti assured me were magic". But nobody adopts a policy of no talking during negotiations as a result. Others may try and work counterspells.
  6. Other people have given ample reasoning for where the line lies. What's not to like? Possession is still hostile combat with spirits and the Kolati would be in a world of hurt if he did that to a fellow member of his tribe.
  7. Yup. No different from bribery and blackmail that many humans indulge in in similar circumstances. Others may deplore his choice but so long as he does it secret Possessing involves spirit combat and is not something that can be done undetected. However getting a lock of the King's hair and using it to whisper advice into the King's ear via whispers and sympathetic magic is completely legit. There's a great deal of difference between ordering the killing of a political rival and using a charisma spell. Your problem is that you don't distinguish the two.
  8. Interestingly Ronance is mentioned as one of the Namers in the Eleven Lights (p129), suggesting that he's not a mere spirit but a Greater God now small (like the Twin Stars).
  9. Yes, two Ernaldan priestesses arguing with each other using magic does present certain theological problems. Now in arguing against each other, they are not arguing against the Goddesses' interests. The Goddess is vast and encompasses multitudes even to the extent of a tiff here and there. In having the disagreement, they are still acting as Ernaldans do and thus there is no sin against Ernalda. Ernalda does not have a Great Checklist of what is right and what is wrong for every particular circumstance, She has a wide variety of answers, available to her worshippers through myth and magic, but because of the Compromise her worshippers need to work out which of Ernalda's answers is right for a given circumstance. And since a common myth of Ernalda in the God Time is arguing with her Sister-Goddesses, in having the argument and using charmisma spells etc, both are being Ernalda. Most gloranthans being simple folks have long accepted the rule that whoever wins is in the right. A few are rightly concerned with the conundrums posed - how can both Ernaldans be Right? What is Right? What is Ernalda? The names for these people are God Learners, Philosophers and Illuminates.
  10. Simplest solution to the squabbling Ernaldan priestesses problem: Whoever wins is the superior manifestation of Ernalda and the one in the Right.
  11. I said and meant worshipped. They are free to follow a gods advice in other matters - if a God went to the Brithini and told them something bad is going to happen, they would not dismiss him out off hand. I have no idea what this is about.
  12. All Malkioni know that Gods exist hence their manifestation does not cause them to lose faith,. Where they differ is on the question of whether the Gods should be worshipped.
  13. I think it reasoned that because Sorcery was the magic of the Invisible God, it was also invisible in effect. But given that RQG sorcery uses the Runes, I don't think this reasoning persuasive.
  14. You are now making into highly specific statements about what a god does and does not know, some of which has been contradicted by past writings while others is surely a matter of taste for any campaign. If I swear by my ancestors not to harm a particular person but being duplicitous, I do so in the knowledge that my ancestors want that person dead, have I broken faith with my ancestors if I kill that person? The question wasn't all oaths but perilous oaths (ie oaths that have a magical effect if you break them). I would appreciate it if you distinguished between the two consistently.
  15. May be because we're not talking about werguild but ransom. Since you are persist with unsupported assertions and inability to stay on topic (cults, wereguild), I don't see any value in debating matters further with you.
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