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  1. Another model for Rokar might be Pelagius, he of the Good Works. He was shocked at the laxity and decadence of the Early Christians and taught the necessity of Good Works for Salvation. He was opposed by Augustine of Hippo who won - in the West. The Eastern Church didn't get execrized about this question because both Pelagius and Augustine wrote in Latin which they couldn't be arsed learning.
  2. Recently had the stray thought that the Great Talar of the West is none other than Meriatan.
  3. Blood, Blood and more Blood! From Fod-Ariam's map in White Bear and Red Moon, I think the defeated White Moonies fled and established Heretic's Country. When Sheng returns, I think he defeated Phargentes the Emperor at the Battle of MolariSor. He doesn't rule much longer (he defeats Can Shu and Kralorela according to the Crytpic Verses of the Yellow Calender) but doesn't make any effort against Prax before his defeat (I think he was aiming for Dragon Pass).
  4. If you want to play people who do not worship the Gods - play a Malkioni. If you want to play people who believe the Gods do not exist - another game world might be better suited.
  5. Nobody mentioned "Only Fools and Horses" yet?
  6. Even the small ones can be nasty. A while ago somebody broke into a zoo to steal a squirrel monkey as a pet. The rest of the pack (twelve or so) drove him off with bites and scratches during which he sustained a broken leg.
  7. IMO the Rokari (wizards) do not have a desired outcome but are a reactionary creed intent on avoiding highly undeseriable outcomes (such as the Doom of the God Learners). They may consider many things within the Kingdom to be just bad but accept there's little that can be done about them. That is why they place such a great stress on acquisition of Rightness and entrance into Solace. It's the One Big Thing that they can do that Matters.
  8. Yes, they did. We even have a name for one of them, Rodard of Neleswal (Guide p352). They were part of the official structure but they existed, were tolerated and even used from time to time. Basically they were the Bad Batches, Suicide Squads and Dirty Dozens for the God Learners.
  9. It appears on the map in RQG p121. on the river leading to the Monkey Ruins. No mention has been made of it before in the Guide or the HQG books so there is a possibility that it was built between 1621-1625. Broyan remains in Whitewall defending the Volsaxi against the Holy Country and was never posted to the Marcher Barony. The tradetalk material is noncanonical. They are distinct peoples who were often if not always opposed to each other - Most of the Aeolians supported Rikard the Tiger-hearted. Owain is never King of Heortland. Heortland was ruled by Governors unt
  10. Be thankful that the God Learners didn't create a combat version called Janissaries.
  11. Ancestors aren't cult spirits, they're management
  12. I think Kangharl simply fled after the collapse of the rebellion. There's little wisdom in relying on the legal protections of tribal law when one is aware they are on the Lunar List of Painful Shit to Be Done To.
  13. She did a crown test into Snakepipe Hollow (given in Wyrms Footprints) which convinced the Tribe to support her.
  14. I recall they refined it a bit later on. Instead of travelling to the border, they would designated some plot of land outside the city boundaries to be enemy territory and so chucked their spear on that instead.
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