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  1. The goat association comes from something Greg wrote in Enclosure #1 but I think that may be a thinko because Gerendetho doesn't have any overt Goat association. The Glorious ReAscent is our best source on him. "Ovosto was the son of Gerendetho, a famous Earth Walker who was the lord of the Hungry Plateau. Ovosto was Steward of the city of Senthoros." GRoY p19. "Lord of the Earth. He is also called the Raiser of Hills, the Long Runner, the Father of Kostaddi, the Spear Shaper, the Old Hunter." GRoY p61 also Guide p676 "Greg Sez: Gerendetho was head of an ancient pantheon with its strongest roots in the Kostaddi area. The Ovosto dynasty are in his family, along with many others known only to regional folk rites. One day Gerendetho was angry at the Granite Man, who lived in a big palatial hill.... When they finally got to fighting, Gerendetho was unbeatable and sheared the whole top of all the mountains off, and the foundation ruin of that god’s home is now called the Hungry Plateau. Gerendetho shoved all the rock and refuse aside, and that big pile is now called the Jord Mountains. That is why we say “the Jords have no roots.” GRoY p78. Also there is a land called Gerendethlia in what is now Kostaddi during the Great Darkness GRoY p30 On the Gods Wall, his kilt is given a block pattern which suggests a Darsenite origin (in that other gods with similar fashion are found in Darsen). This accords with the description of him as an Earth Walker (ErGantae p6 Entekosiad). That he is a Long-Runner may be related to the AroTurro who are described as Long-Walkers. In any event, the identification of him in Darsen and the Western Reaches is unlikely to be wrong - he is an incarnation of Turos who moved from Darsen to Kostaddi. He is likely to be a boon companion of Murharzarm because he is blessed by two rays of light from the latter's eyes - the other gods so blessed are his first-born, his wife and his slave. Hence I would give him spear magics, hunting magics and the ability to move large boulders around. His cultists can still have goats but they are likely to do so through a subcult rather than the God himself.
  2. I really have to wonder tho... Where the hell did the Praxians got their blue jeans from?
  3. Simon was talking about Shadows on the Borderlands. You are talking about Borderlands and Beyond Which is a recompilation of this Whereas Shadows on the Borderlands is not.
  4. I would have thought Chalana would have been known of in Elamle, but there's perfectly sound reasons for heroes to go for the temple in Garguna (more prestigious, an Oracle told them to do it) Sailing to Garguna, the heroes will encounter: Ludoch - wanting news of any possible Malasp sightings. Malasp - seeking to kick the Ludoch out of the Marthino sea. Wolf Pirates - "Kill them and take their stuff" Vadeli Pirates - "Kill them and take their souls" Vadeli Fishers - willing to sell some of their catch (which disturbingly has the odd merfolk in it). For a little extra, might sell some of their "special" catch from the Sea of the Dead, with promises of great magical properties to be obtained from it. Kareeshtuans: Mighty suspicious of anybody wanting to go to Afadjann. Might levy a contribution of loot or heroes if not satisfied. In and around Garguna: Assassins from Jotoku: the heroes are not really their type so they would be safe from them. What would be bad would be if the PCs stumbled on the assassins cleaning up after their latest kill, the assassins leave quietly before the authorities arrive who then arrest the heroes for being assassins in disguise. Voice-stealers. Magical extortionists from the Cult of Silence. They send spirits to steal people's voices and give them back in return for a contribution to their cult. Zombie missionaries. Lead by a walking, talking priest of Gark. He has his zombies surround our heroes and others while he gives them a massionary spiel about the delights of Gark. Let's crowd go afterwards if no takers. Greatest Swordsman: Overlarge kid who grew up starry-eyed with the tales of great swordsmanship. With his physique, he turned to the worship of Seseine and now is ridiclously (and chaotically) skilled in sword combat. Challenges the heroes to a fight. Pseudo-God Learners: Claim to have the Forbidden Secret, which they will sell. Has some skill in sorcery for demonstration but are ordinary
  5. Much of SKOH was written long before the much shorter HQ2.0 was published and it's no surprise that old terminology would have crept through. But I do have to wonder at the wisdom of making outdated statements about HeroQuest when the more recent version makes no such distinctions on a forum that's not really for discussing HQ throughout the ages.
  6. This is from HQ1.0, not HQ2.0.
  7. A new star appeared in the Sky and his ship splashed down in the Maslo Sea. More like the Blue Moon path than Sramak's River or sailing out of the pool.
  8. According to the Guide there are 50 Dragonships at the Dawn p465. That probably excludes the one that Vogath Strongman threw onto the Shadow Plateau or the one at Sog's Ruins (Guide p458) They only faced two challenges - one against Mokato and the other against Jrustela. There's no indication of how many dragonships lost to Mokato but that since they sent all their fighting ships there suggests they may have lost one or two. The Guide on p503 says the Jrusteli faced nearly all of fifty ships Most of the Waertagi city-ships were then destroyed in the Sea of Flame, which suggests at least thirty. Some survived since we have "several" that were driving aboard by the Closing and another "several" that sailed down Magasta's Pool. The Guide complicates this on p137 by saying that the Weartagi dragonships attacking the God Learners were vomitted up from the sea of the dead. Three were wrecked on the Edrenlin Isles in Maslo (Guide p605). There doesn't seem to be one at Sog City drydocks (contrary to the How the West was One Freeform). One or two may be on the Dario Istos isles in the Togaro Sea based on a chart in the RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary. One may have lnaded in Afadjann due to the presence of Waertagi at Temissrah (Guide p572)
  9. Please do not waste people's time. If you were aware of the KoS passage then your quotation from Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and claiming that it doesn't mention Bloodlines was in bad faith.
  10. I tend to disagree here. See SKoH p. 217: "Wergild applies only when a person kills or assaults a person from a different clan; it never applies when one member of a clan kills another – such murder is kinstrife and is beyond the scope of Orlanthi law and custom." Look at King of Sartar p221 That makes no sense. There's nothing in Orlanthi law forbidding the clan from ordering that compensation be paid to settle internal disputes. How else is a clan going to maintain justice if it can't order compensation?
  11. metcalph


    It's a God Learner text and since it doesn't mention Vovisibor probably refers to events in Fonrit during the Great Darkness (simply because Pamalt has already acted and unmade Vovisibor at the beginning of the Age - I think - and Jraktal is not named in connection with Vovisibor). Hence the Naga/Agi are not helping because they have already acted. What is happening there is a minor skirmish.. The Ivamali IMO are not elves but Hroolar which would explain there being few in number. .
  12. Saying there are non-chaotic harpies is just wasting words that should have been explaining the origin of the actual harpies. The Lords of Terror description of Magra is just as bad as it wastes four paragaphs to tell us in effect not much is known.
  13. There may be one in Anaxial's Roster or Lords of Terror but we are really getting to the territory of plonking down a strange name and hope somebody else makes something big with it some time in the future.
  14. AFAIK deforestation is possible with firestick farming, which really only works well with dry climates. For wetter regions, such as the Gangetic Valley in India, you need iron tools. Neither method will win favour with the Aldryami.
  15. metcalph

    The Missing God

    Just had a chance to look over the myth. The missing god is uncapitalized which means it's not a title but refers to a god already mentioned. Earlier Kimantor calls upon the War Lord who surrounds him with his powers and defeats his enemies. Then one time the War Lord does not come and so Kimator goes to his temple in the Shadow Plateau.
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