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  1. Yelmalio in Nochet

    The list is from the PDF p39. Additional information in the list which does not appear there comes from elsewhere within the same text.
  2. Yelmalio in Nochet

    Esrolia: the Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses
  3. Yelmalio in Nochet

    A slight problem in that any Daysenerus cult in Nochet would have been ruthlessly destroyed along other Nysaloran institutions
  4. Yelmalio in Nochet

    I think the Nochet cult is patriarchal myself as it seems to be mandated by the god rather than a belief of the worshippers. It accepts an inferior position viz a viz Ernalda as one of the Noble-Brothers and be run as a sacred brotherhood. Judging by the Brightlight Event in Esrolia: the Land of 10,000 goddesses, the EWF Cult was transplanted to Nochet but was wiped out. The current Yelmalions would then date from Monrogh's time which means they would be very close in practice to the Dragon Pass Yelmalions.
  5. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Yes, really. This has been in print since Different Worlds #24 some 36 years ago and can hardly be considered an error. Or Greatway was causing trouble within Nida in an effort to weaken them.
  6. Maran Gor before Death

    Maran would be well known as the mother of the Earthshakers of which survives today. I'm not too sure how you get from Maran before she took up death would be the psychopomp. Becoming a psychopomp indicates an awareness of death IMO.
  7. Telmori and Wolfrunners

    The Cinsina are the Wolfskinners or the Wolfslayers. Sematically close but ideologically opposed so to speak.
  8. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    The Storm Gods appear in the late Golden Age. As per the Guide The Late Golden Age begins with the rise of Umath and the War in the Heavens. It ends with the Death of Yelm, the First Sunset, and the Dimming of all Light. Glorantha grew greatly during the Late Golden Age, as the strength and power of Umath expanded the rim of the world deeper into the Void, claiming new space for the cosmos. Guide to Glorantha p682
  9. [HeroQuest 1E] Flesh Man Common Religion?

    I'm sure having a wooden personality would suffice.
  10. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    There's only one Fronela. The second is Eronela which survives in Erontree.
  11. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    p138 caption to picture. Chaos is mispelled as "Choas" in the last sentence. The original in the Guide does not contain the same error. RIK SEZ: This was already reported and fixed. Please do not report typos already reported.
  12. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    Me favourite stylistic error is on p42 where in the space of four paragraphs, Kallyr is twice described as a Prince and once as a Queen. The effect is so jarring that I think it was intentional and reflects Amstalli having a senior moment.
  13. p440 - Under Monk Header "Kraloreli culture" should be "Kralori culture"
  14. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    p18 Table - Moirades is described as a Prince of Sartar. This should be King of Tarsh.
  15. Bronze Chainmail

    I'm sure the Dwarves can make bronze chainmail.