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  1. Kingdom of War

    It's not canon AFAIK. Even Greg seemed to think it just was an amusing theory when I pointed it out to him many years ago. But the reference is not to RQ2 and RQ3, the reference is to the maps of Genertela in Uz Lore. These days, I'm inclined to believe it was a map-making error more than anything else.
  2. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Counting machines. Most have the feature that if the number of items disagrees with the specifications in the Plan then the machine either whips out a hammer to pulverise the excess or cut up one item to make two. Muffler: a machine that dampens sound and air currents within a given region. Most humans find it difficult to talk or even breathe in such an environment. Dwarves OTOH like it just fine. Medical Surgery. Scans for anybody part that is inferior or contrary to the plan. Amputates it and replaces it with a clay dwarf version (which comes from a morgue of choped up dwarves) which is then held in place with an application of living cement. Dwarves can survive the shock, other races not so much. Forest Harvester: Large self-propelled wagon with a curious attachment of blades in front of it. Used for clearing forests, bush and elves. Shadow disperser: a huge flaming ball of pitch kept always alight by a salamander. The pitch is alchemically treated such that the light is harmful to creatures of darkness.
  3. Pentan religion

    The dragon magic effects haven't been described as rune spells since RQ3. There's multiple options given the lack of detail. My personal opinion is the Dragon Magic is natural magic. The Dragonewts are willing an effect into existence which is something that the Elder Dragon/their Future Selves/what-have-you can do naturally. Their ability to do so is dependent on their spiritual closeness to the Dragon and if done wrongly impairs their spiritual bond. For humans studying Dragon Magic, since they do not have the ancestral affinity with Dragonewts have to use more conventional methods which takes the form of feats, spells or spirits. How it meshes in with the infinity rune/illumination (HeroQuest: Glorantha) is something that has yet to be ascertained.
  4. Generally editing your prose after composition with a good helping of "Murder your darlings" will work wonders. There's no reason to mention each and every possible influence or variation so long as your central idea is sound. There's generally no reason to mention these people outside a detailed gazetteer of Fronela. They can be safely ignored without anybody being the wiser. If I recall correctly, the topic under discussion was the Hrestoli of Loskalm or the New Idealist Hrestoli. There's no practical reason to bring Irensavel as those groups worship him by definition. Ah, you say but what about the non-Hrestoli who don't worship Irensavel? Who cares about them? Nobody knows if they exist or not. Bringing the theory and practice of Irensavelism into a discussion of Hrestoli is quite frankly a red herring. As I said elsewhere I fail to see why you think Gaiseron outranks Siglat. If Siglat is Marx, Gaiseron is an Engels at best.
  5. Pentan religion

    I fail to see how it would have been Heresy considering the possibility was explicitly mentioned in Gods of Glorantha (published 1985) for the Cults of Chalana Arroy, the Eastern Isles Gods, Etyries, Path of Immanent Mastery and the Stygian Heresy. A little less hagiography please, That bald assertion is at odds with current statements about Sorcery (Key phrase "Something that you know"). Moreover there is more to sorcery than just the magic of the Malkioni. A good example would be the Zenshin of Vormaini who work with the Joserui. I disagree strongly with your description of Shamans as predators. Been waiting to use that one for quite a while, have you? How does it relate to the point that I made - by saying shamans can't be sorcerors, you are relying on a rather limited view of shamans. I'm not going to rebut your personal theories about shamanism and sorcery but merely to point out they rely on little more than your personal theories rather than anything actually stated in the Guide or HeroQuest: Glorantha. Your original statement was that Arkat only brought a Man-of-All's understanding of sorcery thus implicitly Trolls could not become adepts. And I hestitate to describe any Mistress Race Troll's understanding of sorcery as "limited". I really don't see why you think Gaiseron is so important in the Loskalmi scheme of things. I would have thought Siglat to be far more influential. What Orlanthi condemnation of sorcery? What the Orlanthi condemn is magic worked without the co-operation of Gods and Spirits (KoS p209), a definition which includes the Malkioni. Sorcery use is not common among the Orlanthi for any number of economic reasons other than it being bad magic.
  6. Pentan religion

    Making up gods and their magic based on the perceived usefulness to their worshippers yields rather flat gods devoid of personality in my experience. I find it better to make the Gods provide well-defined magic and have secondary magic to fill in the gaps rather than have the Gods provide for everything. Only the biggest of Gods (Orlanth etc) should have a magic for every ocassion while second tier gods such as Kargzant would be far less comprehensive. You really have to ask Greg that. In any event, Hyalor would have better horse magics than Kargzant.
  7. No I do not. There is simply no reason to assume that I ever restricted Hrestoli to such a precise group of people. What I did tick you off for was to say "New Idealist Hrestoli of Loskalm" (among other banal phrasing) where New Idealist Hrestoli or Loskalmi Hrestoli would have sufficed. By being unnecessarily ultra-precise in your wording you run the risk of 1) making sweepingly incorrect statements about the group that you refer to (ie Hrestoli can't become Adept Sorcerors) 2) wasting people's time with digression (we only started talking about Hrestoli because you made a statement about sorcery in a discussion about Pent!) What every happened to the simple definition that Hrestoli is the theory and practice of Henosis or Joy, the unity of one's mind with the invisible God. Simple, elegant and avoids all this handwringing about whether some populations of Malkioni are Hrestoli and if so, how Hrestoli are they? I still can't get over your "unknown quanity of Irensavelism and influence of the unorthodox Perfecti among them" above. What even waste words writing that? Do you think others do not know? And then having mentioned it, you drop the matter leaving others wondering what the point of mentioning them was. If it wasn't important, not including the extraneous detail would make your writing a much better read. And finally we get to a discussion of what I actually wrote about the Hrestoli, the point of the digressions about reincarnation and poulations having eluded me. All this however rests on the use of the Tales of the Reaching Moon writeup which isn't canon. More importantly it fails to engage with my actual contention - that the Knights may be understood as Rune Lords who have mastered the art of Sorcery (something which Joerg denied) Apologies in general for the heated tone of the post. I'll go back to being more civil in future postings.
  8. Pentan religion

    Why should it? I can easily see a case for Shaman-Sorcerors in some exotic part of Glorantha and I don't see the need to have the possibility foreclosed because Joerg was thinking of traditional Praxian Shamans. Yup. Or rather in the case of the Loskalmi, it's more like the Rune Lords have become Adept Sorcerors. Style note: being ultra-precise in identifications is unnecessary. If you say New Idealist Hrestoli then there's no need to say "of Loskalm" because there are no other significant populations out there. Similar goes for "Pre- or non-Gaiseron" etc when the same is true of Hrestoli Sorcerors that do follow Gaiseron. Secondly the Hrestoli Knights are Rune Lords, so-to-speak, of Irensavel, not lesser gods. There's really no such thing as theistic deities because that confuses the magic a god provides with the essence of a god. A god may provide rune magic or spirits or a mixture of the two but it is still a god. How the Hrestoli Rune Lords would work is unknown to me (I don't think the Invisible God would provide Rune Magic) but the core concept of the Knights as seen in Cults of Terror is based on a status of a Rune Lord. I think this statement is just plain wrong. When Arkat stole the secrets of sorcery and taught them to the Trolls, the Malkioni didn't say "oh, he's mainly teaching Man-of-All knowlegde and they won't be able to use multispell, duration, range or any similar manipulations".
  9. Pentan religion

    That's quite frankly the wrong way to describe things. If you have to invoke three worlds to explain the religious practices, you are doing it wrong. A more productive approach would be to figure out what a Pentan uses spirits for and what magic they use rune magic for. Kargzant is represented as a Golden Bow or a Flaming Horse so any magic along these lines would be rune magic or feats. A Pentan would find additional magic such as magic to make his horse run faster to be spirit magic because although useful, it is not part of the core identity of Kargzant (Flaming Horse/Golden Bow). He would approach one of Kargzant's servants with the help of a friendly shaman to know such magics. I don't know exactly what is meant by the Path of Hell (Huan To? Gods of the Uz of North Pent?) but it depends to a large extent on how well the Path of Hell is viewed. If you have bad magic, you probably have to do bad things to get it and there's very little difference morally if it comes from the Gods or Spirits.
  10. Pentan religion

    I really would avoid categorical statements about historical attitudes towards magic. There is no statement that Dragon Magic is seen as terrible as Chaos. There is a Fear of Dragons which is the same regardless of whether the human is Pelorian or Orlanthi which is not quite the same thing as an opinion about their magics. And I don't see Jagrekriand being any worse than Kyger Litor for that matter.
  11. Pentan religion

    Not so. I can think of quite a few shamans who can use sorcery (Mistress Race Trolls for example). HeroQuest: Glorantha only states they may not use of such magics "unless that is part of your tradition". The Hrestoli and Arkati would disagree...
  12. Pentan religion

    The best explanation is from the Guide. Something that the Hero Wars rules never quite understood. The worldviews have always been mixed. It depends on the Culture (and most really don't care for God Learner taxonomy). Rune magics would be seen as the primal magic of the gods while spirit magics will be the followers that the God has sent to aid the followers. Sometimes a culture may invert the value of magics - the Doraddi believe that having more spirits is better than having more rune magic.
  13. Pentan religion

    Don't waste time with trying to remember where you saw it from. Have a look at how HeroQuest: Glorantha handles it.
  14. Pentan religion

    Look at the example of Waha in HeroQuest: Glorantha. He is a God yet provides both rune magic and spirits. Ye Olde Hero Wars division between Gods and Great Spirits is gone and not coming back.
  15. The Westfaring: A Map, and Some Notions

    The Zenfel is a planet comes from the Book of Heortling Mythology p169