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  1. metcalph

    13G update: Shipping Questions

    I think (infer really) the aim is to have it a week after the 5% berserkers (self-identifying here) get their copy as the RQG rulebook is already in the warehouses but it won't be sold until next week to avoid clashing with sales of the GM Screen Pack. So my guess is the 28th.
  2. On the wall or on the banner? The figure on the Wall is supposedly the Pillar Goddess upholding the Emperor although it looks more like KetEnari, the City Goddess instead. The trampled figure on the banner is the Devil as the scene is the Full Victory, the sixth step of the seven steps of the Red Goddess (cf Pavis: Gateway to Adventure p396-397)
  3. metcalph

    Sea gods worships in Umathela

    There is the Closing where the Sea was a malign hostile force in which dwelt monsters. Nobody would have worshipped the Sea positively then and would have offered dread sacrifices in a propitiatory fashion. What people would have worshipped are river gods. Even now with the opening, the sea would be a source of dread. The nearest gods of the sea are the grim vengeful deities of the Malasp who are friendly to humans so they can plunder them later. I don't think there would be a god of coastal fishers, rather any fishing would be carried out by the Vadeli who are fearless enough to do it (and pin the blame on others). Towards the west, there would be Fonritan fisherman from Afadjann but they would operate with an atmosphere of mistrust as suspicion.
  4. metcalph

    Countermagic complications

    A lot depends on how you think the Detect spell works. Does the focus of the spell twist and turn towards the target (and then to the next nearest target)? Does the spell provide a aura visible only to the caster? I think the first is more likely as the equivalent sorcery spell Geomancy (p395) uses a pointer and a map (or equivalents) to provide information. So Abelard is casting a detect enemies against three hidden enemies or which the second one has a countermagic. The spell picks out the first one and then Abelard senses the spell is being blocked without picking up the location of the next enemy. The spell will not pick up the last one. As for the detect spell taking down all the countermagics in an area, a middle path might be to subtract the MPs used in taken down one countermagic before applying it to the next. Returning to Abelard, whose second and third enemies have countermagics 3 and 2 respectively. Abelard casts a detect enemies spell boosted with four MPs. When he senses the second enemy, his detect spell knocks down his countermagic but it only has 1 MP left. This is insufficient to take down the third enemy's countermagic and so Abelard's spell is blocked.
  5. metcalph

    About slavery

    There are slave collars (described in Cults of Prax p114)
  6. metcalph

    Old Pavis - Ogre Island [spoilers]

    Outlining a partial history of Ogre Island. Circa 920 ST, it is a refuge for God Learner heretics fleeing persecution elsewhere. They were tolerated by the Pavisites and the EWF in that they could be relied upon to spill God Learner Secrets for safety. An example of such a God Learner is Barbelo the Stone (Middle Sea Empire p45) who fled from Jrustela. Barbelo is reportedly killed by a Storm Bully which is probably Jaldon's sacking of the city in 927 ST as he is unlikely to have arrived after the Closing. Now the settlement survives the fall of the God Learners elsewhere. I think although they knew the Forbidden Secret they due to their circumstances were not active practitioners of it (ie they didn't have the resources to warp myths) and this saved them from extinction. Stepping forward to the Seventeen Foes period. Although they would be one of the stronger groups arouund, they seem to provide very few of the Seventeen Foes. The most likely candidate is Kagtang Four-magic who is a mightly spell-caster and the four magics reflects the God Learner view of the cosmos. At this time, they are probably intensely disliked even by other Pavisites. By 1200 ST, they have taken to evil demons for protection. They are probably behind the creation of the Chaos Market (what later became the Devil's Playground). Barbelo the Stone was accused of Atyar worship although that may have been a defamation. By 1500 ST, they have become Ogres. They are probably the origin of the statement in the Guide p108 that "Ogres hold a dark and evil view of the universe, claiming that their god Cacodemon is the Creator, temporarily taking refuge in this world to reform it to its original image" which is unusually philosophical for psychopathic cannibals but understandable as being adapted from Malkioni philosophy. The change probably came about due to their continued reliance on the Chaos Market/Devil's Playground.
  7. metcalph

    Old Pavis - Ogre Island [spoilers]

    Circa 920 ST (Pavis gateway to Adventure p35) there was a God Learner settlement which was known as Sorceror Town. In 1200 ST (Map p38), the place is now known as Sorceror's Island of which the description is Circa 1500 ST (Map p40), the Cacodemon temple appears. The description is: So the Ogres are descended from God Learners (perhaps Barbelo the Stone who is mentioned in the Middle Sea Empire). During the Troll Occupation, they turned to chaos and became Ogres. As to why they are no longer apparently there, they probably took advantage of some magical act (the Dragonewt's Dream, the breaking of the Troll seal around the Rubble) to occult themselves so their stronghold cannot be magically visited.
  8. metcalph

    Issaries' priests, stealing, and robbery

    An example of an Issaries Bandit is Golgotti Guildersnatcher (Borderlands and Beyond p195) who as well as banditry sells fake truestones, phony slave bracelets, so-called POW matrices and 'Maps".
  9. metcalph

    Clanking City Paradox

    Except that Zistor wasn't the Machine God. That was Zazistor who was confined to Zistorwal according to the Middle Empire Empire Book p47.
  10. metcalph

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I don't think Elmal is worshipped in Ralios. If anything, Ehilm and Galanin are acknowledged as the Sun Gods there.
  11. metcalph

    How can a character gain new Elemental Runes?

    Conversion to the Lunar Way is probably the most common circumstance under which one changes the elemental rune.
  12. metcalph


    I did once think of calling them Parakeets.
  13. metcalph

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    What is said there is "They were hunter-gatherers led by the Hero Aram Ya Udram and worshiped Orlanth." while the Harandings are described on the same page as "hunter-gatherer people who worshiped Orlanth and Ketha". A fairly significant difference I think. Whatever Goddess Aram worshipped in the Great Darkness has been subsumed by the worship of Gouger and his sacrifice to the Bloody Earth,
  14. metcalph

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    The mother of Gouger (Glorantha Bestiary p70)
  15. metcalph

    Orin Jistil and the Skull Ruins

    We don't know where Orvano Hill is though.