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  1. Possible separation spells Amputate Limb Decapitate Remove Organ Part Waters Excise Emotion Furrow Earth Create Chasm Ostracise Cleave foliage Rend Cosmos Remove Memory Sunder Rune.
  2. It's ransom-Gini (and the current US figure is on the order of 40% for income according to Wikipedia). I think ransom could considered a measure of how much liquid wealth is available to free you and thus be the equivalent of income whereas wealth would include things like castles and herds which are notoriously difficult to handover at any stand-off.
  3. Making a couple of Gini (inequality) calculations, I get a Gini of 65.1% for Sartar, 83.2% for Esrolia, 72.3% for Tarsh and 88.1% for Dara Happa (whereas in the RW 60% is considered quite bad) Here ends the wonkery.
  4. I think the Lastralgortelli invasion much later myself than the Ram People. The mountain is called Visku. In the Dawn Age and before, the people may have called the God Visku/Viskuranth?viskuvath. Nowadays they are likely to call him Orlanth. The Viskuans is just a wiki term to dentore the Orlanthi of Peloria who were not descended from the Vingkotlings. What they called themselves is unknown (Thunder Rebels mentions the Talastings from the hero Talast but he doesn't appear in later works). Kartolin Pass can be travelled by humans so that's probably not it. A pass between Aggar and Halikiv is infered from Trollpak Halikiv expanded its borders in all directions for a time, expanding over the mountains which were impassable to men and difficult even for trolls. Hunting parties regularly swept through the spruce woods south of the Mislari Mountains, harassing elves who lived there. They also raided the humans of the Aggar region so continually that it was nearly abandoned by them. Trollpak p30. There's also the map on p165 of the Glorantha Sourcebook which shows the trolls of Halikiv reaching Aggar well to the east of Kartolin Pass in the vicinity of mount Seren (according to the Argan Argar Atlas.p28) The Aggarites are descended from the Vingkotlings (the Vestantes and the Penentelli) Book of Heortling Mythology p89.
  5. The Talastaring Ancestors were not one of the Vingkotlings. They appear in Pelorian mythology as the Andam Horde (and possibly the Ram People). They differ from the Vingkotlings in that they worship Orlanth as Visku from Top-of-the-World (Guide p342). They differed from the Heortlings in that they valued Sheep rather than Cattle. They may have been related to the Feldichi. They may have been led by Varnaval (Book of Heortling Mythology p162 and the Eleven Lights p129). Seravus lived in Ralios (the Orlanthi had to pass through a mountain pass guided by 500 feet tall giants to reach his lands) Book of Heortling Mythology p77. The pass is said to be impassable to humans but is probably know to the Uz of Halikiv so they could menace Aggar.
  6. metcalph

    Wyter Questions

    In other words, the Shakespearan equivalent of "Flip you, Melonfarmer".
  7. The finger goddesses are phases of the Moon with Vorgetala being the Black Moon phase goddess.
  8. I'm pretty sure Greg dropped a heavy hint some years that they were related to the Runes (given that's there's five, means they are elemental). But I never made it quite work.
  9. I'm inclined to adapt the worship Invisible God skill. First the Wizard says "This is our Lord". Casts spells on the presiding noble. "These are my colleagues" Casts spells on fellow wizards. "These are my defenders". Casts spells on present soldiers. "These are my servants" Casts spells on present workers. "This is my Land". Casts spells on Land. There's probably a ritual to cast if the wizard has no noble but it doesn't work as well.
  10. I think what's really needed for Sorcerers is an expanded list of things they could do each season. How do they use their spells to benefit themselves, their community and so on? It's probably unquantifiable to work out how much magics a sorcerer's bodyguards have in terms of Ward Against Weapons, Boon of Kargan Tor etc yet we need some guidelines for doing so (ie a Sorcerer capable of obtaining A magic points per day with a Free INT of B can give 1 warrior X points in protective magic or 10 warriors Y points - such will cost him Z days work). Magical Attack Spells - Moonfire, Conflagration - can possibly treated by having them as waiting spells to activate within their duration if certain conditions are met (such as if the local clan warriors cross my lands once more time, then a conflagration appears at place X). Then there would have to be guidelines for what enchantments one can expect from a Malkioni city's sorcerers working together sharing their magic. My guess is that rather than having sorcery spells go off the charts (ie every warrior in the city has Boon of Kargan Tor 8 ), the sorcerers would spend less time on casting so they would have more time on their own personal researches.
  11. For the broadest generalisation, they are Agi ("The Maslo culture is made up of a variety of Agimori peoples living along the coasts of Elamle and Onlaks" Guide p600). They originally are made out of "red earth, brown sand, gray earth, and black mud" Guide p683 so they have a variety of skin tones, including blues, vithelans and other people (who would have come later). The Teleono who live to their north and may be related are seem to be similar Guid p523.
  12. metcalph

    Runes of Selarn

    Depends on what his runespell is. If it's divination block then Illusion.
  13. There's Fonrit which is as chaotic as the Lunar Empire (Ompalam, Gark, Ikadz, Seseine etc)
  14. Applying what people say should be happening to Starfield makes me shake my head
  15. There are human worshippers for instance the Battling Brothers of Yngortu.
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