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  1. metcalph

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    The Lunar Pyschopomp is Danfive Xaron (I think) There's two theories about what happens to the Pelorians after they die. The older version (found in the Glorious ReAscent) is that the deceased splits into his consituent souls (Shadow goes to the Underworld, the Intellect to the Sky etc). Look at the death of Murharzarm for an explanation of what happens. A more modern version (found in the RuneQuest Companion) is that good Pelorians are reincarnated into more exalted social statues after they die (Lodril->Yelm->Dayzatar->retirement beyond the Sky). The Lunars seek to short-circuit this cycle of reincarnation by becoming Sevened. From there, most go beyond this world. A lunar that is unsevened goes through the normal motions (courts of silence, breif stay in underworld before being reincarnated). Yelm is the Judge of the Dead.
  2. metcalph

    best cults for Alchemists

    Actually it's Quicksilver most strongly associated with alchemy. RQ3's Gods of Glorantha did hint at human worshippers of Quicksilver but no writeup eventuated.
  3. metcalph

    Vampire Town?

    The location has not been specified canonically. I've read that the mountains concerned are the Grey Mountains (which places them a bit far from any human food)
  4. metcalph

    Third Hand Illumination Town

    From my own thoughts at:
  5. metcalph

    Masks of the goddess

    I would avoid hypotheses to the effect that the Lunar Way is a lie. In Glorantha, Illusion is temporary reality not deceit. Natha is the Balancer. She supported sacrifices in the myths because banning them disturbed the natural order. The linkage may have been created by the Lunars. He was still there when Daxadrius made himself one of the High Gods. Afterward that event: Orogeria is the Huntress. She is hunting the lost portions of herself that had been scattered by the Gods War. The better Black Moon is Black Dendara, the White Planet turned Black during the Great Darkness. Identified by the Doraddi as one of the Three Sky Witches (the other two were Lokarnos and Annilla) and by the Heortlings as the Unholy Trio.
  6. metcalph

    Masks of the goddess

    Gerra is not the Goddess of Pyramids. The inverted pyramid was a originally hole in the ground and called so to contrast it with the Ziggurats of Yelm (Yelm's reached into Heaven, Gerra's reached into the Underworld). Later someone came along and built a real pyramid for others to see. I would say influential myself.
  7. metcalph

    Crimson Bat

    The Crimson Bat appears at the Battle of Dantolfol which is 1646 ST. So it returns.
  8. metcalph

    The 9 stars of Lorian

    The Glorious ReAscent (p47-p52) has the Dara Happan Names. Star 21: Lorion's Tongue Star 22: Lorian's Eye Star 23: Lorion's Tail Star 74: Drowns Children Star 75: Scours to Rock Star 76: Pulls Down Walls. Star 80: Lorion's Eye Star 81: Lorion's Marker (ie his outrageous part) The first three stars were visible during the Great Darkness. The remaining appeared gradually over the years. Note that eight stars are given yet the Guide says there are nine - one more star has appeared but its name is unknown.
  9. metcalph

    Pirates in Umathela

    The city states can support pirates against each other. Nobody's stopping them.
  10. metcalph

    Fast spirit combat

    There was a Subere cult Rune Magic called Attack Soul in Troll Gods that allowed anybody to do that. Hence I think it as a Shamanic Ability is possible but far from common.
  11. Gods of Glorantha mentioned the following peoples that fought for the Gods (in addition to the ancestors of the Praxians) The Copper Warriors The Golden People The Sky Spears The White Elves Nomad Gods 1st edition rulebook p62 mentions the Longears and the Aldryami Lords (who are probably the same as the White Elves). It also mentions the Bodies of Old but I think that's actually from the ruins of Old in Prax. The Eleven Lights p129 mentions the following Gods with Genert: Flamal, Seyotel, Ronance and the Three Bean Circus. Yamsur and Seolinthur are mentioned in the Glorantha Sourcebook p122. The White Elves can probably be ruled out as the source of the Tunnelled Hills. The Copper Warriors are probably the source of the Copper Sands and thus associated with Genert and the Krjalki Bog. The Praxian ancestors are associated with Tada and in Prax. That leaves the Golden People and the Sky Spears as being the origins of the Tunnelled Hills and the Plateau of Statues. I assume that the Plateau of Statues is associated with Yamsur and the Sky Spears (simply because it's a mile high and thus close to the Sky). The Spears were actually Cosmic Pillars called down from the Sky (this means that the Plateau civilization can be no early than the Late Golden Age) - a similar origin to the Vent in Kethaela. As the world degenerated, the cosmic pillars were carved into statues to protect the Plateau and hence none of the Sky Spears were left untouched. That leaves the Golden People as the origin of the Tunnelled Hills. At one end is Star Crystal Mountain which is associated with Pole Star. If the Golden People are Kralorelans, iIt could be the body of a Dragon that died during the Gods War and the resulting void became a source of the various forms of chaos (Bagog, Krarsht, Thanatar etc). The Weeping Valley is probably the point at which the Dragon died marking the transition between the World of Life and the World of Horror.
  12. metcalph

    Pirates in Umathela

    Just because a ship has to pay a fee doesn't mean that the Malasp are going to lift a finger if it gets attacked by another fee-payer. What the Malasp want is more fees - they are not really collecting fees as the social contract. A good way to play this might be to have Malasp clans responsible for collecting the tribute in different places with differing policies. Thus an enlightened clan might decide to protect good earners while a rival clan, seeking to humiliate it in front of the Voice of the Deep, might collaborate with humans to raid the good earners.. Hence piracy is perfectly possible within Umathela
  13. metcalph

    Some data on sorcey spells

    Because the sorcery spells in RQG are the most common sorcery spells known in Dragon Pass. Truth (and fire) is because of Lhankor Mhy while water magic is from the Holy Country.
  14. metcalph

    Missing weapons

    Another possibility is that the secret of the cho-ku-nu leaked in the east. There's two dwarf cities there - one was overthrown by the Kralori and the other in Teshnos embraced Octamonism.
  15. metcalph

    Missing weapons

    A teshnan crossbow is shown in the Guide p437 So is a Fonritan One (p565) No idea what a Malkioni Crossbow looks like.