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  1. Saints are still there (Guide p51) but in a heavily reduced capacity. Most Aeolians would know that Orlanth is a God, not a Saint or Ascended Master (think of the difference between Zeus and Plato). If you want an exotic form of Orlanth, then it would be better to use Aerlit, who is found in Seshnela and is, ancestral to a dynasty of Kings there, (although there is also a Coalat). Have his worshippers be a deviant warrior order who were brought eastward by Rikard the Tigerhearted. Worlath is mentioned only in Umathela, suggesting that Orlanth is known by that name there.
  2. Your sole intention has been to cause up trouble by making up a supposed duel. Your claims of innocence are as fraudulent as your original post.
  3. It's less than pleasant to see sotakss make up lies about me.
  4. There may be a more prosiac explanation. In Dragon Past 1 (WF #15 p53), the Praxians led a mysterious expedition to Dorastor in between which they are visiting Aggar before returning home in 1611, I think the Morokanth there (say about 500 or so) were members of that expedition and have just found these lands to be interesting enough (lack of humans) to avoid returning home.
  5. Looking at the Bestiary (didn't think to check it the first time around), there's also Giants (at the fringes), Morokanth (!!), Tusk Riders and Wind Children that could be found in the area. It seems to be the furthest extent of the Morokanth so there must be something they are up to there.
  6. There's mention about how the trolls of Halikiv could get over the mountains (Glorantha Sourcebook Map p165) so the ground could be a disputed hunting ground between the Ormsgoners and Halikiv. After all, there's no Sun Dome Temple to check the Darkness there. Also the woods would be thick with Hydras. The big secretthat I can think of is that it was the place where the EWF found the Great Dragon (Guide p133 and p135) so there would be plenty of EWF ruins there associated with the Great Dragon with the intention of making it bigger. Nowadays these would be sealed over by Blue Moon curses and spirits so beware!
  7. Joerg, this really isn't the place for deep gloranthan discussion of putting forward your theories as facts. If there's no textual evidence, leave it out on the RQ forums.
  8. They were always Orlanthi. Although the Westerners considered them Hsunchen, that has been described as fallacious.
  9. The current owner of Truth is Dayzatar. As to what Lhankor's main runes are, take it to the glorantha discussion. I'm really not interested in exegesis of on-line documents to promote some contrary version of Lhankor Mhy. Lhankor Mhy teaches sorcery. It is not an optional part of him taught by a cult hero but a core part of his identity, I've already stated my position about the prevalence of sorcery among Lhankor Mhy worshippers - engage with that rather than waste time with trivia. Where is this reference to Lhankorings being persecuted because they know sorcery? He's one of the Lightbringers! His magic is by definition Good (largely because it's useless but still!) The RuneQuest Runes state differently as referred to by the mention of Torvald's fragments being in the temples. I fail to see how you can go from there to only a minority of Holy Country libraries.
  10. I used the words expected and ideal rather than mandatory.. There is any number of reasons why a starting Lhankoring would not have knowledge of sorcery. That does not alter the expectation that he should learn sorcery to truly know Lhankor Mhy rather than it being an option.
  11. Now you are just being dishonest and inflammatorily so. I am not going to engage with you further seeing that you are on another trip to meltdown city.
  12. p389 of the RuneQuest Rules. To get away from this, people have resorted to saying this applies only if they learn sorcery. Which is not stated in the text. Again a fairly clear mention of being taught sorcery. To get around it, you have to again mentally insert qualifications that are nowhere present in the text. People have used the last sentence to infer that the teaching of sorceyr to cult initiates is optional. All that it means is that the cult does not teach sorcery to lay members. Pretty much most temples of Lhankor Mhy have a copy of Torvald's Fragments from which they teach spells. Rather clear cut to me. Now I dislike the Sorcery is optional interpretation of Lhankor Mhy and provided the more nuanced Sorcery is an ideal earlier in this thread .which preserves the split nature of Lhankoring magics, which the RAW only interpretation suggests. Please discuss that rather that persist in making false statements about what I said.
  13. Nope. HQG references are valid for the discussion of the bigger picture of Lhankor Mhy. An in-depth discussion would be out of place but merely referencing it is perfectly fine as it is an official chaosium publication. The material in the Sorcery section says differently which I have amply quoted from. You can only claim tere is no suggestion by pretending that that the whole section is optional when it comes to worshipping Lhankor Mhy., which is rather bizarre
  14. I didn't say all runequest sources, I said all sources and stand by it, My interpretation is consistent with the description of the Cult in RQG.
  15. Stasis is not associated with sorcery - Law is. Lhankor Mhy is given stasis rather than Law in RQGas a game design for keeping things simple (for the same reason you can't get a master rune). Since thew writeup of Lhankor Mhy in RQG is a shortform writeup rather than a full one, it's dubious to go around saying that it is the only permissable interpretation of Lhankor Mhy and that other writeups of Lhankor Mhy should not to be considered.
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