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  1. metcalph

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    On the subject of the dragons, my own theory is as follows. The Elder Dragons who made up the world are each associated with an Element. The names (ie Dragon of Being) are obscure enough to prevent confident identifications but we have five elements and the Moon and also the Cosmic Dragon. When the Sun Dragon write-up talks about the Sun Dragon being the original source of the Sun, it is at this level they are talking about. The next level of Dragon is True. These are the greatest emanations of the Elder Dragons within the world. There are other Dragons in the world, but they do not become True until one passes on. Cosmic: Currently Godunya. Fire: August. Formerly the Dragon Sun. A chronological problem in that the August Dragon exists since the Dawn. The Sun Dragon could represent the Cosmic Dragon instead but theta has its own problems. Water: Thrunhin Dal. Used to be Aroka in mythic times. Darkness: Black Dragon. Earth: Green Dragon Storm: Brown Dragon Moon: Red Dragon. The Moon is timeless and eternal and beyond questions about it not existing before the rise of the Red Moon. Dragonewts acknowledge the existence of the elements in their mythology. But they don't use elemental magics as they consider their use use worldly whichinhibits spiritual contact with the transcendent element (ie the Elder Dragons). They do divide themselves into elemental tribes/cults and express their elemental nature in subtle ways.
  2. metcalph

    Odayla and giant herd beasts of Pamaltela

    It's not necessary for them to do so. Odayla is not the only hunting God of the Orlanthi. Even the Eleven Lights mentions Siwend. The's not the purpose of the Hunter. The hunter is there to track down and kill the target. Anything else is immaterial to the God. A human hunter may worship Odayla for many reasons but Odayla (or other hunting gods) do not care. The defending warriors - Humakt, Elmal and others.
  3. metcalph

    Odayla and giant herd beasts of Pamaltela

    Odayla would not be worshipped in Pamaltea. The Orlanthi there would worship a similar hunting god, perhaps Rasout. Odayla isn't the defender of the farmlands. He's the Hunter.
  4. metcalph

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    The best reference is the Cult of the Sun Dragon in Pavis and Big Rubble p104. There are two known worshippers: Estangang Griffin Rider who was one of the Seventeen Foes of Waha and Windwhistler a wyrm living in the Rubble. The writeup says that the Sun Dragon existed in the Golden Age and is the source from which the original sun came. After a struggle between the Dragons and the Gods, the Gods took over the Sun and the Sun Dragon retired. Hence the Sun Dragon is not a construct but a existing figure in Dragonewt mythology. The ruler of Dara Happa is better known as the Dragon Sun and P&BR allows a distinction between the Sun Dragon and the Emperor when it says "The Sun Dragon - or its highest living representative - is the entity which actually sat on the thrrone of Dara Happa..." There are two spells listed for Windwhistler. One is Form Old Limbs which he uses to make magical arms (implying that Windwhistler once had arms and lost them when he became a Wyrm. The other is Radiate which radiates an aura of 6d6 heat (and which Windwhistler uses as anti-arrows).
  5. metcalph

    Sun County Templars' and militiamen's cult ranks

    The Lodril writeup in the zine (also in Cult Compendium) was partly crap. The cult in the world bits were good but the magic was just plain fire-magics which had very little use for the average Lodrili worshipper.
  6. metcalph

    Illuminate Me

    Given the RW inspiration for the Nysaloran Riddle, I doubt that very much. That is a grammatical question. "What is the difference between a silent movement?" is not because "between" implies the existence of a comparison between two objects (ie "and X" should follow movement" whereas only one is given in the so-called riddle. Given Chaosium's quality control at the time (e.g. a disorder rune was repeatedly used in the place of a chaos rune), I fail to see why we should maintain the Emperor has clothes in this particular case.
  7. metcalph

    Deaths at the Dragonrise

  8. metcalph

    Illuminate Me

    I've a feeling that should have been "What is the difference between Silence and Movement?" The original question makes no sense. My favourite is "What is the difference between a Virtuous thought and a Virtuous Action?" The Answerer clench fist on chest and say "Power".
  9. metcalph


    It's probably Gargosganda. It's stated to be densely populated and Gargosganda has nearly three times the population of Kanem Dar, the next largest province.
  10. metcalph

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Alkoth is a city in Peloria that is feared for the worship of Shargash (the Gloranthan equivalent of Mars). It has huge green walls and is widely thought to be in the Underworld.
  11. metcalph

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Shargash had a ring which is now around Alkoth. No idea if it actually circled the planet in the Godtime.
  12. metcalph

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    Not unlikely. Canon. And
  13. metcalph

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    The only God Learners around are Harrek and Argrath from their sojourn in Jrustela.
  14. metcalph

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    They are written up as vampires, looking and acting as vampires do. In what way are they not vampires? That they don't steal spells? I have yet to see a single gloranthan vampire which makes spell-stealing as a major cause for fear (let alone a minor one). Rather than waste words and energy about how so-and-so aren't vampires, you would be better advised to describe how and why vampire spell stealing is scary. "Oh no, Mazoo is a vampire. He raises armies of undead and is so strong that he rips people's hearts out in front of them! How can we fight such a monster?" Compared with: "Oh no, Mazoo is a vampire. He kidnaps magicians and imprison them for lengthy periods of time so he can steal there magic. If we act fast, we can rescue his latest victims!" But as I've made similar arguments over the past two decades, I haven't seen anything more than special pleading from the usual suspects.
  15. metcalph

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    If you would actually soil yourself to look at the new Glorantha: Bestiary, you would see that Vivamort is quite extensively mentioned in the Vampire writeup. As it is, I'm not interested in "I could see" as an excuse for Vivormt having spell-draining. I'm wanting a sound mythic reason why Vivamort should have spell draining.