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  1. Hi Sean,

    I just read about your licensed Magic World project- Congratulations - I like all of the snippets of Skaerune/Skae I've seen yet, and I'll love to see what you will come with for this new setting.

    If I understand correctly, you're not working on this project alone - so is there a way to get in on it? I've only just started reading MW, but it feels very familiar (I've been playing Stormbringer for years and still consider it my favourite BRP iteration for most purposes; and I have played many other versions of BRP, from CoC to RQ and from OpenQuest to Mythras).

    While I have worked on and published RPG material before (mainy for CoC), most of that is in German, my native language (though I have finished writing a scenario for Pelgrane Press's Ashen Stars, which is not yet published) . That's one of the reasons why I don't want to go the self-publishing route - I just need native speakers to proofread my stuff ...

    As most role-players, I've been working on my own heartbreaker setting for years; however, by now I understand that for me, it is more about toying with certain elements and ideas than about building a setting from the ground up on my own. I keep including certain core ideas in my running campaigns, so all of them are in a constant state of flux. From what I've read on your website, your planned settings sounds like something I'd love to be part of as a creator.

    So, if you're interested, I'd like to polish some of my material and send it over to you, for you to see whether I might be a good fit for the team or not. To be clear about that, I'm not looking for a setting where I just can toss my ideas in - I just want to give you a sample of my work so that you can get an idea of its general tone an quality.

    You can find a very short and un-polished snippet here on my blog: http://swanosaurus.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-moss-eyed-acephali.html

    Thanks in advance - and I'm really looking forward to this new fantasy world, be it as a contributor or as a reader/player!



    1. Sean_RDP



      Thank you for the kind words, I did not realize anyone read my stuff. :) Yes please go ahead and send a sample over. There won't be any rules changes and such, but there will be... setting specific tweaks if that makes sense? So even if the stuff is not a good or perfect fit, I am hoping to enlist folks experienced in writing and design and just playing in this system to do play tests of material and such. So you could be a big help in a lot of ways. Thank you for the offer.


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