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  1. I'd actually really love to see a Mythras Bestiary that solely focuses on presenting some weird species for player character use.
  2. I didn't have a chance yet to do more than give the pdf a scroll-through, but I am already impressed by how well-organzied the material for further elaboration of the setting by the group seems to be: There's table to generate historical events and historical people - I think it's the first time that I've seen something like that in an RPG. Given that ancestor spirits seem to be a major thing in the setting, it especially seems to make sense to have the latter. Oh, and a table for criminal penalties; who couldn't love that one?!
  3. Oh, come on! Just hit the "publish" button on drivethru!😉
  4. Well, luckily Hasbro can't come to your home and force you at gunpoint not to use these words anymore (or can they ...?)-
  5. Nothing against CF and Mythras, but I'm pretty sure that that in itself is not an innovation; I have a strong feeling that I've been playing several RPGs in my youth that used the "You level up by raising your skills" method. Okay, the only one I can name now is the German RPG Midgard (which has been doing it like that since the early 80s, I think), but there must have been more ...?
  6. Sounds really good. I like that - Passions made it into the rules - Skills and Combat will be more streamlined - Creating the ship is a major part of character/party creation - the setting seems to be more grounded (well, watered or whatever ...) and not that gonzo. Not that I don't like gonzo, but there's a lot of gonzo post-apocalyptic stuff out there, so something with a more "old west feeling" is a welcome change of pace. I'm not that interested in vehicle rules (I really don't ever seem to need those), but apart from that, everything in that interview
  7. "Die gute Nadel" is out in pdf now (still working on the English translation, though ...). https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/328209/Die-gute-Nadel
  8. The Layout looks great - simple but stylish! Skimming through the text, I feel that there is one thing that should be clarified in random character generation - it is actually the same problem that crops up in "Skyraiders": I f you re-roll all ones and twos, that would mean that with random characteristics, you can't end up with any stats below 9 (or below 12 for INT and SIZ), and even those values are extremely unlikely ... I suspect the intention is that you re-roll 1s and 2s once, but keep them if they come up again? If that's the case, that should be clarified.
  9. Sounds like some interesting changes! I'm definitely going to get this one.
  10. So, you're saying, you only like assymetrical rules when they're house-rules? 😁
  11. I love BRP, but I most confess that I also really like the notion of assymetrical rules - not so much the mooks thing, but rules that think about how adversaries and NPCs of all power levels can be run in a simplified way that is appropriate to the fact that, as opposed to the PCs, they are not the protagonists of the story. Examples from games I've run: Numenera/Cypher System - Adversaries are basically one number (their level, signifying how generally dangerous they are on a scale of 1-10) and two to five special effects. That actually works pretty well, but it requires a lot of
  12. While this makes a lot of sense (again, it's pretty similar to the Legend/Mythras/OpenQuest approach), it's not quite what I'm aiming at. I actually like the idea to have skill scores represent expertise that is relatively independent of the characteristics (though I do entertain the idea to use skill categories and skill category modifiers, but more along the lines of a characteristic of 15+ giving +5 to relevant skill categories).
  13. I probably wouldn't depart as far, but interesting. It actually sounds a little like HeroQuest/Questworlds.
  14. I thought about that, but then I noticed that I actually like the idea of having the skill scores being more independent from characteristics. I don't know if it's realistic or anything, but I like the idea that someone might generally not be very agile (DEX 7), but still a great climber (climbing 80%). The guy with DEX 16 and climbing 40% will have about the same chances of success based on his natural agility, but he probably still won't be able to achieve as remarkable a result if he just depends on his characterstic score; however, he could try to remember what he has actually learned abou
  15. Since I'm still kind of looking for the BRP that hits my exact sweet spot somewhere near Stormbringer/Magic World, I decided to give hombrewing a shot. I don't know if this is going anywhere, I just want to write it down somewhere and see if I get feedback. I'll take the new SRD as starting point. One of my main gripes with BRP games has always been the sometimes weird role of characterstics and the x5 rolls in relationship to skills. E.g., as an example for situations in which a DEXx5 roll might be appropriate, the BGB mentions climbing - which, however, is a skill in its own right. Myth
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