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  1. Swords of Cydoria. WOW

    That's the great thing about looking randomly through this forum: You stumble on stuff you would have never, ever heard about that might be right up your alley. Most Tech-Fantasy-Settings I've seen yet have been a disappointment in one or the other way; and since Sarah Newtons new edition of Chronicles of Future Earth keeps me waiting, I guess I should take a closer look at this ... it's probably just the one book and nothing more ever came of it? I coulden't find any product called "Blade of Takasha".
  2. It's funny that that's the only thing that really stuck with me this long after reading the campaign ... probably it's really just such a radical scratch-off-the-record moment.
  3. I guess I'll just have to read a few of these reviews, then, to get a better picture ... Ken Hite and Dennis Detwiller are certainly two names that I associate with great rpg design. I just wondered whether the love for MoN might mainly be a nostalgia thing, or whether the campaign still feels exceptional and relevant. As I said, I'll probably have to give it another try. Still, if anyone feels like sharing what makes the campaign great for her or him, I'd appreciate that very much!
  4. Cubicle 7 and Call of Cthulhu

    I just meant in in a rules sense, as in "the stats in the books won't be usable for BRP games without some conversion hassle if they use Gumshoe". Of course, everything would still be compatible in a broader sense, expecially given the fact that actual Cthulhu games are usually played pretty rules-lite, in my experience. EDIT: Anyway, I just noticed that Delta Green is OGL, so they could probably just build their own rulebook for their Cthulhu range out of that.
  5. Cubicle 7 and Call of Cthulhu

    C7 has announced that they want to continue/reboot the respective game lines (Laundry Files, World War Cthulhu, Cthulhu Britannica) with some other rules system. It has been suggested they might do something similar to Delta Green by simply devising their own d100 system that would be closely compatible to CoC. It would feel strange, however - WWC is very close to what Chaosium is doing with CoC, anyway (and maybe that is one reason for terminating the license; with Chaosium becoming much more active, maybe they need to make sure that they are the ones who put out the products that are at the core of the CoC identiy). Having another d100 Cthulhu Mythos system next to CoC AND Delta Green that focuses on a strong integration of real world history/present and the Cthulhu Mythos just seems like one too much. Personally, I'd love them to license Trail of Cthulhu, but that probably won't happen, and of course, there would be no compatibility ...
  6. I need to ask a heretical question: What is it about MoN that people consider so great? I have to admit, I've only read the German translation of the campaign, never played it, and that was years ago. It hasn't really left a big impression with me besides that lots of it seemed to make no sense in terms of the back story, and that there was a totally random, in no way mythos-related werewolf adventure somewhere in there. Basically, it was a massive disappointment in reading, and I decided definitely not to run this with my group. This is an honest question, especially since I've never played it and read it only once, and that was ages ago. It may very well be that I simply didn't get it. So can someone outline in two or three sentences what makes MoN great (and sell me on giving this new, improved version a try)?
  7. Istanbulletins...

    Great! I'm really looking forward to this!
  8. Istanbulletins...

    I had already wondered about this from the product descriptions: So there are minotaurs, it seems ... the setting will probably be much more fantasy-flavored than I expected, which is probably a good thing. the main question: will we see acephalytes? I love acephalytes, and no one ever seems to use them in their fantasy settings.
  9. Welcome

    In terms of the system this sounds really good - is this an evolution of your OpenQuest light project from some time ago? Doing away with Size is a good step for a any system that doesn't need a detailed combat/hp schematic to accomodate many creature types (Delta Green did it too, and for the better, I'd say); and tying special abilities to skill scores also fits with BRP's general focus on skills. I'm really looking forward to this (also to the setting and the illustrations, but we've known that this would be coming for a long time, so for the moment, I#m a little more exicted about the new take on d100 rules).
  10. Welcome

    I've been looking forward to this campaign setting since I first saw the announcement on the d101 webpage - knowing that it will feature a re-worked d100 system makes me even more giddy for it (I still feel that that "perfect for me d100 system" has yet to come ...). Bring it on!
  11. RQG QuickStart - Parry questions

    Very good decision, as far as I'm concerned!
  12. RQG QuickStart - Parry questions

    @Jason Durall Thanks! That makes it much clearer - I especially like how damage to weapons is handled in that full version of the rules. There's only one hp value for weapons (no need for an extra armor value for weapons), and it is still possible that a weapon comes out of a parry with no, minimal or significant damage or that it even breaks on all levels of success. Also, in this version, it seems much clearer to me how crits and specials at attack and parry interact.
  13. RQG QuickStart - Parry questions

    While the seeming brittleness of weapons is strange, this might really be a quickstarter thing that will be handled differently in the full rules - after all, it's something that will only become relevant after several combats, and the QS scenario features, one, maybe two battles ...
  14. It's my summer holidays - I certainly won't take anything with me that can read a pdf, that tends to spoil it all ... and I can't carry the print edition. However, I'll join in as soon as I'm back!
  15. RQG Quickstart errata thread

    I actually don't have the QS at hand right now, but in the fire elemental's stats it says that it can engulf its cubic meter volume times ten in size. The Fire elemental is 3x3x3 metres big, which means it has a volume of 27 cubic meters (which is also its size) - that means that it would be able to engulf 270 points of size! I think that can't be right, one point per cubic metre would make much more sense ...