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  1. Jakob

    ABaB: AMA?

    I guess I'd say yes, but I have no idea what an AMA is ...
  2. Jakob

    Magic Worlds Questions

    Thanks, I didn't know about that document - it's a great help!
  3. Jakob

    Magic Worlds Questions

    That's a good point. Though shields offer only relatively little missle protection as well, there's a fixed chance depending on shield size that goes from 10 to 30, I think (or to 60 when ducking behind it - I don't have the book at hand at the moment, but I read that part of the rules today and at least remember it like that). Another thing that might figure into it is armour. In the armour table, there is a skill penalty listed; now, while I can't figure out when it would apply, according to RAW, and it even says explicitly in the rules that there's no armor penalty for combat actions, I'd tend to apply the penalty to dodge, at least. It just seems to make sense, and it would also mean that there can be a meaningful decision between fighting in light armor and focussing on dodging or fighting in heavy armor and using a shield or you main weapon to parry.
  4. Jakob

    ABaB Design Thread

    That's an angle I really like for sword&sorcery settings: Ancient starfarers, if done non-cheesy and sparingly, can provide a lot of sense of wonder. Just don't put them in starships that look like future earth technology, because than you get that kind of genre-mix that feels a little too meta-textual for my taste. Maybe they flew around in giant, hollowed-out trees powered by rune magic, or in some kinds of cocoons. Maybe instead of AIs, they had bound demons for interstellar navigation (and what are these demons up to now ...?). Certainly, there will be crashed and buried ships to be found, or maybe even deserted ships in orbit that could be reached by some kind of magic (MW's "Breath of Life" spell could substitute for a space suit). Sorry for going off on a tangent, I just entered brainstorming mode ... anyway, I like these frost giants, they sound sufficiently alien, not just like "really big, strong northland barbarians with blue skin."
  5. Jakob

    Magic Worlds Questions

    Next question: Dodge simply seems to be the best defensive skill - its effects in the combat Matrix are the same as in parry, but you don't have a weapon that can be damaged or broken. There are two downsides: You can't make a riposte, and Dodge is a separate skill to put points in at Chargen. Still, Dodge is definitely superior to shields - you need to learn a separate shield skill, as well, and, like a weapon, a shield can be damaged and broken. Am I missing something? In terms of effectiveness, is there a good reason to put your starting points in a shield skill instead of Dodge?
  6. Jakob

    Magic Worlds Questions

    Thanks, makes sense! I read the advise as "things you should keep in mind when creating your character", so I was wondering if there were some hidden extra-points to spend ...
  7. Jakob

    Magic Worlds Questions

    Using this question for a quick rules question: The MW player tipps suggest that you should make sure to have a combat skill at 101%+ ... but is that even possible for a starting character with no extra age? The way I see it, you get a maximum of base 25 (e.g. warhammer), 9 points STR bonus and 60% for one occupation skill (culture doesn't provide weapon skills, and the free bonus points you receive at the end don't stack with your occ. skills). That makes 94%. Am I missing something?
  8. Jakob

    ABaB: 5 Things

    Sounds reasonable - especially since dwarves and elves are in the MW rulebook, anway, so it's easy to re-introduce them if you want them in your campaign. Regarding species: does "main species" mean that these four are the only playable species? Or will we see all kínds of cultures and creatures as viable PC choices besides those? I always felt that BRP lends itself perfectly to the latter, even though it hasn't been done that much.
  9. Jakob

    So I can finally make this official.

    Oops .. I actually alway read that wrong - thanks!
  10. Jakob

    So I can finally make this official.

    This is great. Now that I finally own Magic World, I'm pretty impressed with it - and I love all of those little snippets from Rain Dragon Press, so I'm really looking forward to a full setting!
  11. Jakob

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    Okay, I finally caved in and ordered a copy. I've been sneaking around MW for years (a major part of my rpg upbringing was Stormbringer 1st). I hope it will fall somewhere in my sweet spot between OpenQuest and Mythras in terms of complexity. And the continued fan interest by a small, but dedicated group here did a lot to convince me that MW, despite its problematic history, is actual a very good Iteration of BRP. Let's see that fanzine, now!
  12. Jakob

    Do the Southern Reach novels get better?

    While the second and the third book are quite different from the first, I'd suspect you wouldn't like them either - most of the characters have more or less serious mental problems which, among other things, lead to pretty counter-intuitive decision making. Didn't want to be a dick about it, too, btw. - it's just that your initial post sounds extremely derisive about a book that I happen to hold dearly ... EDIT: BTW, the POV character of Annihilation is paranoid, so you're probably not supposed to trust her decpiction of the other expedition members ...
  13. Jakob

    Do the Southern Reach novels get better?

    I consider all three books great. Maybe you just shouldn't expect something Lovecraftesque, they're a completely different animal ...
  14. Jakob

    The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars...

    Nice ... I must confess that I'll probably give it a pass, since I have so much unplayed retro-sf already on m shelf - Space 1889, Rocket Age and now Odd Soot ... but still good to see that Mythras keeps expanding its scope.
  15. Jakob

    The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars...

    So, is this teasing a new setting ...? H.G. Wells, okay - but "Worlds United" sounds like a Kurd Lasswitz spin on it ...