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  1. Thanks for the tips; but actually I'm looking formost for stuff to read on Mexican history (I know that Cthulhu scenarios are no history books, but it is always fun to read them side-to-side with history books), not really something to play a campaign in Mexico, so shifting a scenario there wouldn't really help ...
  2. I'm really curious what "streamlined" means here ... is it just a relatively slimmed down version (as opposed to RQ)? Does it try to bring more coherence to certain aspects of the game (like CoC7 did)? The part of the character sheet we've seen in the photo looks pretty familiar - the Effort Roll being STRx5 suggests that they've kept the classic characteristics range, there are obviously fixed base chances for skills (but no skill categories). But there's a lot we haven't seen yet ... will this be Stormbringer/Magic World with passions added, or will there be bigger changes?
  3. Thanks everyone! "Mysteria Matris Oblitae" sounds very interesting, now I only have to get my hands on it ("Mortal Coils" doesn't seem to be available anywhere, not even as pdf ...) @andylDo you know more about "A Time for Sacrifice"? I'm less interested in adventures that are about ancient ruins and more in those that make use of the political and social history of Mexico (not that one would exclude the other).
  4. Note to myself: This looks good: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/96891/Trail-of-Cthulhu-Many-Fires
  5. I'll be moving to Mexico City in a few months (the general state of the world allowing ...), and I think a nice way to prepare for that might be to read some well-researched CoC scenarios set in Mexico, preferably in the 1920s (since those have certainly been Interesting Times there). Does anyone know good Cthulhu scenarios that fit the bill? They needn't be for CoC, Trail of Cthulhu or any other system works just as well. Googling didn't really bring anything up except for Pagan Publishing's Mesoamerican adventures ...
  6. This might veer a little far OT, but in narrative terms, I keep thinking about a magic system that makes mechanical use of the ideas of "force" and "finesse", with force being raw power and finesse being the ability to manipulate it. Like, if all you want to do is unleash your power and damage everyone in 5 metres radius, you don't need any finesse at all; if you want damage a specific person or thing, it might be force/finesse 50/50. If you want to burn away infected flesh, it's all finesse. If you just want to start a small fire, force would be okay, as well (assuming that you can contr
  7. TBH, I would like that as well ... I frequent facebook pretty much only for the QW stuff, and it is hard to find older topics there and follow the branching discussions. And I don't even remotely get how github works ...
  8. From a first look at it, I would say the most recent changes don't seem as big as I would have expected ... I like the +5/+10 progression, the generalized concept of ranks, and I really like that fumbles have been dropped (I've never been a fan of treating fumbles as actual fumbles by the PCs, more as mishaps, if necessary - a failure is usually bad already, and you don't really need a special level for "wow, you really f***ed that up", because either it is inappropriate and damaging to the character concept, or it is quite clear from the context that that is what happened). I'm very happ
  9. What are fumbles then? -1 success? Sorry, just found it by scrolling up one more post ...
  10. I'm really looking forward to this in so many levels - not only the setting, but also the Implementation of OQ. Preview looks great!
  11. I must confess that I'm sceptical about going with Mythras ... changing/modifying the Renaissance ruleset doesn't really seem necessary (also, the Renaissance system has its own unique approach to HPs and Major Wounds, and I would actually hate to see that go). The Mythras community does have a great dynamic at the moment, and sales could certainly profit from that, but if the problem is not sales, but getting material ready for publication, that wouldn't really help. On the other hand, creating a Mythras edition of Renaissance might entice new creative talent to come aboard, so that woul
  12. It's the same with me. I rarely use adventures as written, but having a narrative thread applied to the background material makes it much easier to digest and remember for me. Also, I must confess that big setting books tend to intimidate me ... However, I'm often torn about this. If an adventure is too narrative, it becomes really hard to mine it for your own campaign. I actually like what Iron Crown Enterprises did with their old modules for MERP - they were basically mini-sourcebooks with a small setting, some NPCs and one or several missions attached. Reading the better ones, you coul
  13. I'd certainly buy and read more Fioracitta material! (Don't know if or when I would get an opportunity to play it, but that's the case with most rpg stuff I buy ...)
  14. Thanks! So with regards to combat styles, that means that I best decide whether one or several of the listed weapons are part of a combat style based on campaign type? (I'm using the German edition of Mythras, so I don't know what p. 87 would be in there, but I guess it is the paragraph on Combat Styles in General). I'm still not sure if I get the new professions right, because they're so different from the format used in Mythras. If there are no standard skills listed (like for the Diarist), does that mean that the profession gets to spend its 100 points between 3 of the professional ski
  15. Okay, let's start with the questions ... I'm a little bit rusty with Mythras character creaton, so maybe these are dumb, but nevertheless: The "skills for Fiorese characters" (p. 9/10): I don't quite get where these come into play ... are they meant to replace cultural skills? Professions: Several of them (e.g. the Diarist, the Diplomat) seem to lack standard skills to choose from (and they don't point you toward a core rules profession either, like a lot of the others do). Combat Styles: Is every combat style for one and only one of the listed weapons? The list format (several
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