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  1. There are probably good reasons for that. If Chaosium is okay with the Legend OGL, it may still not be wise to state that publicly, because that might imply that it is waiving intellectual property rights it might or might not be able to claim; and that might have further repercussions in case someone else tries to publish their own derivative works. Personally, I can't imagine chaosium trying to pull the plug on Legend and products based on the Legend OGL; for one thing, I guess it's a much more murky case than Open Cthulhu, because the only thing really connecting Legend to chaosium's intellectual property is that its rules are derived from the rules Mongoose has designed based on earlier edition of RQ (and the way I understand it, general rules mechanisms aren't really copyright-protected, only the wording and specific trademarks like "RuneQuest"). Also, it is clear that chaosium and The Design Mechanism (developers of RQ6/Mythras) came to an agreement that allowed TDM to re-brand RuneQuest 6 as Mythras and continue it. It would seem strange if Chaosium would suddenly decide to consider the whole bunch of Legend-OGL-based games (Mythras, OpenQuest, Renaissance) an infringement on their copyright. However, I don't have any inside knowledge, nor any in-depth knowledge on the legal side of these things ... To me, it seems to make most sense that Chaosium won't state outright that they're okay with Legend-derived games, but that they very well might just keep letting them do their thing - but please don't take this as legal advice! I don't expect Jeff or anyone else to answer to this post or further direct questions about the Legend OGL; I guess in business, there's sometimes no way around speaking legaleeze - or not speaking at all about some things.
  2. Actually, the German edition of Stormbringer had very similar covers, and I think they took the core box cover from the french edition that was current back then: http://www.drosi.de/systeme/sturmbringer.htm
  3. I'be been toying for some time with the idea to try and extricate the mythology of Laird Barron's horror cosmos from his works ... that would make for a great modern horror setting in a Lovecraftian tradition that is still quite distinct (and contains no Cthulhu mythos trappings at all). But I'll never get around to it. Maybe someone else will do it for me ...?
  4. No, but I might give it a try at some point ... I don't know, it just turned me off that the cover of "The Two-Headed Serpent" looked so specifically "Indiana Jones" to me. There's nothing wrong with that, I just thought: "meh, again someone using Indiana Jones aesthetics to signal pulp." It feels a little worn. The cover above looks fresher, to me.
  5. This looks ... unexpected. I'm curious, at the very least. The Two-Headed Serpent didn't really catch my interest, I think mostly because the cover screamed "Indiana Jones" a little too loud.
  6. Makes sense - I wasn't aware that the gateway license works in a different way than the OGL. And in the end, it will be easy to adapt the adventures to whatever d100 system I'll be using for that particular session. Looking forward to the Mythras project - and the new OpenQuest adventures!
  7. Very happy to be a part of this! One question - you reviewed Mythras on your blog, so you're obviously familiar with it - how about adding Mythras stats for the OpenQuest adventures? Most of the stat blocks would be identical, anyway, and reaching out to Mythras players can only help OpenQuest. I seem to have heard that adventures with "double stats" tend to sell not so well, but I think this case might be an exception; it seems like there is a pretty big Mythras crowd out there that would eat up new gaming material ... I think you'd just have to add hit locations and action points - okay, magic might be a little more involved. Skills are very similar, too ... Since my strategy at the moment is to use OQ for one-shots and Mythras for campaign play, that would be the ideal combination for me. 😉
  8. Jakob


    Great - really looking forward to it!
  9. Jakob


    A while ago, an Italian Renaissance inspired city setting called Fioracitta was announced ... is it still happening? It sounded intriguing, but I can't find anything about it on the internet anymore.
  10. Jakob

    Empire of Gatan

    Since OQ3 is coming soon, what are the plans for Gatan? If I remember correctly, there was a bit back and forth on whether to include a small setting chapter in the core rules or to make Gatan a separate, meatier release. I also remember that at some point, at least to Gatan scenarios were mentioned, "Green Hell" and "From the Darkness to the Light".
  11. No one else yet? I'm actually really starting to hope for a wedensday playtesting group so I can take part ... I've been playing the the new RQ:RiG for a while now, but OQ remains my go-to system whenever I want to run a d100 fantasy game myself. I'm really curious about what the 3rd edition will bring to the table.
  12. Sounds good! One thing I'd really like would be some more thought on specialisation. Nothing wrong with keeping the generalist as standard PC, but characters that are more focussed (on combat, magic, general skills ...) always seemed to be an afterthought in OQ. I feel that providing guidance on specialisation is always a good thing for a potential introductury rpg.
  13. I'm extremely tempted, but it would probably be impractical ... If it turns out to be on wednesday, however, I'd be in if there's a spot left. I might be a tad late occassionally, depending on if it get the children to bed in time. I might have to add that I'm not a native English speaker, so you'd all be in for some awkward phrasing.
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