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  1. Thanks for sorting it out - looking forward to the book&cards!
  2. I'd also suggest OpenQuest, especially if you're after content beyong the rules - I really liked the OpenQuest Module "Life&Death", which has elements of horror, sword&sorcery, ancient mysteries and post-apocalyptic wasteland; and they have published some more fantasy modules (crucible of dragons, the savage north). If you ant an interesting campaign world, you could use Mythras's thennla (described in "Shores of Korantia" and "The Taskan Empire"), that should be easy to use with OpenQuest or other BRP systems. It is however, a kind of low-key setting in many regards. Weird and original in some ways, but it spends a lot of time explaining how the different peoples and cultures work, while there are relatively few direct adventure hooks.
  3. Tried to order them, but I keep running into trouble and error pages ... I'll write the admin, maybe they can sort it out.
  4. Great - than I'll finally get my hands on a print copy of the rulebook, also!
  5. By the way, did this happen? I still can't find the cards on rpg meeting.
  6. With regards to Hit Locations, it's actually not that easy dropping them just using the Mythras rules, since they don't provide any alternative; the same goes for combat effects (you could limit them however to the most essential ones). Easiest way to go would be to downlad the (free) OpenQuest basic and drop its combat system wholesale into Mythras, that should be no trouble at all.
  7. Well, I kind of suspect that it will still be BRP-based ... I seem to remember Sarah stating somewhere that it would definitely not be Fate, but something more crunchy. But I must also stress that I have no special knowledge about the whole thing. BTW, "After the Vampire Wars" sounds interesting. Hadn't heard anything about this setting before.
  8. I'm pretty sure they do if you can present some proof of purchase of a hardcopy. However, they are not part of the bits&mortar program, so you might need to get in touch with them directly to get a pdf.
  9. Yeah, that's still the initial text from 2013 up there ... I've been asking about Future Earth in mindjammer presses own forums, and the only thing that seems for sure at the moment is that it is not going to be for Mythras. Sarah stated somewhere that she first needs to figure out a deal for the publication of her Future Earth novels ... I'm guessing she's probably planning for a stand-alone game by now. However, Mindjammer press has a lot on their plate with fullfilling their extremely succesful Mindjammer kickstarter (and as a "everything in print" backer I can say that they're doing a great job). I suspect it will be a while before there's any substantial news about Future Earth.
  10. I'm not so sure about that ... I've been playing a German rpg that has a similar initiative system (albeit one without rounds - you just count initiative up, and whoever has the lowest current initiative gets his turn to act), and it works pretty well with the counters ... seems way easier to me than having D20s that easil get knocked over and where you also have to keep track of which die represents which NPC. It's probably a matter of taste.
  11. Just an idea to make Strike Rank management in advanced combat easier: How about using a map with 40-50 numbered squares? At the beginning of each combat round, each participant puts a marker on the number corresponding to her or his SR; from there, you can then move the markers with each loss of SR. I you want to know whose turn it is to act, just look who's standing on the square with the highest number.
  12. That's interesting - hadn't read that part of the rules yet, sounds like an elegant way to allow for bypassing armour, especially if you play without hit locations. I'm always a friend of getting as much information as possible out of a die roll, so determining something like this based on the attack roll sounds like a good idea.
  13. Thanks, definitely looks fast and intense! Two Questions: Life Points don't seem to figure into the example - is that intended? Are they just unlikely to come up? It seems that one of the androids just goes down as soon as his toughness is surpassed (instead of just dropping to 0 LP), is that RAW for adversaries or something that the GM in this example would have decided on the fly? Are Hit Locations used in the example? It seems not, but then there's this: Does the index die provide the hit location in close combat? I haven't read all through advanced combat yet (still don't have a printed book), but I'd still like to get a better grip at the basic concepts ...
  14. Hm, the thing that I might be getting wrong but that kind of bugs me is the idea that Strike Rank does not only change when someone gets wounded, but also when someone takes an action. So while in any other d100 system, the bookkeeping only starts when someone is hit, in Rd100 advanced combat it starts as soon as someone takes an action - so as GM, I would expect that Strike Rank changes at least every round for every single opponent I control - that just sounds like a lot. I keep asking about this point because I'm notoriously bad at keeping track of this stuff, at least until someone points out a good way to organize it. Using a d20 sounds like a good idea, but I'm sure that at my gaming table, they would get knocked over, mixed up with other dice or disappear between the snacks ...
  15. Will the cards be available through RPG meeting? I'm still thinking about ordering a copy of the core rules from there, since this seems to be the only place where print copies are available for now (I wanted to wait until the RuneQuest Gesellschaft in Germany gets a few copies, but now I'm hearing they'll only get the second printing which is due some time in the spring or early summer, which would be a long wait). I could probably save on shipping if I could order both together (ordering cards from DTRPG to Germany is pretty much impossible anyway due to shipping).