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  1. Well, you can write a great scenario that is playable within a bog standard generic fantasy setting. Or you can write a scenario that implies a setting that is far out weird, but leaves it to the GM to provide (or adjust it to) a broader concept (which is the typical mode for lots of the good D&D OSR stuff out there). Anyway, there are tons of examples for extremely creative fantasy scenarios that don't necessicate a specific setting or specific rules. it is a totally different approach to setting than that of Glorantha, but it is just as valid. EDIT: Actually, Stormbringer with its Multiverse is a very good example of how you can come up with highly creative and unusual scenarios without having to create a whole setting and ruleset for every new idea.
  2. Okay, but I don't see how this is supposed to be preferable from a third party POV. I think it is becoming clearer that the BRP OGL is mainly for third party publishers who are willing to design a full setting and most of the rules, and not that much for 3PPs who want to focus on producing scenarios and have little interest in coming up with rules. Which is quite okay; it's just not what I expected (or wanted - I have neither the gift nor the patience to design good rules, and I have no ambition to create a setting - with settings like Glorantha, Tekumel or Talislanta out there that are much better than anything I could come up with, I frankly don't see the point).
  3. Granted, I'm just saying that not everyone wants to write a setting. I'm writing a series of scenarios for Mythras at the moment (not under any kind of open license, by the way - I'm simply working with the German publishers of Mythras), and the background is nothing more than an implied, pseudo-European fantasy middle ages that feels slightly more historical than your average fantasy campaign and has some fairytale elements. You could drop these adventures in most D&D campaign (though tonally, they might feel a little different). There are a lot of people who approach scenario writing like this: They don't have a big campaign or a gaming world, they offer story-hooks and micro-settings that can be freely combined and hacked to fit into other worlds (often worlds that gaming groups just make up along the way). Now, if there's an open gaming license that allows you to just write a scenario without having to feature lots of additional rules, you can get this thriving community of many people offering little things that are then freely combined by GMs to create their own world from it; if, however, each product comes with its own setting-dependent subsystems, it will be much harder for GMs to make everything work together smoothely. For me, it is not that much about the limitations; I feel that most of them are quite reasonable. It's more about the decision to make the SRD so extremely rules-lite that you can't really use it as a rulebook in itself. BRP offers so many options - why not include them, where they're not married to specific Chaosium settings? Why not include passions as an option, for example? I get that they are fundamental building blocks of RuneQuest: RiG and Pendragon, but you could still use the passion rules as written in RiG for "Romeo & Juliet: The RPG" without coming close to violating Chaosiums Pendragon and Glorantha IPs. I just want to see that beautiful proliferation of weird and creative material that is out there for old school D&D (which, as a rule-set, is just not my cup of tea) for BRP. As someone else stated in this thread, criticism means that people care. I don't think anyone here is just trying to be annoying or angry because they wanted to build a BRP Glorantha clone, and now they can't. People just want to see more great BRP stuff.
  4. Okay, I have to be honest here ... I, too, think that the BRP SRD could have been handled better. I really don't want to nitpick, but a document with only a minimal set of rules that doesn't feature the wealth and flexibility of BRP is just not very helpful. And I don't even mean that in terms of "being allowed to use things", but in terms of just being able to reference things without having to spell them out oneself. As things are, I can't just publish a fantasy scenario and give the NPCs magic as it is spelled out in an SRD and direct my readers to that for further details, because there is nothing like that in the SRD. I actually need to explain how magic is supposed to work in my scenario. That is not only a big hurdle to clear for an author, it will also result in community material that is much less inter-compatible, with each product having it's own magic system. The BRP SRD as it is may be good for people who want to create their own BRP-based RPGs; but I don't think it will lead to the wealth of small, sometimes extraordinarily creative indie scenarios that we get for old school D&D, because it just doesn't present a sufficient point of reference. Add to that insecurities about what is allowed and what is not ... Maybe the main intention of the SRD is to allow people to create their own BRP rpgs; then that's just how it is, and everyone who had something else in mind can just move on. It will certainly work for that, because if someone is actually creating their own RPG, they will certainly contact Chaosium about it at some point, anyway, to clear up any questions. But if the idea is also to allow people to publish all kinds of small stuff for BRP, the SRD definitely needs to be fleshed out to provide a usable common frame of reference.
  5. Sounds like everyone did the right thing here! I was (and am) really looking forward to this RPG, and if it has become clear that it is such a personal project for Chris Spivey that he needs complete creative control, that actually makes it even more interesting. Chaosium has enough in its plate, and I kind of hope that the switch to Darker Hue Studios might even mean that we'll get to see Kadimah sooner rather than later.
  6. Good point, although I tend not to think too much about stuff like this; a slightly higher chance for fumbles than for critical sucesses can be interpreted as a bug, as a feature or as just some rules artifact without much consequence - after all, there's no "rule" in real life that says that things should go extremenly well as often as they go terribly wrong in a linear relation to their chances of going moderately well or moderately wrong ...
  7. Haven't heard of it yet, but I'm curious about it at the very least!
  8. (As I already said on your blog): Big yay to practically all of that! Skyrealm settings are always welcome, and this sounds really like the version of OpenQuest I’ve been waiting for. Ditching SIZ is definitely something I’m happy with, and so is rolled armor (good Stormbringer vibes there!). Just modifiying the skill of the PC according to her/his opponents resisting skill score for opposed tests also sounds very reasonable. And while Magic Points never really bothered me, I’m definitely on board with trying something different in that regard. Now, if you also go with doubles (11,22, …) as crits/fumbles, this will probably be the perfect d100 system for me (and if you don’t, it still sounds like the near-perfect d100 system for me, which is close enough). Just backed it and very much looking forward to it! #And an additional question, because someone has to ask it: What you say about the system indeed looks very much like what we know about OpenQuest3 ... so will OQ3 become the D101 system? I would not be against it - you could keep OQ2 as it is, as a game that hews more closely to its RuneQuest roots, and have the D101 system as an alternative that stands on its own feet.
  9. I'm just reading Cthulhu Invictus (by Golden Goblin Press) and haven't been so delighted by an RPG sourcebook in a long time. For a someone like me who is not that well-versed in classic history, it feels like the perfect introduction to Imperial Rome for RPG purposes. There's a lot of information about the harsh social reality of that times right there in the introduction, and it is all very concise and well-written. The text gives some suggestions about how to deal with status in play, especially with regards to foreigners ("barbarians") and slaves, and briefly outlines gender roles and relations. All of this clearly with an eye on how to make the setting work at the gaming table, and all on the first few pages. I'm about halfway through the book, and everything seems exceptionally well-done (including the layout, which manages to get a LOT of text on each page without compromising readiblity). There's Cthulhu Mythos variants of a bunch of mythological creatures like centaurs and harpies, if you feel you need these, there's write-ups of secret organisations for characters to belong to or to fight, there's a chapter on the Roman legion, on the City of Rome and on the Roman Empire and its provinces; and there's two scenarios (haven't read those yet, though). Really, this a great sourcebook - I think I'm going to throw a lot more money at Golden Goblin Press and everything with the name Oscar Rios on it in the near future ...
  10. Of course ... it just sounds like if it happens, it is probably at least two or three years down the road ...
  11. "When will justice triumph? When the bravest heroes command the ultimate fighting machines!" Sounds very mecha - which, to me personally, is a pity, because that's a genre that does nothing for me. Still, let's wait and see ... maybe I'll be surprised after all.
  12. Gale Force 9 and Modiphius are working on an official Dune rpg at the moment, so it can't be that.
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