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  1. Thank you @jajagappa I like that, especially no. 3.
  2. I have a Broken Tower question, too, and hope nobody objects to using this thread. I am running the Broken Tower scenario in my Eleven Lights series, with player characters coming from the standard Red Cow clan. For that I relocated the tower to Wulfsland on the old Maboder territory. What are your suggestions how Jomes Wulf could react once they break him the news of Idrima's existence and her temple on his land?
  3. I agree that all seven officers of the inner Lightbringer clan ring would be people, rather than the wyter, ancestors or a piece of regalia. As I understand most of you say Ginnar Jar’s seat is chosen just like any other seat. The chieftain appoints the person who he or she thinks fits the profile best, i.e. has a great sense of community, puts the needs of the many before the needs of the few, is rather altruistic. Once that person is appointed, he or she stays in office indefinitely. There are no rules and no system to listen to or in fact represent the other households, but it is up to that ring member to do the job to the best of one’s knowledge. Hm, I can see the point. Only I felt it was too ...well, too ordinary, I and was hoping for a bit more. But maybe that is just the way it is.
  4. IMO the connection to the Telmori is quiet interesting, too. I don't have any book at hand right now, but I think Kostajor is related to King Sartar both through maternal and paternal lines. His father was created/sired by Sartar. His mother Onelisen is the daughter of Saronil son of Sartar. Onelisen comes from Tarsh, but I don't recall a connection to its royal family. Onelisen is also connected to Prince Argrath (great grand mother?). Kostajor had four or five children, most of which died at the hands of Jomes Wulf.
  5. My question was actually not so much about the Who they would appoint (I am sure that is open to much debate and power brokering) but more about the How. SKoH says on a Lightbringer clan ring Ginnar Jar is represented by the heads of households. Now there are many households but only one seat on the ring. How do they do that? Would they simply choose one household and thereby ignoring that Ginna Jar is the community rather than an individual? Would they form a ring of households and send a spokesperson from among them to the clan ring? Would they take turns by season or year? Would they have other ideas how to represent a community on a single seat?
  6. A lightbringer clan ring holds seven seats for the respective lightbringers. While five of them are easily associated with an individual deity, Ginna Jar is represented by the heads of the households. But how does that work on the clan ring? There is just one seat for Ginna Jar. Do the households take turns? Do they have one representative for all of them?
  7. Great story. In my Eleven Lights campaign I will have the skald PC recite the Heler story during the Great Rain ritual, because the hunter PC made a deal with Voranga during The Missing adventure. @Bohemond I sent you a pm.
  8. Many thanks for all the answers. You are right, I will go for it and don't bother about the mechanism.
  9. I am preparing an adventure where the characters go on an otherworld heroquest (during the great hunt in Balazar). I would like them to return with a mighty prey (or maybe a giant bee). However I know that it is impossible to bring back an item from a heroquest and they cannot prepare an item in advance. What are my option? Any suggestions?
  10. Hallo zusammen, mir bereitet die Übersetzung des Begriffs "Sun Dome" Kopfzerbrechen. Ich bitte daher um Rat. Hier sind einige Überlegungen. Sonnendom - Das ist sowohl ein Kunstwort, als auch im Grunde genommen eine fehlerhafter Übersetzung. Sonnenkuppel - Das ist die wörtliche Übersetzung. Problem 1: Die Sonne hat keine Kuppel. Problem 2: Ein Mensch der von dort kommt, wäre vermutlich ein Sonnenkuppler, was lächerlich ist. Himmelskuppel - Vorteil: Der Himmel hat im Gegegnteil zur Sonne tatsächlich eine Kuppel und da Sonne und Himmel die gleiche Rune in Glorantha haben ist die Übertragung kein Problem. Nachteil: Auch hier wäre ein Einheimischer wieder ein Kuppler, oder sehr umständlich ein Himmelskuppel-Templer. Sonne - Das englische "Dome" einfach wegzulassen hat den Vorteil, dass alle Kombinationen des Wortes schön kurz und einfach sind (Sonnentempel, Sonnengrafschaft etc.). Nachteil: Man kann nicht mehr zwischen Sun County (in Sartar) und Sun Dome County (in Prax) unterscheiden, was aber vielleicht nicht wichtig ist. Wichtiger könnte sein, dass man so nicht zwischen der Sonnen/Feuerrune von Yelm und der Sonnen/Lichtrune von Yelmalio unterscheiden kann. Sonnenlicht - Nachteil: Es ist relativ weit weg vom englischen Original. Vorteil: Es drückt sehr genau aus, worum es bei Yelmalio geht, nämlich das Licht der Sonne. Was sagt Ihr dazu?
  11. Introducing HeroQuest to players who have played other systems before is often much fun for all. I usually start with a very brief description in two or three sentences about the respective Gloranthan society, e.g. rural, clan based, bronze age society, in which everybody wields magic and gods are real. Then I ask them who they are or have them write it down on a blank sheet of paper (either list or prose). This is quite surprising for many and lets inspiration run wild. After players created their character concepts (and abilities if they like) I assign appropriate cults and runes (usually one or two runes are sufficient in the beginning). Et voilà. Character created in 10min. About rules: I usually start the game without them. If there have to be any contests on the first game session I use all available rules, though. They are pretty easy to understand. For the players' convenience I provide the success-failure-matrix as a handout. That's all.
  12. I don't see that Broos in general have any taboos whatsoever. Small bands of Broos may be different but I would not consider taboos to be a racial trait. They are simply too chaotic and too aggresive for that. As I understand it Broo "society" is mainly based on power. That doesn't mean that all female Broos are more powerful than their male counterparts or get raped and therefore dont get raped. It can simply mean most Broos of either and all genders sometimes rape and get raped. But more often than not they would refrain from doing so because they know that their brothers and sisters are very powerful and the cost-benefit-ratio (so to speak) is insane even for Broos. That is also the reason why there are probably more goat and cattle Broos than lion and dinosaur broos in Glorantha. As a side note, rape doesn't not only happen between male and female specimen. Rape does also happen between two males (among other things). I think that is nowhere more true than among Broos.
  13. Have you checked the Guide to Glorantha, page 65? It basically says they speak Aldryami wich is a weired language not related to any other language in the world. Elves prefer not to use their native tongue in conversations with outsiders. I believe the latter is the main reason it is so hard to learn Aldryami: you hardly find a teacher. Besides that in my Glorantha Aldryami sounds like leaves in the wind and the growth of trees - nothing human anatomy is made for. YGWV.
  14. Thanks David for this cool chart. Could you elaborate on the surprinsingly high number of Humakti. To my knowledge there is only one regiment (the Sword Brothers) in Prax. Among the Pol Joni I assume the same Humakti-Orlanthi ratio as in Sartar (which is quiet low in itself). Among the other major and minor tribes I expected only a handful Humakti wierdos. Your chart suggests 1,77% of the praxian population to be Humakti. My guess would have been less than 1/4 of that.
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