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  1. You can find some decent ones with search engines, 'poetry riddles' gives good hits, eg. https://solveordie.com/poems-riddles/
  2. Eh, it's hard to write it on this forum. [tag] the text you want to spoiler [/tag] replace 'tag' with 'spoiler'
  3. Iirc, they used this for Stark's troops in GoT.
  4. Here's an article about leather armors: https://www.archeologiedordrecht.nl/wijkensites.dordrecht/up/ZwljtisJE_Leather_in_Warfare_Late-medieval_leather_armour_from_excavations_in_the_Netherlands_Marloes_Rijkelijkhuizen_and_Marquita_Volken.pdf I had an article about cuirboulli helmets too, but unfortunately I can't find it, I may have lost it a while ago in a hd crash. I've read some other articles too, and looks like that cuirboulli wasn't as sturdy as it is in RQ, and no one used just cuirboulli armor, but it was used on top of other armors. And it wasn't a poor man's substitute for a me
  5. Hah, yeah, "studded leather" is another one of those armors where some now long dead white guy looked at an art piece, and then pulled an idea out of his ass about what the armor really was.
  6. Yeah, the "ring mail" is unfortunately a really widespread myth, and I'm not surprised that even museums still spread it. The cuirboulli armor did exist, but it was never as common historically as it is in rpgs. Different sorts of cloth armors were historically what leather armors are in most rpgs, ie. a cheaper alternative for those who can't afford metal armors.
  7. Yeah, I meant that the "ring mails" weren't used. Scale armors were definitely real.
  8. No, that type of armor wasn't used, it's a widely spread myth.
  9. Yeah, it was a big mistake.
  10. 18th century European historians started to use the word mail incorrectly to refer to any armor. And "ring mail" was invented by a Victorian antiquarian who thought that art pieces like eg. the Bayeaux tapestry where the warriors had large rings on them were accurate representations of real armors, and not just the artist's way of depicting mail (ie. "chain mail").
  11. In my Glorantha many of the tattoos are gained magically from the initiation ceremonies, and for the enchantment tattoos I've used the RQ3 rules where you had to have Engraving 25% to make the required engravings for enchantments, except that for tattoos it's Tattooing 25%. Many of the PCs have become quite good tattoo artists during their careers.
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