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  1. Draw the cat!
  2. RAW = rules as written.
  3. Wandering Sun, Jealous Uncle, I have a new Toy here, see it? Test me, twice if you can For a Gold Piece each right Answer. Where are the car keys? Is the stove still on?
  4. Hah, that's what I was thinking about.
  5. Maybe the Man rune should be the rune for free will, since it's the gods who lack it.
  6. Trolls! Night and great troll heavies, trollkin slingers and disciplined trollkin spearmen of Argan Argar. Elf bowmen, and dwarf pike and shot regiment. Dragonewts with their half-bird cavalry. Vampire Legion and Ralzakark's Broos.
  7. That would explain alot. e: I mean Orlanth's rebellion against Yelm and the Red Goddess, and Sartarites rebellion against the Pharaoh and the Lunar Empire.
  8. Many thanks! e: Windwalk? Is that a new spell from the oncoming Cult book, or did you mean Wind Warp or Flight?
  9. I'd also really like to see one.
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