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  1. Hah, thanks for making the thread, I had wondered about it too.:)
  2. Because I didn't know which threads you were referring to.
  3. The Arrow Trance version is what I follow.
  4. There's been good discussion in this thread on how to handle it, but I also asked about it on the official questions thread here:
  5. I think so too, but I also asked about it in the official questions thread.
  6. DrDave seems to be new here, so you could have linked them.
  7. My guess is that the top of Kero Fin is on another plane where it touches the Skyworld like Sir Godspeed said.
  8. Does this mean that you get 2 INT or SIZ points per 2 geases or 1 per 2? And what does the "no limits" mean? Can you raise the characteristics over the racial maximum?
  9. One of Humakt’s Gifts gives +10% to attack with cult weapon. Is this an artefact of previous editions that had separate attack and parry skills, and should it be +10% to a cult weapon skill? And is it a bonus on top of your current skill, or does it raise your skill by 10%?
  10. This is the kind of Humakti ambushes that I've allowed.
  11. Fighting in a skirmish formation isn't ambushing, that's why I wrote hit and run ambushes.
  12. I've also wondered if the Runelord have to pay the one point. In the example they don't, but in the first quote everyone has to.
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