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  1. What kind of power did the Pavis High Priest of Orlanth have over the clans during the Lunar occupation?
  2. Brootse


    It could fit 8 horses in its current size. My guess is that the number just wasn't double-checked.
  3. Brootse


    Yeah, Gringle's "pawnshop" was a huge stone mansion, fit for a king. But it's understandable from a scenario standpoint, since a huge house was a more interesting setting. There are some problems with the new map, eg. the tiny stables can't hold 80 horses anymore. I've photoshopped a new version of the original map, which is a mix between the new and the old maps. It's not quite finished yet, but I was planning on printing it on some A4s, and run the new scenario with miniatures on it.
  4. Gloranthan religions are orthopractic, not orthodoxic, so the correct forms are important, not the beliefs. Here's a real world example of the stuff I'm talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabbat_elevator About the examples: A piece of random clothing that someone just throws on you isn't the same as wearing clothes, you'd have to pull the hat properly on his head for it to count, and that's quite a feat to pull off against an unwilling Windlord. The Chalana Arroy worshipper didn't hurt anyone. Orlanth has many different kinds of spirits of reprisal, so maybe the Wind Lord could get a small itch.
  5. Brootse


    The buildings' sizes have changed radically. They are now only about 1/3 of their RQII sizes.
  6. Iron makes double damage to Tusk riders since they have troll blood. And Griffin Island orcs have elf blood so iron makes double damage to them too.
  7. Never had an Ernaldan in my games. When I ran the Pavis campaign book there were no Orlanthis, but outside it there has been many.
  8. Is Pavis Half-elf the wyter of the city, or is there a proper cult about him in RQG?
  9. I'm not sure about this. Iirc they only decided on stuff happening in the city and Badside. There was an Orlanthi high priest in the city, but I doubt that he was an Orlanth Rex member like the kingly high priests in Sartar.
  10. Rules would say so. Though there are no rules saying how difficult it would be, but I'd require some wrestling checks.
  11. You mean Dorasar Tribe? And are the citizens of Pavis also clanmembers?
  12. My last similar thread was a great success: So now it's time for another; what are clothes? The Bless Woad spell's description (RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha p. 322) states that: "If the wearer ever puts on armor or clothing, the woad immediately loses all its magic power." Are belts clothes? And can you carry a shield or a backpack on your back without losing the blessed woad's powers?
  13. Are there tribes in Pavis area? Or do the characters originating from there get a Loyalty (city) instead?
  14. Wouldn't it be the other way round? Since a RQ writer was the Lead Designer of Elder Scrolls.
  15. All the remaining three are the same duck. Arkat's mother was trying to lay the egg against the wind.
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