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  1. Brootse

    Cattle raids

    I use houserules for movement and encumbrance, so ditching greaves and shields is a valid option in many situations.
  2. Brootse

    Cattle raids

    Smart move! As for the tazer, Demoralize and Befuddle are quite useful for that purpose, and get you POW increase chances too. Of course they have a limited duration.
  3. My take is that they are buried Orgorvale's worshippers. Perhaps only priests and nobles?
  4. Brootse

    Cattle raids

    Hah, that one almost caused a feud in my campaign, since the players went all murder hobo. It was settled with wergild, but they earned a few enemies still.
  5. Brootse

    Cattle raids

    In my Colymar campaign bloodfeud is one of the themes, and the antagonist in the Quickstart scenario was from the feuding family, and the dead herders were from the pcs' family.
  6. Brootse

    Cattle raids

    If a group of youths want to go raid some cattle, do they need permission from their family elders and clan chief for it? And how big a share can they keep from it, and how much do they give to the family elders and chief?
  7. My guess is that it's for game balance reasons.
  8. Yeah, the meaning of initiate is someone who has been initiated.
  9. I asked about this in the first Q&A thread: Q: Page 269 in the RQG book: “Most who belong to a cult are lay members, without any authority or position within the cult.” Page 73 in the RQG book: “Nearly every adult is initiated into the cult of a specific deity.” Which is it? A: You’re confusing being initiated into a cult with being an initiate of that cult. Most everyone in the world is a member of one cult or another, a lay member. Only a small number take the test sacrifice a point of POW and gain a Rune point, and still fewer go on to become Rune Masters or God-talk
  10. Yeah, this should definitely be put in the books somewhere. 10-30% are the numbers I've seen in some threads, but I can't find an official answer.
  11. Like, one elf using two other for skis?
  12. Iirc this was mentioned in some older book.
  13. I'd use height for strike rank, and mass for everything else, if the character's density is the same as humans'. But if the character is eg. made from stone, I'd use the height for armor price too (I'm using the older edition's rules where larger armors cost more.)
  14. The Guide specifically mentions that the Snow Trolls don't use them, but perhaps Dark Trolls might. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about them.
  15. Agreed. At times I've felt like a haruspex looking at entrails when trying to understand RQG's rules, but the official Q&A threads have been useful. And these days the response time is very fast.
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