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  1. Brootse

    Dream dragons

    Yeah, it'd be nice.
  2. Dampen Damage doesn't affect magical bonuses.
  3. They have. They can attack their enemies from longer ranges than swordmen can.
  4. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Yeah, it doesn't say anywhere in the rulebook that Tapping is evil to most people. That could be added to the Sorcery section.
  6. According to the Guide, most people would think so, even if you use it against your enemies.
  7. Sure, but is it any likelier than some other power attacking you when you Tap something else? Should there be a chance of an Umbroli attacking you when you Tap Air (ie. cast Steal Breath)? And as for the dead creature attacking you, it might do that, but it would also get some amount of damage from the spell. RAW say that Steal Breath converts 3m^3 of air into magic points, wouldn't this mean that an Umbroli loses that much size?
  8. It would convert a dead thing into magical energy you can use to power your spells.
  9. Checked what the Guide said about tapping: Tapping Tapping is the sorcerous conversion of a local manifestation of a Rune into raw magical energy, which then can be used by the sorcerer to power other spells. For example, a sorcerer learned in the Stasis Rune, might tap the Stasis out of a rock, reducing it to dust, or another might tap the Life out of a tree, killing the orchard to get magical power. Most Malkioni, except the Brithini, Vadeli, and Waertagi, consider Tapping to be immoral and evil. However, the principle is inherent in Malkioni philosophy and is easily derived from the logical techniques the Malkioni use to summon, command, or combine Runes. Sample School of Sorcery: Debaldan School The Debaldan School of Sorcery studies the Water Rune. Its spells include Summon Water (summon water elemental); Summon Progenitor of Water (uses present water elementals to summon an identified “ancestral water”); and Combine Water with [Power Rune]. Although Tapping is considered immoral and evil by most Malkioni, the Debaldan School does teach Tap Water (the spell is easily derived from the logical techniques used by the Malkioni in any case). So I can't see an honourable Aeolian or Lhankor Mhy wizard tapping anything.
  10. Hah, no need for apologies, I liked the story
  11. RQG: The two other techniques, Command and Tap, are implied in all other techniques. This text would imply that all Sorcery has something to do with Tapping. So either Tapping has changed from the evil thing it was in RQ3, or then the Theists are right to call Sorcerers immoral. But Lhankor Mhy doesn't forbid Tapping, only Chalana Arroy does. Or maybe the writers meant that only Tapping Man is forbidden to the Healers. Would an Aeolian Tap Air? Is it an evil and unholy thing for them to drain Orlanth, or is filling yourself with the Power of Air similar in their minds to what the Storm Voices do?
  12. Why wouldn't they? Is it different from breathing?
  13. nah From the Bestiary: Trolls can move in the darkest night, due to their stygian origin. They use “Darksense,” a perception not available to other races. Darksense combines hearing, smelling, feeling, and some non-specific sensing abilities, and allows trolls to maneuver as though humans in sunshine.
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