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  1. From Cambridge Dictionary:
  2. My group uses Discord. A voice channel for discussion, and a main gaming text channel for dice bot, handouts, and other active roleplaying stuff. One player has digitized his character sheets, and for others I as the DM keep records. After scenarios I send scans of the character sheets to players. And we have other text channels for keeping records of dead characters' sagas, rules discussion, Glorantha discussion, general chat, low brow humor, and for discussing when we are going to play the next time. e: We used Skype for video once when the characters were playing the Faro Wheel in Casino Town, so that the players could see my toy roulette set. The Faro Wheel worked as a normal roulette, except that fumbled Luck checks invalidated wins.
  3. Could we perhaps see some drawings, please?
  4. Finally someone can spell it properly!
  5. Sounds like a working solution.
  6. Viking wergild was three times the victim's yearly income, and for non-combatants it was the killer's yearly income. And the slave prices in RQG are 100L for adult men and 35L for children, so the ransom could be about 1/3 of a man's ransom.
  7. Someone posted here on the forums that this is the source for Prax's name: So it should be the prairie of Prax.
  8. Nice! Where's this from?
  9. Good point regarding the smell! Iirc the darksense isn't wholly sonar-based.
  10. Does the Dark Walk spell make the character undetectable to Second Sight, Soul Sight, Detect enemies, Detect life, Darksense etc.
  11. The spell's description says that it "allows the user to be totally invisible and soundless", which would imply that no senses would work, and like Russ Massey posted earlier, Orlanth could hide from trolls with it. Thanks for reminding me that the invisibility spell had been discussed in the official thread. I had some really vague recollection that Second Sight shouldn't work when I made the ruling during our last game.
  12. In my campaign the PCs made a pilgrimage to the Block and helped Storm Bull worshippers hunt a white Allosaurus Broo that could use Predator type camouflage. It also threw large stones.
  13. If a character has cast the Dark Walk spell, can he be seen with eg. Second Sight, Soulsight, Detect Enemies or Detect Life? And how about Darksense skill?
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