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  1. Can't you read? He said 'IMG'.
  2. You are inventing stuff that isn't written in the rules. Devotion is a different passion.
  3. Have the Lunars conquered the islands and put garrisons there, or what's the situation?
  4. From the rulebook: Gifts For every 20 L given as gifts to another adventurer, temple, or other community, an adventurer may get a +1% bonus to a single Loyalty roll with that entity. For every 50 L given, the adventurer gets a +1% cumulative and permanent increase in that Loyalty. If you didn't have a Loyalty score for the gift's recipient before, how Loyalty do you have after the first 50L gift? 1, 60, 61, or something else?
  5. Do wyters have some sort of pyramid scheme going on with other wyters, or do they only associate with their worshippers? If a character joins the Wolf Pirates, does he sacrifice POW only to his own ship's wyter, or also to the whole fleet's wyter? Or does the fleet wyter get its power from the ship wyters? And for how many wyters does a soldier in the Lunar Heartland Corps sacrifice to? Or a Sartarite farmer or city dwelling guild member?
  6. So if a shepherd gets enough of sheep and wants to move in to a city to become laborer, what happens next? Does he need a permission from the clan to move away? Will he be an outcast or an outlaw if he leaves without a permission? Do cities have citizenships like in the old Pavis book? Do people still stay members of their clan if they get a citizenship in, say, Jonstown? To how many different wyters does an average craftsman sacrifice to?
  7. Brootse

    Blue moon cycle

    Thanks! I was just going to make a thread about the Gloranthan tides, because I'm planning to run the Sea Cave.
  8. How large proportion of trolls are just lay members in cults and only initiated in their wyter.
  9. The rules say that: Qualify to Found Own Temple of the Cult: To do this, a Rune Priest or Rune Lord must have a minimum of 15 Rune points and 90% ability in three cult Knowledge skills. Was it supposed to say just "three cult skills"?
  10. Many thanks! Also, I found the official Hazia rules in the Bestiary. By the way, do you know if the GM's Manual, Gods of Glorantha, or some other future book will have more stuff on Spirit Travel?
  11. When a shaman discorporates, where in the Spirit World does he appear? Is it dependant on his religion? Does the place change if he discorporates in a temple? If he has the taboo of ”Make pilgrimage to Daka Fal’s Fire (in the Spirit World) once per season”, how many successful Spirit Travel checks does he need to get there? What would an equivalent taboo for a troll Gorakiki shaman be? Travel to Hell (is it reachable by Spirit Travel?) or to "Gorakiki's Beetle Cave" (a place I just made up)? For how long does a hit of Hazia discorporate a character?
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