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  1. The roguelike ADOM (1994) is the oldest game I still play, and something like that could also work in Pavis. RQ would offer many different class, cult, race and background combos.
  2. I played EotB II a lot back in the day, but I preferred the Gold Box games even more. The city of Phlan was very Pavis-like. A dungeon crawling crpg set in Pavis would probably work great.
  3. In RQG a normal person with STR and CON 10 can carry a 64kg person without penalties, but if they try to carry 11kg of coins they will get penalties.
  4. In Glorantha Bestiary p. 159 it says that shadowcats are used for hunting. But like many other animals, they too seem to lack all perception skills. Which perception skills should they have, and how much should they be? Same as dogs? Though dogs also lack Scan and Search.
  5. It would have to be quite a sea monster to kick Harrek's ass! I've ran some Wolf Pirate scenarios, and I've used Harryhausen style monsters in them for great effect. As for completely new larger religions; back in RQ3 there were some empty bits of Genertela dedicated for DM's to put their own stuff in. And there's nothing stopping you rewriting some areas, religions or cultures or whatever for your own campaigns even in RQG.
  6. Does it count as adultery if a married Wind Games contest winner, who worships one of Ernalda's Husband Gods, has sex with one of the priestesses? Or are they just re-enacting holy rites, so it doesn't violate divine oaths?
  7. Zutchko's Teeth from Griffin Mountain allowed you to speak to dogs and wolves, was Zutchko some dog/wolf god or spirit? In the Griffin Island Zutchko Dog-Father replaced Brother Dog, but in the Mountain the name only appeared in the name of the magic item.
  8. I played and ran RQ3 close to 3 decades. It was also the first rpg I ever played. I've tried many other rpgs, but I've always preferred RQ. It would take too long to list all the things I enjoyed about it, so to be concise; it's the feel of realism in fantasy. You don't just hit people straight in their hitpoints, and you can parry enemy swordsmen like in swashbuckler movies, and even powerful characters still feel like humans instead of superheroes. A RQ character is more like Zorro or Indiana Jones compared to the Supermanlike D&D characters. And in addition to the great rules, RQ was coupled with Glorantha, which is an unsurpassed fantasy world.
  9. The rules as written say that naked an unarmed Storm Voice casting Thunderbolts is unarmed, just like an unarmed Kralori martial arts master. But IMG they would both count as armed, so a humakti could attack them honourably if there's a combat going on. But some peasant with a Disruption spell wouldn't count as armed, just like a peasant carrying a knife wouldn't, unless the peasants used the Distruption or the knife to attack.
  10. If you want to capture a ghost that doesn't initiate a spirit combat on its own, you need to discorporate first. One way for non-shamans to do it would be to light up the old hazia pipe. But unless you're willing to wait until the trip ends, you need to carry the haziahead's body back, so you'll end up carrying a body anyway. One way to avoid that would be to make some other spirit that you have bound attack the ghost, and then bind the ghost.
  11. Just kill the bugger, smuggle his corpse to your base, and have a shaman interrogate the ghost. e: Or if the ghost doesn't follow the stiff, capture the ghost into a crystal or a binding.
  12. The quote is "Attacking an unarmed foe", so it could be read either way. If it happened in my table, I'd probably rule it to be per target attacked, regardless how many blows were struck. It could also be read so that you can attack your unarmed friends without penalty.
  13. No. You can strangle people with belt, but not everyone who wears a belt is armed. A knife is foremost a tool, and almost everyone in Glorantha carries one. Only if a someone threatens or stabs you with a knife it becomes a weapon. Humakti code isn't about fair fights, that is true. If poorly armed peasants gang up on a Humakti he is allowed to kill them all. But if they drop their weapons and surrender, he can't attack them anymore without losing honour. None. Magic is allowed in Humakti duels: 3. Any Rune or Battle magic is allowed except Sever Spirit. The use of allied spirits is certainly allowed.
  14. If the bandits drop their weapons, they can't be attacked honorably. A humakti can't just act like he doesn't see their surrender and keep on killing them. Well, at least without losing 5% Honour for each attack.
  15. The Broken Tower is an exellent starter adventure. The Money Tree from the 3rd edition is imo an even better starter adventure, even if it is somewhat less Gloranthan.
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