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  1. Brootse

    best cults for Alchemists

    Good point.
  2. Brootse

    Orlanth pet in Umathela

    How about Shadowgoose?
  3. Brootse

    best cults for Alchemists

    Black Fang is a cult that resembles a bit the historical Assassins. They're found in the Great Rubble in Prax. Where's your campaign taking place? And what kind of a character is it?
  4. Brootse

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    There's of course the Rathori option.
  5. Brootse

    Site News & Feedback

  6. Brootse

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My deepest condolences to his family, and thanks Greg for all the fun times I've had with my friends playing RuneQuest and exploring Glorantha.
  7. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    Sounds logical. Would anyone have more pics of mostali crossbows? The only ones I found were basically just chu-ko-nus. Now, of course one could make up an in-world explanation for it, and say that they just resemble externally chu-ko-nus and have springs and stuff inside, and that the humans just copied the look.
  8. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    Hah, I was sure someone would say that, but we had it some years before D&D had
  9. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    The curve helps with slicing, and straight blades are better at piercing, and both have been used by cavalry for thousands of years. The question which is better, has always been contested. In RAW RQG there's no difference except with spears, but my group uses a house rule that two-handed weapons get 1.5 times the normal damage bonus, eg. +d4 rises to +d6 and +d6 rises to +d10.
  10. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    Yes. I think that the Chinese might have had better bronze than Europeans, and therefore were able to make longer blades. Or maybe they preferred longer blades, unlike other Bronze age people.
  11. Brootse

    Tarshite Sun Dome Temple questions

    Phalangites have pikes and smaller shields.
  12. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    In my Glorantha I don't call or describe them as 'bastard swords', but as 'long cavalry swords'. Rules-wise they work as the old bastard swords.
  13. Brootse

    Site News & Feedback

    Please increase the maximum number of possible 'likes' per day. Some days the good posts pile up high
  14. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    Thanks! I had forgotten about that amazon crossbow pic, and hadn't looked close enough at the Fonritan pic. Now that amazon crossbow looks very much like a chu-ko-nu, so I take it that they exist, even if they haven't been described in the rules (yet). The Mostali repeating crossbow seems to be a different weapon. Chu-ko-nu
  15. Brootse

    Missing weapons

    Speaking of Chinese and Medieval weapons, what do the Gloranthan crossbows look like? Are they like the Medieval European crossbows that had short and stiff bows with short powerstrokes, or like the Bronze Age Chinese crossbows that had longer bows and powerstrokes? Or are they perhaps like Greek bellybows? Medieval European crossbow Bronze Age Chinese crossbow Greek bellybow Some of the heavier Chinese crossbows used winches, but many were loaded without tools, by sitting down and using legs: Some were even loaded by multiple people: