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  1. skull
    New cybertech palm scanner BRP character sheet this is a unfinished version i posted on deviant art.

    So far only front is started, it looks good but its not the most practiclecharacter sheet, skills and other info will be on the second sheet.

    i know we dont really need it persay and its not as practicle as a full on stat sheet with no graphics!

    let me know what you think!

  2. skull
    HK Tank /ARIEL HK diagrams,charts + 2 versions of HK Trillobytes,aka Silverfish.

    My apologies for taking so long to post more terminator stuff. more to come soon!

  3. skull
    Conflict hit location and critical effects tables PDF is loaded into downloads section under game aids

    hopefully someone can use it.

    i swear i have so much stuff i could upload it boggles the mind!

    i keep find old rpg stuff i created i figure i might as well upload them and hopefully someone can use them especialy after all the years ,and time i put into them.

    anyways i hope it is handy for some one
  4. skull

    I found a free pdf maker program so i have most of it in PDF file format now so i will try to upload them. I am to tired right now to upload but i will try to do it asap! wooooooooo hoooooooooo Terminator BRP PDF's:D
  5. skull
    Terminator basic brp stats are up!!

    t400 up to t850 endos,infiltraitors:D

    if you have questions feel free to ask me.

    coming soon hk tanks,ariel hk, hk centurian, trilobytes and more terminator stats t-900,t-1000, tx terminatrix

    also techcom solidier rank types Alpha threw Omega. as well as common equipment carried by each type or sub type.

    sometime in the future i will be working on stats and stuff from the new terminator movie

    Ever wonder why in the first movie the hk tanks weapons caused targets to steam explode or be nearly vaporized, but in the second movie the hk tanks only seem to kill the soldiers, but not vaporize them!

    my two possible therories are that when skynet was losing the war it opted out of equiping the plasma weapons and simply used the targetting lasers as skynets resources dwindled. or the other possibility is that those soldiers had anti plasma plating however only good for glancing shots and the plating absorbed enough damage that the soldier died,but was not hit with enough plasma to vaporize the soldier. what do you think?
  6. skull
    if your looking for specific creature stats, or other things not in the cthulhu, or brp books send me a email odds are i have something.

    Ok i have some of the Terminator BRP completed so far scale comparison and some paper minis. the terminator stats are in text files. I am not sure how to upload i am new to this . So all i have is a album of images scale comparisons and paper minis 25mm scale. also t-800 fan art by me.

    anyways i hope you like it. check out my terminator brp album, to see .

    Also i have a Cthulhu paper minis albumb nothing special just silhouettes.

    other projects: Resident evil, tradition mythological earth Gods with write ups and stats,examples: egyptian,greek,roman ,norse,native american indian,aztec,myan. etc. Also in the work some marvel comics heros such as wolverine,xmen, etc.

    my deviant art page link http://therawfruityninja.deviantart.com/

    oh and yes i do character schetchs for a fee,

    also i have a paypal acount : rlabow@twcny.rr.com
  7. skull

    IN my picture album listed terminator brp:)

    so far just my t-800 art and some scale comparison charts and terminator papper minis!

    Some of you may argue with my size comparison charts however i went by original artwork sketches, Also used movie stills and videogame data, as far as i can tell i have it fairly accurate!

    Future plans will include terminator stats ,25-28mm 3D scale paper models of hk's, centurians and ahk's.

    Weapons stats, armor heavy weapons ,rank organization, alpha threw omega. anyone who wants to help contribute to this project is welcome, i just want to keep it all free, anyone who contributes will get full credit for any contributions they contributed if i accept their stuff.

    ok i need to upload the minis. oh and perhapps some one cant tell me how i can upload a texts files is that possible???
  8. skull
    Terminator BRP

    I am converting my Terminator RPG to BRP

    As soon as i have a good amount of it ready i will upload it for anyone who wants to use, or modify or tweak it. its not perfect but i think it will point people in the basic direction. It will be completely free.

    I will also be making some free 25mm scale papper minis techcom solidiers, Terminator endos and HK Tanks, and Aerial HK's, HK Centurians. And possibly others.

    I will be free the only thing i ask is you keep it free also if you use it.

    I have no means to do a liscence ,no funds for that.

    the format will be jpeg images 8.5 x 11 inch, and possible some windows word documents.

    I don't have the capability of making a PDF, i wish but if anyone has the ability to make it in PDF format for me i would like a copy. anyways im getting ahead of myself lol

    vechicle scale compasion charts are just about done had to rescan them cause of computer data loss.

    Aerial hk data sheet is nearly completed.
    terminator stats for T-400,T-500,T-600,T-700,T-800,and T-850's are nearly completed.
    still tweaking it a bit.
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