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  1. I am trying to delete some files in the terminator section the files names are : m, T, and flats. If a administrator can delete them i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. I need help deleting some files, i need to delete, and not replace. I can't seem to figure it out. When i use file action, it requires a file replacement. is there a way to delete them or do i need a administrator to do it?
  3. Thanks! I finally got it to work, i replaced the pdf file wth a jpeg! Thanks!
  4. I did not get a error message, i uploaded new file, and saved. but when i downloaded and checked, the download was the old file, not the new one . I checked today and it was still the old file. I tried to upload again today! Maybe the new upload has not been reviewed? I am not sure, how long reviews take. So maybe i did not give the process a chance! I will check back next week, as i currently have limited internet access! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, i want to delete a uploaded file, and replace it! I tried to replace but it did not work. How do i delete the file, so that i can start a new upload process ? Thanks in advance
  6. Ok i just did some corrections, and added some very basic Devilstick hover cycle stats for gypsies, also added the gypsie vow that i forgot to add! It is not much I don't know when i will get more done, as i lost some of my file notes! Also i lost my book pdf , and my backup has failed. I think i need to find some physical book copies.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    More gammaworld stuff. Base animal stocks for character creation. also medical, and creatures in .odt you will need microsoft word or similar to open theese, or download open office for free. nothing is written in stone modify it as you see fit Happy Gaming.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Gama World mutations, weapons, armor and my very basic conversion notes. GWM is the mutations. GWW is the weapons the others are obvious These are in .odt format i believe, you will need microsoft word or similar, or you can download open office for free.
  9. Thanks everyone. I do want to finish it and the other games as well. Right now my eyes get strained easy, i been getting precursors to migraines, usually without pain, although one day i had a low grade migraine. Its not normal for me to get head aches unless i am exposed to chemicals. I am hoping it calms down soon. ! The damn yo-yo weather we are having is not helping any! I can't spend much time on computer due to the eye strain. Reading stuff is very difficult. Hopefuly soon i can get more done.
  10. Version 2.0.0


    This is a very basic incomplete write up for Logans Run for BRP. there is optional rules for character creation. Data in this document is based on the movie, book and tv series when possible, i may include stuff from the comics in the future. The Mech Eagles and Watchmen stats are my best guess based on limited information in the book. I am hoping the second novel reveals more usable data, however my eyes are straining easily lately due to sinus pressure. Anyways use what you like nothiong is set in stone. if you find a mistake let me know. basic stats for civilians, DSA(Deep Sleep Agent)
  11. Dreaming that someday, that maybe Chaosium  will want to use some of my rules ideas, or even hire me for some art work! I know its a long shot, but hey i can dream. Odds are my rules ideas are a bit to much on the heavy side. However i think my art is Good enough, so i will continue to dream!

  12. I forgot to mention this is in .odt format so you will need microsoft word or office, or similar. If you don't have those i suggest OpenOffice its free!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Ok this is my set of hazards rules: hazards. Lava, toxic waste, radioactive waste, steam, earthquakes, electrical, laser fence, force fields, electric fences, kv power lines. This most likely will be updated some, I most likely will add more hazards, if you have a suggestion for a hazard let me know. If you find a mistake let me know! Nothing here is written in stone, so use what parts you like, ignore the rest. If you think my values are to high or to low then change them till it feels right to you! I forgot to mention this is in .odt format so you will need microso
  14. 58 downloads

    Actions/Round and new movement system This is some more optional rules i am working on, I am interested in what others think, especial on the movement rules. Hopefully my calculations are correct on the movement rules Let me know what you think, i am sure they need refining. Course if the new COC 7e movement rules are good we may not need mine, but i have not see the new COC 7e rules for movement . Thanks in advance.
  15. Ok i just updated the file, found some spelling errors, but if you find a mistake or what you think is a mistake, please let me know!
  16. Version PDF


    Yes it is back Conflict hit location tables and critical effects!
  17. Version .rtf, PDF


    Optional rules for campfires, dehydration, jumping, object armor,water requirements, wind effects. This is a modified version of the original document i have open office rtf , and pdf format. The most visible difference is the wind effects table witch has been modified to be more compatible with the BRP book. Feel free to modify values as you see fit, if you think my values are to low or to high alter them till it feels right. nothing is set in stone. This is version that i will be using in my Planet of the Apes(POTA) RPG. A work that is still in progress and will cover the classic
  18. I love the original Battlestar Galactic, Buck Rogers and Space 1999 series. I would love to play BSG. I did find a online D6 BSG that i am considering converting to BRP. I think i still have the D6 Battlestar Galactic on my computer.
  19. I have stats for certain terminators from t-400 up to t-850 in the science fiction downloads on this site, also HK ,HK Ariel stats and HK size comparisons. I had planed on doing more but never got around to it. Feel free to modify stats if you think they are to high or to low. I hope it helps.
  20. This post is taking off way better than i expected. Many of you have suggested characters that i had completely forgot about. What can i say, other than you guys are awesome! Robby the Robot STR 70 to 80 ? * CON 40+ ? SIZ 20 to 40 ? (hieght 7'2" i am basing it on weight more than height) INT 20+ ? He has vast knowledge and knows 188 languages. is 20 to high or two low ??? POW 13 despite being a robot and being governed by the 3 laws of robotics, he does seem to have some free will. DEX 13 APP -- move 8 ? i need to watch the movie again, but i am thinking he is kind of slo
  21. The ID monster from Forbidden Planet, seems almost invincible. So Stats for it are not needed, just a guideline what can it do. and you can get a good idea by watching the movie. The ID monster regenerates itself every few seconds after taking damage. that would explain a lot. i mean it is a physical manifestation of Dr Morbius's dark side. The Krell machine manifests it, and with enough power that it really can't be harmed. Even Robby the robot can not stop it. Only way to stop it is the death of Dr Morbius. If i recall correctly The id monster was repelled by the energy fence and the ener
  22. Captain Manhattan of the watchman would be a tough one. If i remember correctly he became super powerful nearly a god. Correct me if i am wrong. I am no expert on the watchmen, so i will let someone more qualified take on that challenge.
  23. What t.v., movie, comic book characters, do you want BRP stats for? I am thinking we should all list what we want to see! We can all share suggestions, or sources or our own interpretation for character stats. if you know of stats for such creature please state the book the stats are in. creature stats i would like to see: The ID monster from Forbidden Planet. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Dr Who characters, and villians.
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