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  1. I am trying to delete some files in the terminator section the files names are : m, T, and flats. If a administrator can delete them i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. I need help deleting some files, i need to delete, and not replace. I can't seem to figure it out. When i use file action, it requires a file replacement. is there a way to delete them or do i need a administrator to do it?
  3. Thanks! I finally got it to work, i replaced the pdf file wth a jpeg! Thanks!
  4. I did not get a error message, i uploaded new file, and saved. but when i downloaded and checked, the download was the old file, not the new one . I checked today and it was still the old file. I tried to upload again today! Maybe the new upload has not been reviewed? I am not sure, how long reviews take. So maybe i did not give the process a chance! I will check back next week, as i currently have limited internet access! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, i want to delete a uploaded file, and replace it! I tried to replace but it did not work. How do i delete the file, so that i can start a new upload process ? Thanks in advance
  6. I just updated the Logan's Run file i did some corrections, and added devilstick hover cycles, and added Gypsy vow! its not a lot. Unfortunately i lost my ebook of novels and my backup failed, so i think i will need to get some physical book copies. also physical book copies will be less eye strain.
  7. Ok i just did some corrections, and added some very basic Devilstick hover cycle stats for gypsies, also added the gypsie vow that i forgot to add! It is not much I don't know when i will get more done, as i lost some of my file notes! Also i lost my book pdf , and my backup has failed. I think i need to find some physical book copies.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    More gammaworld stuff. Base animal stocks for character creation. also medical, and creatures in .odt you will need microsoft word or similar to open theese, or download open office for free. nothing is written in stone modify it as you see fit Happy Gaming.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Gama World mutations, weapons, armor and my very basic conversion notes. GWM is the mutations. GWW is the weapons the others are obvious These are in .odt format i believe, you will need microsoft word or similar, or you can download open office for free.
  10. Thanks everyone. I do want to finish it and the other games as well. Right now my eyes get strained easy, i been getting precursors to migraines, usually without pain, although one day i had a low grade migraine. Its not normal for me to get head aches unless i am exposed to chemicals. I am hoping it calms down soon. ! The damn yo-yo weather we are having is not helping any! I can't spend much time on computer due to the eye strain. Reading stuff is very difficult. Hopefuly soon i can get more done.
  11. Here is the download for basic Logan's Run it is incomplete, and still needs work
  12. Version 2.0.0


    This is a very basic incomplete write up for Logans Run for BRP. there is optional rules for character creation. Data in this document is based on the movie, book and tv series when possible, i may include stuff from the comics in the future. The Mech Eagles and Watchmen stats are my best guess based on limited information in the book. I am hoping the second novel reveals more usable data, however my eyes are straining easily lately due to sinus pressure. Anyways use what you like nothiong is set in stone. if you find a mistake let me know. basic stats for civilians, DSA(Deep Sleep Agent) sandman, cubscouts, gypsies, mech eagles, watchmen. basic sandman weapons, and the gun. GM's and players have the option to use the version they prefer, be it the book, the movie or the tv series. Anyways it should get you started, Happy gaming This is a open office file, you will need microsoft word or similar to open it, or you can download open office for free.
  13. Have you tried meetup.com? They most likely have Some UK cities, you can add different meet up categories, for example role playing games, card games, environmental, health. hiking camping! If you have certain life style odds are they have a category for it. I joined it and have several different categories that i am notified by email. It might possible get you started! If you live in a big city you have better odds to find like minds on the site.
  14. Dreaming that someday, that maybe Chaosium  will want to use some of my rules ideas, or even hire me for some art work! I know its a long shot, but hey i can dream. Odds are my rules ideas are a bit to much on the heavy side. However i think my art is Good enough, so i will continue to dream!

  15. I forgot to mention this is in .odt format so you will need microsoft word or office, or similar. If you don't have those i suggest OpenOffice its free!
  16. Ok here is the link to my hazards rules: hazards such as Lava, radioactive,toxic waste, earthquakes, steam, laser fences, force feilds, electricity etc.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Ok this is my set of hazards rules: hazards. Lava, toxic waste, radioactive waste, steam, earthquakes, electrical, laser fence, force fields, electric fences, kv power lines. This most likely will be updated some, I most likely will add more hazards, if you have a suggestion for a hazard let me know. If you find a mistake let me know! Nothing here is written in stone, so use what parts you like, ignore the rest. If you think my values are to high or to low then change them till it feels right to you! I forgot to mention this is in .odt format so you will need microsoft word or office, or similar. If you don't have those i suggest OpenOffice its free! Lastly Happy gaming!
  18. Sorry i appolize for the multiple post of the same thing and near empty posts. i can't seem to figure out how to delete them! i am not sure how it even happened, can you tell i am tired ! Maybe it a glitch with my computer, not sure.
  19. this is what i comre up with so far: jolt:12.6v ( car battery) 1D4 damage symptoms(Pot 5): numbess, pain, possible temporary loss or function in location hit for a few 1D6 rounds. pain may exist for a day? low voltage 110v?(Fuse box,electrical socket) 1D8 damage + stun SymptromsPot 10):numbness, pain temporary loss of function in location hit, partial paralysis in location hit, for 1D6 round or a few hours. pain may last up to a 1D2 days medium voltage 220V? or pulsed higher voltage(industrial transformer,electric animal fence?) 2D8 + stun and shock. symptoms(Pot15): burns, muscle contractions, pain, chest pain, numbness non pulsed? high voltage 600+ (power line,) 4d6 or 4D8 + stun shock symptoms(Pot 20): burns,muscle contraction, possible broken bones do to violent muscle contractions, pain,chest pain difficulty breathing,cardiac arrest, unconsciousness,numbness, partial paralysis, hearing,vision, and speach difficulties, confusion, disorientation, balance issues,neurological effects. i am a bit confused though cause some things seem to conflict on values or maybe i miss read, i am very tired so i might have fudged something up. huger power lines such as KV or kilo volt(1000volts) lines would most likely kill anyone hit , the higher high to ultra high kv lines might even vaporize or partial vaporize a normal human. according to one powerline site it said the following for voltage tjhe site was for Kv power lines. Low 1000v or less up to 1kv med 1000 to 69,000v or 1kv to 69kv high 115,000 to 138,000v or 115kv to 138kv extra high 230,000 to 800,000v or 230kv to 800kv ultra high over 800,000v or over 800kv I am very tired, can't think well so i make have messed it up. please correct me if i got something wrong. reading this i feel something seems to contradict, but i can think well, so let me know what you think! I am not sure if 220 should be consider medium voltage, perhaps it should be considered low. obviously this need some work, and some more research (Pot)Potency is listed to avoid severe effects, however players will still have some ill effect no matter how well the roll, obviously if the are a god or super natural that might be different. Maybe i can make a table for this after i get it fixed and corrected.
  20. This is what i have come up with so far shock type damage symptoms car battery 1D3 can a moderator please delete this it was posted but is missing a ton of text. i cant figure out how to delete it. thanks.
  21. I might work on quake, eventually. Right now i been taking a break from duke nukem, and doom and been working on Logan's Run. I read the first novel, but i was very tired. For what i recall the book is very vague on certain things. I stated out civilians by lifeclock cycle, also typical sandman, gypsies, cubs aka cubscouts, watchmen , mech eagles. Right now i can only guess as to stats for watchmen Mechanized armored robot with heavy armor and multiple weapons. Mech eagles poses a problem although i stated them out. So far i don't know if they are fully mechanized robotic eagles, or if the are some sort of hybrid mutant cyborg of a eagle. I am hoping the next novel gives more information I have stats for the movie blaster and the book DS "Gun" i will have life clock stats for both the book, the movie and tv show. each one has difference. I am reading a PDF version, so i don't know if the original novel had a maps or basic sketches or not. The pdf i have, has no images. It could be my pdf reader is two outdated to display them if the original books had any pics,. This disappointing thing is i have found no maps of areas. I would like a basic map of dome city detailing what building are what also a map of the Crazy horse caverns, A map showing the basic premise of the maze, a topographical map showing where the dome city is and where Washington DC and other locations in the book that are referenced. I know where Washington D.C. is on a map but i don't know the exact location of the dome city. i do know that "Thinker" is deep below crazy horse mountain in the caverns. I am hoping that book two Logan's world reveals more info on stuff. I did find some flor plans for movie sets that is cool. I will post all the reference links in the book also I have tried drawing the maps myself, and usually i am good at doing that, but lately i just cant seem to do it justice. If anyone has seen any maps please send me the link. I am doing all this on little sleep, so its taking longer than i had hoped.
  22. There is values for 220 volt lines in Call of Cthulhu rpg 5 edition. Live wire 220 volt charge Damage 2D8+stun. however i don't know if that is the correct voltage, i suspect a electric fence would be higher. although that may vary, so 3D6 possibly even 4D6. I would think characters who were hit would suffer stun damage + regular damage + shock. Also damage would depend on if the person was knocked back from the charge or not. Those knocked back may survive those who hang on wont survive! i am no expert on electricity but i don't think it always knocks you back. I been hit twice in my life once by a electric cow fence that made me jump two feet forward, and another by a FL tube in a store freezer. The later did not make me jump back. The cow fence i recovered from quickly however the later took days. After the initial hit my hand was useless for hours and a lot of pain and i felt stunned, shocked most the day, it took a few days for my hand to recover fully and i had pain during that hole time! Obviously a electric fence would be much more severe than what i went threw. for comparison Live wire 110 volts 1D8+stun Live wire 220 volts 2D8+stun you got my curiosity going my question is what is the voltage of a electric fence typically? likely temporary symptoms for high voltage: disorientation, confusion, dizziness, pain, numbness at times, possible trouble with hearing, balance issues, etc. I suggest looking online to find out the symptoms for high voltage electrical shock, then give anyone hit some of those symptoms to deal with on a temporary bases, such as a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the damage. I may do some research on this and write some rules for it!
  23. I played Runequest Chaosiuim 2nd edition in the 1980's. Our characters were usually very fragile and weak! I was always the one who survived , cause i played my character well. I actually like the idea of starting a character that has a bit more ability. I don't think i want to play a weapons master per say, i want some challenge. I assume that characters will be older in age, to explain the increased abilities. I have a question about Runes? Will players learn runes and have basic rune powers, or abilities? when i played runequest, the quest for runes was left out. There was no attachment of runes to the game. we had a few spells each and no rune magic. I always thought it was weird to play a game called runequest, but never actual have any rune ability what so ever. For example the plant rune inscribed on a small earth stone for focus. attuned( sacrifice pow to attune).Then lets say one could roll pow as a % to attempt to cause a plant to entangle a enemy. What i mean is like a limited spell ability pow cost = 1 point per pow x1% Example pow 13 use 3 pow to have a 39% chance to entangle opponent for 1 round. perhaps sacrifice a permanent point of pow to the rune to use more than pow as percentage so maybe you have a plant rune pow1 so you roll pow% only to attempt to effect plants plant rune pow2 roll powx2% fire rune could be used to resist fire or create a fire = pow% roll air rune could be used to aid in jumping, gliding etc. i did a write up of something like this long time ago, as i wanted myself and players to be more involved with runes, but not have to be a rune priest or rune lord. I figured runes had to be learned and discovered, and attuned to be used! I would like to see runes play a much bigger role in the game!
  24. I am still collecting data for Logan's Run. I will see what i can do, maybe i can do a basic write up to get you started. I got a lot of work done on Duke Nukem rpg, and Doom RPGs ! Duke Nukem is more complete! ! POTA is on the side line for a bit as i have restructured the games somewhat, and i need to convert POTA to the new system. I just started converting my old doom to the new system. If anyone wants to help or contribute with any of the games, let me know. i will give you full credit for any contributions, and list websites, home page links, etc. All the games will be free as i can't afford to liscense them. I also got a lot of artwork drawn up for Duke Nukem RPG. Unfortunately still a lot to draw! I
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