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    Playing since 1983. CoC and RQ since 1984.
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    Intermittently RQ in Glorantha, CoC in the 20:s, various one-shots and homebrew.
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    Uppsala, Sweden
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    Gentleman ocf Leisure and Invigilator at Uppsala University.
    Likes photography, cars, cooking, and brewing beer.
  1. In the Early 90s Greg was GoH on UppCon here in Uppsala, Sweden. One evening we sat at Torbjörn R:s home, where Greg stayed, and talked about lots of things. Games, Mythology, History, Beer, Biggles. And as the socially inept nerd that I was (am) I pontificated about what REALLY was going on in Glorantha. Greg listened. And was interested. I pointed to obscure references and snippets from books, and Greg asked questions. Questions out of interest, not to trip me up. And suddenly the great Smile of Greg made the room light up, and he exclaimed; "That's how it could be!". I think this was typically Greg. Open for input and different views. And that is when I realised that Your Glorantha Will Vary. After hanging out with Greg a couple of days I think I made an insta-friend, and that was confirmed during the years that followed. We had irregular contact by post for the next ten years, and he was always aware of who I was and continued the conversation where it had stopped - sometimes two years ago. I never met him in the flesh again, but when I - after ten years hiatus - contacted him on facebook, he immediately took up where we left of. Is it too much to call a person "friend" when you only met once? I don't think so. Not in this case. I miss you, Greg. - Magnus
  2. Got mine today at 10:35. Doing happydance now. Mine vas a Nictitating Nyarlathothep + hardcover upgrade. I'm in Uppsala, Sweden. woot -- MW
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