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  1. One of the rewards for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition kickstarter backers (sadly, a group that I do not make part of) was a soundtrack of 13 mp3 files called "Sense-Impacts" authored by Chad Fifer. It used to be sold in Chaosium's website, but apparently no longer. Would anyone here be willing to give me any hints on its current availability situation? Thanks a lot.
  2. RQ Version #

    I hope you do no mind: https://rpggeek.com/geeklist/219936/history-brp-derived-roleplaying-systems/page/1?
  3. Nah, it is all right. I already had Revolution D100 in the list, anyway.
  4. Do you mean Alephtar Games' Revolution D100, Prime Evil?
  5. Thanks. This little project has certainly turned informative! Octogono, may you give any info on how Aquelarre relates to D100 in general and the BRP/RuneQuest systems specifically?
  6. Thanks for the appreciation, Clarence!

  7. I hope it is not out of line to reply to a three years old thread to promote na external thread of my own. There is a degree of consolidation of this information here: https://rpggeek.com/geeklist/219936/history-brp-derived-roleplaying-systems/