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  1. It was an interesting game. Modern settings, particularly militaristic ones, are difficult to do properly. Typically they bog down under massive layers of crunch (and this is from someone who tried to tried to run a 'Living Steel' game once). 'The Company' might have been a little too 'light'; though I started writing a scenario for it (a kind of mash-up with the basic premise meeting sword and sorcery), I never actually got around to running a game so I'm not sure how things would've come out on the table.
  2. And now that I possess Da Vinci's genius I can figure what the deal is with my microphone pickup.
  3. As I've got the CoC (7th ed.) PDF up; a Natural World skill test for both avoiding, and escaping, quicksand, and other boggy perils? In the latter instance, the skill informs your actions so you 'don't' do the wrong thing; struggling and flailing in the quick mud. Its almost more of a intellectual than a physical trap; you have to overcome your natural instincts.
  4. Regrettably the only physical copies of 'The Eleven Lights' are in Australia.
  5. That would be a cool scene, if done with decent CGI; Cthulhu coalescing his body from sea-water, raising from the sea-foam like one of those 'black snake' fireworks.
  6. Yeah, just twenty feet out from where the guy with the flare is standing there must be one hell of a drop-off.
  7. Hmm. The GenCon website has a start time of of 2:00 PM.
  8. Way back in the day there was a 'Nocturnals' supplement for 1E Mutants and Masterminds. There's also of course a 'Hellboy' source-book for GURPS. I had some ideas for some Lovecraft inspired superheroes: 'Kid Shoggoth', 'The Color', and 'Richie Pickman and his pet Tomb-Hound'. 'From their secret vaults beneath the Mikastonic University Library come 'The Cosmic Outsiders', to do battle with with unspeakable evil!'
  9. 1d8+DB


    I'm playing with the idea of attending.
  10. All ready done for you; it has a bestiary that includes pretty all the most common fantasy creatures, and races.
  11. "Renaissance Deluxe" from Cakebread & Walton. You have your black -powder weapons, your alchemy, and your insanity rules. All you need for adventuring in a world of 'grim and dark peril'.
  12. There was a Savage Worlds setting "The Day After Ragnarok'" that riffed on something like this. Nazi sorcerers summon the Midgard Serpent to earth, to destroy the world rather than see their cause defeated. The Serpent is killed by a US A-bomb. The death of the Serpent, whose corpse, upon falling into the sea, raises sea levels; has all kinds of apocalyptic effects. Diesel-punk Post-Apocalyptic with all kinds of Weird.
  13. Ola Gavron, Polish Partisan and Wild Talent Eldritch Points STR 12 (+20 Enhanced STR) 32 3 DEX 12 INT 9 CON 12 SIZ 15 POW 9 EDU 13 APP 15 SAN 40 HP 13 DB +2d6 Other Talents: Damage Resistance 12 4 Skills: Conceal 22%, Craft : Trap 15%, Dodge 36%, Drive 36%, Fist/Punch 59%, Handgun 34%, Hide 13%, History (Polish) 35%, Listen 40%, Navigate (Galicia) 36%, Own Language: Polish 65%,
  14. Thanks. I guess Cap wasn't a good example. There's a gap in comics between those characters who are just slightly superhuman, Captain America (and I guess maybe Batman), and those who can frisbee fling a jeep into orbit (Hulk/Superman). I'm thinking though that a STR between 40 and 55 might be in the range I'm looking. Really, really strong, but still unable to toss tanks around.
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