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  1. There was a Savage Worlds setting "The Day After Ragnarok'" that riffed on something like this. Nazi sorcerers summon the Midgard Serpent to earth, to destroy the world rather than see their cause defeated. The Serpent is killed by a US A-bomb. The death of the Serpent, whose corpse, upon falling into the sea, raises sea levels; has all kinds of apocalyptic effects. Diesel-punk Post-Apocalyptic with all kinds of Weird.
  2. Ola Gavron, Polish Partisan and Wild Talent Eldritch Points STR 12 (+20 Enhanced STR) 32 3 DEX 12 INT 9 CON 12 SIZ 15 POW 9 EDU 13 APP 15 SAN 40 HP 13 DB +2d6 Other Talents: Damage Resistance 12 4 Skills: Conceal 22%, Craft : Trap 15%, Dodge 36%, Drive 36%, Fist/Punch 59%, Handgun 34%, Hide 13%, History (Polish) 35%, Listen 40%, Navigate (Galicia) 36%, Own Language: Polish 65%, Language: German 24%, Language: Russian 19%, Rifle 31%, Spot Hidden 31%, and Throw 38%. Went with a character build the emphasized durability over raw strength: perhaps better for facing down squads of Nazi soldiers in the Galician woods! Actual starting builds for 'Achtung! Cthulhu' are only 5 points, so she's little more powerful than most: a definite threat to her country's occupiers.
  3. Thanks. I guess Cap wasn't a good example. There's a gap in comics between those characters who are just slightly superhuman, Captain America (and I guess maybe Batman), and those who can frisbee fling a jeep into orbit (Hulk/Superman). I'm thinking though that a STR between 40 and 55 might be in the range I'm looking. Really, really strong, but still unable to toss tanks around.
  4. So you remember that 'B' movie about the folks who did medieval jousting from motor-cycles?
  5. So I'm thinking of stating a character for 'Elder Godlike'. The idea is a strong, durable hero (heroine), probably equivalent to Captain America. So, using the Basic Lift rules from GURPS I've figured that a character with a STR of 50-60 should be be able to 'power-lift' a jeep. The rules are kinda vague as to what levels of STR do what. Does that sound about right?
  6. 1d8+DB


    Just my brain chewing on the idea of 'Shoggroids'. So the 'robots' individually are only marginally stronger and more durable than humans. But they have a ritual, Communion, by which they can merge, to become protean engines of destruction: true Shoggoths. Only the merging, which is both physical and mental, takes a terrible toll on their sanity, and many are left psychically destroyed by the experience. The more individuals that partake in the Communion, the more powerful the resulting Shoggoth; but the more taxing the process. Certain fanatical, and unscrupulous robots have been trying exotic narcotics in their Communion rites; the idea is that the un-narcotized leader/magus will be able to guide/control the other minds created in the resulting gestalt/organism, resulting in less psychic fragmentation. A side result of this is that the followers of such a leader/magus become psychologically dependent upon the leader/magus.
  7. 1d8+DB


    So, what if Rossum's artificial protoplasm came from those Ur-slaves: the shoggoths.
  8. "Slowly, ever so slowly, I watched the download progress bar creep towards completion. Outside the wind howled, and rain rattled against the window pane.The lights flickered, and my breath caught; yet the download ran on. And then it was done."
  9. I've a PbP (PlaybyPost) game going on in the Paizo forums (https://paizo.com/campaigns/). The title is 'The Armitage Papers'. We could use another player, but I have to warn you, the pacing seems to be an issue for some players.
  10. 1d8+DB

    Elder Godlike?

    I have it but I haven't had the opportunity to run a game. It's pretty much 'Pulp Cthulhu' turned up to 11. Note that the rules are both for 6th ed. CoC and Savage Worlds (unless that's changed in in a later edition).
  11. Here's a quick throw-away: take one of these 'men isolated in the wilderness' scenarios. Suppose one of them develops psychic powers; perhaps because of exposure to some Mythos entity or artifact. Or maybe they always had these dormant powers. So now the psychic is slowly loosing his mind, and his powers are manifesting themselves, unconsciously, in a destructive fashion; maybe even manifesting as some inimical creature. "There's something out there." Only it isn't. It inside the cabin with you. Its Herschel, only he doesn't even know it. Ohh. Another idea. Maybe Herschel has dragged the others within him into the Dreamlands. You think you're in the Aleutians, but you're really in the Cold Wastes, and when the weather clears, you'll see Kadath in all its sublime terror.
  12. Another entry in the growing catalog of arctic nightmares, is Dan Simmon's 'The Terror', which is a fictional account of the doomed Franklin expedition of 1845, in search of the fabled Northwest Passage. Besides being trapped in the pack ice, the expedition has to deal with a vengeful supernatural entity: a kind of demonic Inuit ogre. It appears that the OP is aware of its TV incarnation.
  13. I missed where they explicitly deny it in the rules. And it is a good point that you would be digging yourself into a hole as you spent points, lowering the target number. 1d8+db
  14. So would you allow a PC to spend Luck on a failed Luck roll? If you did, would you impose any kind of penalty (double cost to purchase points for instance)? I'm leaning towards not allowing it. It somehow feels awkward.
  15. So supposedly the ToC 'bestiary' 'Hideous Creatures', does include for each creature, a lengthy listing of the forensic signs and evidence that visits from these horrors leave behind.
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