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  1. 8 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:


    Irreverence, excuse me?

    This is my bad Bill. I had come to learn irreverent to mean "cheeky," but in looking up a variety of definitions, it's clear that it's main definition is much more closely aligned with "disrespectful." That is not what I meant. I meant cheeky. I was attempting to compliment Joerg's humor and I messed up. I'm sorry.

  2. 17 hours ago, Joerg said:

    Thanks! For the time being, you'll have to use episodes one and two on repeat to reach 24 hours, but we are working on our next installment.

    I appreciate this hefty irreverence. Also, you can always use any of my comments.

  3. As a new player to ASL, I've been very frustrated that Starter Set 1 is not available. I have Starters 2 and 3, which is a good place to get me started, but Box Set 1 is sold out and it includes some good maps with basic scenarios. I recognize that I could pick some of this up via PDF or buying some maps separately (many are sold out).

    In positive news, a buddy of mine was in town and we got a game in and it was a blast. Starter 2 is a fairly economical place to start, if you are interested @Bill the barbarian.

    As far as learning the game, this YouTube series helped me the most: 


    I've also found that watching game play on YouTube has not been helpful because rarely are they teaching games. It is veterans playing the game at the speed of light and it might as well be in a different language.I'm really missing context on WHY the rules are designed a certain way. I learn games best when I understand the "whys" of the mechanics. 

    ASL is a very intimidating game to get into, but when I actually sat down and played, it was fun. But I had to concentrate tremendously because we were basically teaching ourselves with no guidance, so after playing for two hours I was exhausted.

    "Why not locate veterans in your community?" Because I don't like playing games with people I don't know. Gaming needs to be an energizing thing for me, not energy sucking, and playing with randoms in my community is energy sucking 95% of the time.

    So, do check it out. It is an awesome game. It just has a really really steep learning curve.

  4. Noteworthy that another way to spend wealth is this game is to hire help.

    Part of that wealth can go to salaries to get people to do things that you need done.

    I could imagine a wealthy Investigator providing a salary for someone to maintain a clip file of newspaper articles. The advantage being that the game becomes less about the trip to the library or newspaper but to their own curated collection. That doesn't mean that there wouldn't be intrigue involved. Some articles can exist in obscure newspapers that are not part of the collection.

    Not every player likes trudging through the mundane as a part of the experience. Finding the balance of what style of game the Investigators and Keepers like is really what confronting the "wealth issue" is all about.

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  5. Do you think that a Greater Independent Race would ever be subject to the same SAN checks as a human would? Would they be completely immune to SAN losses from other Greater Races/Lesser Races? Would they still roll SAN checks on Outer God sightings and Avatar of Outer God sightings?

  6. A cheaper option exists if there is an Office Max, Office Depot, Staples etc near where you live. Submit the PDF to their online system (they have settings that allowyou to cut out the pages you don't want) and have them print on whatever kind of paper you think best emulates the Starter sheets. Maybe glossy or semi glossy? Takes a little work, but it should be just a couple dollars for 4-5 of each.

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  7. 40 minutes ago, Cloud64 said:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. If there's a problem with the print run I will hold off ordering for now, if other copies are OK, I'll take my chance. Given the usual quality of Chaosium products I'd guess this is an aberration, an unfortunately ironic one given one of the selling points for this version is new artwork.

     I really hope I have an aberration. I'm hoping others will post and say "nope, mine looks fine!"

    There is only one handout that I would consider "unusable" in the back. The others are all clear.  And as mentioned before, the maps and handout images in the text all mostly look fine. I think most Keepers are going to have the PDF. However, I can imagine someone only buying a hard copy in an FLGS and getting home and not even being able to photocopy a handout that is unreadable. And then being forced to buy the PDF to run it effectively. Now, I think Chaosium would help out under those circumstances, but it is better for all if my copy is a fluke.

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  8. Well, I received my hard copy of Deadlight AODT. I'm well known as a pretty staunch supporter of Chaosium, and will continue to be, but this is an example where I am disappointed. I don't say that lightly because I'm pretty forgiving and take most setbacks in stride.

    The artwork in the PDF has very clear contrast, and I have no trouble discerning the characteristics of the images on the "painted" pieces of artwork. On my hard copy, all of these images are very difficult to discern detail on. It ends up looking like a jumble of dark greys melded together. The handouts and maps are ok in print.

    Examples: page 17: The only reason I can make out a car on the right of the image is because of the headlights. Page 38: The woman looks like a uniform shadow with no discernible detail. Page 41: One giant mess of grey. I can tell someone is in a window in a house. I've attached some images. Note that my phone camera actually makes them look better than they look on visual inspection, IMO.

    I am curious as to whether others that received their hard copies have this same problem. Perhaps I just got a bad copy.




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  9. 1 hour ago, Dethstrok9 said:

    I'm not trying to be rude in any way, just want to know the answer.

    It seems like there's many typos and errors in all Chaosium products that I own, do you guys have crappy editors or what?

    You are succeeding at being rude. And I invite you to share your own editing of your own works before making this claim of others.

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