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  1. Nothing to add to the great advice above. Just here to wish you success! 😄
  2. Test Subjects is currently on sale as part of DriveThruRPG's GM's Day Sale! For less than three bucks you can get a full-length scenario complete with Keeper aides to help you execute the consequences of https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/333222/Test-Subjects
  3. I'm hoping there hasn't been some kind of catastrophe here. 😬 Any news? Are we waiting for product to arrive at all warehouses worldwide before release? If that is the case, I totally support it!
  4. There are plenty of role-playing games that do just fine without new editions. I've never understood this desire to get to the next edition soon after the newest is released. Some people seem to think that the grass is always greener in the new edition, and then they get there and complain about it anew. 7th is fine. If you don't like 7th, house rule. 🙂 A lot of people just stuck with 6th. That's fine too. It's not like they're that different. For me the 40th anniversary is an excuse to do special things. And if you don't view it that way, that's just fine. But I'm not sure why you'd den
  5. Are Leatherettes being printed at the same time and included in the same shipment?
  6. Rick coyly teases the possibility of a two-inch box set for the 40th in the latest Out of the Suitcase... https://www.chaosium.com/blogout-of-the-suitcase-10-can-some-investigators-help-solve-this-mystery-with-library-use/
  7. Kind of an updated Cthulhu Classics, but with the ability to draw on a much wider selection of older and mid-age classics. I like it.
  8. Hold up. Are you saying that you don't make editorial decisions as a deliberate personal attack on specific gamers? Because I have it on poor authority that you do! 😉
  9. Yeah, I thought about this, and I'm wondering if a layout update is the great equalizer. Let's be honest, and no offense to Paul or Mike, or anyone, but I think the layout of the main rulebook is among the least attractive layouts of any product available for 7E (excepting Canis Mysterium and Nameless Horrors maybe). I'm not trying to insult or anything, just pointing out that the core layout change was a very good idea, in my opinion. So, to what extent does Chaosium now have the capital to produce perhaps a limited print run of an updated rulebook? My publishing knowledge is infantile, so I
  10. *Begins careful study of Kevin Ross scenarios for evidence of focus*
  11. To be clear, it's the art in general you want to see, right? Not specifically just the 'nads? 😜
  12. I'm in total agreement. The hidden monster is the more frightening. I find Children of Fear very interesting, in this regard. There is a lot of potential for role-playing and ritualism in that campaign. It is far more skewed to the investigative and story-focused side of role-playing, in my opinion. Monsters DO appear often, but they don't necessarily have to be "in your face." What's stopping you from just changing it for your games if your group agrees it should be played differently? 🤔 Good on topic questions for people: What play aides might we get? What art pieces/p
  13. There is so much great stuff forthcoming. I am also eagerly anticipating the Dreamlands. I also think it would be awesome to unveil an updated Shadows of Yog-Sothoth for the 40th. It would be appropriately poetic to update the first campaign for a major anniversary. Everybody has their favorite, of course. I wouldn't be surprised if the "Cthulhu Cults" book that Mike Mason teased in a recent interview was part of the 40th. Celebrate the most sophisticated and established of cults of the game's Great Old One namesake...
  14. Hey everyone, Many of us are eagerly anticipating the 40th anniversary of Call of Cthulhu that we are celebrating this year. If you are late to the party, know that several Chaosium employees, including President Rick Meints, have confirmed products are being developed for the 40th Anniversary, perhaps with a late October release (not official/certain). What would everyone like to see? What do you think is likely to be seen? One thing that I think is both likely and something that I would like to see is a 40th Anniversary Leatherette Edition of the 7th Edition rulebook, with all
  15. This is the exact reason why I continue to post about a need for patience and consideration of tone. Chaosium employees are people. Chaosium is also a small company, and cannot participate in the "release date certainty" that a lot of companies can, based on their size.
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