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  1. I bet they removed it since it is currently in development as a scheduled release.
  2. RPG Imaginings' Children of Fear Reading Reflections continued Chapter 5 first part 1) The use of dreams to continue to drive the action is a common and useful Call of Cthulhu trope. What sets this campaign apart from many scenarios/campaigns is the detail given in each Chapter to aide the Keeper in describing those dreams to players. Many scenarios will vaguely say things like “use dreams to keep the tension up for players” or something of the like. And in a short scenario, that may be perfectly adequate. But in a campaign of this size, the detail given to theming dreams as a c
  3. Page 190, "An Age of Exploration" section, a little over halfway down: "A determined explorer could gain access to the country with relatively little difficulty, trusting to good fortune that afterward, they would not be caught and expelled before they reached their goal." I find this to be a bit of an awkward sentence, largely because if you remove the middle portion, the first and last clause does not read as a complete sentence. I'm not an editor, and I will always defer to editors, but it seems like a little work on it would fix that. Page 193, first column, last paragraph. Th
  4. I'm a science teacher and a Professor of Teacher Education and measurement and feedback is my area of specialization. You made a lot of decisions that make sense and I suspected that, as you said, it was more for realism and background info than travel utility. Thanks for adding the paragraph to clarify. I think it can only help Keepers to get further insight on design decisions. Game enthusiasts need to (in my opinion) recognize that authors are human beings and that they frequently need to make challenging "right vs. right" decisions in text. Thanks for your detailed response. I reall
  5. Fun fact: I also passed 666 subs on RPG Imaginings this week. It's like...the stars are aligned.
  6. You didn't screw it up. You SAVED me! Thanks Bill!
  7. Steak knives? Jelly of the Month? A sanity-splitting visit from a Great Old One? What do I get?
  8. RPG Imaginings' Children of Fear Reading Reflections continued Chapter 4 reflections: I really enjoyed this Chapter and it was a quick read. 1) <compliment sandwich> I have many reasons for loving and playing CoC, and an opportunity to learn world and local history is one of the big ones. This Chapter is REALLY scratching my itch for that. There are dimensions of Buddhist and Hindu culture that are likely to really challenge some Western readers. And I think that is great. We grow when we are challenged. I'll give an example that I think is prescient. Some cultures feature
  9. Page 159, second paragraph, line 5: "It may prove to easier" should be "it may prove to be easier" Page 171, fourth paragraph of first column, line 6: "should conducted" should be changed to "should be conducted" page 171, second column, last paragraph, line 7: "a pathological belief than one has sinned" should be "a pathological belief that one has sinned." Page 178, second column, Keeper note section, line 5: "it is suggest that" should be "it is suggested that" Page 181, sidebar, first column, paragraph 2, line 8: "should ask each investigators for an INT roll" > in
  10. Hey everyone, @Max_Writer, Miskatonic Repository Creator and fan of both Runequest and Call of Cthulhu, is facing a difficult surgery. I have his permission to get the word out. I don't know if this thing is allowed, even here on the Inn, but I thought I'd try. Mods, feel free to delete if this violates the Forum rules. Can you help him with the cost of his surgery? I know things are tough right now with Covid for everyone. Anything you can contribute would help. Help us spread the word? gf.me/u/y8qdtr
  11. I think four to five months is a safer bet, usually, but I don't know how the holiday season affects it. And thanks for the shoutout. I'll be diving into Chapter 4 tomorrow as there is no prep or travel for US Thanksgiving needed this year.
  12. Depends on the group. Not every Keeper or Player enjoys a death-likely game. No matter what game we're talking about, even horror, players tend to get attached to their characters. Also, many people run "spooky" campaigns in which the Mythos is not always in somebody's face and there are just shadows of what is occurring. The investigators are always early or late to the action and are forced to piece together what might or did happen. Any Keeper should run First Aid according to their table.
  13. RPG Imaginings' Children of Fear Reading Reflections continued I just finished Chapter 3. Yes, I know. I'm slow. I'm a teacher and this is our worst year of our careers. I don't have a ton of time to read and focusing is a struggle right now. Thoughts: 1) Chapter 3 wasn't what I expected. It was better than I expected. The quandary that the investigators are faced with in obtaining a campaign McGuffin is complex and has many potential solutions. It screams "Classic 1920s CoC challenge for academics." I could see any group of players coming up with a unique solution to the prob
  14. Mike will eventually respond when he gets a chance. You will get an official answer.
  15. My gut says that the strict adherence to vocabulary that is common in many RPGs isn't what CoC is going for here. And that flowery vocabulary was just used to make the text more fun to read, and not as a mechanics giveaway. I would interpret sacrifice and spend as equivalent. As always, I'm prepared to be wrong if that isn't the case. @Mike M
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