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  1. klecser

    Secrets of Los Angeles - Missing map

    I think it is so nifty that authors of books post on these forums. Thank you Peter!
  2. klecser

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I have never met Greg personally and I only got into Chaosium products in 2016. But as a lifelong gamer, we should all owe a debt of gratitude to Greg for pushing the boundaries of this hobby and bringing a wide variety of interests into it.
  3. klecser

    Cthulhu Dark Ages cancelled?

    I'm an American and I understood that colloquialism!
  4. klecser

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    Wow, that is super nice production values for the physical box. Useful for carrying a single adventure around too.
  5. Honestly, I'm really hoping this pans out. The Doors to Darkness web series had nothing to do with the Chaosium supplement and really felt like a bait-and-switch to me.
  6. klecser

    Print Friendly Quick Start

    You might be able to turn off backgrounds in the PDF without losing text?
  7. klecser

    Rule question - Fighting Back & Firearms?

    Relevant rules are on page 104 and 113 Keeper's Handbook. At 1/5 Dex in feet you can attempt a fighting maneuver on your turn to attempt to disarm. Note that Fighting Maneuver and Fight Back are different. Fight Back is only an option when the attacker is using a melee skill. Fighting maneuvers only happen on your turn. Against Firearms, Diving for Cover is your only "reaction" option on the attacker's turn. Getting shot at can suck in CoC. Some more discussion, perhaps not directly at your specific question, but worth reading for this general area: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/forums/topic/30382-fighting-back-with-firearms/
  8. Get to know Seth's Channel:
  9. klecser

    Scenarios with Serpent People? (spoilers)

    Thank you for responding!
  10. The idea that you don't even have to leave Earth for Investigators to experience mind-shattering challenges to their concept of history is very appealing to me. I also love Robert E. Howard's work. Ergo, I've latched on to Serpent people as an existential magical/scientific threat and have been seeking out adventures that feature them. I already have the Hand of Abyzhou (Shadows Over Scotland) and The Darkness Beneath the Hill (Doors to Darkness) prepped and in the pipe for my group as a broad campaign arc, with the goal of either: 1) Connecting the two Serpent Person groups in Rhode Island and Edinburgh or 2) making them opposing factions worshiping different Great Old Ones (Yig and Tsathoggua) as described in The Two Headed-Serpent. Along those lines, I may pull scenarios/ideas directly from The Two-Headed Serpent, but watered down as Classic-style investigative Cthulhu. Finally, I also have Goodman Games' Transatlantic Terror to hit them with as they traverse the Atlantic. London Chapter of Masks? The Chelsea Serpent Which other CoC scenarios/campaigns feature Serpent People that may have mineable material? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. klecser

    Masks of Nyarlathotep - Errors Thread

    Page 158 very top left line - "chronometer" is missing an "e"
  12. This is a good example of how there are really two cultures that represent the bulk of writers for Call of Cthulhu: British and American. And while they have a lot in common there are also a lot of differences. I don't know who precisely wrote that passage in the old or new version. But it is something that someone with the Law (US) skill specialization might interpret differently! Scritch Scratch is another example: there were assumptions that need to be made about pub lingo and ownership in Scritch Scratch that are obvious to UK players but were a bit confusing to American players because we don't know pub culture as well. No matter what, its fun to learn these nuances and I'm glad CoC has an international writing bullpen!
  13. The real answer to that question is that people are on death row for years/decades in the US. It would not be out of line for you to tell them: "You don't know" because it is very likely there wouldn't be a date set for a long time after he was convicted. Cops incorrectly jailing him doesn't prevent his lawyer from filing continuances and motions.
  14. It's less about a precise date and more about what has the narrative potential to free him: Page 160: As a player, I'd be pretty demoralized to bring down the Ju-Ju cult or even the corrupt cop and then have him executed anyway because of a date. Just my opinion. "You went to great links to get this awesome evidence. But it was too late." Ouch.