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  1. I hear you, but I also feel like I'm receiving mixed messages. Either in this thread or another one, multiple people said that Rune magic should not be used in intro games because it encourages players to erroneously use what is a very finite resource. Since Rune points only regenerate at festivals/certain times of year. I'm trying to balance this advice because my players aren't fools. If I encourage them to try it out, but remind them that points don't come back potentially for months, they'll understand that. On the other side of the coin, I see the point that blowing all your Rune points all at once is not how the game is played. Spirit magic makes total sense to use since it is largely based off Magic points, right?
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  3. You do not need to run a game publically to join. You can run a game with your group of friends and report on that. You just don't get Chaosium.com credit perks for running among your friends. I just joined and there was no blood test or DNA sample required.
  4. This is one of the things I like about this game. The rules don't need to get any more complex from the start. It isn't an "expansionist" RPG. Rules lawyers love Pathfinder and DND 3.5 because you just keep heaping on more and more complexity. I'm not saying this game can't get complex, because it obviously can. That is why I started this thread. As I explained in my first post (which some people apparently didn't read very thoroughly), I'm an experienced GM with a solid General knowledge of teaching games and helping people feel fun right from the gate. But there does need to be PARSING of content at the start so that knowledge can be gradually released so players don't feel overwhelmed at the start, ruining the fun (I think I also mentioned in my first post that I'm a professional teacher, so I don't need to be lectured on what learning is and isn't). Bill, I appreciate your insight in what needs to be parsed in RQ, because that is what I posted for in the first place. And I hear you all loud and clear: magic comes later, and that totally makes sense. Thanks everyone who contributed on topic!
  5. It actually begs the larger question: Whose responsibility is it to please fans? I don't view it as the designer's responsibility. If someone follows anything so intensely that they have a perceived "gospel" for it, it isn't another person's responsibility to curate unreasonable expectations. There is room for all at tables, so long as they are fun-first for all, not just themselves. People will be dissatisfied no matter what someone chooses to do or not do. I'm not interested in sitting at a table where a GM feels "obligated" to play a certain way because they are trying to please people with the least healthy perspective. I find that more enabling than empathetic.This is the exact reason my friend group stopped attending Cons. We were sick of other people telling us how we "should" feel. I don't think a lot of gamers understand how much "canonism" contributes to death of games and anxiety at Cons. It is often wielded like a hammer to exclude/discourage variant perspectives and styles at tables. That said, I started this thread because I want to give my group a great experience running RQ the first time, and I know my players. That means finding a good balance of factors based upon where they are, not where I wish they were. Any new GM should ask the question: What are my player's approaches to fun and how can I craft a reasonable balance that will be fun for everyone? If one player's canon-focus is wrecking it for everyone else? No thanks.
  6. They may be added to the Cult of Chaos at some point?
  7. As a Call of Cthulhu player, I had no intention of purchasing Runequest until the slipcase released. And then the production values, art, richness of the world, and my trust in Chaosium completely converted me. Not surprised.
  8. I really appreciate the love that Chaosium is giving to this particular Mythos threat.
  9. I really enjoy the breadth of NPC portraits on the cover. It screams "lots of people/things to meet and stuff to do." That sounds more crass than I intended. LOL
  10. Your responses pretty much sum up what attracts me to this game and why I would rather play Runequest than any other heroic game right now. What good is hero-ing if there is nothing wholesome at stake?
  11. Is it allowed/wise to pick a cult that is unaffiliated with your occupation? Earlier in character creation I picked Ernalda as my Cult. But, I want my character to be heavy infantry and Ernalda is not listed as a typical cult. I've been role-playing for a long time and I don't believe in limiting character creation options. But at the same time, I don't know Glorantha, or this game very well yet and I'm just wondering if there is some game-ruining reason that makes picking a cult occupation outside of the listed a dumb idea. I also have an "optimization" mentality that has been pounded into my head, and BRP is slowly breaking me of that. Or, let me ask this in another way, because I have "DND Mindset" Disease right now. Do Farmers go on adventures in this game? And that causes me to look at "Farmer" occupation and equate that with "boring." I know that isn't fair. DND teaches me that Farmers are not adventurers. Should I broaden my mindset as to who QUESTS in this world?
  12. As others have said, I'm thinking that Defending Apple Lane, as much as I love it as a scenario, may be a bit much for a one shot game. I really like the idea of "escorting the cattle to market." Thanks Jeff. I don't take it for granted that designers respond!
  13. I feel like a Baboon should be included too.
  14. Thanks to everyone for this amazing response! I got swamped at work, so I'll try to digest this over the next couple days!
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