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  1. I appreciate the quality of the art that Chaosium commissions and don't think there is any "danger" of this art style miscommunicating the game's flavor.
  2. I don't think its wrong to ask a player if their character even cares about family history either. But is that in the "spirit of Runequest?" I know YGWV is an answer. But that isn't the only answer either.
  3. This is a great question. The answer is that they are attracted to the concept of detailed family history during character creation. They know even less about "canon" than I do. So I can see an argument being made for "make it what you want" and calling it good. I'd like to challenge them to just write a character history that smells of "bronze age" and "mythology-focused" (as opposed to "high fantasy").
  4. Right now I have a prospective Green Elf and Duck. What might be some examples for them?
  5. In what ways would you alter the "Family History" step of character creation rules for Elder Races? Would you alter it at all? The Family History section seems to assume that players are human? Did Elder Races participate in conflicts like The Battle of Grizzly Peak?
  6. His content IS recommended in the Starter Set!
  7. Calling all Call of Cthulhu fans to show their support for ALL Chaosium-affiliated products! http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019/
  8. Calling all RQ fans to show their support for ALL Chaosium-affiliated products! http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019/
  9. I will update this post as new videos are released!
  10. This is pretty much where I am right now. I discovered Runequest back in April and I'm pretty psyched about it. This Board has been overwhelmingly helpful in addressing my concerns. But then things like this happen: I was trying to be helpful here. And people are essentially indicating that I've committed some sort of Board faux pas simply by asking a designer for insight? It makes me feel like attempts to help aren't welcome. It makes me feel like I'm not part of the "Club." I'm here on loan as a newbie or something, but I'll never really get my "cred" until I'm here for X years. 10 years? 15 years? Until I'm angry about a new ruleset? It's even more strong on the Call of Cthulhu boards. I've been on those Boards for a couple of years and STILL don't feel welcome there, despite countless efforts to try to support new players. Heck, I've sworn off YSDC because the Club mentality there is so ridiculous. Now, I may have misread the situation. That is the point. As a new player, I don't understand what those reacts mean. No one has ever reacted "Sad" to an attempt to help before. I'm an experienced gamer and I've always believed that it is incumbent on experienced players to work extra hard to welcome new players.
  11. I read that more as an example of Keeper adaptation to a particular situation and preserving the spirit of "player acts" over "NPC acts." I'd encourage you to play it in whatever way makes sense in the moment. I think you may be seeking objectivity in a game that is intended to be deliberately more squishy. Call of Cthulhu is first and foremost about role-playing.
  12. So, clearly my comment above is considered "Sad" by people, and I don't understand why. I was just trying to be helpful. Why is it "Sad" to ask a designer to give insight on the design process? It's a rare privilege that we have from Chaosium designers. If you don't want me to be helpful here, I'll stop commenting.
  13. "Opposing skill/Difficulty level: When attempting to hide, the opponent’s Spot Hidden or Listen skill is used to set the difficulty level for the roll. Situational modifiers may also apply (e.g. darkness or loud noises)." Page 77 Rulebook. The NPC is trying to hide. The "opponent" is the Investigator, who sets the difficulty level. An investigator with a detection skill of 50 sets it to Hard.
  14. Everybody has different play styles. In an investigative game, having a tough obstacle can be a real tension builder. This could be both as an obstacle that the Keeper is keeping a monster behind, or as a chase/investigation obstacle for investigators. When exactly will the monster break through? Will the cultist get away in the time it took them to knock down the door? So, your perspective is one of a myriad of options for Keepers to consider. I do not think that advising any Keeper that there is only one right way to do something keeps people playing the game. This Board needs to be all about options if we are to continue to attract new players.
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