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  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I think you answered your own question. My advice to all Gamemasters, of all games, is always to trust yourself. If your players are hung up on whether or not you gave the wrong modifier to a firearms roll in low light conditions, you have bigger problems than your modifier choice. I'm willing to venture that most players are going to have an internal dialogue of "makes sense" and "this is a challenge to our goals!"
  2. Sorry, remember that I am a classroom teacher and the world is kinda topsy turvy and with a lot of intense reinvention right now. 😕
  3. This is my bad Bill. I had come to learn irreverent to mean "cheeky," but in looking up a variety of definitions, it's clear that it's main definition is much more closely aligned with "disrespectful." That is not what I meant. I meant cheeky. I was attempting to compliment Joerg's humor and I messed up. I'm sorry.
  4. I appreciate this hefty irreverence. Also, you can always use any of my comments.
  5. I'm really enjoying listening to Wind Words Ep. 2 today. I could listen to you guys muse all day long! -A fan
  6. The simple answer to your question is that the "right" answer is whatever is right for your game. You don't need our permission to be fair and creative. Your idea makes sense.
  7. Edit: Sorry, I missed MOB's pinned post above. I stand by my comments of congratulations below though! Check it out. Congrats to @Chris S for this second edition and thank you Chaosium @Rick Meints and @Mike M for supporting the expansion of a second edition!
  8. Counterpoint: I will take having to tie rather than getting a higher level of success in most circumstances.
  9. Hey BRP Forums, I know it might be difficult to think about recreation right now, but there may be an argument for needing exactly that to keep our SAN manageable. So, I hope you can get a positive feeling from this.
  10. @Rick Meints @Mike M @MOB This has gotta suck for Chaosium. Thank you for fixing the issue, and I hope that you didn't have to take a financial hit on the reprints.
  11. I would be surprised if copies were reprinted that quickly.
  12. I am definitely interested but I am on a personal moratorium on CoC Kickstarters right now until a majority of my existing ones are delivered. If and when that might be.
  13. As a new player to ASL, I've been very frustrated that Starter Set 1 is not available. I have Starters 2 and 3, which is a good place to get me started, but Box Set 1 is sold out and it includes some good maps with basic scenarios. I recognize that I could pick some of this up via PDF or buying some maps separately (many are sold out). In positive news, a buddy of mine was in town and we got a game in and it was a blast. Starter 2 is a fairly economical place to start, if you are interested @Bill the barbarian. As far as learning the game, this YouTube series helped me the most: I've also found that watching game play on YouTube has not been helpful because rarely are they teaching games. It is veterans playing the game at the speed of light and it might as well be in a different language.I'm really missing context on WHY the rules are designed a certain way. I learn games best when I understand the "whys" of the mechanics. ASL is a very intimidating game to get into, but when I actually sat down and played, it was fun. But I had to concentrate tremendously because we were basically teaching ourselves with no guidance, so after playing for two hours I was exhausted. "Why not locate veterans in your community?" Because I don't like playing games with people I don't know. Gaming needs to be an energizing thing for me, not energy sucking, and playing with randoms in my community is energy sucking 95% of the time. So, do check it out. It is an awesome game. It just has a really really steep learning curve.
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