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  1. Starter Set adventures. Paper Chase in particular. Edge of Darkness and Dead Man's Stomp with some revisions. I'd also recommend the forthcoming Gateways to Terror, which is available in PDF right now. Any of those scenarios could potentially be adapted to one player. Deadlight could be adapted to one player. Finally, the free scenario The Lightless Beacon could easily be adapted to one player.
  2. You're right Cloud, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That doesn't mean they are above criticism. You made a jest, and I jested back. You feel my jest was more harsh. That's fair. My humor trends to hyperbole, and that isn't always well-received on the internet where tone and facial expression aren't available. To answer your question, you can join Cult of Chaos regardless of whether you intend to run those scenarios outside of your kitchen table. There is a LOT of content there. Drinking from a firehose level. mdomino, there are other parts of my MO that you may have missed: like helping new players. Feel free to Ignore. You're not forced to read what I write. Heck, I've been ignoring YSDC for months now.
  3. Except that you really aren't. There are updates (yet to be disclosed), new art, and an added scenario. You don't even know how much it's going to cost. I don't see this as any different than purchasing Masks 7E or Terror Australis. People technically bought something they already had. With new art, an update on text, and some new material. Deadlight was one of the first (the first?) scenarios released for 7E and it is a great scenario that was lacking in the art department. Are you buying Gateways to Terror in PDF or hard copy? We've had the text of those for a long time.
  4. Investigators with higher credit ratings: -Can get access to transportation methods that others can't. -Can potentially bribe NPCs for information or their lives. -Can pay for newspaper clipping services and other luxury items that allows them to focus their in-game efforts on other endeavors. -Can get clues that destitute Investigators may lack, because of social connections and status. -Can hire contacts to work for them. -Can easily obtain materials that can make for more exciting solutions to problems. Investigators with lower credit ratings: -Generally have to work harder for all of the above. Many players prefer playing characters with lower credit ratings because they like the challenge. Many players don't like playing characters with lower credit ratings because they don't like the-challenge-of-the-mundane. If you want a mechanics-focused answer, consider this: Why should a "rich" character with all of the advantages listed above not be required to pay for it in character creation? Wouldn't everyone just choose to be rich? My group used their wealth to gut the Chapel of Contemplation and rebuild a Sanctum Sanctorum on top of it. They now have a home base on a "place of power." That would not have been possible if they played financially-challenged characters. It made sense that if they were going to spend points in character creation on it that it was going to result in some cool benefits in game. So, rather than assuming that a mechanic is a "penalty," it behooves all of us to spend some time thinking about what the advantages could be.
  5. Thanks for pointing out the "glass-half-full" that seems to be so frequently lost on some. No, folks, Chaosium is not destroying your life with their decisions.
  6. Here is the process for joining: https://www.chaosium.com/join-the-cult-of-chaos/
  7. Usually 4-6 months after the PDF, depending upon manufacturing, shipping, and customs.
  8. That's your opinion. And that's fine. Not everyone feels that way though. I find open-to-interpretation to be more fun. I find mechanics get in the way of my enjoyment. At the end of the day, game designers cannot be expected to "officially rule" in a way that fits all perspectives. Don't like Mike's response? Rule it the way you want it.
  9. I think it is important to always emphasize for role-playing game players that rules are guidelines. They are not definitive solutions to every problem that arises. I'm concerned that rules-heavy games have trained role-players to believe that any situation can/should be arbitrated by unequivocal rules. I promise anyone that your games will be better if you focus on the fun and the story-telling.
  10. I'm 42 and I've had this level of vision since I was 8. And my story is really common. This isn't just an "older person" issue. Many of us are visually impaired. We often find it difficult for people with good vision to understand that this affects people of all ages. So, @Mike M, know that it affects your whole marketing demographic. Incidentally, I handed my 20- and 30-somethings the handout and they squinted. And then, a few seconds later I handed them the typed text and a sense of relief spread over the room. Not complaining. Just saying that my Keeper gut instinct was correct.
  11. Keeper's choice. Many published adventures grant Luck as a reward for scenario consequences in lieu of Luck improvement checks. There are lots of ways to do it. It is less about the "right" way and more about what is best for your group.
  12. Much fun was had tonight in honor of Greg Stafford. We greatly enjoyed The Lightless Beacon!
  13. New cover art. Don't anyone tell Chaosium they don't listen to fans!
  14. Some questions that came up last night: 1) Vasana's Bison: Her Lance attack (on the version of the sheet my player has) has +2D6 damage at the end. That is only if she charges with the Bison, correct? A stationary attack does not do that bonus damage? 2) How do you determine hit locations for an unmounted person attacking a mounted rider? 3) Does Multimissile happen concurrently with an attack or before an attack? The text seems to imply that you cast Multimissle FIRST, and then do your attacks at a later time. Generally you only cast one spell or make one attack in a round. So, the "procedure" for Multimissile is to cast it one round and attack the next round?
  15. @Mike M, I do VERY MUCH appreciate efforts made to make handouts look authentic. Please don't stop doing that! That has been one of the best visual design decisions of 7th, in my opinion. But, I know that page count is a factor as well, and splitting this one across two pages may have lead to confusion. Thanks for releasing this free scenario into the wild! Definitely not complaining. This release is a great way to honor Greg.
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