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  1. klecser

    Runequest and the Dreamlands

    Great suggestion!
  2. Did this already happen and it has sold out again?
  3. klecser

    Terror Australis in the wild

    Takes guts for one small boat to take one cargo container across an ocean.
  4. klecser

    Runequest and the Dreamlands

    I'm interested in Runequest, I am likely never to find a group in my area, so I'd like the knowledge that I could use it in games that I CAN play.
  5. klecser

    Runequest and the Dreamlands

    Thanks for your insight!
  6. Has anyone ever thought about using the Runequest Bestiary as inspiration for threats while Call of Cthulhu Investigators are in the Dreamlands? If so, how did it go?
  7. klecser

    Dying and First Aid attempts

    This is a good question, because when I read the sample box it makes it sound like the ally did not Push on the prior round and is making a "totally new attempt" on the next round. Language could be tightened up there, I think. My personal understanding, which could be incorrect, is that First Aid is only effective "once" when someone is injured or dying, once it succeeds, because once they are stabilized, they are stabilized. The example talks about how two or more players can combine a roll if they are all there. But can First Aid be attempted consecutively too? One character attempts First Aid, then another character attempts First Aid in a later round/time. I guess it would have the same cumulative effect of rolling simultaneously...
  8. Great report Steve. Also note that you did a great job with resisting the "No" when they wanted to dig and gave them a "Yes, but...[insert fair warning]" instead. Player choice drives great deaths.
  9. klecser

    Dead Light hard copy/reprint

    It's a fun scenario. Definitely check it out.
  10. klecser

    Dead Light hard copy/reprint

    Lulu.com is where you can get copies of a lot of the Free RPG Day products. For example, you can still get the Free RPG Day scenario The Derelict on Lulu.com (down to 4 USD + ship), but note that it was re-published in Petersen's Abominations. You can also get the most recent FRPG release "Scritch Scratch" on Lulu.com. I'm not sure why Chaosium does Lulu for just these products. Perhaps licensing fees or diversifying platforms.
  11. klecser

    Dead Light hard copy/reprint

    DriveThruRPG is still down for server maintenance but I'd be surprised if a POD copy of Deadlight wasn't possible. Update: Deadlight is still available on Lulu.com as POD, but not at DTRPG.
  12. Is the Arkham Horror card game of any practical use for Call of Cthulhu Keepers? Is the defunct Call of Cthulhu LCG of any use? Art? Card Text?
  13. klecser

    Armor Rules Clarification - CoC 7th Ed.

    Its worth noting that part of the purpose of Armor in this game is to give a statistic that really makes Mythos entities very difficult to defeat in combat. I would call it a gateway statistic to the intended balance of the game.
  14. Another great product. I appreciate how much love this specific Mythos threat is getting from Chaosium. I will be porting the bulk of this into my 1920s campaign. Or, there will be time travel. Probably time travel.
  15. My wife has depression. Given her struggles, she never would have promised someone something that she wasn't sure she could deliver on. This is not about being successful or not. It is about making promises you can't keep.