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  1. It's TOME. https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/CoC:Scenarios
  2. Here is my Overview of Apocthulhu Core Rulebook PDF and Quick Start POD! Spectacular work @kross! Congratulations!
  3. Added links to two of James Coquillat's showcase games that he ran at digital Cons recently. I think that he is also an excellent Keeper model for any CoC Keeper, new or experienced.
  4. I don't have any of my copies readily available this instant, but the biggest change is that the support documents in the originals are basic text boxes and typed in most cases, with very basic and limited maps. GTT has professional quality handouts. I also think that the text is expanded with more tips for running it and a box to help new Keepers with SAN thresholds, IIRC?
  5. Yep, Keeping is difficult sometimes. That's my response. And I'm not trying to be sardonic there. You have to make choices to adjudicate as fairly as you can. One technique to consider is simply communication with your players. Ideally, before a session in which you know things may come up in the future, talk to your players about how they think particular mechanics should be house-ruled. If something happens that was not discussed in advance, have a debrief and ask what they thought. Better yet, there is nothing wrong with hitting PAUSE and saying: "Hey, let's take a quick break to discuss wh
  6. Great idea. Any time players can have personal reasons deeper than "your one friend who you knew," it will be a more meaningful experience.
  7. I think you're bringing up an important discussion point that we could have with your question Phil. Call of Cthulhu does have a few mindset shifts when coming from other role-playing games. Most people come from a DND background, and versions of that game (and many others) usually impose penalties for "untrained" skills. This is one of the more notable differences in CoC: anyone can attempt any skill at any time no matter what their skill value is. We could speculate on why that is. I'm of the opinion that role-playing games aren't any fun when you are forbidden from even attempting things o
  8. Usually four to six months after the release of a PDF. It all depends upon manufacturing time, boat transit times, and customs. That can vary tremendously, especially under the pandemic. Chaosium does not publish release dates for their products.
  9. I guess I'm confused by this announcement. My records show me having purchased this, with my coupon, in April. I checked my shelf, and sure enough it's there already. Did the US get this way before AUS/UK or something?
  10. I enjoyed this. Clearly very deeply researched and well-written/edited.
  11. Hey @Joe, welcome! I recommend Mike Mason (Call of Cthulhu lead writer and editor) running a scenario for Penny Arcade: Also, Mike running The Dead Within, a forthcoming campaign for the game: To begin to help you wrap your brain on how Keeping differs in Call of Cthulhu from many other games, the key is to recognize that Call of Cthulhu is an investigative role-playing game. Combat in CoC is frequently side-lined in favor of seeking and interpreting clues of mysteries. Physical handouts and managing access to clues and their locations are a big par
  12. I may never understand the legal subtleties of the difference. But that's fine.
  13. Big names in role-playing behind it. I am also curious. Edit: I found the Wordpress for the game. I've requested a copy of the PDF for review on RPG Imaginings. We'll see if it happens. https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/2020/08/21/reviews-of-the-apocalypse/ MU Podcast just featured Jo Kreil and Dean Engelhart speaking about it: https://www.mu-podcast.com/mup-ep-205-apocthulhu/ The system has a lot in common with CoC and DG. The credits page lists Wizards OGL, which I find strange. Wouldn't this fall under BRP OGL?
  14. ? It was the shipping decision that was the problem, not the product itself.
  15. No. Usually 4-6 months after PDF drop. Printing and travel is slower under these conditions.
  16. Anyone bothered about that news needs to learn to see the forest for the trees. Call me crazy, but game companies can only work on so many products at once. Chaosium has a "good problem:" an extensive back-catalog of excellent work. And everyone will have different favorites. It only makes sense that a product with a "less than ideal" recent reprint needs to go to the back of the line for the "super deluxe" reprint. I would much rather have BTMoM in hand before that, given that it is even harder to find and sells at untenable prices on a secondary market. You're doing good work, Rick.
  17. We have this terrible problem with them continuing to churn out great releases. Man, I hate Chaosium. 😜
  18. In this episode of RPG Imaginings, I take on Draven Swiftbow's 50 USD DTRPG Challenge and show people an amazing collection of Classic Call of Cthulhu kit that meets the requirements. The funny thing is that I had no idea that Pagan Publishing offered the original Delta Green as POD until I started messing around looking for stuff. So, it was a win for me. We all know the prices that original DG goes for on eBay. Well, if you didn't know, the answer is: a lot.
  19. This is a good idea Michael @MOB. I'll take recommendations like this. I don't always have knowledge of the full catalog, and you just sold me something just by letting me know it exists.
  20. Wow. That's impressive. I appreciate the work that would go into redoing the layout, arranging for the POD, and other tasks that I'm sure I can't imagine. Chaosium rocks.
  21. Answered by @ColoradoCthulhu in a thread from March (forum search can help): So, if you don't have the PDF that sucks. I would contact Customer Support and ask them if they would send you the Handout. There are audio recordings of the Handouts posted at Blasphemous Tomes: https://blasphemoustomes.com/downloads/ @Mike M there is no reference to this issue in the Errata document for the Keeper screen pack.
  22. It is just a shame that, for some people, the idea of someone else finding fun in different ways than them is just untenable. Josh777 started the thread with a critical premise: That they/their players don't find as much fun in the rule of increased difficulty for high NPC skill. I hope they've found the discussion interesting, but if they ultimately decide to ditch the rule and their games are more fun, then it's a win.
  23. Interesting. Thanks Mike. I can see arguments both for and against being explicit about it in a "system."
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