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  1. Glad I didn't misread. I'm debating if I should do a merge request for the Roll20 RuneQuest sheet - for our game we're just adding the proper weapon skills.
  2. Looking at my most recent download of the character sheet included in the core book, it seems odd that 1H/2H Axe and Spear plus 1H Mace are listed on the sheet. Per the rules (and the sample characters), those are weapon categories - shouldn't the skills be, for example, Small Axe, Battle Axe, Great Axe, and Dagger-Axe? (Though I wonder if it should also be Battle Axe 1H and Battle Axe 2H since the default starting value for those different styles are different.) Thoughts? Apologies if this has been covered before - my forum search came up empty...
  3. dstack1776

    Specialization Skill Improvements

    I might have found the answer myself - the rules for shields actually go into a bit more detail and specify:
  4. dstack1776

    Specialization Skill Improvements

    My forum-searching failed me here, so forgive me if this has been asked before. In RQG, when using a skill with multiple specialties, a character can often default a skill in a given category to half their best skill in that category. What I'm trying to work out is how those skills within a category track with each other as they improve. For example, suppose a characters best rating in One-Handed Swords is in Broadsword, with a skill of 50. Then his Shortsword skill will be at 25. The character then improves his shortsword to 28. If broadsword goes up to 60, is shortsword now 30? That seems most reasonable, but I could see an argument for 33 (i..e improved by 3 points from the default, though skill improvements do get more difficult as a skill goes higher). Perhaps a more likely scenario is at character creation. If a character has his broadsword skill to 50, would personal skill bonuses (step 7 of character generation) to shortsword start at the base (10) or at 25?
  5. dstack1776

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I never met Greg but I greatly admired the man and his works. I've spent countless hours in the worlds he created and helped bring about. My thoughts and condolences to all his loved ones. I've posted a brief tribute to him on my blog - 19th Level - Remembering Greg Stafford
  6. dstack1776

    Any Limit to Philosopher's Stones?

    Something I've been mulling over for some time... As far as the the rules-as-written are concerned, are there any limits to the number of Philosopher's Stones an alchemist might have made at any given time? I've been contemplating in any potential game to limiting an alchemist to perhaps their maximum of INT and POW as a house-rule but I'm wondering if I'd missed anything official in the rules.
  7. dstack1776

    MYTHIC ICELAND - Legend & Adventure in Viking-Age Iceland

    I've done my first read-through. Awesome book. I'm currently mulling over how to generate PC Skraelings - we ran a Runequest game about a Norse colony on Manhattan that featured Icelandic and Lenape PCs and I've been thinking about porting to BRP...
  8. dstack1776

    Related system: Mongoose RuneQuest

    I'm currently running a Vinland Saga MRQII game, featuring Vikings, Lenape Indians, dragons, and dinosaurs.... The players like the system. I find it a bit tricky keeping track of number of combat actions - I think I like the OpenQuest method of you have an attack and defense and one more if you have two weapons or a shield... The maneuvers are neat and the players like them, but it does get very deadly if you don't have a reaction to use against a foe. This makes me as GM need to be a bit more careful when dealing with beasts designed to take on the whole party.
  9. dstack1776

    Mythic Iceland

    This sounds neat, especially as we are in the first games of our Vinland saga. :-) How long does it usually take from submission to release?