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  1. The system is somewhat D&Dish but really geared for Con play. There's a copy of the rulebook on the website. 4 Classes... Hero, Mage, Cleric, Guardian (Fighter/Mage) ... Heros have a lot of 'Feat' options to make them into pretty much any sort of non-magic dude. A nice variety of racial types with specific benefits... The options carry over into all the classes though allowing each class to be rather customizable. Clerics are of 4 specific 'cult-like' religions... each getting special powers and restrictions... The spell system is point based like RQ... but with level based progression... spells cost less to cast as you become more proficient... a level 1 spell costs much less to cast than a level 5... but the costs change as you progress in levels... becoming less and less costly as you become an ALL POWERFUL WIZARD!!! ok.. got a little carried away there. Anyway there are lots of manipulation options for spells that are really cool... as you become more powerful the easy spells can have all sorts of tricky little things done to them... you can extend them or increase the damage or area... it's a bit complex but great for the player who is into that sort of thing... while still being streamlined to run in a Con environment. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to play this year... maybe a Guardian or Hero.. I usually play a Cleric or Mage.
  2. Yeah.. it really is. It's great to be able to take a character from novice to master and play a focused game for a couple of days straight. It really gives you the opportunity to get into the character if you want to. I've been to ... umm well ... 6-8 of these over the years I guess ... with various groups of folks. I've always had a great time.
  3. If you guys are interested in Cons in New Jersey you might want to run down to Princeton next weekend (March 11-13, 2011)... There is a great game convention at Princeton University that has been running there during spring break for the last .. well 36 years. The con is really unique because of the continuity. It uses a single system and you play 1 character (hopefully.. assuming you live) throughout the con. You advance from low level to high level over the course of 4-8 individual game 'runs'. The con has a unified 'theme' that all the GMs have worked together to build pieces of. It is a really great time and definitely worth the trip if you can manage it. Again.. It runs from March 11-13th this year. For more info check out : www.princecon.org
  4. Ummm .. I don't have much interest personally, I have a copy of the book, but the point of why they are doing it is kinda being missed. The project is just to make a working copy of the system rules available to players when you are running a RQ II game since they are difficult to come by.
  5. We are ready to go. Is there a new server address or can we use one of the old ones?
  6. We were planning on the same time... let us know if there's a change.
  7. Are we on for Saturday? I checked with Flower... it looks good for us.
  8. 2 weeks looks good. I've always found that 4 man games (GM + 3 players) were good. You get enough interaction without getting bogged down. It's rare that people are waiting on other folks to do things...
  9. OK.. that's a wacky way to do dice. Another fun game Murph. Thanks again!
  10. Loaded the program up onto Flower's home machine tonight so we are ready to go whenever the server is up again. We'll run Skype off of my laptop so hopefully at least our end of things should be more reliable than last time... assuming my machine doesn't randomly turn the volume off again. That was kinda weird.
  11. Sorry to hear about your laptop! Oooof! Looking forward to the game. Let us know. Also it would be good to get on a bit before the game again to update our notes and stuff.
  12. I think this works for us as well... would it be better for us to start a little earlier for you WBC? Would that be out for you Murph? I don't imagine we'd be doing too much that morning. I need to check in with FP. I think we'll be at her house so I need to DL the program again but she'll be on a more stable machine. OK. So the time is 7pm BST. 2pm Eastern. 11am Pacific. How about starting at 6pm BST instead? (1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific) I checked with FP and we should be good to go for either time.
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