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  1. Lets meet the characters: Gottfried Balthasar Pflumer - 38 - Townsman - former Weaponsmith - Faction: Catholic - accompanied by his 2nd wife and 3 children Wilhelm Hastdenteufel - early 20s - Townsman - paracelsian physician - Self (Personal honor): parents were being accused of witchcraft and burned. wants to restore the good family name. Eric Fleischhauer - 26 - Townsman - Soldier- Faction: Military Unit - Veteran of wars of Italian city states. Parents were butchers. Alfons Konrad Röders - early 20s - Peasant - Woodsman - Self (Greed -> career) pretends to be a Bavarian patriot.
  2. I am not sure I understand this, either. I feel like the first sentence contracdicts the middle sentence. Unless, I interpret your post this way: normally you could not fire both your pistols in one round, but can fire 1 now the other the next round without penalty for using the wrong hand for the second shot. But if and only if you choose to do an all out attack, then you can fire both pistols in the same round. So the main benefit in the first case would be, that a closing enemy, who will be on you before you reloaded, will now probably eat two bullets before he gets to y
  3. First game session over. Overall it went pretty well, I think. 3.5 hours to create charactes and clarify rules, then about 3.5 hours of playtime. So the introduction was had, not much more. But still, I think we all got a feeling for waht roleplaying in this scenario will be like. In 10-12 hours I 'll write up a more thorough after action report.
  4. Tomorrow, Sunday, my guys will come over to create characters and start playing. Today, I ll be busy fleshing out the camp life scenes, while the army gatheres reinforcements. I think we won't get any further than that today.
  5. Btw, for anyone who understands German, there was a documentary on TV this week about the Thirty Years War, which featured my diary writing soldier prominently in the second half (about 44 minutes in) It is still available in the tv station's video library. They misrepresented two things about him. 1. He couldn't see his dying wife and bury her, because he had been captured and conscripted by the Swedish. 2. His second wife had not died by the end of the war, in fact, he n ot only had her and the son he also mentions in the film, but also a 1 year old daughter. Other than t
  6. So, some delays happened in our old campaign... but it looks like, we are going to start with my 30 Years War thing within a month or so. My plan is to have a character creation/rule explanation session first, that may include a little bit of roleplaying in camp or during recruiting. The army will probably not leave to go to the siege until the second session. However, I still have a little trouble with the faction rules as stated in the OP. Please keep in mind, I have never played this system before. My gut tells me that the characters need the same faction in order to pla
  7. Thanks for liking the idea and for your tips. I haven't worked on the scenario since last time I posted for several reasons. (Still waiting on my printed edition of the rules, The current campaign will last my group till the summer, among other reasons). Thank you especially for pointing out that the siege could be the backdrop for an adventure more focussed on the baggage train. It hadn't really occurred to me that my players don't need to be soldiers in the unit. Originaally I had planned to let them create them their caracters and start playing in the same session. From what you
  8. No. It is interesting, in that the setting is so close to my setting, but with the Cthulhu elements, the content might also feel foreign. Bottom line, I hesitate to spend money on it at this point. I intended to use them that way. While reading Peter Hagendorf's diary, it is undeniable that over time, he lost empathy for the victims of war. He did not start out that way. A declining sanity pool, as the horrors of war mount, seems to capture this quite well. Still thinking about this. I think, I might make use of the multi faction part of the rules and let them at least all pay
  9. For me, it feels like common sense that the all out attack would focus one opponent. The name already sounds reckless. So you use it, when it's now or never. You are outnumbered, so kill one quick and even the playing field. Or: The warlock is chanting, he has to die now.
  10. Ok, I should have read the Factions chapter more carefully. I guess, if players want their characters to be honorable, they should pic Self Interest (honor) as their primary faction. And if they do, I have a heads up. I ll make sure to tell them during character creation, that sticking to a particular faction may include dishonorable things if it benefits the faction. and that going against the core beliefs of a faction might have consequences. Hope, I am not going to be proven wrong, but suddenly my concern does not seem to be such a big deal anymore.
  11. We have touched on the following issue earlier, but I did not focus on it until today: Portraying the ugliness of the war and human behavior within it, may have unintended consequences for the Player characters and therefore the story as a whole. It feels like, being in that army, does not allow the players to play heroes. In my experience, usually PCs in RPGs are heroes. Personally, I would argue that not being heroes is actually the point of my whole setup. Neither army are the good guys. So let's say, the PCs witness a fellow soldier murdering an 11 year old boy, just in order to
  12. Thanks for your ideas, g33k. I ll take them all to the table. One thing, though... with English being my second language, I did not really understand what you made the local laborer say in the gossip section. Was your point, that my guys are bored because they have to listen to meaningless stories from hasbeens and wannabees?
  13. I think, you make valid points throughout. 1. I am not sure though, whether all my players will be happy, playing soldiers. For some of them fighting is just a necessary evil getting in the way of their role playing of a baker. But of course, having them all be soldiers would make it easier to find action beats for the whole group. Otherwise, I might run two separate stories at the same time, one in the army, one for camp followers. And that is fine for a bit, but not for the whole story. I actually would like the idea, on the other hand, if one of my female players decided to be a
  14. I see your points, and have been thinking about this quite a bit, especially since I have been in situations before when the GM was so much in love with his NPC that the players became often irrelevant. Very frustrating. I will try to keep the NPC(s) more in the background. However, I don't think I can avoid, having the characters following "some kind of hierarchy", if they are soldiers in the Thirty Years War, right? There is a chain of command. Unless of course my players decide to desert. I mean if they do that, my story is out the window. But as soldiers in the army, they have to foll
  15. Ok, I got into it a little today. So here are some basic ideas. All players will play characters somewhat affiliated with an Infantry regiment led bei Gottfried Heinrich zu Pappenheim. He mustered his men near Ulm in May to August 1627 for the Catholic League Army. Possible roles: Soldiers without any ranks or up to Seargent at the most. People from the bagage train like merchants, priests, medics, carpenters, Orphant children Whores Wifes Wise women Whoever they are now, they could have a broad variety of backgrounds. Peasant
  16. Regarding Q2, maybe we could borrow a handy tool from other game systems for an unopposed attack: Advantage. So that would mean that I role 3 D10 instead of two. 2D10 determine the 10s, 20s, 30s (picking the better roll) and the third one the single digit numbers. If you have different color dice, that shouldn't be a problem. Don't the new (7th edition) Call of Cthulhu rules have that as well? If you wanted to, you could apply the same principle to Q1 and give advantage to the man on horseback and disadvantage to the person on foot.
  17. Thanks for the hint with hitpoints. For the faction, I was thinking that maybe all of them could have their company (100 soldiers) or their regiment (about 2.000 to 3.000) as a faction. The soldier from the diary, for example, clearly identified with the regiment. It seems like it became his home. In the 25 years he describes in the diary, he has always remained in the same regiment, except for an 18 months stint in the Swedish army (opposing side) which they forced him to join at gunpoint in 1633. However, as soon as he had the chance, he returned to his old regiment after the Battle of
  18. As the title suggests, I would like to run a Thirty Years War campaign. No magick, or very subtle low magick. I have a history degree in Early Modern History and actually specialized in the Thirty Years War. However, while having been playing RPGs since 1991, I have hardly ever been a GM. And never in my own scenario. I have played CoC over the years, so the Renaissance rules don't bother me, but I have not seen them in practice yet. I was looking for some game on youtube and in other places on the internet, mainly for inspiration but I have not been successful. Even on this forum, all I
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